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San Francisco, USA
Shenzhen, CHN




HAXLR8R is the first and most prolific hardware accelerator, with over 30 companies launched in the past 2 years and a combined revenues and investments of tens of millions in USD.

Based in Shenzhen in order to leverage the supply chain and factory ecosystem, the program created the ‘Interactive Manufacturing Process’ which ensures the rapid development of manufacturable products.

The majority of the successful applicants to the accelerator come from the United States and Europe, while the HAXLR8R Launch Day is hosted in San Francisco and attended by the worlds’s leading publications and tech web sites. Startups generally launch Kickstarter campaigns, raising over $300k on average and between 1,000 and 6,000 pre-orders.

HAXLR8R companies receive up to $50k each and access to the SOSv Hardware scaling fund.

Haxlr8r covers: invention, prototyping, sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, supply chain, strategy, marketing, distribution, fundraising, financing…

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Curio 11/2013Seed$25k1
Babybe 11/2013Seed$25k1
Roadie 11/2013Seed$25k1
Notch 11/2013Seed$25k1
Palette 11/2013Seed$25k1
Petcube 11/2013Seed$25k1
Everpurse 11/2013Seed$25k2
Vigo 11/2013Seed$25k1
WearPoint 11/2013Seed$25k1
Dustcloud 11/2013Seed$25k1
Molecule Synth 1/2013Venture Round$25k1
Blinkiverse 1/2013Venture Round$25k1
Vibease 1/2013Venture Round$25k1
LightUp 2013Venture Round$25k1
Fabule 1/2013Venture Round$25k1
HexAirbot 1/2013Venture Round$25k1
Yeelink 1/2013Venture Round$25k1
Helios 1/2013Venture Round$25k1 1/2013Venture Round$25k1
Kindara 10/2012Convertible Note$350k1
Portable Scores 2/2012Venture Round$25k1
Bilibot 2/2012Venture Round$25k1
Sassor 2/2012Venture Round$25k1
Loccie 2/2012Venture Round$25k1
Shaka 2/2012Venture Round$25k1
Melon #usemelon 2/2012Venture Round$25k1
Nomiku 2/2012Venture Round$25k1



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