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DescriptionVenture capital fund



Mountain View, USA
1489 Charleston Ave
Mountain View, CA, 94043


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Google Ventures

Google Ventures (GV) provides seed, venture, and growth-stage funding as the non-strategic investing arm of Google, Inc. The fund was founded in March of 2009.

GV has invested in more than 200 companies from a variety of industries, including consumer Internet, mobile, commerce, enterprise & data, life science & health, and seed.

They currently have $1.5B under management, with a $300MM 2014 fund.

Google Ventures invests in the United States, with offices in Boston, Mountain View, New York and San Francisco.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Boxbee 4/2014Seed$2.3M6
Last Guide 4/2014Seed$2.1M17
Savioke 4/2014Seed$2M3
Egomotion 4/2014Seed$750k7
ClearStory Data 3/2014Series B$21M5
CircleUp 3/2014Series B$14M5
Cloudera 3/2014Series F$160M2
Secret 3/2014Series A$8.6M18
Premise 3/2014Series B$11M3
OnDeck 3/2014Series E$77M8
DocuSign 3/2014Private Equity$85M11
Shape Security 2/2014Series C$40M7
Granular 2/2014Venture Round$4.2M4
ThreatStream 2/2014Series A$4M4
Ionic Security 2/2014Series B$25.5M9
Transcriptic 2/2014Venture Round$2.8M4
Rise 2/2014Seed$2.3M4
DataFox 2/2014Seed5
Blue Bottle Coffee 2/2014Series B$25.7M8
The Orange Chef 2/2014Seed$3M16
Vungle 2/2014Series B$17M6
Attune 2/2014Seed$2M8
Apportable 2/2014Venture Round$5M5
Confide 2/2014Seed$1.9M12
Medium 1/2014Series A$25M13
Apptimize 1/2014Seed$2.1M32
Kensho Technologies 1/2014Seed$10M5
Nextbit Systems 1/2014Series A$18M2
Heyday 1/2014Series A$3.5M3
DNAnexus 1/2014Series C$15M4
Egnyte 12/2013Series D$29.5M6
Doctor on Demand 12/2013Seed$3M7
YieldMo 12/2013Series B$8M6
Secret 12/2013Seed$1.43M10
Heyday 12/2013Seed$2M19
Homejoy 12/2013Series B$38M6
Moonfrye 11/2013Seed$1.1M4
Yesware 11/2013Series B$1.2M5
LendUp 11/2013Series A$14M3
Freshplum 11/2013Seed$585k6
MediaSpike 11/2013Series A$5.2M10
Rumble 10/2013Series B$17.5M4
Openbay 10/2013Seed6
Highfive 10/2013Series A$9.4M6
Panorama Education 10/2013Seed$4M20
URX 10/2013Seed$3.1M32
mParticle 10/2013Seed$3M6
Scan 10/2013Series A$7M4
Divide 10/2013Series B$12M5
Loom 10/2013Seed$1.4M5
Homejoy 10/2013Series A5
DataFox 10/2013Seed$1.45M11
JumpCam 9/2013Series A$2.7M2
AngelList 9/2013Venture Round$24M19
Plaid 9/2013Seed$2.8M11
Yesware 9/2013Series B$13.5M5
Cool Planet Energy Systems 9/2013Series D$19.4M4
Mitro 9/2013Seed$1.2M2
InVenture 8/2013Seed$1.2M4
LE TOTE 8/2013Seed$1.75M14
Rani Therapeutics 8/2013Series B2
Carnival 8/2013Seed$2.4M8
Uber 8/2013Series C$258M3
Cluster 8/2013Seed$1.6M5
NoRedInk 8/2013Seed$2M5
Buttercoin 8/2013Seed$1M6
Bustle 8/2013Series A$6.5M5
Vungle 8/2013Series A$6.5M9
Expect Labs 7/2013Convertible Note6
SynapDx 7/2013Venture Round$15.4M3
Objective Logistics 7/2013Series A$5.3M3
Nifti 7/2013Seed$800k5
Concept.io 7/2013Series A$5.4M5
BackOps 7/2013Series A$7M6
Apportable 7/2013Seed$2.4M3
KeepTruckin 7/2013Seed$2.3M5
FitStar 6/2013Series A$4M4
CustomMade 6/2013Series B$18M6
Cool Planet Energy Systems 6/2013Series D$29.9M3
N3TWORK 6/2013Series A$12M3
Building Robotics 6/2013Seed$1.14M8
Weotta 5/2013Venture Round4
TuneIn 5/2013Private Equity$25M4
Appurify 5/2013Series A$4.5M9
Luvocracy 5/2013Series A$11M9
MessageMe 5/2013Series A$10M8
Airware 5/2013Series A$10.7M4
Ripple Labs 5/2013Angel$3M2
CircleUp 5/2013Series A$7.5M2
OnDeck 5/2013Series D$17M3
Play-i 5/2013Seed$1M11
Moonfrye 4/2013Seed$2.5M4
Robinhood 4/2013Seed1
Optimizely 4/2013Series A$28M5
High Fidelity 4/2013Venture Round$2.4M4
Airware 3/2013Seed$3M7
Osito 3/2013Seed$1.1M6
One Medical Group 3/2013Private Equity$30M5
1Life Healthcare 3/2013Series E$30M5
MessageMe 3/2013Venture Round$1.9M9
Crittercism 3/2013Series B$12M3
CreativeLIVE 3/2013Series A$500k3
Namo Media 3/2013Seed$1.88M13
Rabbit 2/2013Seed$3.3M3
Nextdoor 2/2013Series B$21.6M8
about.me 2/2013Venture Round$5.68M4
Nest Labs 1/2013Series C$80M2
Flatiron Health 1/2013Series A$8M8
Shape Security 1/2013Series B$20M6
Hired 1/2013Seed$2.7M6
23andMe 12/2012Series D$57.9M6
FitStar 12/2012Debt$1M4
Kamcord 12/2012Seed$1.5M21
ZenPayroll 12/2012Seed$6.1M22
Apptentive 12/2012Seed$1.2M10
ClearStory Data 12/2012Series A$9M3
Adelphic Mobile 12/2012Series A$10M3
TrueLens 12/2012Venture Round$1.2M9
Transcriptic 11/2012Seed$1.2M2
HomeLight 11/2012Seed$1.5M6
HubSpot 11/2012Venture Round$35M5
LocBox 10/2012Series A$5.1M4
Clever 10/2012Seed$3M14
TopFloor 10/2012Venture Round$6M5
Side.Cr 10/2012Series A$10M4
LendUp 10/2012Venture Round12
Cozy 10/2012Seed$1.5M6
Expect Labs 10/2012Venture Round$2.4M7
Desmos 9/2012Venture Round1
Foundation Medicine 9/2012Series B$42.5M7
Ubersense 9/2012Seed$1.1M3
Gyft 9/2012Seed$1.25M1
Predilytics 9/2012Series A$6M3
Republic Project 9/2012Seed$1M5
DJZ 9/2012Seed$1M9
Wantworthy 8/2012Seed$1M4
Upstart 8/2012Seed$1.75M6
TuneIn 8/2012Venture Round$16M4
Pocket 7/2012Series B$5M3
Firespotter Labs 7/2012Series B$15M2
Egnyte 7/2012Series C$16M3
DocuSign 7/2012Series D$55.7M5
Space Monkey 7/2012Seed$2.25M3
Copious 7/2012Series A$5M3
Objective Logistics 7/2012Debt$1.4M3
Pocket Change 7/2012Series A$5M4
MediaSpike 7/2012Seed7
CliQr Technologies 7/2012Venture Round$8.1M2
Rally.org 6/2012Series A$7.9M21
Freshplum 6/2012Seed$1.4M11
Yesware 6/2012Series A$4M4
The Climate Corporation 6/2012Series C$50M8
Rockbot 6/2012Seed$1.2M8
SCVNGR 6/2012Series D$12M4
Smarterer 6/2012Series A$1.75M2
Crittercism 6/2012Series A$5.5M3
LocBox Labs 6/2012Venture Round$5.04M6
Sold 6/2012Seed9
Ionic Security 5/2012Series A$2.04M5
Airtime 5/2012Seed$25M5
Vungle 5/2012Seed$2M17
BuysideFX 5/2012Seed4
CustomMade 4/2012Series B$4M6
AVOS Systems 4/2012Series A4
Wander 4/2012Seed$1.2M8
Astrid 4/2012Seed$1.9M4
Wittlebee 4/2012Seed$2.5M6
Adimab 4/2012Venture Round$14M3
Appurify 4/2012Seed$1.75M9
CircuitHub 4/2012Seed3
Utah Street Labs 4/2012Venture Round$5.56M3
NewHound 3/2012Seed$1.5M10
Tracelytics 3/2012Series A$5.2M4
ClearStory Data 3/2012Venture Round3
Triptrotting 3/2012Series A$1M6
MindSumo 3/2012Seed$1M5
Duo Security 2/2012Series A$5M3
Scan 2/2012Seed$1.7M13
Luminate 2/2012Series C$10.7M6
Backplane 2/2012Series A$4M8
Optimizely 2/2012Seed$2M5
Bionic Panda Games 1/2012Seed2
Trada 1/2012Series D$9M2
Nimble CRM 1/2012Angel$1M5
Blue Bottle Coffee 2012Venture Round$20M7
Recorded Future 1/2012Series C$12M5
Cool Planet Energy Systems 12/2011Series C5
MobileDay 12/2011Seed$1.48M6
Rumble 12/2011Series A$15M2
Miso 12/2011Series B$4M3
Objective Logistics 11/2011Venture Round$1.5M4
Puppet Labs 11/2011Series C$8.5M6
Pocket Change 11/2011Seed$1.4M8
CustomMade 11/2011Series A$2.1M8
Milk 11/2011Angel$200k1
Tracelytics 11/2011Seed$600k4
Freshplum 11/2011Seed$1.44M5
Subtext 10/2011Venture Round$3M4
Foundation Medicine 10/2011Series A$33.5M3
Ordr.in 10/2011Seed$750k5
DNAnexus 10/2011Series B$15M6
Divide 10/2011Series A$11M3
SweetLabs 9/2011Series C$13M3
Yesware 9/2011Venture Round$1M2
Miso Media 9/2011Series A$2.4M4
echoecho 9/2011Seed$750k3
Clean Power Finance 9/2011Series B$25M5
RelayRides 8/2011Series A$10M3
Backplane 8/2011Angel$1.8M5
ThinkNear 8/2011Seed$1.63M14
Rocket Lawyer 8/2011Series D$18.5M3
Nettle 8/2011Seed$500k3
Parse 8/2011Angel$1.5M15
Airy Labs 8/2011Seed$1.5M3
Nest Labs 8/2011Series B6
RetailMeNot, Inc. 8/2011Series C$10M1
just.me 7/2011Seed$500k8
Pocket 7/2011Series A$2.5M4
Crittercism 7/2011Seed$1.2M6
Transphorm 6/2011Series D$25M4
DailyCred 6/2011Seed$420k6
Smarterer 6/2011Seed$1.25M8
Kabam 5/2011Series D$85M7
Hipster 5/2011Convertible Note$1M14
Firespotter Labs 5/2011Series A$3M1
Wingu 4/2011Series A2
Stamped 4/2011Seed$1.5M2
VigLink 3/2011Series B$5.4M3
HubSpot 3/2011Series D$32M6
Collaborate.com 3/2011Seed$1M6
The Climate Corporation 2/2011Series B$42M10
Transphorm 2/2011Series C$20M4
Cool Planet Energy Systems 2/2011Series B$17.8M5
SCVNGR 1/2011Venture Round$15M3
Miso 12/2010Series A$1.5M2
Miso Media 12/2010Seed$600k7
LawPivot 12/2010Seed$600k7
RelayRides 12/2010Series A$4.5M2
Humanoid 12/2010Seed$1.1M17
23andMe 11/2010Series C$22M3
iPierian 11/2010Series B$29M8
Signpost 10/2010Venture Round$1.25M1
VigLink 10/2010Series A$1.14M3
HomeAway 10/2010Venture Round€25M1
ngmoco 8/2010Venture Round$5M1
Schematic Labs 8/2010Seed8
Trada 7/2010Series C$5.75M2
Luminate 7/2010Series B$12M4
Top100.cn 7/2010Venture Round$1M1
Recorded Future 6/2010Series B$6.7M4
Miso 5/2010Angel7
Corduro 5/2010Venture Round$3.31M1
SweetLabs 4/2010Series B$5M3
Adimab 1/2010Series D$8.2M5
SCVNGR 1/2010Series B$4M2
Silver Spring Networks 12/2009Private Equity$100M5
EnglishCentral 10/2009Seed$1.38M2
Recorded Future 7/2009Series A$2.2M3
VigLink 6/2009Seed$800k8
Luminate 3/2009Series A$5.75M8
Dianping 9/2007Series B$25M2



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  103. DrawChat Creator Launches His Mobile Ad Startup Namo Media, Raises $1.9M Round Led By Google Ventures (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  104. Video Chat Startup Rabbit Raises $3.3 Million From Google Ventures, CrunchFund, And Bebo Founder Michael Birch (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  105. Nextdoor Closes $21.6 Million In New Series B Funding To Take Its Neighborhood-Focused Social Network Global (techcrunch.com) [edit]
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  119. Transcriptic's Wild Seed Round (pandodaily.com) [edit]
  120. HomeLight Raises $1.5M in Funding (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  121. HubSpot Raises $35 Million Mezzanine Round from Public Market Investment Firms; Reports Aggressive Growth and Operating 'As if Public' (prnewswire.com) [edit]
  122. LocBox Raises $5.1M From InterWest, Google Ventures, Others To Help Local Businesses Master Online Deals And Marketing (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  123. Twilio For Education Data, Clever, Lands $3M From Kevin Rose, Mike Maples & Ashton Kutcher, Now In 2K Schools (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  124. TopFloor, Backed With $6M From Polaris, Google Ventures And Others, Debuts Video-Driven E-Commerce Platform (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  125. Ride-Sharing Startup SideCar Raises $10 Million From Lightspeed And Google Ventures To Expand Into New Markets (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  126. LendUp Raises Cash From Kleiner Perkins, Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures And Others To Disrupt Payday Loans (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  127. Rent Management Startup Cozy Raises $1.5M From The Social + Capital Partnership, Google Ventures, Others (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  128. Disrupt Battlefield Finalist Expect Labs Locks Up $2.4M In Funding For Its Real-Time Conversation Analyzer (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  129. Desmos Grabs Funding From Google Ventures To Make Math Fun (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  130. Foundation Medicine Closes $42.5M Series B Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  131. Sports Analysis Startup Ubersense Raises $1.1M, Releases Updated Version Of Its iPad App (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  132. Gyft Presented With $1.25M Led By Google Ventures (pevc.dowjones.com) [edit]
  133. Predilytics Raises $6 Million to Pursue Healthcare Analytics (finance.yahoo.com) [edit]
  134. Republic Project Lands $1M From Google Ventures For Full Service Ad Campaign Platform (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  135. Building a Home Online to Suit Electronic Music (nytimes.com) [edit]
  136. Wantworthy Is Wanted: The “Instapaper For Shopping” Raises $1 Million From RRE, Google Ventures And Others (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  137. Former Google Executive Dave Girouard Launches Crowdfunding Service Upstart, Raises $1.75M (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  138. TuneIn grabs $16M from General Catalyst, Google Ventures, others to dominate radio apps (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  139. Pocket Raises $5M Series B; Plans To Bring Its ‘Save For Later’ App To More Devices And Platforms (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  140. Firespotter Labs, Makers Of UberConference, Raise $15 Million From Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  141. Egnyte Raises $16 Million From Google Ventures For Cloud File Storage Service (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  142. Google Ventures Joins DocuSign’s New Funding, Round Grows To $55.7M (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  143. P2P Storage Startup Space Monkey Raises $2.25M Led By Google Ventures And Venture51 (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  144. Copious Raises $5 Million Series A To Build Out The eBay With A Social Backbone (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  145. Google-backed Objective Logistics gets $900K fundraise (masshightech.com) [edit]
  146. Google Ventures Leads $5M Investment In Virtual Currency Startup Pocket Change (techcrunch.com) [edit]
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  148. VC Funding: Q3 2012 [edit]
  149. Social Fundraising Platform, Rally.org, Raises $7.9 Million to Rally the World (finance.yahoo.com) [edit]
  150. TNW: Freshplum scores $1.4M in seed funding for its data-science driven analytics solution (thenextweb.com) [edit]
  151. Yesware’s Email Platform For Salespeople Raises $4 Million From IDG, Google Ventures, Foundry Group & Others (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  152. The Climate Corporation Raises $50M For Big Data Driven Weather Insurance (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  153. Roqbot Raises $1.2M From Google Ventures & More To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Social Jukebox (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  154. LevelUp Grabs $12M From Highland, Google Ventures To Take Its Mobile Payment Solution National (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  155. No Resumes, Just Skills: Smarterer Grabs $1.75M From True, Google Ventures; Tony Conrad Joins Board (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  156. With $5.5M From Google Ventures, Opus, Crittercism Launches An App Performance Management Solution (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  157. LocBox Labs (venturedeal.com) [edit]
  158. Backed By Google Ventures, Greylock & Matrix, Sold Launches A Mobile Service That Takes The Hassle Out Of Selling Online (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  159. Atlanta Business Chronicle (bizjournals.com) [edit]
  160. Airtime nabs $25M weeks before launch, snaps up social experience startup Erly (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  161. Vungle Hustles Its Way Into $2M All-Star Seed Round For Mobile App Video Trailers Network (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  162. AngelList (angel.co) [edit]
  163. Marketplace For Customized Goods CustomMade Raises $4M From Google Ventures And Others (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  164. AVOS Systems Secures Series A Funding From New Enterprise Associates, Google Ventures, Madrone Capital, and Innovation Works (nea.com) [edit]
  165. Wander Wins $1.2M From Rob Go, SV Angel, Google Ventures, SoftTech And Others (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  166. 13 APRIL 2012. INVESTMENT IN ASTRID (tmtinvestments.com) [edit]
  167. Wittlebee Raises $2.5M in Seed Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  168. Google contributes to $14M round for fast-growing Adimab (fiercebiotech.com) [edit]
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  173. We're Out To Trace Everything: Behind The Series A Funding (tracelytics.com) [edit]
  174. ClearStory Data Raises Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  175. Triptrotting Raises $1M To Combat Clueless Tourism (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  176. Corporate America’s next creative consultants? College kids on MindSumo (gigaom.com) [edit]
  177. Google Ventures And Others Put $5M In Enterprise Mobile Security Company Duo (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  178. Scan Gets $1.7M From Google Ventures And Shervin Pishevar To Make QR Codes Actually Useful (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  179. Nokia, Google Ventures And Others Put $10.7M In ‘AdSense For Images,’ Luminate (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  180. Lady Gaga-Backed Backplane Raises Over $4M From Sequoia & More; Acquires Sharing Platform Cortex (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  181. Profitable and Scaling, Optimizely Closes Series A Round (pevc.dowjones.com) [edit]
  182. Bionic Panda raises seed funding for Android mobile games (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  183. Google Ventures And Foundry Group Put $9M In Crowdsourced Search Advertising Marketplace Trada (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  184. Google Ventures, Mark Cuban And Others Invest $1M In Social CRM Startup Nimble (techcrunch.com) [edit]
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  186. techcrunch.com [edit]
  187. BP, Shea Ventures, Google Ventures And Others Invest in Cool Planet’s C Round (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  188. Boulder startup Skedul.me raises nearly $1.5M (dailycamera.com) [edit]
  189. Rumble To Build and Publish Games Using $15M Series A From Google Ventures and Khosla (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  190. Miso Raises $4M in Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  191. Objective Logistics Raises $1.5M in Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  192. Cisco, Google Ventures, VMware Put $8.5M In Data Center Automation Startup Puppet Labs (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  193. Mobile Game Monetization Platform Lunch Money Raises $1M From Google Ventures; Rebrands As Pocket Change (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  194. Google Ventures And First Round Drop $2.1 Million Into Custom Marketplace CustomMade (techcrunch.com) [edit]
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  196. Web App Performance Solution Tracelytics Raises $600K From Google Ventures, Battery & Flybridge (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  197. Citation Needed [add]
  198. Subtext Raises $3 Million From Google Ventures & More To Make eBook Reading Social (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  199. Foundation Medicine Closes $33.5M Expanded Series A Financing (finsmes.com) [edit]
  200. Ordr.in Raises Seed Funding From Google Ventures For Its Food API (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  201. DNAnexus Raises $15 Million, Teams With Google To Host Massive DNA Database (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  202. Enterprise Mobile Computing Platform Enterproid Raises $11M From Google Ventures, Comcast And Qualcomm (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  203. SweetLabs Raises $13 Million From Intel, Google And Others For Pokki App Platform (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  204. Google Ventures, Foundry Group Put $1M In Yesware, Email Tracking And Productivity Platform For Salespeople (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  205. Miso Media Raises Another $2.4 Million To Help You Learn Guitar (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  206. Echoecho raises $750K from Google Ventures, lets you find your friends (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  207. Clean Power Finance Receives $25 Million Investment Led By Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; Nat Kreamer Joins as New CEO (cleanpowerfinance.com) [edit]
  208. RelayRides Closes $10M Series A.2 Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  209. Eric Schmidt, Tomorrow Ventures, Menlo Ventures, Founders Fund / Angel Fund, SV Angel, Lerer Ventures, Vast Ventures, Metamorphic Ventures, WGI Group, Harbor Pacific Capital Partners (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  210. ThinkNear Closes $1.6M Seed Financing (finsmes.com) [edit]
  211. Rocket Lawyer Raises $18.5 Million to Fund Rapidly Growing Online Legal Service (marketwire.com) [edit]
  212. Stealthy App Maker Nettle Has Raised Funding (allthingsd.com) [edit]
  213. YC-Funded Parse: A Heroku For Mobile Apps (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  214. Social Learning Game Developer Airy Labs Raises $1.5M From Google Ventures, Others (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  215. Ex-Apple Leaders Push the Humble Thermostat Into the Digital Age (nytimes.com) [edit]
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  217. Stealth Social Mobile Startup just.me Raises $600K From Google Ventures, SV Angel And Others (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  218. Read It Later Raises $2.5 Million, Wants To Become The Dropbox Of Content (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  219. AngelPad's Crittercism Raises $1.2M (thealarmclock.com) [edit]
  220. Transphorm Completes $25M Series D Financing (finsmes.com) [edit]
  221. Price Tracking Service Shopobot Raises Funding From Google Ventures, AOL And Others (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  222. Smarterer Raises $1.25M To Prove You’re Good At Anything In 60 Seconds Or Less (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  224. Local Q&A Site Hipster Raises $1M From Google Ventures, Lightbank, 500 Startups And More (techcrunch.com) [edit]
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  226. Google Invests In Stealth Startup That Aims To Accelerate Science™ (techcrunch.com) [edit]
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  228. VigLink Raises Another $5.4 Million To Help Publishers Monetize Outbound Clicks (techcrunch.com) [edit]
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  230. Google-Backed Kibits Lets You Share With Real-World Micro-Networks, Raises $1M (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  231. WeatherBill Brings in $42M From Google, Khosla (gigaom.com) [edit]
  232. Energy Efficiency Startup Transphorm Emerges From Stealth, Raises $20 Million From Google Ventures (techcrunch.com) [edit]
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  234. SCVNGR Raises $15 Million At $100MM Valuation (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  235. TV Content Check-In App Miso Lands $1.5M From Google Ventures And Hearst (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  236. Miso Media Tunes Up With Seed Funding From Google (fis.dowjones.com) [edit]
  237. Google Ventures Leads $600K Investment In LawPivot, A Quora For Startup Legal Advice (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  238. Zipcar competitor RelayRides comes to S.F. (articles.sfgate.com) [edit]
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  247. Trada Raises $5.75M From Google Ventures To Crowdsource Search Engine Marketing (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  248. Google Ventures-Backed Pixazza Raises $12 Million For Crowdsourced ‘AdSense For Images’ (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  249. Google makes further investment in Chinese music site (networkworld.com) [edit]
  250. Never announced [edit]
  251. Miso raises undisclosed about from Angels including several x-Googlers (techcrunch.com) [edit]
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  253. OpenCandy Raises $5 Million Series B For Bundled Software You Might Actually Want (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  254. Adimab, Inc.: Series D $8.2M (onbiovc.com) [edit]
  255. Geo-Gamer Scvngr Tracks Down $4M From Google Ventures, Highland (fis.dowjones.com) [edit]
  256. Silver Spring Networks Raises Another $100M (earth2tech.com) [edit]
  257. Google Ventures Invests In English Language Learning Startup EnglishCentral (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  258. Google Venture Portfolio (googleventures.com) [edit]
  259. VigLink Raises $800K To Take Hassle Out Of Affiliate Programs (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  260. Pixazza Raises $5.75 Million In First Round (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  261. Citation Needed [add]
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