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General Information
Phone425 709 0772


Ignition Growth Capital Fund, 10/2007 $275M
Ignition Ventures IV, 10/2007 $400M
Ignition Venture Partners V, 4/2013 $150M


350 106th Ave NE
1st Floor
Bellevue, WA, 98004
Palo Alto, USA
421 Kipling St
Palo Alto, CA, 94301


Managing Partner
Managing Partner
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Ignition Partners

Ignition is a venture capital firm dedicated to helping the best entrepreneurs seize opportunity. With over $2B under management, Ignition invests in emerging and future leaders in communications, internet, software, and services across business and consumer targets.

Ignition brings together an unparalleled combination of domain focus, technical expertise, and global operational experience. Ignition’s partners are proven business leaders who have built some of the world’s most successful businesses of the last two decades, including Microsoft Windows and Office, McCaw Cellular Communications, AT&T Wireless and Starbucks.

Ignition helps entrepreneurs by turning their early idea into a business, to hiring the right team, providing the right industry and functional insight and connections, to growing the business strategically, globally, financially, to realizing the best ultimate outcome, Ignition is ready to go the distance.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Avvo 4/2014Series D$37.5M4
Tipbit 3/2014Series A$4M1
DocuSign 3/2014Private Equity$85M11
Skytap 2/2014Series C$6.45M5
Chef 12/2013Series D$32M6
PaxVax 12/2013Series B$22M3
Apprenda 11/2013Series C$16M3
Coho Data 11/2013Series B$25M2
Bromium 10/2013Series C$40M5
BlueData Software 9/2013Series B$15M5
StrongLoop 9/2013Series A$8M2
Vastrm 8/2013Seed$1M7
Couchbase 8/2013Series D$25M5
Swiftype 8/2013Seed$1.7M15
Xamarin 7/2013Series B$16M4
Mattermark 7/2013Seed$400k13
TellWise 6/2013Series A$3M2
Keas 6/2013Series B$8M2
Tipbit 5/2013Debt$1.95M2
Motif Investing 4/2013Series C$25M4
Amiato 3/2013Seed$2M4
Hangtime 3/2013Venture Round$3.5M13
WhipTail 12/2012Series C$31M4
Cloudera 12/2012Series E$65M5
Continuuity 11/2012Series A$10M4
Xeround 10/2012Series D$4M3
Referly 10/2012Seed$1M11
Message Bus 10/2012Series B$11M6
Topsy Labs 10/2012Venture Round$5.3M2
Message Bus 10/2012Venture Round$950k1
SnapLogic 9/2012Series C$20M3
OrderAhead 8/2012Seed$2.5M8
Xamarin 7/2012Series A$12M3
Bromium 6/2012Series B$26.5M4
Hipmunk 6/2012Series B$15M4
Prosodic 5/2012Seed$1.4M3
WePay 5/2012Series B$10M4
Moz 5/2012Series B$18M2
Bromium 4/2012Venture Round$100k4
Chef 3/2012Series C$19.5M4
Spoken Communications 2/2012Series B$11.5M1
Continuuity 1/2012Seed$2.5M3
Symplified 1/2012Series C$20M1
WhipTail 1/2012Series B3
Flotype 1/2012Seed$1.4M9
Keas 12/2011Series A$6.5M3
Xeround 12/2011Series C$9.3M4 12/2011Seed$1.62M9
Graffiti 12/2011Seed$1.6M6
ServiceMesh 11/2011Venture Round$15M2
MinoMonsters 11/2011Seed$1M9
Parse 11/2011Series A$5.5M2
Cloudera 11/2011Series D$40M5
BlueStacks 10/2011Series B$6.4M5
Zenprise 10/2011Series E$30M6
Visible Technologies 9/2011Venture Round$4M2
Mashape 8/2011Seed$1.5M13
Couchbase 8/2011Series C$14M4
AppFog 8/2011Series B$8M4
Apprenda 8/2011Series B$10M3
Motif Investing 7/2011Series B$20M3
Swype 7/2011Series C$2.5M5
Connected 6/2011Angel$500k6
StorSimple 6/2011Series C$10.5M4
Glympse 6/2011Series B$7.5M3
Bromium 6/2011Series A$9.2M3
ScaleXtreme 6/2011Series B$11M2
BlueStacks 5/2011Series A$10.6M5
Inporia 5/2011Seed$1.25M10
Zencoder 4/2011Series A$2M14
Chirply 4/2011Seed$1.1M18
Visible Technologies 3/2011Series C$6M5
Swype 3/2011Series C$3.5M1
Topsy Labs 3/2011Series C$15M5
Tier 3 3/2011Series A$8.5M2
DailyBooth 3/2011Series A$6M2 2/2011Series A$4.5M3
Korrio 1/2011Series A$3.3M1
Hipmunk 1/2011Series A$4.2M6
AppFog 1/2011Series A$1.8M5
Skytap 12/2010Series C$10M4
DocuSign 12/2010Venture Round$27M5
StorSimple 9/2010Series B$13M4
eHi Car Rental 8/2010Series C$70M5
2Duche 8/2010Venture Round3
Zenprise 6/2010Venture Round$9M5
Heroku 5/2010Series B$10M4
Bonanza 4/2010Venture Round$1M5
VM6 Software 4/2010Series A$4M2
Avvo 3/2010Series C$10M3
Visible Technologies 1/2010Series C$22M5
Appature 12/2009Series A$3.5M3
ChinaCache 12/2009Series D6
fotopedia 12/2009Series A$1.1M7
PaxVax 11/2009Venture Round$2M1
Onehub 10/2009Series A$1.3M1
Modiv Media 8/2009Series B$1.52M2
Keas 6/2009Series A$11M2
Visible Technologies 5/2009Series C$6M2
DocuSign 5/2009Series D$5M4
Likewise Software 4/2009Series C$10M3
Skytap 3/2009Series B$7M3
Enclarity 3/2009Series C$5.5M2
Zenprise 3/2009Venture Round$10M4
Kickball Labs 3/2009Series A$2M2
eHi Car Rental 1/2009Private Equity$95M3
Topsy Labs 12/2008Series B$11M4
FiREapps 11/2008Series B$8.75M2
ChinaCache 9/2008Series C6
RadioFrame 8/2008Series B$28M7
InstallFree 8/2008Series B$8.5M2
Xeround 7/2008Series B$16M4
AdXpose 6/2008Series B$10M2
Oriental Cambridge Education Group 5/2008Venture Round$1M2
Jobster 4/2008Series D$7M4
eHi Car Rental 3/2008Series A$5M2 2/2008Series B$27M2
AdmitOne Security 1/2008Series C$11M4
Lala 1/2008Series C$20M3
Earth Class Mail 1/2008Series A$5.9M2
Fat Spaniel Technologies 1/2008Series B$18M5
Entellium 1/2008Venture Round$50M2
Airbiquity 1/2008Series F$25M4
Modiv Media 12/2007Series A$8M3
Azaleos 11/2007Series C$10M2
Blowtorch 11/2007Series A$50M1
mFoundry 10/2007Series C$15M6
Melodeo 10/2007Venture Round$7.9M2
DocuSign 9/2007Series C$12.4M4
Visible Technologies 9/2007Series B$12M2
Splunk 9/2007Series C$25M4
Earth Class Mail 9/2007Series A$7.4M3
Moz 9/2007Series A$1.25M2
Skytap 8/2007Series A$6M4
Avvo 4/2007Series B$10M2
ChinaCache 4/2007Series B7
AdXpose 2/2007Series A$9.8M1
Yeelion 1/2007Venture Round$5.5M2
Lala 1/2007Series B$5.7M2
SEVEN Networks 12/2006Venture Round$42M5
Talyst 11/2006Venture Round$20M2
SourceLabs 10/2006Venture Round$7M3
Twisted Pair Solutions 9/2006Series A$9M3
Full Capture Solutions 9/2006Series B$7M2
Jobster 7/2006Series C$18M4
SEVEN Networks 5/2006Series D$20M5
DocuSign 4/2006Series B$10M3
Centeris Corporation 3/2006Series B$11.5M3
mFoundry 3/2006Series B$7.3M3
Vayusa 3/2006Series A$10M3
Lala 2/2006Venture Round$9.05M2
RadioFrame 1/2006Series E$40M4
Pure Networks 1/2006Series B$12.5M3
AdmitOne Security 11/2005Series B$8M2
Centeris Corporation 10/2005Series A$5M1
Teranode 9/2005Series B$9.5M4
Yeelion 8/2005Series A$800k1
Jobster 8/2005Series B$19.5M3
Klir Technologies 6/2005Series A$8.7M2
RLX Technologies 3/2005Series A$9.1M4
Lockdown Networks 2/2005Series B$5.5M2
Lala 1/2005Series A$9.4M2
Jobster 1/2005Series A$8M2
Judys Book 7/2004Series A$2.5M2
Cloudmark 7/2003Venture Round$4.5M1



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  64. Former Microsoft Exec Raises $20 Million For Motif, An Investment Vehicle For Ideas ( [edit]
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  66. Connected Raises $500K For Contact Management Application ( [edit]
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  143. Industry Veteran Joins as CEO; $42M in Expansion Capital ( [edit]
  144. Talyst gets investment of $20 million in drug system ( [edit]
  145. EMC Acquires SourceLabs, And With It Open Source Documentation Project SWiK ( [edit]
  146. Twisted Pair Solutions Secures $9 Million Series A Funding from Ignition Partners, Core Capital Partners, Chart Venture Partners ( [edit]
  147. Full Capture Solutions, Inc. Secures $7 Million in Series B Funding; Rapid Product and Market Expansion Slated to Commence. ( [edit]
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