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General Information
DescriptionVenture Capital


Intel Capital India Technology Fund, 12/2005 $250M
Ultrabook Fund, 8/2011 $300M
AppUpSM Fund, 11/2011 $100M
Intel Capital Connected Car Fund, 2/2012 $100M
Intel Capital Experiences and Perceptual Computing Fund, 6/2013 $100M
Intel Capital China Smart Device Innovation Fund, 4/2014 $100M


Santa Clara, USA
2200 Mission College Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA, 95052-8119


Managing Director
Managing Director
Managing Director, Latin America Region
Managing Director, Digital Enterprise Sector
Managing Director, Digital Media Sector
Managing Director, United States
Managing Director, United States
Managing Director, China
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Intel Capital

Intel Capital, Intel’s global investment organization, makes equity investments in innovative technology start-ups and companies worldwide. Intel Capital invests in a broad range of companies offering hardware, software, and services targeting enterprise, home, mobility, health, consumer Internet, semiconductor manufacturing and cleantech.

Since 1991, Intel Capital has invested more than US$10.8 billion in over 1,276 companies in 54 countries. In that timeframe, 201 portfolio companies have gone public on various exchanges around the world and 317 were acquired or participated in a merger. In 2012, Intel Capital invested US$352 million in 150 investments with approximately 57 percent of funds invested outside North America. For more information on Intel Capital and its differentiated advantages, visit or follow @Intelcapital.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Altia Systems 4/2014Series B$10.5M1
3Gear Systems 4/2014Venture Round$1.9M3
ElasticBox 4/2014Series A$9M2
SIGFOX 3/2014Series B€15M5
OrCam Technologies 3/2014Venture Round$15M1
Amplidata 3/2014Venture Round$11M4
Persimmon Technologies 3/2014Series B$14M2
Emotient 3/2014Series B$6M2
Reflektion 3/2014Series B$8M2
BlueWhale 2/2014Venture Round1
Yeapoo 2/2014Venture Round1
Snapdeal 2/2014Series F$134M6
Newlans 2/2014Series B$15M3
Inpria Corporation 2/2014Partial Close$4.7M3
Mango Telecom 2/2014Venture Round$10M1
CGTrader 2/2014Venture Round2
makexyz 2/2014Venture Round1
Kaltura 2/2014Series E$47M9
Powervation 2/2014Series C$5.5M5
Speaktoit 1/2014Venture Round2
Nexmo 1/2014Series C$18M3
FlatFrog Laboratories 1/2014Venture Round$10M3
SanJet Technology 12/2013Venture Round1
AlienVault 12/2013Series D$3.5M1
UIEvolution 12/2013Venture Round$8M2
Rancard Solutions Limited 12/2013Series B3
Demohour 12/2013Series A$1M2
WALTOP 12/2013Venture Round1
WhoKnows 11/2013Series A$4.5M3
Arrayent 11/2013Series B$11.9M3
Sprinklr 11/2013Series C$17.5M2
Perpetuuiti TechnoSoft Services 11/2013Venture Round1
WebRadar 10/2013Venture Round2
CSDN 10/2013Venture Round1
Fileforce 10/2013Venture Round1
Interlude 10/2013Venture Round1
DotProduct 10/2013Seed1
Lintes Technologies 10/2013Venture Round1
Savaari Car Rentals 10/2013Series B$27M2
Cloudian 10/2013Series B$5.1M1
WiTricity 10/2013Series E$25M2
Bromium 10/2013Series C$40M5
CloudFX 10/2013Seed1
Rocketick 10/2013Series C$3M2
Mobiles Republic 10/2013Series B$6M3
Prism Skylabs 10/2013Series B$15M5
SkySQL 10/2013Series B$20M5
Basis Science 10/2013Series B$23M8
MongoDB, Inc. 10/2013Series F$150M9
BlueData Software 9/2013Series B$15M5
Goldbely 9/2013Seed$3M7
HookLogic 9/2013Series B$14M4
Eruditor 9/2013Series B$12M3
NxtGen Data Center & Cloud Services 9/2013Venture Round$8.8M1
HyTrust 8/2013Series C$18.5M7
Maginatics 8/2013Series B$17M5
SilkRoad Technology 8/2013Series D$16M5
Prolexic Technologies 7/2013Series C$30M5
Expect Labs 7/2013Convertible Note6
Maana 7/2013Seed$2.61M3
Yottaa 7/2013Series C$16M3
Clinkle 6/2013Seed$25M19
ElasticBox 6/2013Seed$3.4M5
GainSpan 6/2013Series D$19M7
E la Carte 6/2013Series B$13.5M2
CareCloud 6/2013Series B$20M3
BrightEdge 6/2013Series D$42.8M5
Healthkart 6/2013Series B1
Thalmic Labs 6/2013Series A$14.5M3
CrowdStar 6/2013Venture Round$12M3
Interlude 5/2013Series A$16M5
PerspecSys 5/2013Venture Round$12M3
MovableInk 5/2013Series B$11M6
FeedHenry 5/2013Series A$9M5
Reebonz 5/2013Series C$40M4
Zinitix 4/2013Venture Round1
Gengo 4/2013Venture Round$12M6
Enlighted 4/2013Series C$20M5
Netronome Systems 4/2013Series E$19M4
Reduxio 4/2013Series A$12M3
Zamplus Technology 4/2013Venture Round2
Snapdeal 4/2013Series D$75M4
Delivery Agent 4/2013Private Equity$10.1M4
Geofusion 3/2013Private Equity2
iStreamPlanet 3/2013Series A5
WebRadar 3/2013Venture Round1
500Friends 3/2013Series B$5M3
BlueStacks 3/2013Venture Round1
Hangtime 3/2013Venture Round$3.5M13
PolicyBazaar 3/2013Series A$4.6M3
Altobridge 2/2013Private Equity$7.8M2
Fortumo 2/2013Series A$10M2
Nexmo 2/2013Series A$3M1
InVisage Technologies 2/2013Series D$27.5M6
Storenvy 2/2013Series A$5M3
Urban Airship 2/2013Series D$25M5
Sprinklr 2/2013Series B$15M2
WSO2 2/2013Venture Round$10M3
Apperian 1/2013Venture Round$4.6M1
Mirantis 1/2013Series A$10M3
Guavus 1/2013Series D$30M5
Powervation 12/2012Series C$7M5
Big Switch Networks 12/2012Series B$6.5M1
Indisys 11/2012Series A$5M1
Kaltura 11/2012Series D$25M6
Swrve 11/2012Venture Round$6.25M5
Eruditor 10/2012Series A$4M2
FundersClub 10/2012Seed$6.5M25
Transmension 10/2012Venture Round1
PagPop 10/2012Venture Round1
NewAer 10/2012Seed2
Tier 3 10/2012Series B$10M3
RocketOz 10/2012Venture Round1
Jelli 10/2012Venture Round$9M3
Savaari Car Rentals 10/2012Series A$1M1
Lilliputian Systems 9/2012Venture Round$40M7
Amplidata 9/2012Venture Round$6M4
SIGFOX 9/2012Series B€10M4 9/2012Seed$775k3
CardioDx 8/2012Private Equity$58M11
Mocana 8/2012Series D$25M5
ELIKE 8/2012Venture Round1
Movea 8/2012Series C€6.5M3
Impinj 7/2012Venture Round$21M6
Guavas 7/2012Series C$15M3
Guavus 7/2012Series C$15M3
Rancard Solutions Limited 7/2012Venture Round2
CashStar 7/2012Venture Round$5M4
CardioDx 7/2012Private Equity$30.5M14
KupiVIP 6/2012Venture Round$38M5
AtHoc 6/2012Series B$5.6M3
FlatFrog Laboratories 6/2012Venture Round€20M3
Bromium 6/2012Series B$26.5M4
Sand 9 6/2012Series C$23M6
Sand 9 6/2012Series C$23M5
SecureKey Technologies 5/2012Series B$30M6
Speaktoit 5/2012Venture Round2
SilkRoad Technology 5/2012Series C$35M7
Nirvanix 5/2012Series C$25M5
CrowdStar 5/2012Venture Round$11.5M4
Ark 4/2012Seed$5M15
ScienceLogic 4/2012Series B$15M2
Oasys Design Systems 4/2012Series B2 4/2012Seed$1.22M5
Bromium 4/2012Venture Round$100k4
Yummly 3/2012Series A$6M5
Tobii Technology 3/2012Venture Round$21M1
BrightEdge 3/2012Series C$12.6M4
500Friends 3/2012Series A$4.5M4
Virtustream 3/2012Series B$15M5
Adaptivity 3/2012Series B$3M3
Amplidata 2/2012Series C$8M4
July Systems 2/2012Venture Round$15M3
Voxer LLC 2/2012Series C$30M9
Coquelux 2/2012Series A1
Solera Networks 1/2012Series D$20M1
Joyent 1/2012Series D$85M7
BridgeWave Communications 1/2012Venture Round$10.3M4
MongoDB, Inc. 2012Venture Round$7.7M3 1/2012Series A1
Pixeon 12/2011Venture Round1
Sotera Wireless 12/2011Series D$12.2M4
ip.access 12/2011Venture Round$15M7
mFoundry 12/2011Venture Round$18M3
GainSpan 12/2011Series C$18M7
Wynlink 12/2011Series A$1M2
Insyde Software 11/2011Venture Round$10M1
Happiest Minds 11/2011Series A$45M2
Animoca 11/2011Series A3
4tiitoo 11/2011Series B1
Fashion & You 11/2011Venture Round$40M4
Virident Systems 11/2011Series C$21M5
Urban Airship 11/2011Series C$15.1M5
SNSplus 11/2011Series A$12.2M3
Grupanya 10/2011Series A5
Aternity 10/2011Series D$13M5
Guavus 10/2011Series B$25M3
Enlighted 10/2011Venture Round$14M3
TELiBrahma 10/2011Series C3
SweetLabs 9/2011Series C$13M3
CareCloud 9/2011Series A$20.1M2
Adaptivity 9/2011Venture Round$6M3
ArcSoft 9/2011Venture Round$20M2
DynamicOps 9/2011Series B$5M1
IP Commerce 9/2011Venture Round$20.7M4
Swrve 9/2011Seed$2.7M5
Xfire 8/2011Venture Round$4M2
Beijing JoySee Technology 8/2011Venture Round1
Gaikai 7/2011Series C$30M5
skyrockit 7/2011Venture Round$2.6M1
Virtustream 7/2011Series B$10M3
iControl Networks 6/2011Series D$50M7
JouleX 6/2011Series B$17M5
AlterGeo 6/2011Venture Round$10M3 6/2011Series C$12M5
Aldebaran Robotics 6/2011Series C$13M4
Yatra online 5/2011Venture Round1
Kabam 5/2011Series D$85M7
PolicyBazaar 5/2011Venture Round1
Skycross 5/2011Series E$11M5
CrowdStar 5/2011Venture Round$23M4
iStreamPlanet 5/2011Series A$7M2
PerspecSys 5/2011Series A$8M2
Music Mastermind 5/2011Series B$10.8M3
Sudhir Srivastava Robotic Surgery Centre 5/2011Venture Round1
WSO2 5/2011Venture Round$6.5M2
TOA Technologies 5/2011Series D$17.2M6
CardioDx 5/2011Private Equity$60M14
Crisp Media 4/2011Series C$6M3
July Systems 4/2011Series C$3M1
Kno 4/2011Series C$37.3M7
NexPlanar 3/2011Series D$10M3
Total Immersion 3/2011Series D$5.5M4
Altobridge 3/2011Venture Round$12M1
Digital Chocolate 2/2011Series D$12M3
Kaltura 2/2011Venture Round$20M5
Borqs 2/2011Partial Close$10.5M1
VOSS Solutions 2/2011Series C$10M3
InVisage Technologies 2/2011Series C5
Virtustream 2/2011Series A$9.75M5
SulfurCell 1/2011Private Equity$25M1
Kabam 1/2011Series C$30M3
Viridity Energy 1/2011Series B$14M2
Storage Appliance Corporation 1/2011Series D$8M1
[x+1] 1/2011Series B$10M4
Reebonz 1/2011Series B$28M2
Wortal 12/2010Venture Round$500k1
Mobixell Networks 12/2010Venture Round$10M4
Vostu 11/2010Series C$30M4
Rock Flow Dynamics 11/2010Series A$2M1
Layar 11/2010Series B€10M1
Althea Systems 11/2010Series A$3M1
Adaptivity 11/2010Series A$3M1
Anobit Technologies 11/2010Venture Round$32M1
Yummly 11/2010Seed$1.85M3
IPTEGO 11/2010Venture Round1
Lilliputian Systems 11/2010Series A$3.25M1
SilkRoad Technology 11/2010Venture Round$40M5
De Novo 11/2010Venture Round1
Ortiva Wireless 11/2010Series C$8M4
Winchannel 11/2010Venture Round1
boo-box 11/2010Series A3
Taifatech 11/2010Venture Round1
Verismo Networks 11/2010Venture Round$17M1
Videon Central 11/2010Venture Round1
YuMe 11/2010Venture Round$5M1
Nirvanix 11/2010Series B$10M4
AeroScout 11/2010Series E$16M7
Splendor Telecom UK 10/2010Venture Round1
OpenFeint 10/2010Venture Round$3M1
Veebeam 10/2010Series B$6M7
Akella 10/2010Venture Round€10M2 10/2010Series C4
Allied Digital Services 9/2010Venture Round$175k1
Nexant 9/2010Venture Round$43M3
NetRetail Holding 9/2010Venture Round€10M2
Joyent 9/2010Series C$15M1
Adaptive Computing 9/2010Series A$14M3
Vriti Infocom 8/2010Series B$5M2
CiraNova 8/2010Venture Round$8.55M4
Pacific Biosciences 7/2010Series F$109M11
Mirics Semiconductor 7/2010Venture Round$13M3
Carrier IQ 6/2010Series D$12M6
picoChip 6/2010Venture Round$20M7
Soonr 6/2010Series D$4.5M5
OpenPeak 6/2010Venture Round$52M2
Transpera 6/2010Series C$9M6
Vostu 6/2010Series B$12M2
Ozmo Devices 5/2010Series D$10.8M3
Gaikai 5/2010Series B$10M5
Zend Technologies 5/2010Venture Round$9M6
CardioDx 5/2010Series D$34.5M9
TRA 5/2010Series C$18.2M3 5/2010Series B$4M1
Virtustream 5/2010Series A$15M3
Overture Networks 4/2010Venture Round$17.2M7
Voxify 4/2010Venture Round$8M4
Sotera Wireless 4/2010Series C$10.8M4
BlackArrow 4/2010Series C$20M7
betaworks 3/2010Series B$20M13
Urban Airship 2/2010Series A$1.1M6
Cymbet 1/2010Series C$31M6
Avnera 1/2010Series D$10M9
Spectrawatt 1/2010Venture Round$41.4M3
Envivio 12/2009Debt$1M11
TriCipher 12/2009Venture Round$3M5
Vostu 12/2009Series A$2.59M1
Financial Information Network & Operations Pvt 12/2009Venture Round$15M3
Wortal 12/2009Venture Round$1.5M1
ChinaCache 12/2009Series D6
V-cube Japan 11/2009Venture Round1
Crucialtec 11/2009Venture Round1
Joyent 11/2009Series A1
NeuString 11/2009Venture Round1
Active Storage 11/2009Series A$8M3
Gudeng Precision 11/2009Venture Round1
Phoenix New Media 11/2009Venture Round1
Powervation 11/2009Series B5
BridgeWave Communications 11/2009Venture Round$2.4M13
Tethys BioScience 11/2009Series D$25M5
Phoenix New Media 11/2009Series A3
Revolution Analytics 10/2009Series B$16M2
InSync Software 10/2009Series B$4.7M2
Pacific Biosciences 10/2009Series E$68M14
Packetmotion 10/2009Series C$5M4
Ozmo Devices 9/2009Series C$7.5M3
Advanced Inquiry Systems Inc. 8/2009Series B$11M6
XDx 8/2009Series F$14.4M8
Convey Computer 7/2009Series B$24.2M6
Grid Net 7/2009Series C4
Powervation 7/2009Series B$10M4
iControl Networks 7/2009Series C$23M5
Sense Networks 6/2009Series B$6M1
UQ Communications 6/2009Venture Round$43M1
Likewise Software 4/2009Series C$10M3
Beceem Communications 4/2009Venture Round$20M9
Mixercast 4/2009Series C$4.1M3
SignaCert 4/2009Series B$8.8M4
Nirvanix 4/2009Series B$5M4
Soonr 2/2009Series C$3M4
Conservus International 2/2009Venture Round1
Pulse Technologies 2/2009Venture Round1
BridgeCo 2/2009Venture Round$6M8
Black Duck Software 2/2009Series D$9.5M8
TextDigger 2/2009Series A$4.3M3
TriCipher 1/2009Series D$12M5
Lumidigm 1/2009Series C$7M9
Carrier IQ 1/2009Series C$20M3
One97 Communications 1/2009Venture Round3
Global Talent Track 1/2009Venture Round2
IndiaMART 1/2009Venture Round1
Tribold 1/2009Venture Round$11M3
Mirics Semiconductor 1/2009Venture Round$7M3
Net Power Technology 12/2008Series A$3M4
JackBe 12/2008Series D$5M5
Imagination Technologies 12/2008Venture Round£600k1
Staccato Communications 11/2008Venture Round$20M11
Transpera 11/2008Series B$8.25M4
Trony Solar 10/2008Series A$20M1
Silicon Hive 10/2008Venture Round$7M3
Dexterra 10/2008Venture Round$21.5M6
HealthiNation 9/2008Series B$7.5M2
InMage Systems 9/2008Series C$15M3
Telligent Systems 9/2008Series A$20M1
3Leaf 9/2008Series C$35M4
Punchbowl 9/2008Series A$2.1M4
UIEvolution 9/2008Venture Round$5M2
Fonality 9/2008Venture Round$12M3
Aicent 9/2008Series D$3M1
ChinaCache 9/2008Series C6
Envivio 9/2008Venture Round$25M11
Expand Networks 8/2008Venture Round$8.5M1
Plastic Logic 8/2008Series E$50M5
Voltaix 7/2008Venture Round$12.5M1
Yatra online 7/2008Venture Round$17M1
SulfurCell 7/2008Private Equity$134M6
Mobixell Networks 7/2008Series A$6M3
Agiliance 7/2008Series B$10M4
BridgeWave Communications 6/2008Series D$10M2
NewAuto Video Technology 6/2008Venture Round$50M4
DATAllegro 6/2008Series D$19.6M7
Grid Net 6/2008Venture Round3
TOA Technologies 6/2008Series C$13M3
Internet Mall 6/2008Venture Round$45M1
Vostu 6/2008Seed$1.3M1
Veoh 6/2008Series D$30M10
Vriti Infocom 6/2008Series A$2.5M1
Accertify 6/2008Series A$4M1
Internet Mall 5/2008Venture Round€28M2
Crossing Automation 5/2008Series A$6M2
Shanghai Media Group 4/2008Venture Round$12M1
NexPlanar 4/2008Series C$14.5M6
SpikeSource 4/2008Series C$20M5
iControl Networks 4/2008Series B$15.5M3
Metaboli 3/2008Series C$7.91M5
Sotera Wireless 3/2008Series B$20.3M4
iovation 3/2008Series A$15M3
maniaTV 3/2008Series C$5.5M4
Wisair 2/2008Venture Round$24M7
Safend 2/2008Series C$9M3
Bragster 2/2008Series A$3.5M2
Voxify 2/2008Series D$15M4
FlowPlay 2/2008Series A$3.7M2
Nanochip 1/2008Venture Round$14M2
Revolution Analytics 1/2008Series A1
NetRetail Holding 1/2008Venture Round$43.4M2
Soonr 1/2008Series B$9.5M3
Mixercast 1/2008Series B$6M3
LogMeIn 12/2007Series C$10M1
CREDANT Technologies 12/2007Series C$5M5
Nirvanix 12/2007Series A$18M5
GainSpan 12/2007Series B$20M6
ApnaPaisa 12/2007Series B$15M3
AdsIt 11/2007Series A$5M3
Platform Solutions 11/2007Series C$37M6
VeriSilicon Holdings 11/2007Series D$20M9
Virtual Iron Software 11/2007Series D$13M6
JackBe 10/2007Series C$9.5M5
Jordan Valley Semiconductors 10/2007Venture Round$11M1
Punchbowl 10/2007Angel2
Nascentric 9/2007Series C$7.2M4
Atempo 9/2007Series B$22M3
Avnera 9/2007Series C$14.7M9 9/2007Series A$2.57M1
Packetmotion 8/2007Series C$7.5M3
Parade Technologies 8/2007Series B$14.5M3
Mirics Semiconductor 8/2007Series B$12M3
Delve Networks 8/2007Series A$8M2
Convey Computer 7/2007Series A$16M4
BridgeWave Communications 7/2007Series C$7.8M2
Transpera 7/2007Series A3
Tevet Process Control Technologies 7/2007Series D$2.75M7
VirtualLogix 7/2007Series B$16M4
DiBcom 7/2007Series E$27.3M10 7/2007Series B$15M4
IGA Worldwide 7/2007Series B$25M6
Edgeio 7/2007Series A$5M2
Exanet 6/2007Series E$18M7
picoChip 6/2007Series D$27M8
PGP Corporation 6/2007Series C$27.3M4
Reloaded Games, Inc. 6/2007Series B$16M6
AdaptiveMobile 6/2007Series B$14M3
Aternity 5/2007Series B$5M5
Mformation Technologies 5/2007Series E$20M9
Crossbeam Systems 5/2007Series F$21M8
Arch Rock Corporation 5/2007Series B$10M3
3Leaf 4/2007Series B$20M4
Silicon Navigator Corporation 4/2007Venture Round1
ChinaCache 4/2007Series B7
Legend Silicon 3/2007Venture Round$40M1
Comat Technologies 3/2007Venture Round$4M1
Financial Information Network & Operations Pvt 3/2007Venture Round$20M10
Eons 3/2007Series B$22M5
Palm Commerce Information Technology 3/2007Series B6
Genlot 3/2007Series B5
Dexterra 2/2007Venture Round$36M6
Videonline Communications 2/2007Venture Round$12M1
Dexterra 2/2007Series E$36M6
Andigilog 2/2007Series B$18M7
Black Duck Software 2/2007Series C$12M6
Sirific Wireless 2/2007Series C$18.8M7
Beceem Communications 2/2007Series D$40M11
TriCipher 2/2007Series C$15M5
fabrik 2/2007Series C$14.3M2
GigaSpaces 2/2007Series C$5M3
Workshare 1/2007Series B$23M4
Vativ Technologies 1/2007Venture Round$11M6
Silistix 1/2007Series A$6M7
Olaworks 1/2007Series A$4M3
Plastic Logic 1/2007Series D$100M5
Powertech Technology 1/2007Private Equity$65M1
BridgeCo 1/2007Venture Round$17M7
LucidLogix Technologies 1/2007Series B$12M3
Intellon Corporation 12/2006Venture Round$18M9
Delve Networks 12/2006Seed$1.65M1
CableMatrix Technologies 11/2006Venture Round$5M4
Epos 11/2006Series B$10.5M2
BlackArrow 11/2006Series B$14.8M3
BrainLAB 10/2006Venture Round$7.3M1
MonoSphere 10/2006Series B$11M3
Synacor 10/2006Series C$17M7
Imagination Technologies 10/2006Venture Round£5.28M1
Lucky Pai 9/2006Series A$15M3
Packetmotion 9/2006Series B$5.97M3
Vignani 9/2006Series A$4M3
Managed Objects 9/2006Series F$7M5
SpikeSource 9/2006Series B$24M3
OpSource 9/2006Series C$20M5
Mobixell Networks 9/2006Venture Round$8M6
Magnolia Broadband 9/2006Series E$10M8
GainSpan 9/2006Series A$13.4M4
Soonr 9/2006Series A$6M2
Zend Technologies 8/2006Series D$20M7
Avnera 8/2006Series B$12M4
Microland 8/2006Venture Round$11M4
TOBESOFT 8/2006Venture Round$1.5M1
YeePay 8/2006Series C$3.35M4
Virtugo Software 7/2006Series B$13.6M3
Availigent 7/2006Series B$12.2M3
Njini 7/2006Series C$13M3
BlueShift Technologies 7/2006Series B$12M3
inSilica 7/2006Venture Round$18M5
Enpirion 7/2006Series C$20M7
Clear2Pay 6/2006Series D€15.7M8
Navini Networks 6/2006Venture Round$17.5M1
BridgeCo 6/2006Series D$23M7
WSO2 6/2006Venture Round$4M1
fabrik 6/2006Series B$8M2
ArchPro Design Automation 5/2006Series B$4.5M3
Pando Networks 5/2006Series B$7M3
Negevtech 4/2006Series D$36M7
iControl Networks 4/2006Series A$5M3
Silverback Systems 4/2006Venture Round$16M2
AdaptiveMobile 4/2006Series A$5.67M2
Rakuten 4/2006Venture Round$42.4M1
Nanochip 4/2006Series C$14.8M4
Amp'd Mobile 4/2006Series C$150M12
Atrica 4/2006Series F$22.2M9
Ozmo Devices 3/2006Series A$12.6M3
IP Fabrics 3/2006Series B$1.5M2
Centeris Corporation 3/2006Series B$11.5M3
Exent 3/2006Series D$3M2
Lockdown Networks 3/2006Venture Round$3.1M1
JAM Technologies 2/2006Series B$11.3M6
AWR Corporation 2/2006Venture Round$6.4M5
Kasenna 2/2006Series E$11M1
Dexterra 2/2006Series D$18M5
MySQL 2/2006Series C$18.5M5
Wisair 1/2006Series C$20M5
Calpurnia Corporation 1/2006Series B$8M4
JackBe 1/2006Series B$6.5M3
XDx 1/2006Venture Round$26.5M7
Safend 1/2006Series B$7.4M3
Staccato Communications 1/2006Series C$18M5
Neusoft Group 1/2006Venture Round$40M1
InSync Software 1/2006Series A$7.5M2
MobiApps 12/2005Series B$10M3
SignaCert 12/2005Series A$10M4
A8 Digital Music 12/2005Series B$20M4
nanosys 11/2005Series D$41.5M16
Akella 11/2005Venture Round$5M2
Hubspan 10/2005Series D$13M4
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  304. Intel Capital invests $25M in 7 new startups ( [edit]
  305. Powervation Secures Funding From New Investor Braemar Energy Ventures ( [edit]
  306. BridgeWave lands $2.4M for wireless backhauling ( [edit]
  307. Tethys picks up $25M for diabetes diagnostic ( [edit]
  308. Citation Needed [add]
  309. SEC ( [edit]
  310. InSync Software, Inc. Announces $4.7 Million in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  311. Pacific Biosciences, Inc.: Series E $68M ( [edit]
  312. PacketMotion raises $5M for network management. ( [edit]
  313. Ozmo Devices Gets $7.5 Million in Funding ( [edit]
  314. AISI Raises $11M in Series B ( [edit]
  315. XDx raises $14.4M new funding ( [edit]
  317. Grid Net Raises Series C Round to Accelerate 4G Wireless Smart Grid Solution Deployments ( [edit]
  318. Powervation Raises $10 Million in Additional Financing ( [edit]
  319. iControl Gets $23M for Home Security, Home Energy Management ( [edit]
  320. Sense Networks gets $6M in hotly contested deal for “tribe” advertising ( [edit]
  321. Intel Capital Invests $43 Million in UQ Communications ( [edit]
  322. Likewise Secures $10 Million in Funding; Sets Sights on New Users and Product Development ( [edit]
  323. Beceem Closes $20 Million in Financing and Accelerates WiMAX Product Developments ( [edit]
  324. MixerCast nabs $4.1 million for widget ads ( [edit]
  325. Capital Report Index [edit]
  326. Nirvanix Raises $5 Million ( [edit]
  327. Soonr raises $3M to give mobile access to home computers ( [edit]
  328. Intel Capital Invests in Three UAE Companies ( [edit]
  329. Conservus International, Pulse Technologies, and Vertex Animation Studio are set to benefit from financial boost ( [edit]
  330. BridgeCo Raises $6 Million in New Financing ( [edit]
  331. Black Duck Software Gets $9.5 Million To Help You Ship Better Software More Quickly ( [edit]
  332. TextDigger Announces $4.3 Million A-1 Funding ( [edit]
  333. TriCipher raises $12M for secure logins ( [edit]
  334. [edit]
  335. Carrier IQ secures Series C funding ( [edit]
  339. Intel Capital Leads Funding for Tribold ( [edit]
  340. Mirics Secures Additional $7m Funding to Accelerate Worldwide Growth ( [edit]
  341. China Environment Fund Announces US$3M Investment in Net Power Technology ( [edit]
  342. TechCrunchIT ( [edit]
  343. Interest in Imagination Technologies is hotting up ( [edit]
  344. Capital Report Index [edit]
  345. Transpera Raises $8.25 Million In Series B For Mobile Video Monetization Service ( [edit]
  346. Intel Capital invests in Chinese cleantech, healthcare companies ( [edit]
  347. Intel leads $7 million investment in Silicon Hive ( [edit]
  348. Dexterra Secures $21.5 Million Funding Round Led by New Enterprise Associates ( [edit]
  349. Video Site HealthiNation Raises $7.5 Million Second Round, Strikes Syndication Deals ( [edit]
  350. VentureBeat ( [edit]
  351. Intel to Invest $20M in Telligent ( [edit]
  352. 3Leaf Systems Secures $35 Million in Series C Financing to Fuel Delivery of Virtualization Solutions ( [edit]
  353. Punchbowl Software Closes Series A Funding ( [edit]
  354. Wireless technology company UIEvolution raises $5 million ( [edit]
  355. Fonality Closes $12M Financing Round to Accelerate Growth in Open Source Communications Market ( [edit]
  356. EDGAR [edit]
  357. Citation Needed [add]
  358. Digital Broadcast Fundings: Envivo Gets $25 Million ( [edit]
  359. Expand Networks Gets $8.5M in Funding Round ( [edit]
  360. Plastic Logic sees flexible, low-power displays coming with $50M funding ( [edit]
  361. Voltaix Receives $12.5 Million in Financing From Intel Capital ( [edit]
  362. receives Intel Capital Funding ( [edit]
  363. Intel Capital spreads its solar bets with Sulfurcell ( [edit]
  364. Mobixell Raises $6 Million For Mobile Multimedia, Ads ( [edit]
  366. Core Capital Partners Co-Leads $10 Million Round for BridgeWave Communications ( [edit]
  367. EDGAR [edit]
  368. Microsoft Acquires Datallegro ( [edit]
  369. Intel Capital Invests $60 Million In Eight Startups ( [edit]
  370. TOA Technologies Raises $13 million From Intel Capital and Additional Investors ( [edit]
  371. Intel Capital Invests $60 Million In Eight Startups ( [edit]
  372. Intel Capital Invests $60 Million In Eight Startups ( [edit]
  373. Veoh Raises Another $30 Million From Intel Capital, Adobe, and Gordon Crawford ( [edit]
  374. Intel Capital Invests $60 Million In Eight Startups ( [edit]
  375. Intel Capital Invests $60 Million In Eight Startups ( [edit]
  376. Intel Capital enters Internet Mall ( [edit]
  377. VentureBeat ( [edit]
  378. Intel Capital Invests $12M In SMG Subsidiary ( [edit]
  379. NexPlanar Corporation Secures $14,500,000 New Funding Round ( [edit]
  380. SpikeSource launches software platform, gets $10M from Intel ( [edit]
  381. IControl, a home security service, raises $15.5 million from Kleiner Perkins ( [edit]
  382. capital report [edit]
  384. [edit]
  385. Funding Source ( [edit]
  386. Wisair Secures $24 Million in Funding ( [edit]
  387. Safend secures $9M in venture funds ( [edit]
  388. Social net for daredevils wins VC backing ( [edit]
  389. VentureBeat ( [edit]
  390. FlowPlay raises $3.7M for avatar game for teenagers - Venturebeat ( [edit]
  391. Funding Source [edit]
  392. Intel Capital Makes Series A Investment in REvolution Computing—Investment highlights Intel Capital’s Open Source Incubator Program ( [edit]
  393. EDGAR [edit]
  394. [edit]
  395. [edit]
  396. VentureSource ( [edit]
  397. EDGAR [edit]
  398. [edit]
  400. [edit]
  401. Baidu Invested A Video Ads Service Provider ( [edit]
  402. EDGAR [edit]
  403. VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd. Secures $20 Million in Financing ( [edit]
  404. Virtual Iron gets $13 million in new financial round, outlines new strategy ( [edit]
  405. JackBe Raises $9.5M, Provides Mashups for the Enterprise ( [edit]
  406. Intel Capital Invests $11 Million in Jordan Valley Semiconductors Limited ( [edit]
  407. Punchbowl lands Venture Capital Funding ( [edit]
  408. Nascentric Closes $7.2M Investment Round with Intel Capital and Austin Ventures ( [edit]
  409. Atempo raises $22M more for data backup, recovery and archiving ( [edit]
  410. Startups with right stuff secure needed funding ( [edit]
  411. Intel Capital inwestuje w ( [edit]
  412. PacketMotion, networking monitoring and compliance co., raises $7.5M more ( [edit]
  413. Parade Technology, a fabless chip company for video displays, raises $14.5M more. ( [edit]
  414. Mirics closes $12M B round funding with investment from Acacia Capital Partners ( [edit]
  415. [edit]
  416. EDGAR [edit]
  417. BridgeWave Closes Series 3 Funding Round of $7.8 Million to Accelerate Deployment of Gigabit Ethernet Wireless Solutions for Enterprise and 4G/WiMAX Backhaul Applications ( [edit]
  418. Transpera, latest mobile video channel company ( [edit]
  419. EDGAR [edit]
  421. EDGAR [edit]
  422. Has 60M users and Another $10M in Funding ( [edit]
  423. [edit]
  424. [edit]
  425. Exanet Raises $18 Million in Round of Financing Led by Coral Capital Management ( [edit]
  426. picoChip closes growth round funding of $27 million ( [edit]
  427. Encryption Co. PGP Raises $27M For M&A. ( [edit]
  428. K2 Network Secures $16M in Series B Funding led by Intel Capital ( [edit]
  429. EDGAR [edit]
  430. Aternity Raises $5M in Second Round of Financing and enters into Marketing Cooperation Agreement with Intel ( [edit]
  432. Top Research Firm Ranks Crossbeam Systems No. 1 In High-End Unified Threat Management For The Eighth Consecutive Quarter ( [edit]
  433. Arch Rock raises $10M for wireless sensor networks. ( [edit]
  434. 3Leaf, virtualization company, raises $20M more ( [edit]
  435. EDA company, Silicon Navigator, gets financing from Intel Capital ( [edit]
  436. Citation Needed [add]
  437. Intel Capital Invests $40 Million in DTV Chipmaker ( [edit]
  438. Intel Capital To Invest $4 Million In E-Governance Company Comat Technologies ( [edit]
  439. FINO announces Micro Finance partnership with Janalakshmi social services ( [edit]
  440. [edit]
  441. Citation Needed [add]
  442. Citation Needed [add]
  443. Dexterra Closes $36 Million Funding Round Led by New Enterprise Associates ( [edit]
  444. Videonline, wanting to take licensed music to China, raises $12M ( [edit]
  445. 3rd Big Wireless Field Worker App Funding This Week - Dexterra Raises $35M+ ( [edit]
  446. Intelligent Thermal Management Chip Provider Andigilog Completes Series B Financing. ( [edit]
  447. Black Duck Software Closes $12 Million in Third Round Financing ( [edit]
  448. Sirific Wireless Receives $18.8M in Series C Funding ( [edit]
  449. Beceem Raises Over $40 Million in Series D-Round Financing ( [edit]
  450. TriCipher, an online user authentication company, raises $15M ( [edit]
  451. Citation Needed [add]
  452. GigaSpaces Completes Series C Investment Round ( [edit]
  454. Vativ secures $11M investment, to launch video and networking devices ( [edit]
  455. Silistix Raises Additional $6M in a Final Series A Closing ( [edit]
  456. Olaworks, please congratulate the first stone. :) ( [edit]
  457. E-Paper Display Company Plastic Logic Receives $100 Million Funding ( [edit]
  458. Intel Capital pumps $65M into memory chip company, Powertech ( [edit]
  459. Home Entertainment Networking Firm BridgeCo Gets $17 Million ( [edit]
  460. EDGAR [edit]
  461. Venture Beat ( [edit]
  462. [edit]
  463. Bandwidth management co CableMatrix raises $5m: Walden Israel, Veritas Venture Partners, EnerTech Capital and Intel Capital participated in the round ( [edit]
  464. Israeli Digital Pen Co. Epos Raises $10.5M ( [edit]
  465. Ad Insert Start-up BlackArrow Raises $14.75 Million For Unskippable Ads ( [edit]
  466. Intel Invests $7.3M in BrainLab ( [edit]
  467. MonoSphere Closes $11 Million in Funding to Address Growing Storage Capacity Planning Market Demand. ( [edit]
  468. Synacor Secures $17 Million in Funding ( [edit]
  469. Imagination Technologies Announces Expanded Multimedia Collaboration with Intel and Investment from Intel Capital ( [edit]
  470. EDGAR [edit]
  471. Packetmotion raises $5.97 for enterprise security software ( [edit]
  472. Vignani Raises $4 Million In Funding ( [edit]
  473. Managed Objects Completes Series F Round of Funding to Fuel Further Expansion; Intel Capital joins other venture capital investors in Managed Objects ( [edit]
  474. SpikeSource raises $24M in Series B ( [edit]
  475. Opsource, enterprise infrastructure Co., raises $20M in VC/debt ( [edit]
  476. Mobixell Networks announces new investment round - Intel Capital leads funding to fuel growth in mobile multimedia ( [edit]
  478. Emphany Systems, wireless sensor Co., raises $13.35M ( [edit]
  479. [edit]
  480. Zend Technologies Receives $20 Million in Series D Funding; Additional Funding to be Used to Further Strengthen Open Source Software Development and Infrastructure Company's Leadership in the PHP Market ( [edit]
  481. CalibreOne Index: The quarterly transatlantic investment review ( [edit]
  482. Microland Secures USD11 Million Funding The funds raised from Cargill Ventures, Intel Capital, Trident Capital and JAFCO ( [edit]
  483. EDGAR [edit]
  484. Citation Needed [add]
  485. uXcomm Gets $13.6M ( [edit]
  486. Availigent Gets Funding ( [edit]
  487. Njini Secures $13 MILLION, Gears Up For Growth In US And Europe ( [edit]
  488. BlueShift Technologies Secures Series B Investment from Intel Capital ( [edit]
  489. InSilica Announces Closure of $18 Million in New Financing ( [edit]
  490. Enpirion Secures $20 Million In Series C Financing Led By BA Venture Partners ( [edit]
  491. AGF Private Equity and GIMV take the lead in Clear2Pay’s capital increase of € 15.7 million - existing investors also participate in this round. ( [edit]
  492. Navini Networks secures $17.5M in funding round ( [edit]
  493. BridgeCo Raises $23M in Latest Venture Finance Round ( [edit]
  494. WSO2 raises $4,000,000 ( [edit]
  495. Citation Needed [add]
  496. ArchPro Design Automation Raises $4.5 Million ( [edit]
  498. Wafer inspection co Negevtech raises $36m ( [edit]
  499. iControl Networks Secures Series A Funding; Charles River and Intel Capital Co-Invest. ( [edit]
  500. Silverback Systems gets $16M funding ( [edit]
  501. EDGAR [edit]
  502. EDGAR [edit]
  503. EDGAR [edit]
  504. Amp’d Mobile Rings Up $150 Million In New Funding ( [edit]
  505. EDGAR [edit]
  506. Press Release ( [edit]
  507. IP Fabrics gets $1.5 million ( [edit]
  508. EDGAR [edit]
  509. igital gaming solutions co Exent raises $3m. ( [edit]
  510. Intel Puts $3.1M in Lockdown ( [edit]
  511. JAM Technologies Closes $11.3 Million in New Funding - Funding to Drive Company Growth ( [edit]
  512. EDGAR [edit]
  513. Kasenna raises $11M ( [edit]
  514. Dexterra to Snag Cash and CFO ( [edit]
  515. [edit]
  516. Wisair Secures $20 Million in C Round of Funding ( [edit]
  517. IntelliVid Announces $8.0 Million Series B Funding ( [edit]
  518. AJAX Technology Company JackBe Receives $6.5 Million Funding ( [edit]
  519. XDx Completes $26.5 Million Private Equity Financing ( [edit]
  520. Safend Closes $7.4M in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  521. Staccato Communications Closes $18 Million In Third Round Venture Capital Financing ( [edit]
  522. Intel invests $40M into Neusoft, its biggest China deal yet ( [edit]
  523. InSync finds $4.7M for asset-tracking software ( [edit]
  524. MobiApps Gets $10 Million Series B Funding From Intel Capital, UOB Management And Others ( [edit]
  525. SignaCert Inc. Secures $10 Million in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  526. Citation Needed [add]
  527. EDGAR [edit]
  528. Quadriga Capital Russia and Intel Capital invest in Akella ( [edit]
  529. Hubspan Secures $13 Million in Venture Capital Financing ( [edit]
  530. Lumidigm secures US$8.1 Million funding ( [edit]
  531. Arch Rock Racks $5M for Sensors ( [edit]
  532. Australia's Engana, a 4-year old supplier of wavelength selective switches, raises $6.1m in Series B round ( [edit]
  533. EDGAR [edit]
  534. CollabNet receives $9.5 million in private financing ( [edit]
  535. AVG ( [edit]
  536. LGC Wireless Finalizes $13 Million Funding Round with Second Closing ( [edit]
  537. Funding Source [edit]
  538. Venture Beat ( [edit]
  539. DiBcom Raises EUR 24.5M Round to Extend Mobile TV Leadership. ( [edit]
  540. Dexterra Acquires Mobile Java Company Octaneware Also Receives $11 Million Funding ( [edit]
  541. Intel Invests In European Linux Server Vendor, Collax GmbH ( [edit]
  542. GigaSpaces Receives Funding from Intel Capital, Bringing the Total Investment to $6M ( [edit]
  543. StarGen Announces $15.5M Series B1 Funding ( [edit]
  544. VeriSilicon Completes Series B Financing ( [edit]
  545. T-Networks and ASIP Merge to Form Apogee Photonics and Raise $9.7M in Additional Financing ( [edit]
  546. picoChip Secures $20.5 Million in Third Round Funding ( [edit]
  547. EDGAR [edit]
  548. Azure secures $15M VC round ( [edit]
  549. SWsoft Accepts Acceleration Investment and Announces Technology and Marketing Collaboration Agreement with Intel ( [edit]
  550. Clear Shape Technologies Inc. Receives Investments from Intel and KLA-Tencor Corp. ( [edit]
  551. Crossbow Strengthens Ties to Technology Leaders ( [edit]
  552. EDGAR [edit]
  553. Black Duck Software Secures $12M in Series B Financing Led By Ventures ( [edit]
  554. Fidelity backs SpikeSource in $12M VC round ( [edit]
  555. Cloakware Secures $10 Million in Series B Round Funding; Funding to Fuel ( [edit]
  556. Solarflare Raises Record $48 Million in Funding ( [edit]
  557. Vativ secures $11M investment, to launch video and networking devices ( [edit]
  558. TriCipher, Inc. Raises $10.1 Million in Series B Round ( [edit]
  559. EDGAR [edit]
  560. Venturi Wireless Secures $10 Million in Series C Financing Led by InterWest Partners. ( [edit]
  561. XenSource gets $6 million in funding ( [edit]
  562. EDGAR [edit]
  563. Tejas Networks Secures $15 Million in Series C Funding ( [edit]
  564. Enpirion closes $17 million Series B funding ( [edit]
  565. Cymbetâ„¢ Secures $16.5 Million in Private Financing ( [edit]
  566. SEC D ( [edit]
  567. Enigmatec Secures $6 million Third Round Funding ( [edit]
  568. Citation Needed [add]
  569. Citation Needed [add]
  570. The FeedRoom, Inc. Raises Over $5 Million In Series C Funding from new and existing investors ( [edit]
  571. [edit]
  573. Citation Needed [add]
  574. Company Secures $22.9 Million in Latest Round of Financing ( [edit]
  575. Citation Needed [add]
  576. Citation Needed [add]
  577. Citation Needed [add]
  578. Citation Needed [add]
  579. Citation Needed [add]
  580. Citation Needed [add]
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