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General Information

Phone(+41) 22 737 0000


Fund IV Early Stage Tech, 3/2009 €350M
Index Ventures Growth I, 1/2008 €400M
Index Ventures IV, 6/2011 €350M
Index Ventures III, 2/2005 €300M
Index Ventures Growth II, 11/2011 €500M
Life sciences Fund, 3/2012 €150M
Fund VI, 6/2012 €350M



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Co-founder and Partner
General Partner
General Partner
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Index Ventures

Index Ventures is a multi-stage international venture capital firm with deep sector expertise based in London, San Francisco and Geneva.

Since 1996, we’ve teamed up with exceptional entrepreneurs in more than 20 countries who are using technology to reshape the world around us. The companies they’ve started include ASOS, Climate Corp, Criteo, Dropbox, Etsy, Just Eat, King, Hortonworks, MySQL, Nasty Gal, Pure Storage, Skype, Soundcloud, Sonos and Supercell — among many others.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Citymapper Limited 4/2014Series A$10M4
Wealthfront 4/2014Series C$35M12
Lookback 3/2014Seed$2.2M3
Hortonworks 3/2014Series D$100M7
Base CRM 3/2014Series B$15M6
Niara Inc. 3/2014Venture Round$9M2
Little Borrowed Dress 2/2014Seed$1.25M9
Socialbakers 2/2014Series C$26M2
Blaze 2/2014Seed$500k2
EDITD 2/2014Venture Round$4.4M2
Blue Bottle Coffee 2/2014Series B$25.7M8
Datadog 2/2014Series B$15M8
Gojimo 1/2014Seed$1M2
The Cambridge Satchel Company 1/2014Venture Round$21M1
Adallom 1/2014Series B$15M2
Resource Guru 1/2014Seed$870k1
Trustpilot 1/2014Series C$25M4
Path 1/2014Series C$25M7
StreetHub 12/2013Seed$1.2M4
MyOptique Group 12/2013Venture Round£8M3
Flipboard 12/2013Series C$50M5
Secret 12/2013Seed$1.43M10
navabi 12/2013Series C€10M3
Robinhood 12/2013Seed$3M6
MetaPack 11/2013Series A£20M1
Supersolid 11/2013Venture Round2
Yub 11/2013Venture Round$12M9
Futurelytics 11/2013Seed$800k4
Sonos 11/2013Venture Round$25M2
Frontback 10/2013Seed$3M10
Berg 10/2013Seed$1.3M3
Funding Circle 10/2013Series C$37M4
Outbrain 10/2013Series E$35M8
FOBO 10/2013Seed$1.6M19
Justworks 10/2013Seed$1M2
Lookout 10/2013Series E$55M9
Versartis 10/2013Series D$20M6
Swoon Editions 10/2013Seed£1.2M2
Koality 10/2013Seed$1.8M9
Algolia 10/2013Seed€1.5M3
Snapguide 9/2013Series A$3M5
Fuze 9/2013Series B$26M4
Egalet 9/2013Partial Close$10M1
Zuora 9/2013Series E$50M10
SwiftKey 9/2013Series B$17.5M7
Mind-NRG 9/2013Series B€6M2
Pure Storage 8/2013Series E$150M9
Acutus Medical 8/2013Series B$28M4
TheFamily 8/2013Venture Round1
Wool and the Gang 7/2013Seed$2.8M5
Versartis 7/2013Series C$12.5M4
Maker's Row 7/2013Seed$1M8
OncoEthix 7/2013Series B$19M4
Sequenta 7/2013Series C$20M3
basno 7/2013Series A$1M5
Clinkle 6/2013Seed$25M19
NumberFour 6/2013Series A$38M7
Brit + Co. 6/2013Series A$6.3M7
Rad 6/2013Series A€2.5M1
Capitaine Train 6/2013Series A€2.5M2
XO1 6/2013Series A$11M1
Novus 6/2013Venture Round2
Hortonworks 6/2013Series C$50M5
Experiment 6/2013Seed$1.23M22
Anki 6/2013Venture Round$50M3
ERPLY 5/2013Series B$2.15M4
Swipely 5/2013Series B$12M7
TransferWise 5/2013Series A$6M5
MetroMile 4/2013Series B$10M3
Strikingly 4/2013Seed$1.5M9
Shapeways 4/2013Series C$30M4
Supercell 4/2013Private Equity$130M3
GenSight Biologics 4/2013Series A€32M4
Adzuna 4/2013Series A£1M3
Foodily 4/2013Venture Round$2.72M1
Wealthfront 3/2013Series B$20M12
Auxmoney 3/2013Venture Round$12M2
Farfetch 3/2013Series C$20M3
Elasticsearch 2/2013Series B$24M3
The Business of Fashion 2/2013Seed$2.1M5
Supercell 2/2013Series B$130M1
Abe's Market 1/2013Venture Round$5M3
OpenX 1/2013Series E$25M7
Versartis 1/2013Series C$25M4
Believe.in 12/2012Seed6
Trustpilot 12/2012Venture Round$13M3
Prescription Eyewear 12/2012Venture Round$19.3M1
MetroMile 12/2012Series A$4M4
1stdibs 12/2012Venture Round$42M3
MyHeritage 11/2012Series E$25M3
Datadog 11/2012Series A$6.2M6
Socialbakers 11/2012Series B$6M2
Abe's Market 10/2012Series A5
Pentaho 10/2012Series C$23M4
PeoplePerHour.com 10/2012Venture Round$3.2M1
Secret Escapes 10/2012Venture Round£8M3
HouseTrip 10/2012Series C$40M3
Geckoboard 9/2012Series A$1.5M2
Familiar 9/2012Seed$1.3M5
Capitaine Train 9/2012Seed€1.4M2
Zendesk 9/2012Series D$60M8
Drivy 9/2012Series A€2M2
Snappli 9/2012Venture Round$1M2
DJZ 9/2012Seed$1M9
Nasty Gal 8/2012Series B$40M1
Lehigh Technologies 8/2012Venture Round$16M4
Pure Storage 8/2012Series D$40M4
Tonara 7/2012Series A$4M3
Everpix 7/2012Seed$1M5
Fuze 7/2012Series A$20M3
Big Switch Networks 7/2012Series B$21.7M4
Shapeways 6/2012Series B$6.2M3
onefinestay 6/2012Series B$12.2M3
Snapguide 6/2012Series A$5M3
Codecademy 6/2012Series B$10M6
iZettle 6/2012Series B$31.4M7
The Climate Corporation 6/2012Series C$50M8
Frontback 6/2012Seed$910k9
Redwood Systems 5/2012Series C$11.8M3
Mindshapes 5/2012Venture Round$4M1
Notonthehighstreet 5/2012Series D£10M3
Etsy 5/2012Venture Round$40M4
Base CRM 5/2012Series A$6.8M4
Egalet 5/2012Series B$14.3M5
Newvem 5/2012Venture Round$4M5
Brit + Co. 4/2012Seed$1.25M9
Just Eat 4/2012Series C£35M4
TransferWise 4/2012Seed$1.3M1
Path 4/2012Series B$30M9
Chartbeat 4/2012Series B$9.5M2
Funding Circle 4/2012Series B$16M2
Tripbirds 3/2012Seed$740k7
Nasty Gal 3/2012Series A$9M1
Stylistpick 2/2012Series B$11M3
TrialPay 1/2012Series C$40M10
Adzuna 1/2012Venture Round£500k3
Gidsy 1/2012Seed$1.2M4
Farfetch 1/2012Series B$18M3
Sequenta 1/2012Venture Round$8.46M2
Blue Bottle Coffee 2012Venture Round$20M7
Outbrain 12/2011Series D$35M3
Evolven Software 12/2011Venture Round2
HouseTrip 11/2011Series B$17M2
Everpix 11/2011Angel$800k5
Shapeways 11/2011Series B$5.1M2
Zuora 11/2011Series D$36M8
Clipboard 11/2011Seed14
Kaggle 11/2011Series A$11M8
Hortonworks 11/2011Series B$25M5
Dropbox 10/2011Series B$250M12
iZettle 10/2011Series A€11.2M2
Lookout 9/2011Venture Round$40M4
OZON.ru 9/2011Private Equity$100M4
CipherCloud 8/2011Venture Round3
Centrify 8/2011Series D$16M5
Mashape 8/2011Seed$1.5M13
Go Try It On 8/2011Series A$3M2
Groupalia 8/2011Series D€18M7
Acutus Medical 8/2011Venture Round$1M1
ProFibrix 8/2011Series B$10.6M2
Reality Jockey 7/2011Venture Round1
Big Switch Networks 7/2011Series A$12M4
StorSimple 6/2011Series C$10.5M4
Soluto 6/2011Series B$10.2M5
Snapguide 6/2011Seed$2M6
EDITD 6/2011Seed$1.6M1
Funding Circle 4/2011Series A£2.5M1
Flipboard 4/2011Series B$50M9
Stylistpick 4/2011Series A$8M2
Groupalia 4/2011Series C€10.4M5
HouseTrip 4/2011Series A$2.7M1
Amen. 4/2011Seed$2M2
OpenBuildings 4/2011Series A$2M2
BABYBOOM.ru 3/2011Series A$900k6
onefinestay 3/2011Series A$3.7M3
Stack Exchange 3/2011Series B$12M3
Privalia 3/2011Private Equity$123M4
The Climate Corporation 2/2011Series B$42M10
Grey Area 2/2011Series A$2.5M3
Versartis 2/2011Series B$21M3
Diartis Pharmaceuticals 2/2011Venture Round1
UberMedia 2/2011Series B$17.5M3
Path 2/2011Series A$10.8M5
Lightbox 2/2011Seed$1.2M11
Mind-NRG 1/2011Series A$2M1
CatchFree 1/2011Series A$5.5M6
Desk 1/2011Series B$4M6
CruiseWise 1/2011Seed3
SoundCloud 1/2011Series B$10M2
Tonara 1/2011Seed$750k6
Geckoboard 1/2011Seed$300k5
Lookout 12/2010Series C$19.5M3
The Gifts Project 12/2010Seed$1M2
Factual 12/2010Series A$25M6
Sequenta 12/2010Series B$13M3
PeoplePerHour.com 12/2010Series A£3.8M1
Gluster 11/2010Series B$8.5M2
Go Try It On 11/2010Seed2
Path 11/2010Angel$2.5M28
Mind-NRG 10/2010Series A€10M1
Redwood Systems 10/2010Series B$15M3
FREEjit 10/2010Series A5
AlertMe 10/2010Series B£15M5
Privalia 10/2010Series E$95M2
Shapeways 9/2010Series A$6M2
RightScale 9/2010Series C$25M5
StorSimple 9/2010Series B$13M4
Chartbeat 9/2010Seed$3M12
Etsy 8/2010Series E$20M4
Notonthehighstreet 8/2010Series C$11.9M2
Flipboard 7/2010Series A$10.5M9
Squarespace 7/2010Series A$38.5M2
Big Switch Networks 7/2010Seed$1.5M5
GroupSpaces 6/2010Venture Round$1.3M9
Abe's Market 6/2010Seed1
Foodily 6/2010Venture Round$5M1
Funxional Therapeutics 5/2010Series B$12.2M3
Zend Technologies 5/2010Venture Round$9M6
Swipely 5/2010Series A$7.5M11
UberMedia 4/2010Series A$3.5M8
Keynoir 3/2010Venture Round$1.74M2
ERPLY 3/2010Venture Round$2M8
Sonos 3/2010Venture Round$25M1
PeoplePerHour.com 2/2010Venture Round£450k1
Mimecast 1/2010Series B$21M2
Cloud.com 1/2010Series B$11M3
Molecular Partners 12/2009Series B$44.2M5
sezmi 11/2009Series C$24.8M5
RPX Corporation 7/2009Series B3
Just Eat 7/2009Series A£5M1
BOKU 6/2009Series A$13M5
AlertMe 6/2009Series A$13M3
Versartis 6/2009Series A$11M1
StorSimple 6/2009Series A$8M2
OpenX 5/2009Series C$10M6
Glasses Direct 4/2009Series B£10M3
Imbera Electronics 4/2009Series B$15M3
GlycoVaxyn 3/2009Series B$21.3M3
Viagogo 2/2009Series D$15M6
Songkick 12/2008Series A$3.5M1
RightScale 12/2008Series B$13M2
be2 11/2008Venture Round€15M1
Playfish 10/2008Series B$17M2
OpTier 9/2008Series D$47.5M7
MyHeritage 9/2008Series D$15M2
Bestofmedia Group 7/2008Series B$35M1
Milestone Systems 7/2008Series A$27M1
Astley Clarke 6/2008Series A£2.75M1
Lehigh Technologies 6/2008Venture Round$34.5M2
WooMe 6/2008Series B$12.5M3
Mind Candy 5/2008Venture Round$10M3
doubleTwist 5/2008Series A$2.5M2
Worklight 4/2008Series B$12M4
Panther Express 2/2008Series B$15.8M3
Adconion Media Group 2/2008Series C$80M2
TrialPay 2/2008Series B$12.7M4
Criteo 1/2008Series B$10.4M1
OpenX 1/2008Series B$15.5M5
Snaptalent 1/2008Seed5
Certess 12/2007Venture Round$2M3
The Climate Corporation 10/2007Series A$12.6M6
OANDA 9/2007Series B$100M6
Molecular Partners 8/2007Series A$15.6M4
sezmi 8/2007Series A$17.5M3
Viagogo 8/2007Series C$30M4
Photoways 7/2007Venture Round€10M3
VirtualLogix 7/2007Series B$16M4
PhotoBox 7/2007Series B$5M3
OpenX 6/2007Series A$5M4
Joost 5/2007Series A$45M3
Frengo 5/2007Series B$5.7M3
OZON.ru 4/2007Series B$18M4
Netlog 4/2007Series A€5M1
Artimi 3/2007Series B$31.5M6
Fon 3/2007Series B€10M3
TrialPay 2/2007Series A$3.1M8
Dimdim 2/2007Series A$2.4M2
Betfair 1/2007Venture Round3
The Climate Corporation 1/2007Angel$4.3M6
Frengo 12/2006Series A$2.3M2
SourceLabs 10/2006Venture Round$7M3
Spot Runner 10/2006Series B$40M10
Rebtel 9/2006Series A$20M3
Worklight 9/2006Series A$5.1M3
Zend Technologies 8/2006Series D$20M7
B-hive Networks 8/2006Series A$7M2
Netvibes 8/2006Series A$15M2
Viagogo 8/2006Series B$20M2
Pentaho 7/2006Series B$24M2
GlycoVaxyn 7/2006Venture Round$817k2
Stardoll 6/2006Series B$6M2
Last.fm 5/2006Series A$5M1
MOO.COM 4/2006Series A$5M3
Netvibes 3/2006Seed$1M5
AllPeers 3/2006Series A2
BeamExpress 2/2006Venture Round$16.7M2
Fon 2/2006Series A€18M4
Stardoll 2/2006Series A$4M1
Photoways 1/2006Venture Round$7M2
Spot Runner 1/2006Series A$10M3
Pentaho 12/2005Series A$13M2
Certess 10/2005Series B$2.94M1
Telegent Systems 10/2005Series B$15M2
SpinX Technologies 9/2005Series B€10M5
OANDA 9/2005Series A$17M1
King.com 9/2005Series A$43M2
PhotoBox 7/2005Series A2
Innovative Silicon 6/2005Series B$16M4
Qt Software 5/2005Series B$6.7M3
BeamExpress 4/2005Series C$14.2M3
SecureWave 2/2005Series B$3.9M2
Zend Technologies 7/2004Series C$8M4
Mobissimo 4/2004Seed$1M3
Innovative Silicon 3/2004Series A$6M3
Skype 3/2004Series B$18.8M2
VirtualLogix 1/2004Series A$12M3
MySQL 6/2003Series B$19.5M3
FilesX 4/2003Series A$7.5M1
LOVEFiLM 1/2003Series A2



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  97. MyHeritage Raises $25 Million, Aquires Geni (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  98. Datadog Announces $6.2M Investment from Index Ventures and RTP Ventures (finance.yahoo.com) [edit]
  99. Social Analytics Heats Up: Socialbakers Raises $6M From Index And Earlybird To Expand Its Big Brand-Focused Monitoring Service (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  100. OurCrowd Source [edit]
  101. Open Source Business Intelligence Company Pentaho Lands $23 Million Series C (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  102. PeoplePerHour Secures $3.2M From Index Ventures, New Hires, New iOS App (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  103. Luxury Travel Online Members’ Club, Secret Escapes, Raises £8 Million Led By Index Ventures; Plans For U.S. Launch (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  104. Vacation Rental Startup HouseTrip Picks Up $40M Led By Accel In Another Big Round For Collaborative Consumption (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  105. Business Dashboards Get Instant Widgets, And Geckoboard Gets $1.5M From Top Investors (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  106. With $1.3M In Funding, Private Photo-Sharing Service Familiar Replaces Screensavers & Digital Picture Frames (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  107. Confidentiel : Capitaine Train a levé 1,4 million d'euros (journaldunet.com) [edit]
  108. Preparing For An IPO, Online Customer Service Platform Zendesk Raises $60M From Redpoint, Goldman Sachs And Others (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  109. Voiturelib Raises €2M in Series A Financing (finsmes.com) [edit]
  110. Snappli Raises $1 Million To Help You Stay Under Your Mobile Data Limit (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  111. Building a Home Online to Suit Electronic Music (nytimes.com) [edit]
  112. Badass LA Fashion Site Nasty Gal Picks Up A Badass $40M From Index Ventures For World Domination (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  113. Lehigh Technologies Completes $16M in Financing (finsmes.com) [edit]
  114. Pure Storage Receives $40M Cash Infusion to Accelerate Explosive Growth, Initiate European Expansion (finance.yahoo.com) [edit]
  115. TC Disrupt Finalist Tonara Raises $4M Series A Round, Expands Its Interactive Sheet Music Catalog (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  116. Cloud Photos Service Everpix Raises $1 Million From Index Ventures, 500 Startups & Others, Prepares Its Public Debut (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  117. FuzeBox Raises $20M For Online Meetings And Collaboration, Round Led By Index Ventures (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  118. VC Funding: Q3 2012 [edit]
  119. After Printing Over 1M 3D Objects, Shapeways Raises $6.2M Round Led By Lux Capital (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  120. Onefinestay Is Like A Super-Fancy Airbnb, And It Just Raised $12M (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  121. Snapguide Raises $5M From CrunchFund, Atlas And Index To Reinvent ‘How To’ Guides (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  122. Codecademy Plans Global Code-Teaching Expansion With $10M From Branson, Milner, Kleiner, Index, Union Square (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  123. Mobile Payments Startup iZettle Expands Series B Of $31.4 Million, Adds American Express As Newest Investor As It Preps Launch In UK (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  124. The Climate Corporation Raises $50M For Big Data Driven Weather Insurance (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  125. Would-Be ‘Instagram for Publishing’ CheckThis Raises $910K From Lerer Ventures and Others (betabeat.com) [edit]
  126. Redwood Systems Secures $11.75 Million in Series C Funding (redwoodsystems.com) [edit]
  127. Educational App Maker Mindshapes Picks Up $4M Round Led By Index; Adds Big 5 Publishers To Magic Town (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  128. notonthehighstreet.com Raises £10M in Series D Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  129. Etsy Raises $40M To Fuel International Expansion (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  130. Cross-Platform CRM Startup Base Raises $6.8M From Index Ventures, Social+Capital (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  131. Denmark's Egalet Grabs $14.3M, New CEO For Abuse-Resistant Drugs (pevc.dowjones.com) [edit]
  132. Newvem Raises $4M From Greylock, Eric Schmidt To Help AWS Customers Spend Less Money (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  133. Brit Morin Engages $1.25M From Marissa Mayer, Aileen Lee, Founders Fund And More To Launch Her First App, Weduary (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  134. JUST EAT Internal [edit]
  135. TransferWise Raises $1.3M From Index, Others For The Next Disruption In Money Transfer: Crowdsourcing (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  136. Path Announces $30M+ Round Of Funding, Investors Include Sir Richard Branson (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  137. Chartbeat Raises $9.5M, Launches Engagement-Focused Redesign (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  138. Funding Circle, a Kickstarter for SMBs, Picks Up $16M From Index, Union Square Ventures (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  139. Tripbirds Picks Up $740k From Path’s Dave Morin, Others. Now In Public Beta (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  140. Fashion Outpost Nasty Gal Raises $9M From Index Ventures, With $28M In Revenue (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  141. Lean-but-mean StylistPick guns for the competition with new war chest (eu.techcrunch.com) [edit]
  142. TrialPay Raises $40 Million From Visa, Greylock, T.Rowe Price (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  143. Adzuna Raises New Funding To Make Job Ads Fully Social (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  144. Gidsy Raises $1.2M in Seed Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  145. Online Marketplace For Designer Fashion Boutiques FarFetch Raises $18M From Index Ventures (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  146. VC Funding: Q1 2012 [edit]
  147. techcrunch.com [edit]
  148. Outbrain Raises $35M In Series D Funding For Content Discovery Platform (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  149. Evolven Software Raises Additional Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  150. HouseTrip Gets $17m Series B Led By Balderton Capital — Look Out AirBnB (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  151. Citation Needed [add]
  152. 3D Printing Startup Shapeways Raises $5.1 Million, Plans NYC Production Facility (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  153. Subscription Billings Platform Zuora Nabs $36M From Index, Greylock At $300M-Plus Valuation (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  154. ‘Web Clipping 2.0′ Startup Clipboard Backed By Andreessen Horowitz, Index, CrunchFund, Others (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  155. Index And Khosla Lead $11M Round In Kaggle, A Platform For Data Modeling Competitions (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  156. Everything you ever wanted to know about Yahoo’s Hadoop spinoff Hortonworks (gigaom.com) [edit]
  157. Dropbox Raises $250M In Funding, Boasts 45 Million Users (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  158. Europe’s Square iZettle Raises $11 Million For Mobile Payments Technology (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  159. Andreessen Horowitz Leads $40M Round In Smartphone Security Company Lookout (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  160. OZON.ru Completes $100M Funding Round (finsmes.com) [edit]
  161. CipherCloud Raises Venture Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  162. Centrify Secures $16M in Financing to Expand Distribution and Extend Its On-Premise and Cloud Security Offerings (prnewswire.com) [edit]
  163. API market Mashape raises $1.5M seed from mega investors (gigaom.com) [edit]
  164. Go Try It On Raises $3M, Brings Gap And Sephora Personal Stylists To The Masses (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  165. Daily deals giant Groupalia scores $26m in funding, raises 2011 turnover target to $175m (eu.techcrunch.com) [edit]
  166. Acutus Medical Raises $1M in Initial Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  167. ProFibrix, B.V.: Series B $10.6M (onbiovc.com) [edit]
  168. Reality Jockey Spins New Round From Index Ventures (fis.dowjones.com) [edit]
  169. OpenFlow Startup Big Switch Raises $13.75M From Index, Khosla Ventures (techcrunchit.com) [edit]
  170. StorSimple Closes $10.5M Series C Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  171. TechCrunch Disrupt Winner Soluto Raises $10.2 Million In B Round (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  172. Stealthy Startup SnapGuide Closes $2+ Million Round (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  173. EDITD Scores $1.6M To Help Fashion Industry Mine The Social Web And More Big Data (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  174. Funding Circle, the Zopa-for-SMEs, raises £2.5m led by Index Ventures (eu.techcrunch.com) [edit]
  175. Flipboard Raises $50 Million Round At A $200 Million Valuation (allthingsd.com) [edit]
  176. StylistPick Secures $8M In Series A To Expand Its Monthly Fashion Offers (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  177. Group buying site Groupalia raises $15m, expects a turnover of $150m in 2011 (eu.techcrunch.com) [edit]
  178. HouseTrip raises $2.7m from Index Ventures, relaunches today (eu.techcrunch.com) [edit]
  179. Ashton Kutcher and Madonna's manager invest in tiny Berlin startup. What gives? (eu.techcrunch.com) [edit]
  180. techcrunch.com [edit]
  181. East-West Digital News (ewdn.com) [edit]
  182. Onefinestay secures $3.7 million investment, plots boutique city expansion (tnooz.com) [edit]
  183. Stack Overflow, Now Stack Exchange Inc, Raises $12M From Union Square Ventures And Others (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  184. Privalia raises €88 million, buys German online fashion retailer Dress for Less (eu.techcrunch.com) [edit]
  185. WeatherBill Brings in $42M From Google, Khosla (gigaom.com) [edit]
  186. Exclusive: Grey Area Raises $2.5 Million To Turn Your City Into A Game (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  187. Versartis Completes $21 Million Series B Financing (versartis.com) [edit]
  188. Diartis Pharmaceuticals Receives Initial Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  189. Bill Gross's UberMedia Raises $17.5 Million From Accel, Index and Steve Case (kara.allthingsd.com) [edit]
  190. SEC (sec.gov) [edit]
  191. Lightbox wants to be Android's new camera app, raises $1.1 million from Valley players (eu.techcrunch.com) [edit]
  192. Mind-NRG, SA: Series A $2M (onbiovc.com) [edit]
  193. techcrunch.com [edit]
  194. techcrunch.com [edit]
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  199. Lookout Mobile Security Raises $19.5M in Series C Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  200. The Gifts Project Ties A Bow On a $1 Million Round For Social Group Gifting (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  201. Dow Jones VentureWire (fis.dowjones.com) [edit]
  202. Sequenta Pockets $13M To Diagnose, Monitor Immune Systems Going Awry (xconomy.com) [edit]
  203. Citation Needed [add]
  204. Gluster Completes $8.5M Series B Round, Led by Index Ventures (gluster.com) [edit]
  205. Go Try It On Raises Funding From Index Ventures; Launches iPhone App (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  206. techcrunch.com [edit]
  207. Mind-NRG Secures Funding from Index Ventures (finsmes.com) [edit]
  208. Redwood Systems Secures $15M in Series B Financing (finsmes.com) [edit]
  209. Citation Needed [add]
  210. AlertMe raises £15 million and announces British Gas as strategic investor and commercial partner (alertme.com) [edit]
  211. Spanish Private Online Sales Company Privalia Raises EUR70 Million ($95 Million) (prnewswire.com) [edit]
  212. Shapeways lands $5 million for 3D printing (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  213. RightScale Closes $25M Third Venture Financing Round (finsmes.com) [edit]
  214. StorSimple raises $13M in 2nd round (bizjournals.com) [edit]
  215. TechCrunch (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  216. TechCrunch (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  217. Notonthehighstreet.com lands $11.9M to support small businesses (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  218. Meet Flipboard: Mike McCue Talks About Stealth "Social Magazine" Start-Up That Just Nabbed $10.5 Million in Funding (allthingsd.com) [edit]
  219. Squarespace Raises $38.5 Million From Accel, Index Ventures (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  220. Citation Needed [add]
  221. GroupSpaces secures $1.3 million and brings Valley players on board (eu.techcrunch.com) [edit]
  222. Natural Gear's Abe's Market Seed Funded (thealarmclock.com) [edit]
  223. Yahoo vets raise $5M for stealthy Foodily from Index (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  224. Funxional Therapeutics, Ltd.: Series B $12.2M (onbiovc.com) [edit]
  225. Zend Technologies Receives $9 Million In Funding Led By Greylock Following Record Sales in 2009 (zend.com) [edit]
  226. techcrunch.com [edit]
  227. techcrunch.com [edit]
  228. Keynoir launches, gets funding and completes takeover all in one week (bootlaw.com) [edit]
  229. Erply: The Next Skype of Business Software? (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  230. techcrunch.com [edit]
  231. Index Ventures invests in PeoplePerHour (eu.techcrunch.com) [edit]
  232. Mimecast secures £13 million in Series B funding from leading investors (mimecast.com) [edit]
  233. Cloud.com Launches, Extends Leadership Team and Announces New Funding (vmblog.com) [edit]
  234. Swiss Protein Therapy Co. Molecular Partners Pulls In $44M Series B (fis.dowjones.com) [edit]
  235. Yahoo Finance (finance.yahoo.com) [edit]
  236. Index Ventures Joins Kleiner Perkins and Charles River in RPX Series B [edit]
  237. JUST EAT Internal [edit]
  238. BOKU Receives $13M Funding From Benchmark Capital, Index Ventures and Khosla Ventures (boku.com) [edit]
  239. AlertMe takes in $13M for online energy management (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  240. Start-up Versartis snags $11M for upcoming trials (fiercebiotech.com) [edit]
  241. StorSimple Receives $8,000,000 Series A Funding Round (xconomy.com) [edit]
  242. OpenX Keeps On Growing, Raises $10 Million More (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  243. Glasses Direct Raises £10 Million of Financing (hcp.com) [edit]
  244. Imbera Secures USD $15 Million in Series B Funding from NorthZone, Index and Conor (imbera.fi) [edit]
  245. GlycoVaxyn AG Raises CHF 25 Million in Financing Led by Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners (bio-medicine.org) [edit]
  246. Viagogo Raises $15 million Round And Signs Tennis Stars To Battle Seatwave (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  247. Songkick chief confirms Series A round, plans future fundraising (thedeal.com) [edit]
  248. Expanding RightScale with $13M new funding (blog.rightscale.com) [edit]
  249. Algorithmic Dating Site Be2 Raises €15m From Index (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  250. Facebook Game Developer Playfish Closes $17M Series B Round (alleyinsider.com) [edit]
  251. OpTier Raises $63M in Fourth Round of Funding (optier.com) [edit]
  252. Family Tree Wars Continue: MyHeritage Raises Big Round, Shows Impressive Growth (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  253. TechCrunch [edit]
  254. TechCrunch (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  255. UK Online Jeweler AstleyClarke.com Raises £2.75M From Index Ventures (thealarmclock.com) [edit]
  257. WooMe Secures $12.5 Million Series B Investment Led by Index Ventures (newsblaze.com) [edit]
  258. company email (direct) [edit]
  259. DVD Jon’s Startup Launches with Index Funding (gigaom.com) [edit]
  260. Press Release (myworklight.com) [edit]
  261. http://pantherexpress.net/news/8/ [edit]
  262. Adconion Media Group Raises Record $80M Venture Round - Reuters (reuters.com) [edit]
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  265. thealarmclock.com [edit]
  266. Citation Needed [add]
  267. EDGAR [edit]
  268. techcrunch.com [edit]
  269. Oanda gets $100M for online currency trading for masses (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  270. MOLECULAR PARTNERS SECURES $15.56 million IN SERIES A FINANCING (molecularpartners.com) [edit]
  272. techcrunch.com [edit]
  273. Photoways Raises €10 Million to Accelerate Growth (harborvest.com) [edit]
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  276. techcrunch.com [edit]
  277. Joost Announces $45 million Funding (lksf.org) [edit]
  278. VentureBeat (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  279. $18 Million Investment to OZON.ru Led by Index Ventures (indexventures.com) [edit]
  280. Facebox rebrands as Netlog, wins funding (tbites.com) [edit]
  281. Artimi Completes $31.5 Million Round With Additional Investment From Khosla Ventures (marketwire.com) [edit]
  282. Founder's Blog (english.martinvarsavsky.net) [edit]
  283. TrialPay Backed By Investors of Skype, Google, and Akamai For Payment Platform (thealarmclock.com) [edit]
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  288. EMC Acquires SourceLabs, And With It Open Source Documentation Project SWiK (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  289. spotrunner.com [edit]
  290. startupsquad.com [edit]
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  292. Zend Technologies Receives $20 Million in Series D Funding; Additional Funding to be Used to Further Strengthen Open Source Software Development and Infrastructure Company's Leadership in the PHP Market (findarticles.com) [edit]
  293. San Carlos' B-Hive raises $7M (sanjose.bizjournals.com) [edit]
  294. Netvibes secures a $15 million investment (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  295. freddestin.com [edit]
  296. pentaho.com [edit]
  297. EDGAR [edit]
  298. Stardoll.com: From Little Things Big Things Grow (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  299. Last.fm Secures Series A Funding From Index Ventures (prnewswire.co.uk) [edit]
  300. TechCrunch (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  301. Netvibes to Announce Seed Financing Today (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  302. AllPeers Nails Series A Funding (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  303. EDGAR [edit]
  304. LightReading (lightreading.com) [edit]
  305. Stardoll.com: From Little Things Big Things Grow (techcrunch.com) [edit]
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  310. EDGAR [edit]
  311. SpinX Technologies secures € 10 million in Series B financing from top European and American life science and technology investors (spinx-technologies.com) [edit]
  312. NEA & Friends Cough Up $100M For Forex's Oanda (thealarmclock.com) [edit]
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  314. translate.google.com [edit]
  315. Innovative Silicon Secures $16M in Series B Funding (findarticles.com) [edit]
  316. Trolltech Secures $6.7 Million in Series B Investment Led by Index Ventures; Index's Neil Rimer Joins Trolltech's Board of Directors (findarticles.com) [edit]
  317. Beam Express closes $14.2M 3rd Funding Round (beamexpress.com) [edit]
  318. SecureWave Raises EUR 3M in Series B Financing Round (lumension.com) [edit]
  319. PHP Leader Enters U.S. Market; Zend Technologies Raises $8M Series C Funding, Establishes U.S. Headquarters. (thefreelibrary.com) [edit]
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  321. Jones Day - Experience - Auriga Partners invest in Innovative Silicon (jonesday.com) [edit]
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