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2007 "Consumer" Fund, 7/2007 $300M
Highland Capital Partners VIII Limited Partnership, 11/2009 $400M
Leap Fund, 6/2013 $25M
Highland's IX fund, 10/2013 $400M


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General Partner - Highland Consumer Fund
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Highland Capital Partners

Founded in 1988, Highland Capital Partners is a global venture capital firm focused on putting the entrepreneur first.

With offices in Silicon Valley, Boston and Shanghai, Highland has raised over $3 billion in committed capital and invested in more than 225 companies, resulting in category-defining businesses across consumer and enterprise technology.

Investments include 2U, Ask Jeeves, Bromium, Calxeda, Leap Motion, LevelUp, Lycos, MapQuest, Nebula, QD Vision, Qihoo 360, Quattro Wireless, RentJuice, Rent the Runway, Starent Networks, Sybase, Violin Memory, VistaPrint and WePay.

Highland also serves as a mentor for future entrepreneurs through Summer@Highland, a program that provides students and university-affiliated startups with the environment and resources to take their initiative to the next level.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Auris Surgical Robotics 3/2014Venture Round$34.4M4
HourlyNerd 3/2014Series A$4M2
Outfittery 2/2014Venture Round€13M6
Bit9 2/2014Series E$38.3M6
Advanced Manufacturing Control Systems 1/2014Venture Round€23.5M1
Harry's 1/2014Venture Round$123M6
ALOHA 1/2014Seed$4.5M7
ClearSky Technologies 1/2014Venture Round$12M2
Oyster 1/2014Series A$14M6
Aereo 1/2014Series C$34M5
RethinkDB 12/2013Series A$8M2
MyOptique Group 12/2013Venture Round£8M3
Infinio 12/2013Series B$12M4
Etaoshi 11/2013Series A$10M1
Beyond the Rack 11/2013Series C$25M7
SmartThings 11/2013Series A$12.5M3
Rethink Robotics 11/2013Series D$11.5M6
Insignia Technologies 10/2013Seed£865k4
Bromium 10/2013Series C$40M5
Handybook 10/2013Series A$10M4
2U 10/2013Series D$5.1M3
NewVoiceMedia 9/2013Series C$35M4
TalentSoft 9/2013Private Equity€15M2
Fleksy 8/2013Series A$3M3
BlueTarp Financial 7/2013Private Equity$15M5
Cloudtop 6/2013Seed$1.8M10
Ink 6/2013Seed$1.8M3
Disconnect 6/2013Series A$3.5M4
Dailybreak Media 6/2013Series A$2M3
Aviate 5/2013Venture Round$1.8M6
QD Vision 3/2013Series E$20M7
Indochino 3/2013Series B$13M3
Rent the Runway 3/2013Series C$24.4M6
BAROnova 2/2013Series C$27.3M6
Infinio 2/2013Series A$10M2
Entourage Medical Technologies 2/2013Venture Round$3.25M2
NewVoiceMedia 1/2013Series B$20M4
vArmour Networks 1/2013Series A$6M1
Aereo 1/2013Series B$38M3
GetYourGuide 1/2013Series A$14M3
Leap Motion 1/2013Series B$30M2
Kyruus 1/2013Series B$11M4
Qumulo 11/2012Series A$24.5M4
Spartoo 10/2012Series C€25M5
CrowdSource 10/2012Venture Round$12.5M1
Handybook 10/2012Series A$2M3
Calxeda 10/2012Series C$55M6
thredUP 10/2012Series C$14.5M3
CENX 9/2012Venture Round3
Nebula 9/2012Series B$25M8
Predilytics 9/2012Series A$6M3
Bit9 7/2012Series D$34.5M5
Dailybreak Media 7/2012Series A$5M3
Bromium 6/2012Series B$26.5M4
Rethink Robotics 6/2012Series C$30M5
Anchovi Labs 6/2012Seed$15k1
SCVNGR 6/2012Series D$12M4
Gemvara 6/2012Series D$25M4
Melon #usemelon 6/2012Grant$15k1
BetterFit Technologies 6/2012Seed$15k1
Leap Motion 5/2012Series A$12.8M1
WePay 5/2012Series B$10M4
DAVIDsTEA 4/2012Venture RoundC$14M1
2U 4/2012Series D$26M7
Bromium 4/2012Venture Round$100k4
Violin Memory 3/2012Series D$50M4
Disconnect 3/2012Seed$600k8
OpGen 3/2012Series C$17M6
Game Closure 2/2012Series A$12M4
Aereo 2/2012Series A$20.5M5
SET 1/2012Venture Round$5M2
VIVA 2012Series B$10M3
6Rooms 1/2012Series C$11.5M1
Trupanion 12/2011Venture Round$9M2
VMTurbo 11/2011Series B$10M2
Impermium 11/2011Series A$8M5
Beyond the Rack 11/2011Series B$36.6M7
DFine 11/2011Venture Round$25M5
GoodRx 11/2011Seed$1.5M7
Iddiction 11/2011Seed$3.5M7
OpenSky 10/2011Series C$30M4
BetterLesson 9/2011Series A$1.6M6
RethinkDB 9/2011Series A$3M9
Zoove 8/2011Series D$15M4
Kyruus 6/2011Series A$5.5M7
Yipit 6/2011Series B$6M4
Wooga 5/2011Series B$24M4
QD Vision 5/2011Series D$22M7
VYou 5/2011Series A$3M5
SessionM 5/2011Series A$6.5M2
Lemonwise 5/2011Seed$15k1
PerkStreet Financial 5/2011Series B$9M2
Dailybreak Media 4/2011Venture Round$3.1M2
Aereo 4/2011Seed$4.5M5
Tuniu 4/2011Series C$50M4
Movik Networks 3/2011Series C$25M3
SET 3/2011Series B$5M2
2U 3/2011Series C$32.5M6
Privalia 3/2011Private Equity$123M4
RentJuice 1/2011Venture Round$6.37M2
SmallRivers 1/2011Series A$2.1M3
SCVNGR 1/2011Venture Round$15M3
Movik Networks 12/2010Debt$3M3
Rethink Robotics 11/2010Series B$20M4
Pixable 11/2010Series A$2.5M1
iPierian 11/2010Series B$29M8
OpGen 9/2010Series B$17M5
Complete Genomics 8/2010Series E$39M7
Smooth-Stone 8/2010Venture Round$48M5
WePay 8/2010Series B$7.5M2
BARRX Medical 7/2010Series D$15M6
Beyond the Rack 7/2010Series A$12M2
Tatara Systems 6/2010Venture Round$7M2
Predictive Biosciences 6/2010Series C$25M5
picoChip 6/2010Venture Round$20M7
Metacafe 6/2010Debt$5M4
OpenSky 4/2010Series B$6.05M2
Gemvara 4/2010Series B$5.2M2 4/2010Series B$5.2M2 4/2010Series C$21M3
RethinkDB 4/2010Seed$1.2M11
Autoquake 3/2010Venture Round£6M3
Autoquake 3/2010Venture Round£6M2
Rent the Runway 2/2010Series A$15M2
2U 2/2010Series B$20M4
Gigamon 2/2010Series A$22.8M1
Spartoo 1/2010Series B€12M4
SCVNGR 1/2010Series B$4M2
Syntropharma 12/2009Venture Round$640k3
QD Vision 12/2009Series C$10M2
ExaGrid Systems 12/2009Series A$16M4
Movik Networks 11/2009Series B$8.5M2
picoChip 11/2009Series E$20M8
INXPO 9/2009Series A$9M1
Zoove 9/2009Series C$13M3
Pervasis Therapeutics 8/2009Series C$17.4M3
Complete Genomics 8/2009Series D$45M6
Biosyntech 8/2009Venture Round$1.4M4
Beijing NetentSec 8/2009Series B$3M2
SCVNGR 8/2009Series A$750k1
FanSnap 8/2009Series B$5.2M3
iPierian 7/2009Venture Round$11.5M3
Hyperion Therapeutics 6/2009Series C$60M3
Hangout Industries 5/2009Series B$4M2
OpenSky 5/2009Series A$5M3
StyleFeeder 5/2009Venture Round$500k1
Glasses Direct 4/2009Series B£10M3
iZumi Bio 4/2009Series A$20M2
Autoquake 4/2009Series C£4M1
RedBrick Health 4/2009Series C$15M4
Quattro Wireless 3/2009Series C$10M2
Ocarina Networks 2/2009Series B$20M3
Virtual Computer 1/2009Series B$15M3
VIVA 1/2009Series A$10M2
StreamBase Systems 1/2009Series D$6M5
PerkStreet Financial 1/2009Series A$6M1
ExaGrid Systems 12/2008Series D$12M3
Cash4Gold 12/2008Series A$15M2
BAROnova 10/2008Series B$7.5M4
Digg 9/2008Series C$28.7M4 7/2008Series A$5.8M2
Bullhorn 5/2008Series D$26M5
Autoquake 5/2008Series B$11.9M2
CHiL Semiconductor 5/2008Series C$16.7M4
QD Vision 4/2008Series B$9M3
Turbine 4/2008Series C$40M5
Imprivata 4/2008Series C$15M4
Autoquake 4/2008Series B£6M1
Pharmaca 3/2008Private Equity$20M2
CafeMom 3/2008Series B$12M2
Movik Networks 2/2008Series A$7.5M2
Pervasis Therapeutics 1/2008Venture Round$9.75M4
StyleFeeder 1/2008Series A$2M2
Virtual Computer 12/2007Series A$6M2
ExaGrid Systems 11/2007Series C$20M3
Virtual Iron Software 11/2007Series D$13M6
Bit9 10/2007Series C$10M4
Casero 10/2007Series B$5.8M3
OpGen 9/2007Series A$23.6M4
Hyperion Therapeutics 9/2007Series B$40M4
Quattro Wireless 9/2007Series B$12.3M2
StyleFeeder 9/2007Seed$1M2
CafeMom 8/2007Series A$5M2
Metacafe 8/2007Series C$30M4
StreamBase Systems 7/2007Series C$15M4
Desktone 7/2007Series A$17M3
Photoways 7/2007Venture Round€10M3
moka5 7/2007Series B$15M2
PhotoBox 7/2007Series B$5M3
Going 7/2007Series A$5M2
picoChip 6/2007Series D$27M8
Tatara Systems 6/2007Series D$8M2
Quigo 6/2007Venture Round$30M6
Quattro Wireless 5/2007Series A$6M1
CCTV Wireless 4/2007Series A$66.2M4
Amp'd Mobile 3/2007Series E$107M11
UUSEE 3/2007Venture Round$23.5M6
Hangout Industries 3/2007Series A$6M2
UUSEE 3/2007Series B$23.5M4
Vertica Systems 2/2007Series B$16.5M4
BlueTarp Financial 1/2007Series B$18.5M4 1/2007Series B$15M2
Codon Devices 12/2006Series B$20M5
Syntropharma 11/2006Series A£1M3
Solstice Neurosciences 11/2006Series B$85M5
Qihoo 360 Technology 11/2006Series B$25M6
Top10 Media 10/2006Venture Round$3.5M2
CHiL Semiconductor 8/2006Series B$5M2
Mangrove Systems 8/2006Series C$13M3
Radiospire Networks 6/2006Venture Round$9M3
Bit9 6/2006Series B$9.8M3
ANDA Networks 6/2006Venture Round$10.5M3
Amp'd Mobile 4/2006Series C$150M12
PA Semi 4/2006Series C$50M3
Coremetrics 3/2006Series D$31M3
Imprivata 2/2006Series B$8.91M3
Vertica Systems 1/2006Series A$7M2
Vibe Solutions Group 1/2006Venture Round$4.8M2
BAROnova 1/2006Series A$6.5M3
Photoways 1/2006Venture Round$7M2
Virtual Iron Software 9/2005Series C$11.5M6
Bit9 9/2005Series A$6M2
Pervasis Therapeutics 8/2005Series B$17.4M3
Amp'd Mobile 8/2005Series A$67M4
QD Vision 8/2005Series A$6M3
PhotoBox 7/2005Series A2
Innovative Silicon 6/2005Series B$16M4
Tatara Systems 6/2005Series C$6M2
Turbine 5/2005Series B$30M4
Simpler Networks 4/2005Venture Round$34M5
Vertica Systems 4/2005Venture Round$7M2
ExaGrid Systems 3/2005Series B$13.5M2
SmartLink Radio Networks 1/2005Series B$15M3
StreamBase Systems 1/2005Series B$11M3
Casero 12/2004Series A$7.5M2
Quigo 3/2004Series A$5M1
Innovative Silicon 3/2004Series A$6M3
Tatara Systems 1/2004Series B$8M2
Gotuit 12/2002Series A$6M1
Navic Networks 2/2001Series C$20M4
Navic Networks 6/2000Series B$20M3
Answers Corporation 5/2000Series D$28M3 3/1999Series A$25M2



Highland Capital - AlwaysOn Conference, VatortV

Added: 6/1/09


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  10. Limerick developer of software for waste raises €23.5 million in financing round ( [edit]
  11. 10-Month-Old Harry’s Lands $122.5M, Buys 93-Year-Old Factory To Go Toe-To-Toe With Gillette And Schick ( [edit]
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  18. Infinio Systems Closes $12M Series B Financing ( [edit]
  19. Online Food Ordering Service Etaoshi Secured Nearly $10 Million in Series A Led by Highland Capital ( [edit]
  20. Beyond the Rack Closes $25M Funding ( [edit]
  21. SmartThings Raises $12.5 Million From Greylock And Highland To Power The Internet Of Things ( [edit]
  22. Rethink Robotics raises $11.5M led by Two Sigma Ventures ( [edit]
  23. Insignia secures £865,000 food labels investment ( [edit]
  24. Bromium Raises $40M For Security Technology That Traps Malware And Limits Attacks ( [edit]
  25. Handybook Hoovers Up $10M To Bring Its On-Demand Cleaning And Household Services To 5 New Cities ( [edit]
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  32. YC-Backed Rebrands As Ink, Raises $1.8M From Andreessen Horowitz, Highland Capital & Others ( [edit]
  33. Disconnect, An Ex-Googler’s Social Enterprise/Privacy Startup, Raises $3.5M, Extends To More Browsers ( [edit]
  34. Dailybreak adds $2M for engagement marketing expansion ( [edit]
  35. Highland Capital, Andreessen Horowitz & Others Put $1.8M Into Aviate, An Intelligent Homescreen For Android ( [edit]
  36. QD Vision Secures $20 Million to Ramp Production of Color IQ™ Optical Components ( [edit]
  37. Indochino Raises $13.5M Series B Led By Highland Consumer Fund, Launches New Line ( [edit]
  38. Rent the Runway Adds Investors to Bring Series C to $24.4M ( [edit]
  39. BAROnova® Secures $27.3M Investment To Fund Clinical Trial For Weight-loss Device ( [edit]
  40. Virtual Storage Performance Company Infinio Raises $10M From Highland Capital And Bessemer Venture Partners ( [edit]
  41. Stealthy Entourage Medical raises $3.25M ( [edit]
  42. NewVoiceMedia Takes $20M Led By Highland Capital, MMC To Build Contact Centers In The Clouds ( [edit]
  43. vArmour Networks Raises $6M in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  44. Aereo Raises $38 Million Series B, Plans To Bring Its Streaming TV Service To 22 New Markets ( [edit]
  45. Online Holiday Events Booking Platform GetYourGuide Raises $14M Series A To Internationalize Content, Zero In On Mobile ( [edit]
  46. Leap Motion Raises $30M More For Its Gesture-Based Controller, Announces Bundling Deal With Asus ( [edit]
  47. Kyruus Raises $11M Series B to Accelerate the Rapid Growth of its Physician Network Management Solutions ( [edit]
  48. Qumulo raises $24.5 million ( [edit]
  49. Online Shoe Retailer Spartoo Marches On With €25 Million Series C, Led By Sofina, To Bolster European Growth ( [edit]
  50. Crowdsource nabs $12.5M to bring scalable labor to the enterprise ( [edit]
  51. Handybook Secures $2M From Highland Capital Partners And General Catalyst For Its ‘Uber For The Home’ ( [edit]
  52. Calxeda Raises $55 Million For ARM-Based, Low-Powered Server Chips ( [edit]
  53. Kids’ Clothing Service thredUP Raises $14.5M Series C, Plans Expansion Into Teen & Adult Apparel ( [edit]
  54. CENX Receives Equity Investment from Ericsson ( [edit]
  55. Nebula Raises $25M From Comcast, Kleiner Perkins To Help Companies Deploy On-Premise, Private Clouds ( [edit]
  56. Predilytics Raises $6 Million to Pursue Healthcare Analytics ( [edit]
  57. Cybersecurity: Bit9 Gets $34.5M From Sequoia, Others For Its Whitelist Approach To Fighting Attacks ( [edit]
  58. CampusLive Rebrands as Dailybreak, With $5 Million In New Funding And A New CEO ( [edit]
  59. Bromium Raises $26.5M For Security Through Micro-Virtualization ( [edit]
  60. Heartland Robotics changes name, lands $30M ( [edit]
  61. Summer@Highland Accepts Latest Batch Of Student Startups ( [edit]
  62. LevelUp Grabs $12M From Highland, Google Ventures To Take Its Mobile Payment Solution National ( [edit]
  63. Custom Jewelry Startup Gemvara Raises $25M In Oversubscribed Series D Round ( [edit]
  64. Neurofeedback startup Axio shacks up with IDEO ( [edit]
  65. Summer@Highland Accepts Latest Batch Of Student Startups ( [edit]
  66. Leap Motion Raises $12.75 Million, Wants To Change “The Future Of Human/Computer Interaction” ( [edit]
  67. WePay Raises $10 Million To Scale Its Online Payment Platform ( [edit]
  68. DAVIDsTEA Receives CAD$14M Minority Investment Led by the Highland Consumer Fund ( [edit]
  69. 2tor brings prestigious university degrees online, raises $26M ( [edit]
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  71. Violin Memory raises $50M round at $800M-plus valuation ( [edit]
  72. Disconnect, An Ex-Googler’s Social Enterprise/Privacy Startup, Raises $3.5M, Extends To More Browsers ( [edit]
  73. OpGen raises another $17 million in VC ( [edit]
  74. Game Closure raises $12M for HTML5 cross-platform games ( [edit]
  75. Aereo Raises $20.5M in Series A Financing ( [edit]
  77. Digital Magazine Operator VIVA Secured $20 Million of Series C Financing - See more at: ( [edit]
  78. Citation Needed [add]
  79. Trupanion Raises $9M ( [edit]
  80. VMTurbo Closes $10M in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  81. Impermium Secures $8 Million in Series-A Financing to Lead Fight Against Social Web Spam ( [edit]
  82. Beyond the Rack Closes $36.6M Funding ( [edit]
  83. DFINE Closes $25M Equity Financing ( [edit]
  84. GoodRx Grabs $1M+ From SV Angel, Founders Fund & More To Help You Find Cheap Prescription Drugs ( [edit]
  85. Stealth startup Iddiction gets $3.5M to help apps get discovered ( [edit]
  86. OpenSky Secures $30 Million Funding ( [edit]
  87. BetterLesson Grabs $1.6 Million To Let Educators Find And Share The Best Lesson Plans ( [edit]
  88. Citation Needed [add]
  89. Zoove Raises $15 Million, Offers ‘StarStar’ Vanity Phone Numbers For Brands ( [edit]
  90. Kyruus Closes $5.5M in Series A Financing ( [edit]
  91. Daily Deal Aggregator Yipit Raises $6 Million Series B ( [edit]
  92. Scoop: European Social Games Phenomenon wooga Raises $24 Million ( [edit]
  93. QD Vision scores $22M financing round for expansion ( [edit]
  94. Shortform Video Platform VYou Reels In $3M ( [edit]
  95. session M Raises $6.5M in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  96. Highland Capital Partners announces ten collegiate start-up teams participating in 2011 'Summer@Highland' program ( [edit]
  97. PerkStreet pulls down another $9M in Series B cash ( [edit]
  98. CampusLive Nabs $3M ( [edit]
  99. Bamboom Labs raises $4.5M for live TV over the Web ( [edit]
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  101. Movik Networks Secures $25 Million Funding ( [edit]
  102. Affine raises $5M in 2nd round ( [edit]
  103. 2tor Raises $32.5 Million Series C To Make Online Education Great ( [edit]
  104. Privalia raises €88 million, buys German online fashion retailer Dress for Less ( [edit]
  105. Real Estate Community RentJuice Gets $6.2 Million From Tim Draper And Highland Capital ( [edit]
  106. Raises $2.1 Million To Open Operations In The U.S. And Asia ( [edit]
  107. SCVNGR Raises $15 Million At $100MM Valuation ( [edit]
  108. Movik raises $3M in apparent bridge loan ( [edit]
  109. Heartland Robotics Raises $20 Million in Series B Financing ( [edit]
  110. Pixable raises $2.5M to fund a wave of cool photo apps ( [edit]
  111. SEC ( [edit]
  112. OpGen Completes $17 Million Series B Financing ( [edit]
  113. Complete Genomics, Inc. Announces Completion of $39 Million Series E Financing ( [edit]
  114. Green chip start-up gets $48 million in funding ( [edit]
  115. WePay Raises $7.5 Million For Hassle-Free Group Payments Platform ( [edit]
  116. BÂRRX Medical, Inc. Completes $15 Million Growth Financing ( [edit]
  117. Flash Sales Site Beyond The Rack Raises $12 Million To Take On Gilt ( [edit]
  118. SEC ( [edit]
  119. Predictive Biosciences, Inc.: Series C $25M ( [edit]
  120. picoChip passes million chip milestone and secures $20M equity funding ( [edit]
  121. Metacafe lands $5 million for curated movie site ( [edit]
  122. TechCrunch ( [edit]
  123. Gemvara Raises $5.2 Million For Custom Jewelry Shopping Online ( [edit]
  124. Citation Needed [add]
  125. Virtual Desktop Company MokaFive Raises $21M From Khosla Ventures And Others ( [edit]
  126. RethinkDB Raises $1.2 Million For Its Database For Solid-State Drives ( [edit]
  127. Autoquake Gets Another £6m Investment From Its Backers ( [edit]
  128. secures additional £6m investment ( [edit]
  129. Rent The Runway Raises $15 Million For The Netflix For Couture ( [edit]
  130. 2tor Raises $20 Million Series B To Go After The High End Of Online Education, SEC ( [edit]
  131. Gigamon, SEC ( [edit]
  132. TechCrunch [edit]
  133. Geo-Gamer Scvngr Tracks Down $4M From Google Ventures, Highland ( [edit]
  134. Syntropharma Collects Follow-On Funding For Transdermal Patch ( [edit]
  135. QD Vision Raises $10 Million in Financing to Deliver Energy-Efficient, Cost-Effective Lighting and Display Technologies, SEC ( [edit]
  136. ExaGrid stores away $16M in fifth funding round ( [edit]
  137. Movik moves into latest round with $8.5M ( [edit]
  138. cellular-news ( [edit]
  139. InXpo raises $9M for virtual events business expansion ( [edit]
  140. Zoove Raises $13 Million in Third Round of Financing ( [edit]
  141. Pervasis Therapeutics Announces $17 Million in Financing and New Board Member ( [edit]
  142. Complete Genomics bags $45M round for sequencing ( [edit]
  143. BioSyntech Announces $4.5 Million Financing ( [edit]
  144. NetentSec Receives US$3M in Second-round Investment ( [edit]
  145. SCVNGR Lets You Build Awesome Scavenger Hunts For Any Mobile Phone ( [edit]
  146. FanSnap Raises Another $5.2 Million For Its ‘Kayak For Event Tickets’ ( [edit]
  147. iZumi Bio and Pierian Merge to Form iPierian to Advance Cellular Reprogramming ( [edit]
  148. Hyperion lands $60M VC round ( [edit]
  149. Hangout Industries handed $4M in funding ( [edit]
  150. Edgar Report ( [edit]
  151. Stylefeeder Raises $500K ( [edit]
  152. Glasses Direct Raises £10 Million of Financing ( [edit]
  153. iZumi Bio Raises $20 Million ( [edit]
  154. Accel backs online car retailer Autoquake ( [edit]
  155. CVCA ( [edit]
  156. Quattro Wireless Raises $10 Million ( [edit]
  157. Ocarina Networks Secures $20 Million in Series B Financing to Grow Leadership in Thriving Online Storage Optimization Market ( [edit]
  158. Virtual Computer raises $15 million and makes a new friend in the industry ( [edit]
  159. Highland Capital Partners Takes the Lead in Investing US$10M in VIVA; Chuan Thor Aims at Mobile Rich Media ( [edit]
  160. StreamBase Closes $6M Series D ( [edit]
  161. Highland Capital ( [edit]
  162. ExaGrid Systems Obtains $12,000,000 Series D Funding Round ( [edit]
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  164. Baronova secures $7.5 million in Series B funding ( [edit]
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  166. Paragon Lake Raises $5.8 Million To Help You Make Custom Jewelry ( [edit]
  167. $26M earmarked for expansion ( [edit]
  168. Capital Funding Report [edit]
  169. CHiL Semiconductor Raises $16.7 Million To Expand Sales and Operations WorldWide ( [edit]
  170. EDGAR [edit]
  171. Turbine Finishes $40M Investment Round ( [edit]
  172. Imprivata Says Open Sesame to $15M Third Round ( [edit]
  173. Online retailer Autoquake raises £6m to fund international expansion ( [edit]
  174. Pharmaca raises $20M for expansion ( [edit]
  175. [edit]
  176. Mass High Tech ( [edit]
  177. Pervasis Therapeutics Closes Additional $9.75 Million in Financing ( [edit]
  178. Shopping Engine StyleFeeder Completes $2 Million First Round ( [edit]
  179. EDGAR [edit]
  180. ExaGrid pulls in millions in Series C round ( [edit]
  181. Virtual Iron gets $13 million in new financial round, outlines new strategy ( [edit]
  182. Bit9 Raises $10 Million in Third Round of Venture Funding. ( [edit]
  183. Casero Secures $5.8 Million as Rembrandt Venture Partners Joins Existing Investors in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  184. OpGen Announces $23.6 Million Series A Financing ( [edit]
  185. Hyperion Therapeutics raises $40M against GI and kidney disease ( [edit]
  186. [edit]
  187. Citation Needed [add]
  188. [edit]
  189. [edit]
  190. StreamBase Announces Complex Event Processing (CEP) Expansion Strategy ( [edit]
  191. Desktone Secures $17 Million in Venture Funding ( [edit]
  192. Photoways Raises €10 Million to Accelerate Growth ( [edit]
  194. [edit]
  195. Citation Needed [add]
  196. picoChip closes growth round funding of $27 million ( [edit]
  197. Tatara Systems Raises $8 Million to Fuel Growth in Rapidly Emerging Femtocell Market ( [edit]
  198. EDGAR [edit]
  199. [edit]
  200. EDGAR [edit]
  201. VentureBeat ( [edit]
  202. UUSee – the YouTube Killer – gets more funding – $23 million worth ( [edit]
  203. Hangout Industries handed $4M in funding ( [edit]
  204. Citation Needed [add]
  205. Vertica Systems Raises $23.5 Million in Financing. ( [edit]
  206. BlueTarp Financial Builds for Future Growth with $18.5 Million in Venture Financing: Trinity Ventures Joins Existing Investors Highland Capital Partners, IDG Ventures and Village Ventures to Lead Series B Round ( [edit]
  207. MokaFive snags $5M for virtualization software ( [edit]
  208. Codon Devices Secures $20 Million in Series B Financing ( [edit]
  209. Syntropharma Secures Funding ( [edit]
  210. Solstice Neurosciences Raises $85 Million in Private Financing ( [edit]
  211. Qihoo raises $25M for new Web 2.0 search engine ( [edit]
  212. Top10 Media Completes $3.5 Million in Funding ( [edit]
  213. EDGAR [edit]
  214. EDGAR [edit]
  215. RadioSpire Networks raises $9M ( [edit]
  216. Bit9 Raises $9.8 Million in Second Round of Venture Funding ( [edit]
  217. ANDA Networks Announces Additional $10.5 Million of Expansion Equity Investment Capital ( [edit]
  218. Amp’d Mobile Rings Up $150 Million In New Funding ( [edit]
  219. PA Semi heads to 16 cores on back of $50m boost ( [edit]
  220. Coremetrics Gets Big In Web Analytics ( [edit]
  221. EDGAR [edit]
  222. Vertica Systems Raises $23.5 Million in Financing ( [edit]
  223. EDGAR [edit]
  224. EDGAR [edit]
  225. EDGAR [edit]
  226. EDGAR [edit]
  227. Bit9, Inc. Officially Launches Parity Application Control Solution; Announces Funding, Executive Team, and Board of Directors ( [edit]
  228. EDGAR [edit]
  229. Amp'd Mobile Raises $67M ( [edit]
  230. EDGAR [edit]
  231. [edit]
  232. Innovative Silicon Secures $16M in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  233. Tatara Systems ( [edit]
  234. [edit]
  235. EDGAR [edit]
  236. EDGAR [edit]
  237. ExaGrid Systems Secures $13.5 Million in Series B Funding; Supports Sales and Marketing Expansion; Brings Total Funding to More Than $20 Million. ( [edit]
  238. SmartLink Radio Networks Announces $15M in Series B Financing Led by Key Venture Partners. ( [edit]
  239. EDGAR [edit]
  240. [edit]
  241. [edit]
  242. Jones Day - Experience - Auriga Partners invest in Innovative Silicon ( [edit]
  243. Tatara Systems ( [edit]
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  245. press release ( [edit]
  246. press release ( [edit]
  247. Citation Needed [add]
  248. [edit]
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