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Venture Fund, 4/2010 $100M
Fund V, 4/2014 $260M


Palo Alto Office
505, Hamilton Avenue,
Suit 310,
Palo Alto, CA, 94301


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Jafco Ventures

JAFCO Ventures is an independent venture capital firm investing in emerging technology companies with true breakout potential. They look for exceptional companies with differentiated technology and compelling business models. Given their close relationship among all the leading venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, it is an investment requirement at their firm to co-invest in every deal with top-tier venture investors to help validate the opportunity and bring to their portfolio of companies the collective expertise needed to help assure a successful outcome.

Strategic Added Value: All of the members of their team have significant venture capital and operating experience. They truly understand the challenges of entrepreneurial teams and have a lot of experience helping businesses scale to their potential. Jafco Ventures know how best to be very actively engaged when needed and they also know when it is best to simply provide encouragement from the sidelines. In addition, for those companies where it applies, we have the additional highly differentiated added value component of a proven business development team based in Tokyo, whose sole purpose is to aggressively pursue substantial revenue opportunities for their portfolio companies in a very time-efficient manner. This team of professionals has an extensive network of strategic relationships that very effectively leverage the JAFCO franchise value in Japan and other parts of Asia. As many of their portfolio companies will gladly testify, at JAFCO Ventures, their definition of value-add is quite tangible and readily measurable.

Investment Process: Since JAFCO Ventures are organized to work collectively as a team on each deal, they pride themselves on their responsiveness to entrepreneurs and commit to making investment decisions in a very timely manner. JAFCO Ventures is the lead investor in almost all of their financings since they have the expertise to determine valuation, set sensible terms and align the interests of all the investors and management in their deal structures. Their typical initial investment size is $4 million to $8 million depending on the level of maturity of the company and the size of its financing requirements.

They intentionally keep their fund sizes modest to ensure that they act in an optimal manner for the benefit of all of their constituents—the entrepreneurs they back, the partners with whom they co-invest and the limited partners they serve.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Catarizm 4/2014Venture Round$2M2
Ionic Security 2/2014Series B$25.5M9
Origami Logic 1/2014Series B$15M3
Zephyr Health 1/2014Series B$15M2 11/2013Series E$38M12
SiTime 11/2013Series F10
Lenet 8/2013Venture Round$3M1
Inkling Systems 7/2013Series C$16M4
Singulex 6/2013Series G$15M4
Moovweb 3/2013Series A$16M3
Pertino 3/2013Series B$20M7
Vuclip 11/2012Series D$13M3
World Golf Tour 10/2012Venture Round$1M3
MoPub 9/2012Series B$12M4
TuneIn 8/2012Venture Round$16M4
Delphix 6/2012Series C$25M5
Awarepoint 6/2012Venture Round$14M7
Group Commerce 5/2012Series C$21M5
Huddle 5/2012Series C$24M4
41st Parameter 4/2012Series D$13M4
TRUSTe 1/2012Series C$15M4 12/2011Series D$15.5M6
Xambala 12/2011Series B$5.5M3
gumi 12/2011Series F$26M4
RedSeal Networks 11/2011Venture Round$10M5
Sencha 10/2011Series B$15M3
Posterous 9/2011Series B$5M2
Awarepoint 8/2011Series F$27M5
KIXEYE 8/2011Series C$18M3 7/2011Series D$41M5
Vuclip 5/2011Series C$8M2
Hara 5/2011Series C$25M6
TRACON Pharmaceuticals 4/2011Series A$14M2
true[x] Media 3/2011Series D$20M4
Plastic Jungle 11/2010Series C$10M5
ClairMail 10/2010Series D$13.8M4
Tonchidot 9/2010Series B$12M4
Aster Data Systems 9/2010Series C$30M5
Artisan Pharma 7/2010Series C$3M5 6/2010Series C$15M5
Attributor 6/2010Series D$3.2M3
TRUSTe 6/2010Series B$12M4
World Golf Tour 3/2010Series C$10M3
Artisan Pharma 3/2010Series B$22M4
Clicker 2/2010Series B$11M4
Awarepoint 2/2010Venture Round$10M3
Yodle 2/2010Series D$10M3
Mimosa Systems 11/2009Debt$4M6
Dilithium Networks 10/2009Venture Round$10.9M6
GroundWork 10/2009Series D$5M4
RedSeal Networks 10/2009Series C$12M5
Vuclip 9/2009Series B$6M2
Hara 9/2009Series B$14M3
Aster Data Systems 2/2009Series B$17M5
Ocarina Networks 2/2009Series B$20M3
Oodle 2/2009Series C$6.4M3
Singulex 1/2009Series E$19M3
Yodle 1/2009Series C$10M4
true[x] Media 1/2009Series B$8M2
Archetype Media 1/2009Series B$8M2
Palo Alto Networks 11/2008Series C$10M3
Conformia Software 7/2008Series D$2.95M3
DATAllegro 6/2008Series D$19.6M7
FireEye 5/2008Series C$14.5M6
MarketLive 5/2008Series E$20M5
Meebo 4/2008Series C$25M5
Aperto Networks 4/2008Series F$20M8
Attributor 4/2008Series C$12M2
Mimosa Systems 4/2008Series D$17M6
Proofpoint 2/2008Venture Round$28M8
Quellan 9/2007Series C$20M9
Avnera 9/2007Series C$14.7M9
41st Parameter 8/2007Series C$10.1M3
Symwave 7/2007Series C$12M3
Agensys 7/2007Series D$41.3M8
Oodle 7/2007Series B$11M1
Texas Instruments 5/2007Series C$10M2
Conformia Software 5/2007Series C$12.3M4
RedSeal Networks 5/2007Series B$17.1M4
Solidcore Systems 4/2007Series D$10M4
Mimosa Systems 4/2007Series C$17M5
REGiMMUNE Corporation 2/2007Series A$4.2M8
GroundWork 2/2007Series C$12.5M4
Aperto Networks 1/2007Series E$19M8
PostPath 1/2007Series C$15M3
Elixir Pharmaceuticals 11/2006Series C$46M6
Miradia 10/2006Series C$15M5
Conformia Software 10/2006Venture Round$12M3
Artisan Pharma 9/2006Series A$39M5
Avnera 8/2006Series B$12M4
Microland 8/2006Venture Round$11M4
Aperto Networks 4/2006Series E$26M7
Proofpoint 3/2006Series E$20M7
Neterion 2/2006Series D$6.48M3
Mimosa Systems 12/2005Series B$11M4
Avnera 10/2005Series A$7.6M3
Cortina Systems 8/2005Series C$30M7
Proofpoint 6/2005Series D$2M1
Voltage Security 5/2005Series C$15M5
Devicescape 1/2005Series B$12.2M4



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