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60325 Frankfurt am Main


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KfW Bankengruppe

KfW Bankengruppe gives impetus to economic, social and ecological development worldwide. As a promotional bank under the ownership of the Federal Republic and the Länder (federal states), it offers support to encourage sustainable improvement in economic, social, ecological living and business conditions, among others in the areas of small and medium-sized enterprise, entrepreneurialship, environmental protection, housing, infrastructure, education finance, project and export finance, and development cooperation.

KfW is a public law institution. Our official promotional mission is anchored in the Law concerning KfW.

As a bank owned by the Federal Republic of Germany (80%) and the federal states (20%) we have a strong backbone. For 60 years we have proven to be an efficient promotional bank.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
SIRION BIOTECH 2013Venture Round5
avandeo 10/2012Venture Round5
Zalando 10/2012Debt€40.7M2
evidanza 8/2012Series C€4.2M4
Subitec 7/2012Series B€4.5M4
numares GmbH 2/2012Series B$9.5M2
Intelligent Apps (mytaxi) 1/2012Series B€10M5 12/2011Seed2
numares GmbH 10/2011Venture Round€7M3
apprupt 9/2011Series B3
Pay by Shopping (deal united) 7/2011Series B5
OctreoPharm Sciences 4/2011Venture Round€5M2
sones 1/2011Series A3
GILUPI 1/2011Series C€3.6M4
SuppreMol 12/2010Series C€15.5M6
ubigrate 12/2010Series B3
GreenPocket 9/2010Series A3
clickworker GmbH 6/2010Venture Round€3.5M10
Bettermarks 6/2010Series B$6.03M2
Caprotec Bioanalytics 5/2010Series B$5.1M4
Galantos Pharma 5/2010Series C$5.7M4
apprupt 5/2010Series A3
Cuculus 2/2010Series B$3.54M4
Curetis 12/2009Series A€18.5M4
Nevigo 10/2009Venture Round2
Confovis 10/2009Venture Round2
Stream5 9/2009Venture Round2
CorporateWorld 8/2009Series B1
Protagen 8/2009Venture Round$5.33M3
Metasonic 6/2009Venture Round2
KeyNeurotek Pharmaceuticals 4/2009Series C€8.2M3
sofatronic 2/2009Series B2
Novaled 1/2009Series C€11.2M7
Ubitexx 11/2008Venture Round$3.81M4
studdex 5/2008Angel€180k6
Protagen 1/2008Venture Round€1M3
Cytocentrics 1/2008Venture Round€950k2
Sloning BioTechnology 11/2007Series E€4.7M4
immatics biotechnologies 2/2007Series B€40M6
numares GmbH 10/2006Venture Round$2.51M2
Art of Defence 7/2006Series A$2.88M3
NanoCompound 6/2006Series B$1.89M2
Innolume 6/2006Series B$8.96M5
SuppreMol 5/2006Series A$5.15M3
Micropelt 3/2006Series A$6M3
VERTILAS 3/2006Series C€3.6M2
Novaled 12/2005Series B€15M11
Phenex Pharmaceuticals 10/2005Series A€4.2M2
Hyglos 8/2005Series C$8.99M5
Art of Defence 7/2005Venture Round$359k2
Sloning BioTechnology 5/2005Series C€3.1M2



  1. [edit]
  2. avandeo Raises High Single-Digit Million Financing ( [edit]
  3. Samwer Zappos Clone Zalando Takes On A Hefty €40.7 Million In Debt Financing ( [edit]
  4. VC Magazin ( [edit]
  5. Subitec Raises €4.5M in Second Financing ( [edit]
  6. LipoFIT Analytic, GmbH: Series B $9.5M ( [edit]
  7. Maker Of Taxi-Ordering App myTaxi Raises €10 Million From Daimler, Lars Hinrichs ( [edit]
  8. Citation Needed [add]
  9. LipoFIT Analytic Raises €7M ( [edit]
  10. Apprupt raises more funding for mobile in-content advertising technology ( [edit]
  11. deal united Closes Series B Financing Round ( [edit]
  12. OctreoPharm Sciences Closes €5M Financing Round ( [edit]
  13. NoSQL: GraphDB maker Sones raises millions to expand cloud computing business ( [edit]
  14. GILUPI Raises €3.6M in Third Round of Funding ( [edit]
  15. SuppreMol Closes €15.5M Series C Financing Round ( [edit]
  16. ubigrate Secures "Significant Amount of Capital" in Second Financing Round ( [edit]
  17. EDGAR [edit]
  18. humangrid capitalization reaches 3,5 million Euros in 2010 ( [edit]
  19. EDGAR [edit]
  20. caprotec bioanalytics Completes Series B Financing Round of EUR 4 Million ( [edit]
  21. Galantos Pharma, GmbH: Series C $5.7M ( [edit]
  22. T-Venture and Neuhaus Partners Invest in apprupt ( [edit]
  23. Smart metering company Cuculus closes venture capital financing ( [edit]
  24. € 18.5 million Series A Financing Round closed ( [edit]
  25. Die Nevigo GmbH hat nun ihre neuen Büros im TGW ( [edit]
  26. EDGAR [edit]
  27. Germany's Stream5 Lands Funding for Online Video Services ( [edit]
  28. EDGAR [edit]
  29. Protagen closes new Round of Financing for the Development of molecular Diagnostics for Prostate Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis ( [edit]
  30. jCOM1 receive venture capital financing ( [edit]
  31. KeyNeurotek Pharma Raises Series C ( [edit]
  32. sofatronic successfully concludes second round of financing ( [edit]
  33. Novaled raises Euros 8.5 million in Round C ( [edit]
  34. Citation Needed [add]
  35. Citation Needed [add]
  36. Protagen raises €1 million to expand its protein biochips business unit ( [edit]
  37. Cytocentrics AG signs further round of funding more than 950 thousand EurosEUR ( [edit]
  38. Sloning BioTechnology GmbH Raised € 4.7m in a First Closing of a Series E Equity Financing Round ( [edit]
  39. immatics receives €40 million in second round of funding ( [edit]
  40. EDGAR [edit]
  41. EDGAR [edit]
  42. EDGAR [edit]
  43. EDGAR [edit]
  44. EDGAR [edit]
  45. EDGAR [edit]
  46. VERTILAS Obtains New Venture Capital ( [edit]
  47. Novaled GmbH secured €15 Million - Conversion to AG prepared ( [edit]
  48. Phenex AG closes its first financing round with a total volume of 4,2 M Euro ( [edit]
  49. EDGAR [edit]
  50. EDGAR [edit]
  51. Sloning BioTechnology closes new round of financing ( [edit]
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