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Phone212 756-3508


Greycroft Partners II, 4/2010 $131M
Greycroft Partners I, 1/2006 $75M
Annex Fund I, 3/2012 $12.6M
Greycroft III, 11/2012 $175M


598 Madison Avenue (b/w 57th and 58th streets)
New York, NY, 10022
Santa Monica, USA
100 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 1830
Santa Monica, CA, 90401


Founder and Managing Director
Founder and Partner
Venture Partner
Venture Partner
Venture Partner
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Greycroft Partners

Greycroft Partners is a venture capital partnership, formed to invest in promising digital media companies. We serve the founders and investors who have chosen us as their partners, and help them to build large, successful businesses.

Greycroft was founded in 2006 based on two realizations. First, advances in technology have allowed companies to scale with less direct investment. Second, large venture funds have a tendency to over-capitalize early stage companies, eliminating many likely exit opportunities. This is not done in a malicious way, but it is the natural outcome of large fund economics. These two realizations led us to create a new type of venture firm that was intentionally small but had the network and access of a first tier venture fund.

We set out to prove this concept in 2006, raising $75 million from corporate executives around the world. Our first fund made 34 investments, including many successful business and consumer-focused companies, and is now among the top performing venture capital funds of its vintage. In 2010 Greycroft closed its second fund with an additional $130 million, including many of the same investors, as well as participation from leading institutions. The mission, team, and strategy remain the same.

Greycroft invests between $500,000 and $5 million at inception, and will increase on a staged basis to double that amount over time. We invest alone or alongside other firms, and will accept a board seat when appropriate, although a board seat is not a prerequisite when syndicating with others.

Our portfolio companies benefit from active, hands-on assistance in all phases of expansion, including marketing, finance, and management development. With offices in New York and Los Angeles, we also leverage an extensive network of media and technology industry connections to help our investees gain visibility, build strategic relationships, and successfully bring their products to market.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Ceros 4/2014Venture Round$6.2M3
Buzz Points 4/2014Venture Round$19M3
Azimo 3/2014Series A$10M6
Daily Secret 1/2014Series B$1.25M3
Amplify.LA 1/2014Series B$8.1M15
The Dodo 1/2014Seed$2M6
ThisClicks 1/2014Series A$4M3
Vidible 1/2014Series A$3.35M2
Plain Vanilla 12/2013Series B$22M6
Floored 12/2013Series A$5.26M5
Highlight 12/2013Venture Round$4M6
Moonfrye 11/2013Seed$1.1M4
Trustev 10/2013Seed$3M7
Layer 10/2013Seed$6M9
Nomi 10/2013Series A$10M4
Fisoc 9/2013Series D$21M4
BetterCloud 9/2013Series B$6M5
App Annie 9/2013Series C$15M5
TagMan 8/2013Venture Round$5M3
Sulia 7/2013Series B$6M5
Kaleo Software 7/2013Seed$1.5M5
Combatant Gentlemen 6/2013Seed$1.84M8
Vitals ( 6/2013Series C$22M4
Wochit 5/2013Series A$4.75M3
Merchantry 5/2013Series B$7M3
Moonfrye 4/2013Seed$2.5M4
Skimlinks 4/2013Private Equity4
Plain Vanilla 4/2013Series A$2.5M6
Nativo 4/2013Series A$4.45M3
The RealReal 4/2013Series B$14M8
Playdek 3/2013Series A$3.8M7
NewsCred 3/2013Series B$15M4
PeopleLinx 3/2013Series A$3.2M3
Epoxy 3/2013Seed$2M4
Fortumo 2/2013Series A$10M2
Nomi 2/2013Seed$3M10
Livefyre 2/2013Series C$15M5
BetterCloud 1/2013Series A$5.05M5
Maker Studios 12/2012Series C$36M7
Fisoc 12/2012Series C$5M4
Koding 12/2012Series B$7.53M3
JW Player 11/2012Venture Round$5M2
PlumTV 10/2012Venture Round$4.4M8
NuORDER 10/2012Series A$3.06M9
Scopely 9/2012Venture Round$8.5M18
Braintree 9/2012Series B$35M4
Nimble TV 9/2012Series A$4.5M3
NiftyThrifty 8/2012Venture Round$2M5
etouches 8/2012Series B$7.75M3
App Annie 8/2012Series B$6M6
Netsertive 8/2012Series B$7.3M3
AwesomenessTV 8/2012Series A$3.5M8
Playdek 8/2012Angel$1.25M5
The RealReal 7/2012Series A$7.5M3
BalconyTV 7/2012Series A$750k3
BaubleBar 7/2012Series A$4.5M2
33Across 7/2012Series C$13.1M9
Performance Horizon Group 7/2012Venture Round$3.1M2
Openbucks 7/2012Series A$4.8M13
SteelHouse 7/2012Venture Round$8.25M6
Kingmaker 6/2012Seed1
Fisoc 6/2012Venture Round$4.37M2
elicit 5/2012Series A$1.5M3
Koding 3/2012Series A$2M3
Fight My Monster 3/2012Seed$2.1M6
Media Armor 2/2012Series A$1.53M8
Parent Media Group 2/2012Partial Close$515k3
Performance Horizon Group 1/2012Series B2
Joyent 1/2012Series D$85M7
Klout 1/2012Series C$30M12
Supernova 2012Series A$6M3
SteelHouse 12/2011Series B$6.3M4
Radiate Media 11/2011Series B$22M3
Nimble TV 10/2011Seed$1.65M3
TagMan 10/2011Venture Round$5M2
Livefyre 10/2011Series B$4.5M8
Trunk Club 9/2011Series A$11M4
Venmo 8/2011Series A4
Lucid Commerce (PrecisionDemand) 7/2011Series C$8M4
Pulse 6/2011Series A$9M4
GameSalad 3/2011Series A$6.1M10
TagMan 1/2011Series A$2.25M2
Klout 1/2011Series B$8.5M13
CrowdComputing Systems 2011Series A$2.3M2
Netsertive 12/2010Series A$4.48M2
Maker Studios 12/2010Series A$1.5M2
Salesforce Buddy Media 10/2010Series C$23M4
Pulse 10/2010Seed$800k5
LocalResponse 9/2010Venture Round$1M2
Merchantry 9/2010Series A$8.9M2
OggiFinogi 8/2010Series A$2M3
Livefyre 7/2010Series A$800k8
Extreme Reach 6/2010Series B$9M3
Resonate 6/2010Series A$5M3
uSamp 6/2010Series C$10.3M3
etouches 6/2010Series A3
Babble 5/2010Series B$3M4
Adly 5/2010Series B$5M3
Klout 4/2010Series A$1.5M18
Tynt 4/2010Series B$8M5
Lucid Commerce (PrecisionDemand) 4/2010Series B$5M2
Panvidea 3/2010Series A$2.7M2
Vizu Corporation 12/2009Series A$6.75M4
Sometrics 10/2009Series B$4M3
Babble 5/2009Series A$1.25M1
Extreme Reach 3/2009Series A$1.1M1
Extreme Reach 1/2009Series A$1.5M3
uSamp 1/2009Series B$3M2
MoVoxx 10/2008Series A4
LocalResponse 10/2008Series A$3.2M4
WideOrbit 10/2008Series D$10M4
Sportgenic 9/2008Series B$10M4
Marketbright 8/2008Series A2
Crowd Fusion 7/2008Series A$3M3
Sportgenic 7/2008Series A$1.49M3
LicenseStream 6/2008Series B$11M4
Ladies Who Launch 6/2008Venture Round1
Sometrics 5/2008Series A$1.55M3
DigiSynd 5/2008Seed3
Health Plan One 4/2008Series A$6.5M5
Salesforce Buddy Media 4/2008Series B$6.5M5
WideOrbit 2/2008Series C$14.5M6
Vitals ( 1/2008Series A$4M4
Vuze 12/2007Series C$20M5
Takkle 11/2007Series A$7M3
Collective 10/2007Series A2
The Huffington Post 9/2007Series B$5M4
Doppelganger 8/2007Series D$11M5
Reloaded Games, Inc. 6/2007Series B$16M6
OnePIN 6/2007Series B$8M3
Pump Audio 6/2007Series A$2.5M3
WorldWide Biggies 4/2007Series A$9M4
LicenseStream 2/2007Series A3
Vizu Corporation 1/2007Series B$2.9M2
Vuze 12/2006Series B$12M4
The Huffington Post 8/2006Series A$5M4



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  41. Social Commenting Platform Livefyre Raises $15M To Scale Mobile Experiences, Moderating Features And More ( [edit]
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  61. 33Across Secures $13.1 Million in Funding to Accelerate Growth ( [edit]
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  63. Gift Card Payment Network Openbucks Raises $4.8 Million Series A, Led By Yahoo Co-Founder Jerry Yang ( [edit]
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