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Phone617 868 1888


Flagship Ventures Fund IV, 1/2012 $270M


Cambridge, USA
One Memorial Drive
7th Floor
Cambridge, MA, 02142


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Managing Partner and Chairman
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Flagship Ventures

Realizing entrepreneurial innovation is the mission of Flagship Ventures. The firm operates through two synergistic units: VentureLabs(TM) which invents and launches transformative companies, and Venture Capital, which finances and realizes innovative, early-stage companies. Founded in 2000, and based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Flagship Ventures manages over $900 million in capital. The Flagship team innovates and invests in three principal business sectors: therapeutics, health technologies and sustainability/clean technology. Past successful Flagship portfolio ventures include: Adnexus (acquired by Bristol-Myers Squibb), Accuri Cytometers (acquired by Becton, Dickinson), Morphotek (acquired by Eisai), Color Kinetics (acquired by Philips), AVEO (NASDAQ: AVEO) and BG Medicine (NASDAQ: BGMD). Recent notable portfolio ventures include: Joule Unlimited, Agios, Affinnova, AeroDesigns and Novomer. For more information, please visit

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Pronutria 2/2014Series B$12.3M1
Blend Therapeutics 12/2013Series B$21M3
Visterra 12/2013Series A$8.1M5
Editas Medicine 11/2013Series A$43M4
Seres Health 11/2013Series A$10.5M2
Moderna Therapeutics 11/2013Private Equity$135M1
Pronutria 10/2013Series A$10.8M1
Syros Pharmaceuticals 4/2013Series A$30M2
T2 Biosystems 3/2013Series E$40M10
TARIS Biomedical 3/2013Private Equity$13.5M4
Avedro 3/2013Series D$43M8
Moderna Therapeutics 12/2012Venture Round$40M1
Quanterix 11/2012Series C$18.5M4
Tangent Medical Technologies 11/2012Series B$8.62M2
Visterra 11/2012Series A$26.1M5
WikiCell Designs 9/2012Series A$10M2
Seventh Sense Biosystems 6/2012Series A$10M2
Eleven Biotherapeutics 5/2012Series A$20M3
Receptos 3/2012Venture Round$30M6
Polatis 2/2012Venture Round$2.7M5
Joule Unlimited 1/2012Series C$70M1
Blend Therapeutics 1/2012Series A$2.8M2
Agios Pharmaceuticals 11/2011Series C$78M4
T2 Biosystems 8/2011Series D$23M10
Kovio 6/2011Venture Round$15M7
ExactCost 6/2011Venture Round$8.5M1
Seventh Sense Biosystems 5/2011Series A$4.5M3
TARIS Biomedical 4/2011Series B$18.3M4
LS9 12/2010Series D$30M5
Accuri Cytometers 10/2010Series E$6M5
Visterra 8/2010Debt$6M3
BIND Therapeutics 6/2010Series C$12.4M4
Everyday Solutions 6/2010Venture Round$2.81M3
Acceleron Pharma 6/2010Venture Round$10.3M5
Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals 6/2010Series C$45M6
T2 Biosystems 5/2010Series C$15M9
Joule Unlimited 4/2010Series B$30M1
Selecta Biosciences 4/2010Series C$15M5
TransMedics 3/2010Series E$36M11
Eleven Biotherapeutics 3/2010Series A$35M2
Receptos 11/2009Series A$25M4
LS9 10/2009Series C$25M4
Alvine Pharmaceuticals 9/2009Series A$21.5M6
Pervasis Therapeutics 8/2009Series C$17.4M3
Accuri Cytometers 8/2009Series D$4M5
Advanced Electron Beams 8/2009Series C$14.2M6
Novomer 8/2009Series B$14M4
Kovio 7/2009Series E$20M11
TARIS Biomedical 6/2009Series A$15M3
Polatis 6/2009Venture Round$8M7
Carbon Design Systems 5/2009Series E$7.5M3
Parasol Therapeutics 5/2009Series A$3.25M3
Seahorse Bioscience 3/2009Series D$6M7
Selecta Biosciences 2/2009Series B$15.1M4
Black Duck Software 2/2009Series D$9.5M8
Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals 8/2008Series A$15M5
Mascoma 5/2008Series C$61M4
Concert Pharmaceuticals 4/2008Series C$37M12
Pervasis Therapeutics 1/2008Venture Round$9.75M4
Carbon Design Systems 1/2008Venture Round$6M3
Novomer 11/2007Series A$6.6M2
BDNA 10/2007Series D$20M4
Interactive Supercomputing 10/2007Series B$11M5
LS9 10/2007Series B$15M3
Kovio 9/2007Series D$19.5M9
Adnexus 8/2007Series C$15.5M5
Tira Wireless 7/2007Series D$5M4
TransMedics 4/2007Series D$25.5M9
Netuitive 4/2007Series D$8M7
LS9 3/2007Series A$5M2
Black Duck Software 2/2007Series C$12M6
Codon Devices 12/2006Series B$20M5
Concert Pharmaceuticals 11/2006Series B$48.5M8
Mascoma 11/2006Venture Round$30M7
SiCortex 10/2006Series B$21M6
Carbon Design Systems 9/2006Series D$5M3
Acceleron Pharma 8/2006Series B$30M6
Adnexus 6/2006Series B$27M4
Zingku 6/2006Venture Round$1M1
Tira Wireless 3/2006Series C$13M2
Calpurnia Corporation 1/2006Series B$8M4
Interactive Supercomputing 1/2006Series A$4.5M3
T2 Biosystems 1/2006Venture Round$5.5M3
Carbon Design Systems 9/2005Series C$5.35M3
Pervasis Therapeutics 8/2005Series B$17.4M3
Extraprise 8/2005Venture Round$5.1M8
Ellacoya Networks 7/2005Venture Round$13.5M5
Black Duck Software 6/2005Series B$12M6
Codon Devices 5/2005Series A$13M3
Netuitive 5/2005Series C$5M5
Tira Wireless 3/2005Series B$2.5M3
Revivio 1/2005Series C$25M7
Integrated Development Enterprise 1/2005Venture Round$1.5M4
Affinnova 8/2004Series C$4.5M2
Black Duck Software 7/2004Series A$5M3
ZoomInfo 7/2004Series A$7M5
Ensemble Discovery 5/2004Series A$15M3
TransMedics 1/2004Series B$27.6M8
Affinnova 7/2003Series B$6M1
TripAdvisor 1/2000Series A2



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