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General Information


Venture fund VI, 12/2011 $500M
General Catalyst Group VII, 12/2013 $675M


20 University Road, 4th Floor
Suite 501
Cambridge, MA, 02138
Palo Alto Office
444 High Street
Suite 400
Palo Alto, CA, 94301
New York City Office
295 Lafayette Street
Suite 703
New York, NY, 10012


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Venture Partner
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General Catalyst Partners

General Catalyst Partners is a venture capital firm that makes early-stage and growth equity investments. The firm backs exceptional entrepreneurs who are building innovative technology companies that transform industries, including KAYAK, Demandware, Stripe, Airbnb, The Honest Company, Warby Parker, Datalogix, BigCommerce, Snapchat, HubSpot, and Datto. The General Catalyst partnership leverages its broad experience to help founders build market-leading businesses. General Catalyst has offices in Cambridge, MA, Palo Alto, CA and New York City.

For more information, visit:, or

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
RealtyShares 4/2014Venture Round$1.9M1
NatureBox 4/2014Series B$18M3
Runscope 4/2014Series A$6M3
SpoonRocket 4/2014Series A$10M2
NFC Direct 3/2014Series B$17M6
Flite 3/2014Series C$23M3
L2 3/2014Venture Round$16.5M1
ownCloud 3/2014Series A$6.3M1
ZenPayroll 2/2014Series A$20M3
Kensho Technologies 1/2014Seed$10M5
ClearSky Technologies 1/2014Venture Round$12M2
Oscar 1/2014Series A$30M4
Heyday 1/2014Series A$3.5M3
Warby Parker 12/2013Series C$60M5
Gridco 11/2013Venture Round$10M4
CoachUp 11/2013Series A$6.7M7
The Honest Company 11/2013Series B$25M5
CyPhy Works 11/2013Series A$7M3
NFC Direct 10/2013Series A$9M3
Highfive 10/2013Series A$9.4M6
Handybook 10/2013Series A$10M4
Listia 10/2013Series A$9M1
Illumio 9/2013Series B$34.5M3
Clarabridge 9/2013Private Equity$80M3
Paydiant 9/2013Series C$15M3
Datto 9/2013Series A$25M1
Vastrm 8/2013Seed$1M7
Evolv Technologies 8/2013Venture Round$11.8M4
StyleSaint 8/2013Series A$4.3M2
Highwinds 8/2013Debt$205M3
Binary Thumb 7/2013Seed11
Trover 7/2013Seed$2.5M4
NatureBox 7/2013Series A$8.5M2
Oscar 7/2013Series A$40M6
Ping Identity Corporation 7/2013Series F$44M9
Mark43 7/2013Seed$1.95M6
Yottaa 7/2013Series C$16M3
Wildcard 7/2013Series A$3M6
Snapchat 6/2013Series B$60M5
Opsmatic 6/2013Seed$3M6
YPlan 6/2013Series A$12M10
TuneIn 5/2013Private Equity$25M4
Neverware 5/2013Seed$1M8
LoyalBlocks 5/2013Series A$9M3
Datalogix 4/2013Series B$25M4
FlightCar 4/2013Series A$5.5M5
ParElastic 4/2013Series A$5.7M5
ClassDojo 4/2013Series A$8.5M8
Deliv 3/2013Seed$1M5
Ostrovok 3/2013Series B$25M4
DC Devices 3/2013Series A$10.7M3
Red Hot Labs 2/2013Seed$1.5M4
Oceans Healthcare 1/2013Venture Round$17M1
DataGravity 1/2013Series B$30M3 1/2013Seed$600k2
Room 77 1/2013Series C$30.3M5
Warby Parker 1/2013Series B$41.5M6
Sphere (Spherical, Inc.) 12/2012Seed$1.75M7
NatureBox 12/2012Seed$2M3
ownCloud 11/2012Venture Round$2.5M2
This Technology 11/2012Series A$7.5M1
CoachUp 11/2012Seed$2.7M17
SynapDx 11/2012Series B$6M2
FundersClub 10/2012Seed$6.5M25
Handybook 10/2012Series A$2M3
ParElastic 10/2012Seed$1M1
Spark Mobile 10/2012Venture Round$1.25M2
RAMP Holdings 9/2012Series C$15M8
Virtual Instruments Corporation 9/2012Series D$27.5M4
Bigcommerce 9/2012Series B$20M2
Couchsurfing 8/2012Series B$15M5
Visible Measures 8/2012Venture Round$21.5M6
TuneIn 8/2012Venture Round$16M4
Artillery 8/2012Venture Round$2.5M10
Swirl 8/2012Series A$6M3
GoodData 7/2012Series C$25M6
Highfive 7/2012Series A$4M5
Backupify 7/2012Series C$9M4
Hammer & Chisel, Inc. 7/2012Seed$1.1M4
Paydiant 7/2012Series B$12M4
Stripe 7/2012Series B$20M7
Jumptap 7/2012Venture Round$27.5M6
Shareaholic 6/2012Series A$3M3
DataGravity 6/2012Venture Round$12M2
Sand 9 6/2012Series C$23M6
Aidin 6/2012Venture Round$600k4
SumAll 6/2012Venture Round$1.5M3
Sand 9 6/2012Series C$23M5
StyleSaint 5/2012Seed$1.5M6
Yottaa 5/2012Series B$9M2
Elemental Technologies 5/2012Venture Round$13M4
Brit + Co. 4/2012Seed$1.25M9
Locu 4/2012Series A$4M8
Humedica 4/2012Venture Round$10M2
OvaScience 4/2012Series B$37M5
Nodejitsu 4/2012Series A$1.9M4
Avocado™ 4/2012Seed$1.3M5
The Honest Company 3/2012Series A$27M3
Sunglass 3/2012Seed$1.8M10
Plyfe 3/2012Seed$1M3
Game Closure 2/2012Series A$12M4
ClassDojo 1/2012Seed$1.6M15
Summon 2012Seed7
Stion 12/2011Private Equity$130M6
Plum District 12/2011Series C$20M2
Chloe & Isabel 11/2011Series A$8.5M2
MinoMonsters 11/2011Seed$1M9
Shareaholic 11/2011Seed$2.1M10
Humedica 10/2011Venture Round$23M4
BetterLesson 9/2011Series A$1.6M6
Visible Measures 9/2011Series D$13M5
AI Exchange 9/2011Venture Round$1.5M4
Getaround 9/2011Seed$3.4M8
Backupify 9/2011Series B$5M3
Game Closure 8/2011Seed7
drchrono 8/2011Seed$650k2
GoodData 8/2011Venture Round$15M4
Thumb 8/2011Series A$5.54M4
Bigcommerce 8/2011Series A$15M1
Airbnb 7/2011Series B$112M6
One Inc. 7/2011Seed$1M8
drchrono 7/2011Seed$675k6
Abine 7/2011Series A$6.47M2
Ping Identity Corporation 6/2011Venture Round$21M6
Emerging Travel 6/2011Series A$15.8M1
Room 77 6/2011Series B$10.5M7
ViajaNet 5/2011Venture Round$19M2
SustainX 5/2011Venture Round$5.6M1
Ostrovok 5/2011Series A$13.6M15
Nodejitsu 4/2011Seed$750k4
Jumptap 4/2011Venture Round$20M6
Sosh 3/2011Seed$1M11
HubSpot 3/2011Series D$32M6
Thumb 3/2011Angel$1.2M8
Boxee 3/2011Series C$16.5M5 3/2011Seed$1M6
Paydiant 2/2011Series A$7.6M2
Vitrue 2/2011Series C$17M4
Plum District 1/2011Series A$8.5M2
MileWise 1/2011Seed$1.5M18
GroupMe 1/2011Series B$10.6M8
Vostu 11/2010Series C$30M4
SunBorne Energy 11/2010Venture Round$3.1M1
rPath 10/2010Series D$7M3
Backupify 9/2010Series A$4.5M2
Yottaa 8/2010Series A$4M3
GoodData 7/2010Series A$6.5M4
SynapDx 6/2010Series A$9M3
Vostu 6/2010Series B$12M2
Sand 9 5/2010Series B$12M4
Sand 9 5/2010Series B$12M4
TearScience 5/2010Series C$44.5M6
Fancy 5/2010Series A$6M8
Demandware 4/2010Series D$7M2
Brightcove 4/2010Series D$12M7
Hunch 3/2010Series B$12M3
Backupify 2/2010Seed$900k7
Laszlo Systems 1/2010Venture Round$3M4
Article One Partners 12/2009Series A$3M1
ScanScout 10/2009Series B$8.5M5
BiOM 10/2009Series B$20M2
HubSpot 10/2009Series C$16M3
Datalogix 10/2009Series A$15M3
GoodData 10/2009Seed$2.5M2
Humedica 10/2009Series A$30M4
Boxee 8/2009Series B$6M3
FanSnap 8/2009Series B$5.2M3
Advanced Electron Beams 8/2009Series C$14.2M6
QuickPlay Media 7/2009Series D$13M4
RAMP Holdings 5/2009Series C$8.25M5
OLX 5/2009Series C$5M5
GoodData 4/2009Seed$2.5M5
Visible Measures 3/2009Series C$10M3
Hunch 3/2009Series A$2M3
Black Duck Software 2/2009Series D$9.5M8
FanSnap 1/2009Series A$5M2
DECA 1/2009Series B$10M4
Roost 12/2008Series B$8M4
Cash4Gold 12/2008Series A$15M2
FanSnap 11/2008Series A$5.5M2
Grain Management 10/2008Venture Round$20M3
Big Fish 9/2008Private Equity$83.3M3
Jumptap 8/2008Series D$26M6
Elemental Technologies 7/2008Series A$5.55M2
rPath 6/2008Series C$10M3
Wakonda Technologies 6/2008Series A$3.16M4
Optaros 6/2008Series C$12M4
Bullhorn 5/2008Series D$26M5
HubSpot 5/2008Series B$12M2
Mascoma 5/2008Series C$61M4
Sand 9 5/2008Series A$4M2
Sand 9 5/2008Series A$8M3
Demandware 4/2008Series C$9.1M2
Tudou 4/2008Series D$57M3
Retail Convergence 4/2008Series A$25M4
OLX 4/2008Series B$13.5M4
Imprivata 4/2008Series C$15M4
SignalDemand 4/2008Series B$20M4
Lumenz 3/2008Venture Round$3M2
Reveal Imaging Technologies 3/2008Venture Round$20.3M4
Highwinds 3/2008Venture Round$55M2
Laszlo Systems 3/2008Series C$14.6M4
WonderHowTo 1/2008Series A1
JNJ Mobile 1/2008Series B$4M2
N2N Commerce 1/2008Venture Round$30M2
Visible Measures 1/2008Series B$13.5M2
KAYAK 12/2007Series D$196M9
DGP Labs 11/2007Series A$4.75M2
Vitrue 10/2007Series B$10M3
QuickPlay Media 9/2007Series C$15M4
HubSpot 9/2007Series A$5M3
OLX 9/2007Series A$10M4
DECA 9/2007Series A$5M3
MocoSpace 8/2007Series A$3M3
SignalDemand 7/2007Series C$10M3
Tudou 7/2007Series C$19M3
Going 7/2007Series A$5M2
RAMP Holdings 6/2007Series B$10M3
Stion 6/2007Series B$15M4
ScanScout 5/2007Series A$7M3
PhotoShelter 4/2007Series A$4.2M1
MovingHealth 3/2007Seed$1.5M1
Eons 3/2007Series B$22M5
Visible Measures 3/2007Series A$5M1
Black Duck Software 2/2007Series C$12M6
rPath 1/2007Series B$9.1M3
Brightcove 1/2007Series C$59.5M11
Roost 1/2007Series A$5.5M3
Mascoma 11/2006Venture Round$30M7
BridgePort Networks 11/2006Series C$13M4
Vitrue 10/2006Series A$3.8M3
Ping Identity Corporation 10/2006Series C$13M5
Jumptap 10/2006Series C$22M4
QuickPlay Media 9/2006Series B$10.7M2
Vitrue 5/2006Seed$2.2M2
Eons 4/2006Series A$10M2
Demandware 2/2006Series B$12M2
GameLogic 2/2006Series B$18.6M3
Imprivata 2/2006Series B$8.91M3
rPath 1/2006Series A$6.4M2
ITA Software 1/2006Private Equity$100M5
OnForce 1/2006Series A$15M1
BzzAgent 1/2006Series B$13.8M2
Jumptap 12/2005Series B$17M3
Hands-On Mobile 10/2005Series C$30M4
Impress Software Solutions 9/2005Series C$10M5
Black Duck Software 6/2005Series B$12M6
Qumas 5/2005Series B$10M2
Laszlo Systems 4/2005Series B$6.25M3
Brightcove 3/2005Series A$5.5M2
Jumptap 3/2005Series A$4M2
SmartLink Radio Networks 1/2005Series B$15M3
Reveal Imaging Technologies 1/2005Series B$5M3
KAYAK 12/2004Series B$7M3
Black Duck Software 7/2004Series A$5M3
Raytheon BBN Technologies 4/2004Venture Round2
KAYAK 1/2004Series A$8.5M2



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  3. Yottaa Raises $4 Million For Web Performance Platform ( [edit]
    Charlie Baker lands job at VC firm General Catalyst ( [edit]
    Western and Russian investors bring $1 m to hotel booking site ( [edit]
  4. RealtyShares Raises $1.9 Million From General Catalyst To Crowdfund Real Estate Projects ( [edit]
  5. Healthy Snack Startup NatureBox Raises $18 Million Series B Led By Canaan Partners ( [edit]
  6. API Testing Service Runscope Raises $6M Series A Round Led By General Catalyst, Announces Enterprise Tools ( [edit]
  7. Spoonrocket Raises $10 Million From Foundation Capital And General Catalyst ( [edit]
  8. Bitcoin Gets Another Boost As Circle Internet Raises $17 Million ( [edit]
  9. SED D/A ( [edit]
  10. L2 Closes $16.5M Funding Round ( [edit]
  11. OwnCloud raises $6.3M Series A to ramp up marketing efforts ( [edit]
  12. Cloud-Based Payroll App ZenPayroll Raises $20M From General Catalyst And Kleiner At A $100M-Plus Valuation ( [edit]
  13. Kensho Raises $10M in Seed Funding ( [edit]
  14. Stealth Startup ClearSky Data Scores $12M, Eyes Space Near South Station ( [edit]
  15. With An Eight-Figure Runrate, Oscar Doubles Down on Health Insurance Through $30M In New Funding ( [edit]
  16. Heyday Raises $3.5M for Automated Journal App ( [edit]
  17. Warby Parker Raises $60 Million From Existing Investors, Fortune Reports ( [edit]
  18. Startup Gridco raises $10M to make the power grid work more like the internet ( [edit]
  19. CoachUp Raises $6.7M in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  20. Jessica Alba’s Subscription Ecommerce Startup, The Honest Company, Closes $25M Round, Led By IVP ( [edit]
  21. CyPhy Works Closes $7M Financing Round ( [edit]
  22. Circle Raises $9M Series A From Accel And General Catalyst To Make Bitcoins Mainstream ( [edit]
  23. From The Founders Of Docverse Comes Highfive, A Startup That’s Raised $13.5 Million To Disrupt Enterprise Communications ( [edit]
  24. Handybook Hoovers Up $10M To Bring Its On-Demand Cleaning And Household Services To 5 New Cities ( [edit]
  25. Listia, A Used Goods Marketplace, Raises $9M To Attack Mobile ( [edit]
  26. Illumio Closes $34M Series B Funding ( [edit]
  27. Clarabridge raises $80m ( [edit]
  28. Paydiant Closes $15M Funding ( [edit]
  29. Datto, a Data Backup Service, Raises $25 Million in Round Led by General Catalyst ( [edit]
  30. Vastrm Fashion Raises $1M in Seed Funding ( [edit]
  31. Evolv Technologies Raises $11.8M in Funding ( [edit]
  32. Luxury Fashion Startup StyleSaint Raises $4.3 Million Series A, Launches First Apparel Line ( [edit]
  33. Content Delivery Network Highwinds Raises $205 Million In Debt From Cerberus, Goldman Sachs, And General Catalyst ( [edit]
  34. Grid, An App That Helps You Organize Ideas And Projects, Announces A Seed Round From Jerry Yang, Phil Libin, Others ( [edit]
  35. Trover Raises $2.5M Funding Round Led By Concur To Expand Its Travel Photography Community ( [edit]
  36. Healthy Snack Subscription Commerce Startup NatureBox Raises $8.5 Million From General Catalyst & Softbank ( [edit]
  37. Thrive Capital’s Kushner Looks To Build A Modern Health Insurer With $40M For Oscar ( [edit]
  38. Ping Identity Closes $44M Financing ( [edit]
  39. Mark43 Closes $1.95M Seed Funding ( [edit]
  40. Yottaa Closes $16M Financing ( [edit]
  41. This is all star designer Khoi Vinh's next move, and it's awesome ( [edit]
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  45. TuneIn Raises $25M Round Led By IVP, Already Surpassed 1B Listening Hours This Year ( [edit]
  46. Neverware Raises $1M To Keep Schools’ Computers Quick Like Lightning ( [edit]
  47. LoyalBlocks Lands $9 Million Led By General Catalyst To Scale Out Its Mobile-Based Loyalty Program ( [edit]
  48. Datalogix Raises $25M To Pump Juicy Offline Purchase Data Into Google And Facebook ( [edit]
  49. Peer-To-Peer Airport Car Rental Startup FlightCar Raises $5.5M From General Catalyst, Softbank, And Others ( [edit]
  50. Enterprise Cloud Data Management Startup ParElastic Raises $5.7M From General Catalyst And Others ( [edit]
  51. ClassDojo Raises $8.5M in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  52. Deliv Raises $1 Million To Crowd Source Same-Day Local Delivery For Big Brick And Mortar Retailers ( [edit]
  53. Yuri Milner makes a big bet in Russia as part of $25M Series B for travel portal Ostrovok ( [edit]
  54. SEC ( [edit]
  55. The Brain Trust Behind FarmVille Launches Red Hot Labs With $1.5M From All-Star Investors ( [edit]
  56. Oceans Healthcare Closes $17m Strategic Growth Equity Financing from General Catalyst Partners ( [edit]
  57. DataGravity Raises $30M in Series B Financing ( [edit]
  58. YC-Backed Lets Developers Integrate With Multiple Analytics Providers In Hours, Not Weeks ( [edit]
  59. Room 77 Closes $30.3 Million Series C From Expedia And Others To Take Its Hotel Search Engine Global ( [edit]
  60. J. Crew Chief and American Express Invest in Warby Parker ( [edit]
  61. VentureBeat ( [edit]
  62. NatureBox Lands $2M From General Catalyst, Redpoint To Go Big With Its “Birchbox For Healthy Foods” ( [edit]
  63. OwnCloud, the open-source challenger to Box, nets $2.5M ( [edit]
  64. This Technology Raises $7.5M in Series A Financing ( [edit]
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  66. SynapDxRaises $6M ( [edit]
  67. To Turn The Crowd Into Venture Capitalists, FundersClub Raises $6M Seed Round -- Biggest In YC History ( [edit]
  68. Handybook Secures $2M From Highland Capital Partners And General Catalyst For Its ‘Uber For The Home’ ( [edit]
  69. ParElastic Pulls In $1M for Scalable Databases ( [edit]
  70. VC Funding: Q4 2012 [edit]
  71. RAMP Secures $15 Million Series C Financing Led by StarVest Partners ( [edit]
  72. Virtual Instruments Raises $27.5 Million in Series D Funding ( [edit]
  73. Bigcommerce Raises $20M To Help SMBs Manage E-Commerce ( [edit]
  74. CouchSurfing Raises $15 Million Series B From General Catalyst Partners, Menlo Ventures, Others ( [edit]
  75. Visible Measures Raises $21.5M For Its Data-Driven Video Ad Platform ( [edit]
  76. TuneIn grabs $16M from General Catalyst, Google Ventures, others to dominate radio apps ( [edit]
  77. HTML5-Centric Artillery Raises $2.5M To Make the Browser The Console ( [edit]
  78. Swirl raises $6M in funding ( [edit]
  79. GoodData brings in $25M to supply Big Data analytics ( [edit]
  80. General Catalyst And Andreessen Horowitz Parlay $4 Million On X-Googler Startup Parlay Labs ( [edit]
  81. Backupify Secures $9 Million in Series C Funding ( [edit]
  82. Phoenix Guild Seeded with $1.1M for Tablet-Based Social Gaming ( [edit]
  83. Paydiant Gets $12M More To Build Out Its White-Label Mobile Payments API ( [edit]
  84. Sexy Payments Startup Stripe Swipes $20M From General Catalyst, Sequoia, Thiel And More ( [edit]
  85. Mobile Ad Network Jumptap Preps For IPO, Picks Up Another $27.5M From Keating, WPP And More While Waiting ( [edit]
  86. Shareaholic Raises $3 Million Series A Led By Kepha Partners For Sharing And Analytics Platform ( [edit]
  87. Tech vets launch NH startup with $12M ( [edit]
  88. Intel Capital leads $23M investment in Sand 9 ( [edit]
  89. Aidin Finds $600K From General Catalyst & More For A Yelp For Continuing Care ( [edit]
  90. E-Commerce Analytics Start-Up SumAll Brings Funding to $1.5M ( [edit]
  91. [edit]
  92. StyleSaint Secures $1.5M To Create Pinterest With An E-Commerce Twist ( [edit]
  93. With Ex-Yahoo CTO On Board, Yottaa Nabs $9M For Affordable Mobile, Web Acceleration Services ( [edit]
  94. Aiming For Global Expansion, Elemental Technologies Raises $13M In Round Led By Norwest ( [edit]
  95. Brit Morin Engages $1.25M From Marissa Mayer, Aileen Lee, Founders Fund And More To Launch Her First App, Weduary ( [edit]
  96. Data-Focused Locu Raises $4M Series A From General Catalyst, Lowercase, Lightbank & SV Angel ( [edit]
  97. Humedica ups latest funding round to $10M ( [edit]
  98. OvaScience grabs $37M B round for fertility treatments ( [edit]
  99. Citation Needed [add]
  100. Ex-Googlers Launch Avocado, An App For Couples Backed By Baseline, General Catalyst, And Lightspeed ( [edit]
  101. The Honest Company Secures $27 Million in Funding Led by General Catalyst, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and IVP ( [edit]
  102. Raises USD 1.7 Million from General Catalyst Partners, Mitch Kapor And Others ( [edit]
  103. plyfe Completes $1M Seed Funding Round ( [edit]
  104. Game Closure raises $12M for HTML5 cross-platform games ( [edit]
  105. ClassDojo Lands $1.6M From Paul Graham, Ron Conway To Help Teachers Control Their Classrooms ( [edit]
  106. TechCrunch ( [edit]
  107. Stion Raises $130M in Funding ( [edit]
  108. Plum District Raises $20 Million ( [edit]
  109. Chloe + Isabel Raises $8.5 Million To Turn Its Users Into Its Salespeople ( [edit]
  110. MinoMonsters Nabs $1 Million From Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel, And More For Mobile Monster Battles ( [edit]
  111. Browser Plug-In And Sharing Tool Shareaholic Raises $1.9 Million ( [edit]
  112. Humedica bumps latest financing to $23M ( [edit]
  113. BetterLesson Grabs $1.6 Million To Let Educators Find And Share The Best Lesson Plans ( [edit]
  114. Online Video Measurement Platform Visible Measures Raises $13M ( [edit]
  115. AI Exchange Raises $1.5M in Venture Funding ( [edit]
  116. Car Rental Marketplace Getaround Gets Around $3.4 Million ( [edit]
  117. Backupify Secures $5M in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  118. Game Closure Quietly Raises Seed Round From SV Angel, Yuri Milner, Greylock, And More ( [edit]
  119. drchrono Raises $650K From Yuri Milner; Launches Patient Check-In iPad App For Doctors ( [edit]
  120. Andreessen Horowitz Leads $15M Round In Cloud Business Intelligence Platform GoodData ( [edit]
  121. SoftBank's Joe Medved on Board as Opinionaided Raises $5.5M ( [edit]
  122. BigCommerce Raises $15 Million To Help Retailers Manage E-Commerce ( [edit]
  123. Airbnb Bags $112 Million In Series B From Andreessen, DST And General Catalyst ( [edit]
  124. SV Angel, True Ventures And Others Put $1 Million Into Interest-Based Connections App One ( [edit]
  125. drchrono Raises Funding To Bring Medical Records To The iPad ( [edit]
  126. SEC ( [edit]
  127. Ping Identity Raises $21M To Provide A Secure, Single Sign-On For Enterprise Applications ( [edit]
  128. Emerging Travel launches with $15.8M Series A round ( [edit]
  129. Search Engine Room 77 Raises $10.5M For Personalized Hotel Room Recommendations ( [edit]
  130. ViajaNet Secures $19 Million to Accelerate Company’s International Growth and Product Expansion ( [edit]
  131. SustainX Completes $20M Financing Round ( [edit]
  132. Ostrovok Raises $13.6M in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  133. Nodejitsu, Support for JavaScript of the Future, Raises $750K ( [edit]
  134. Jumptap pulls down $20M funding ( [edit]
  135. Offline Labs Goes Online With $1 Million Seed Round. Enter The Project Dragon: Sosh ( [edit]
  136. [edit]
  137. Opinionaided Raises $1 Million For Mobile Q&A Service ( [edit]
  138. Boxee Raises $16.5 Million For Its Vision For The "Future Of TV" ( [edit]
  139. Google-Backed Kibits Lets You Share With Real-World Micro-Networks, Raises $1M ( [edit]
  140. Paydiant Throws Hat Into The Mobile Payments Ring, Raises $7.6 Million ( [edit]
  141. Vitrue Raises $17 Million For To Help Brands Manage Social Media ( [edit]
  142. Plum District Raises $8.5M In Funding Led By Kleiner Perkins ( [edit]
  143. Stealth Milewise Raises $1.5 Million To Help People Cash In On Reward Programs ( [edit]
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  145. WSJ ( [edit]
  146. Greentech VC Investment Roundup, Thanksgiving Edition ( [edit]
  147. Red Hat spinoff rPath raises $7M ( [edit]
  148. Backupify raises $4.5M to save your social media shenanigans ( [edit]
  149. Yottaa Raises $4 Million For Web Performance And Analytics Platform ( [edit]
  150. GoodData Closes $6.5 Million Series A Financing ( [edit]
  151. SynapDx Corporation Raises $9 Million in Series A Funding ( [edit]
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  154. Sand 9 Finds $12M to Improve Wireless Devices ( [edit]
  155. TearScience, Inc.: Series C $44.5M ( [edit]
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  157. EDGAR [edit]
  158. Brightcove Raises Another $12 Million; Says An IPO May Come Next Year ( [edit]
  159. Decision engine Hunch raises $10M (report) ( [edit]
  160. TechCrunch ( [edit]
  161. Laszlo Systems raises $3M to integrate internet applications ( [edit]
  162. General Catalyst Ratifies Article One With Series A Round ( [edit]
  163. ScanScout lands $8.5M second round ( [edit]
  164. iWalk, Inc.: Series B $20M ( [edit]
  165. HubSpot Closes $16 Million Series C Financing ( [edit]
  166. MassHighTech ( [edit]
  167. Good Data Adds Andreessen Horowitz to Venture Investors, Tim O'Reilly Joins Board of Directors ( [edit]
  168. Humedica, Inc.: Series A $30M ( [edit]
  169. Boxee Watches $6 Million More In Funding Stream In ( [edit]
  170. FanSnap Raises Another $5.2 Million For Its ‘Kayak For Event Tickets’ ( [edit]
  171. ( [edit]
  172. QuickPlay Media raises $12 million for mobile video ( [edit]
  173. NBC Invests In Video Search Startup EveryZing And Signs Up As Its Biggest Customer ( [edit]
  174. Craigslist Competitor OLX Scores $5 Million For Online Classifieds ( [edit]
  175. Czech Cloud Startup Good Data Raises Funding From Marc Andreessen And Others ( [edit]
  176. Video-Ad Company Visible Measures Raises $10 Million In Third Round ( [edit]
  177. Hunch Raises Series A ( [edit]
  178. Black Duck Software Gets $9.5 Million To Help You Ship Better Software More Quickly ( [edit]
  179. FanSnap(SM) Secures $5.5M in Financing Round ( [edit]
  180. snaps up $10M for online production studio ( [edit]
  181. Real Estate Search Engine Roost Closes An $8 Million B Round ( [edit]
  182. Citation Needed [add]
  183. FanSnap(SM) Secures $5.5M in Financing Round ( [edit]
  184. Capital Report Index [edit]
  185. Big Fish Games Raises $83.3 Million For Casual Game Distribution ( [edit]
  186. press release ( [edit]
  187. Elemental Technologies raises $7.1M for video software ( [edit]
  188. rPath Continues Momentum with Addition of $10M in Funding and Key Client Wins ( [edit]
  189. Wakonda Technologies Raises $9.5 Million in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  190. equity help desk ( [edit]
  191. $26M earmarked for expansion ( [edit]
  192. HubSpot Gets $12 Million To Drive Traffic to Your Site ( [edit]
  193. Mascoma Corporation Raises $61 Million in Third Round of Funding ( [edit]
  194. Citation Needed [add]
  195. Sand 9 Gets $8M for Nano MEMs ( [edit]
  196. Demandware gets $9M in new round ( [edit]
  197. ( [edit]
  198. Media Release ( [edit]
  199. International Classifieds Site OLX Raises $13.5 Million Funding ( [edit]
  200. Imprivata Says Open Sesame to $15M Third Round ( [edit]
  201. Venturebeat ( [edit]
  202. LumenZ, Inc. Lands $3,000,000 New Funding Round ( [edit]
  203. Reveal Imaging Finds $20M in Latest Financing ( [edit]
  204. CDN Highwinds Gets More Funding For Europe Expansion ( [edit]
  205. [edit]
  206. Mercurial TV Exec Launches WonderHowTo With VC Backing ( [edit]
  207. MocoSpace Mobile Community Momentum Continues ( [edit]
  208. After Missing Key Milestones, N2N Calls it the End; E-Commerce Startup Had Raised $30 Million ( [edit]
  209. [edit]
  210. [edit]
  211. [edit]
  212. [edit]
  213. QuickPlay Media, mobile video delivery co., raises $15M more. ( [edit]
  214. EDGAR [edit]
  215. Citation Needed [add]
  216. [edit]
  217. MocoSpace Raises $3M for Mobile Network ( []
  218. EDGAR [edit]
  219. China Vid's Tudou Launches Ad Platform. Raises $19M More ( [edit]
  220. Citation Needed [add]
  221. [edit]
  222. Photovoltaic Startup, Stion Raises $15 Million in Series B Financing ( [edit]
  223. [edit]
  224. PhotoShelter Gets $4.2 Million Venture Capital ( [edit]
  225. MovingHealth Gets $1.5 Million Seed; Yahoo Pharma Exec Is Founder ( [edit]
  226. [edit]
  227. [edit]
  228. Black Duck Software Closes $12 Million in Third Round Financing ( [edit]
  229. rPath Continues Momentum with Additional $9.1M Funding. ( [edit]
  230. Brightcove Raises Another $59.5 Million In Third Round; NYTCO Among New Investors ( [edit]
  231. [edit]
  232. Mascoma gets $30M for cellulosic ethanol — in bid to replace gasoline ( [edit]
  233. BridgePort Networks Raises an Additional $13 Million in Venture Capital Funding. ( [edit]
  234. Vitrue Announces Investments from Comcast Interactive Capital and Turner Broadcasting ( [edit]
  235. Ping Identity Completes $13 Million Financing ( [edit]
  236. company [edit]
  237. EDGAR [edit]
  238. [edit]
  239. [edit]
  240. Demandware Secures $12 Million in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  241. Bain Capital Ventures Leads $18 Million GameLogic Funding ( [edit]
  242. EDGAR [edit]
  243. rPath Announces Series A Funding of $6.4M ( [edit]
  244. ITA Software Announces $100 Million in Equity Financing ( [edit]
  245. [edit]
  246. Word-of-mouth marketing firm BzzAgent wins second-round funding ( [edit]
  247. EDGAR [edit]
  248. EDGAR [edit]
  249. Impress Software pulls in $10M in venture cash Read more: Impress Software pulls in $10M in venture cash - Boston Business Journal ( [edit]
  250. Black Duck Software Secures $12M in Series B Financing Led By Ventures ( [edit]
  252. [edit]
  253. [edit]
  254. EDGAR ( [edit]
  255. SmartLink Radio Networks Announces $15M in Series B Financing Led by Key Venture Partners. ( [edit]
  256. EDGAR [edit]
  257. [edit]
  258. Black Duck swimming in $5M round ( [edit]
  259. BBN’s Grand Re-entrance ( [edit]
  260. [edit]
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