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General Information

DescriptionSeed Stage Fund


Founder Collective I, 11/2009 $40M
Founder Collective II, 9/2012 $70M


New York Office
28 W 27th St
10th Fl
New York, NY, 10001
Cambridge Office
1 Mifflin Place
Cambridge, MA, 02138


Founder Partner
Founder Partner
Managing Partner
Managing Partner
Venture Partner
LP Advisory Board Member


Founder Collective

Founder Collective is a seed-stage venture capital fund, built by a collection of successful entrepreneurs. They are headquartered in New York City and Cambridge, but make investments all over the world.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
See Me Group 3/2014Partial Close$1.85M5
The Black Tux 2/2014Seed$2.6M8
PillPack 2/2014Venture Round$4M10
Change Collective 1/2014Seed$1.4M3
Oyster 1/2014Series A$14M6
Plated 1/2014Series A$5M4
Seamless Toy Company 11/2013Seed$2.6M7
Harvest Automation 10/2013Series C$11.8M5
Happify 10/2013Seed$3.8M1
Ad Hoc Labs 10/2013Series A$2M6
BlueBox Group 10/2013Series A$1.5M3
Blue Box 10/2013Series A$1.5M2
Tulip Retail 10/2013Seed$2.4M11
Par8o 10/2013Seed3
HeartThis 8/2013Seed2
Happy Studio 8/2013Seed$1.95M1
WiFast 7/2013Seed1 7/2013Series A$900k1 7/2013Seed$1.1M4
Riskified 7/2013Seed$1.65M6
Paddle8 6/2013Series B$6M8
YesGraph 5/2013Seed$1.3M5
Seamless Toy Company 5/2013Seed$830k1
Plated 5/2013Seed$1.4M6
JoyTunes 5/2013Seed$1.5M6
InfoScout 5/2013Series A$5M3
LoyalBlocks 5/2013Series A$9M3
CompStak 4/2013Series A$4.45M11
ToutApp 4/2013Seed$920k3
Plated 4/2013Seed2
Locality 3/2013Seed$1.6M5
Omada Health 3/2013Series A$4.7M7
Sift Science 3/2013Series A$4M7
Getable 2/2013Seed$1.8M4
Kitchensurfing 2/2013Seed$1M12
Blue Box 1/2013Series A$4.3M2
CoachUp 11/2012Seed$2.7M17
Picturelife 11/2012Series A$4M10
Gigwalk 10/2012Series A$6M6
Oyster 10/2012Seed$3M6
RORE MEDIA 10/2012Venture Round$1.1M2
Lovely 10/2012Seed$2M6
Bureau Of Trade 9/2012Seed$1.2M2
SeatGeek 8/2012Venture Round$1.65M5
Kinsa Inc 8/2012Seed$2M4
DeckDAQ 8/2012Debt4
GiveForward 7/2012Series A$2M4
Zipongo 7/2012Seed$3.5M2
ThriveHive 7/2012Seed$1.5M4
Gradient X 6/2012Seed$3.75M9
Firebase 5/2012Seed$1.4M7
Meddik 5/2012Seed$750k6
Couple 5/2012Seed$4.2M13
Boundless 4/2012Series A$8M5
Dragonplay 4/2012Series A$14M3
Boundless 4/2012Seed$1.7M4
Domino 3/2012Series A$1.6M2
EmployInsight 2/2012Venture Round$1M5
See Me Group 2/2012Seed$2.25M6
Paddle8 2/2012Series A$4M1
Ridejoy 1/2012Seed$1.3M8
Hacker School 1/2012Venture Round$200k2
Custora 1/2012Seed10
Infinio 1/2012Seed$2M3
JoyTunes 1/2012Angel$500k4
IFTTT 1/2012Seed$1.5M16
Tutorspree 12/2011Seed$1M9
42Floors 12/2011Seed$400k6
Harvest Automation 11/2011Series B$7.8M4
CustomMade 11/2011Series A$2.1M8
Hall 10/2011Seed$580k3 9/2011Series A$3.5M4
AI Exchange 9/2011Venture Round$1.5M4
Sift Science 9/2011Seed$1.6M10
Prism Skylabs 9/2011Seed$1.5M9
DeckDAQ 9/2011Seed5
Moat 8/2011Angel$1.5M9
PowerInbox 8/2011Seed$1.1M13
Pocket 7/2011Series A$2.5M4
Contently 7/2011Debt$335k1
Memoir 7/2011Series A$1.2M8
Lore 6/2011Series A$1M9
DrawQuest 6/2011Series A$3M6
ToutApp 5/2011Seed$350k9
Gobble 5/2011Venture Round$1.2M14
Gigwalk 5/2011Seed$1.7M6
COLOURlovers 5/2011Venture Round$1M8
Skillshare 5/2011Series A$550k10
Omada Health 5/2011Seed$20k2
Listia 4/2011Seed$1.75M8
Extension Entertainment 4/2011Seed$750k4
Zencoder 4/2011Series A$2M14
Chirply 4/2011Seed$1.1M18
A Bit Lucky 3/2011Venture Round$7.71M6
Boost Media 3/2011Seed$1.64M8
BackType 3/2011Seed$1M9
Breezy 3/2011Angel$750k8
Findery 2/2011Angel$2M8
SHIFT 2/2011Series A$2M12
MileWise 1/2011Seed$1.5M18 1/2011Venture Round$1.6M3
GroupMe 1/2011Series B$10.6M8
Chloe & Isabel 1/2011Seed$3.25M10
Sulia 12/2010Series A$3.5M5
Artsy 11/2010Convertible Note$1.25M17
Svpply 11/2010Seed$550k5
Shareable Ink 11/2010Series A$4.5M3
BaubleBar 11/2010Seed$1.1M6
FanBridge 11/2010Series A$2M8
Uber 10/2010Angel$1.25M15
SeatGeek 10/2010Series A$550k6
ADstruc 9/2010Seed$1.1M9
Harvest Automation 9/2010Series A$1.3M1
Votizen 9/2010Venture Round$1.5M12
HowAboutWe 9/2010Series A$3.1M7
Pantheon 9/2010Seed$1.3M7
Chartbeat 9/2010Seed$3M12
Cue 8/2010Seed$700k9
SavingStar 8/2010Series A$2.3M7
Fluidinfo 8/2010Series A$1.79M12
20x200 8/2010Series A$2M8
Tello 7/2010Seed$1M12
SeatGeek 7/2010Series A$1M2
Ze Frank Games 7/2010Seed$500k11
thredUP 7/2010Venture Round$1.4M3
Integral Ad Science 7/2010Series B$7.25M3
Heyzap 6/2010Series A$3M4 6/2010Seed3
Open Places 6/2010Seed$1.1M7
Giiv 6/2010Series A$3.35M4
Metamarkets 6/2010Seed$2.5M13
Hacker School 6/2010Seed$17k2
GiveForward 6/2010Seed$15k2
BillGuard 5/2010Series A$3M6
Blockboard 5/2010Seed$1M8
Extension Entertainment 5/2010Seed$500k4
Canvas Networks 5/2010Seed$625k5
BuzzFeed 5/2010Series B$8M8
Venmo 5/2010Seed$1.2M8
ReadyForce 3/2010Series A$12.2M6
The Trade Desk 3/2010Seed$2.5M5
Optimizely 3/2010Angel$1.2M21
A Bit Lucky 3/2010Convertible Note$2.6M6
betaworks 3/2010Series B$20M13
Posterous 3/2010Series A$4.4M8
Vook 2/2010Seed$2.5M7
Factual 2/2010Seed$1M14
Zencoder 2/2010Seed3
1000memories 1/2010Seed$15k2
Artsy 1/2010Seed$50k3
Cardpool 1/2010Seed17
Moat 1/2010Seed$3M4
Datalot 1/2010Series A2
Hot Potato 11/2009Series A$1.42M16
Milo 11/2009Series A$4M17
20x200 10/2009Series A$800k9
Sulia 9/2009Seed2
DailyBooth 8/2009Seed$15k2
Listia 6/2009Seed$15k2
Heyzap 5/2009Seed$650k5
SeatGeek 5/2009Seed$20k2
DealBase Corporation 5/2009Seed$1M3
Magnetic 3/2009Seed$1.25M6
FanBridge 3/2009Seed$350k4
CustomMade 1/2009Seed$400k1
Convertro 1/2009Series A3
Vaultive 1/2009Angel$1M3
Milo 11/2008Seed$950k8
OLO 1/2008Series A$7M3
Soluto 1/2008Seed$1.6M2
Big Think 6/2007Seed6



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  34. Omada Health Secures $4.7M From USVP, NEA, Kapor & More To Roll Out Its Online Diabetes Prevention Program ( [edit]
  35. Ex-Googlers Launch Sift Science, A Fraud-Fighting System For Websites, Backed By $5.5M In Funding From Union Square, First Round, YC & Others ( [edit]
  36. With $1.8M From Andreessen, Chris Sacca & More, Rental Marketplace Getable Digs Into The $32B Construction Market ( [edit]
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  40. OMGPOP Founder Charles Forman Raises $4M For Picturelife, An App For Backing Up Your Photos In The Cloud ( [edit]
  41. Paid Task App Gigwalk Raises $6M From August Capital, Greylock; Expands Deal With Microsoft ( [edit]
  42. Oyster raises $3 million from Founders Fund for “Spotify for books” ( [edit]
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  44. Lovely Goes From Craigslist Target To The Kayak Of Apartment Rentals As It Launches Nationwide ( [edit]
  45. Bureau Of Trade Raises $1.2M From Foundation Capital & Others For New Men’s Shopping Site ( [edit]
  46. Ticketing Startup SeatGeek Raises $1.65M To Embrace Mobile And More ( [edit]
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  50. With $1M+ From Guitar Hero Co-founder & Others, Zipongo Is Building The For Healthy Living ( [edit]
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  53. Firebase Raises $1.1M For Real-Time App Infrastructure ( [edit]
  54. Meddik Grabs $750K From Chris Dixon, Founder Collective & More To Build A Better WebMD ( [edit]
  55. Yuri Milner, Dave Morin, SV Angel, CrunchFund And More Hook Up Pair With $4.2M ( [edit]
  56. Publishers Sue As Boundless Learning Grabs $8M For An Open Alternative To Textbooks ( [edit]
  57. Mobile Social Gaming Company Dragonplay Raises $14M From Accel To Expand To iOS ( [edit]
  58. Boundless Learning Raises $1.7M, Taking Big Swing In Education ( [edit]
  59. Project Decor raises $1.6M ( [edit]
  60. EmployInsight Grabs $1M For Its Employee Measurement Platform (And NYSE As Its First Client) ( [edit]
  61. SEC ( [edit]
  62. Founder Collective Makes A $4 Million Bet On Paddle8′s Online Marketplace For Fine Art ( [edit]
  63. Social Ridesharing Startup Ridejoy Raises $1.3M From Freestyle Capital, Lerer Ventures And Others ( [edit]
  64. SV Angel And Founder Collective Give Hackruiter $200K For Its Hacker School ( [edit]
  65. SV Angel, Founder Collective And Others Put $850K In Customer Retention SaaS Custora ( [edit]
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  68. IFTTT, A Glue Gun For Sticking The Web Together, Raises $1.5M Seed Round From Top Investors ( [edit]
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  70. 42Floors Takes Commercial Real Estate Online (Because Searching For Office Space Sucks) ( [edit]
  71. Harvest Automation Ripens With $7.8M For Agriculture Robots ( [edit]
  72. Google Ventures And First Round Drop $2.1 Million Into Custom Marketplace CustomMade ( [edit]
  73. Raises $580K From Founder’s Collective And Others To Transform Realtime Collaboration ( [edit]
  74. Social Recommendation Platform Top10 Raises $3.5M From Accel Partners, Idealab, Others ( [edit]
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  82. Contently Raises Seed Capital To Give Writers And Publishers An Alternative To Content Farms ( [edit]
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  84. Penn Students Leave School to Launch CourseKit With $1 Million Seed Round ( [edit]
  85. Union Square Ventures Leads $3M Round In 4chan Founder Moot's New Startup Canvas ( [edit]
  86. ToutApp Raises Seed Round from Esther Dyson, Dave McClure, Eric Ries and others. ( [edit]
  87. Marketplace For Home-Cooked Food Gobble Raises $1.2M From Founder Collective, Greylock And Other Angels ( [edit]
  88. Gigwalk Launches the First On-Demand Mobile Workforce; Receives $1.7M in Seed Funding From Harrison Metal, SoftTech VC and Greylock Discovery Fund ( [edit]
  89. COLOURlovers Raises $1 Million To Make Everyone An Artist ( [edit]
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  92. Andreessen Horowitz Leads $1.75M Round In Freebie Marketplace Listia ( [edit]
  93. Social Jukebox exfm Raises $750,000 For Its Music Discovery And Sharing Extension ( [edit]
  94. Updated: Zencoder Raises $2M for Video Encoding in the Cloud ( [edit]
  95. Crowd-Sourced Design Startup Chirply Raises $1.1 Million, Launches Redesign ( [edit]
  96. SEC ( [edit]
  97. The Demand Media of Search Engine Marketing, BoostCTR, Raises $1.6 Million ( [edit]
  98. Social Analytics Platform BackType Raises a Cool Million in Funding ( [edit]
  99. Breezy Gets $750K From Accel And Others, To Advance Its Mobile Printing Platform ( [edit]
  100. More Details On Caterina Fake’s New Startup, Pinwheel ( [edit]
  101. GraphEffect Raises $2 Million To Increase Brand "Likes" On Facebook ( [edit]
  102. Stealth Milewise Raises $1.5 Million To Help People Cash In On Reward Programs ( [edit]
  103. Pose: A Photo Sharing App For Fashion And Shopping That Just Raised $1.6 Million ( [edit]
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  105. New York Startups Shapeways, Chloe + Isabel, and Rake in Cash ( [edit]
  106. Twitter List Service TLists Becomes Sulia, Raises $3.5 Million ( [edit]
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  108. Svpply is a Social Shopping Site With a Funny Name, Good Buzz and a New Funding Round ( [edit]
  109. Shareable Ink Closes $4.5M Series A Financing Round ( [edit]
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  111. TechCrunch ( [edit]
  112. UberCab raises $1.25M to end your futile search for taxis ( [edit]
  113. SeatGeek Secures A Deal With The Wall Street Journal And $550k In Funding ( [edit]
  114. ADstruc, A Marketplace For Outdoor Advertising, Closes $1.1 Million Series A Round ( [edit]
  115. Harvest Automation Secures Additional Funding and Adds Prominent CEOs of iRobot and Kiva Systems to Advisory Board ( [edit]
  116. Votizen Raises $1.5 Million To Make Sure Government Representatives Hear Your Voice ( [edit]
  117. HowAboutWe Raises $3.1 Million For Its New Take On Online Dating ( [edit]
  118. Backed With $1.3 Million, Pantheon Launches Drupal-Based Web Development Platform ( [edit]
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  120. TechCrunch ( [edit]
  121. Digital Couponing Startup SaveWave Scores $2.3M From Leading Investors ( [edit]
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  124. Photographic Evidence Of Stealth Startup Tello Raising $100k ( [edit]
  125. TC50 Finalist SeatGeek Closes $1 Million Series A Round, Partners With Nielsen ( [edit]
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  127. Kids Clothing Swap ThredUP Raises $1.4M From Trinity Ventures, Founder Collective And Others ( [edit]
  128. AdSafe Media Raises $7.25 Million For Brand Verification Platform ( [edit]
  129. HeyZap Lands Another $3 Million In Funding ( [edit]
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  131. Trazzler Gets $1 Million From Star Investors, Takes a Page From Twitter’s Playbook [Video] ( [edit]
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  133. TechCrunch: Metamarkets Funding ( [edit]
  134. Engineers Recruit Engineers With Hackruiter ( [edit]
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  136. BillGuard Raises $3M To Track Hidden Fees, Billing Errors On Credit Card Bills ( [edit]
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  138. Extension Entertainment Inc. Launches ExtensionFM: A Chrome Extension That Turns The Entire Web Into Your Personal Music Library ( [edit]
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  142. ReadyForce Raises $12.2 Million For On-Demand Labor Marketplace ( [edit]
  143. The Trade Desk CEO Green Announces Funding And Investors ( [edit]
  144. Optimizely A/B Tests Its Way To $1.2 Million In Funding From A Roster Of Top Angels ( [edit]
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  156. Hot Potato Raises $1.42 For Event Social Networking ( [edit]
  157. Milo, a Site to Help People Shop Offline, Attracts Investors ( [edit]
  158. Online Art Store 20x200 Scores $800,000 From True Ventures And Angels ( [edit]
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  160. Silicon Valley Elite Flock To Y Combinator Demo Day ( [edit]
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  162. Heyzap Closes Seed Funding Round For Its Flash Gaming Widget ( [edit]
  163. DreamIt Ventures ( [edit]
  164. DealBase Raises $1 Million In Angel Funding ( [edit]
  165. EXCLUSIVE: Roger Ehrenberg leads $1.25 M in Domdex ( [edit]
  166. TechCrunch ( [edit]
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  170. Online Comparison Startup Milo Shops for Cash ( [edit]
  171. Online Ordering Provider OLO Hits 1M Customers, Prepares To Launch GrubHub Integration ( [edit]
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  173. [edit]
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