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General Information

DescriptionAgency Supporting Irish Companies


Start-Up Fund, 11/2011 €10M
Start-Up Fund, 4/2014 €500k


Global HQ
East Point Business Park
Dublin, 3, IRL
Co Clare, IRL
4500 Atlantic Avenue
Westpark, Shannon
Co Clare, IRL


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Executive Director
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Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland is the government agency responsible for the development and promotion of the indigenous business sector. Their mission is to accelerate the development of world-class Irish companies to achieve strong positions in global markets resulting in increased national and regional prosperity.

Through their extensive network of Irish and international offices, Enterprise Ireland works with their clients to assist them to compete and to grow.

Their key focus for Irish companies is covered under the following five areas of activity:

Achieving export sales; Investing in research and innovation; Competing through productivity; Starting up & scaling up; Driving regional enterprise

Through the Start In Ireland programme, Enterprise Ireland offers support to entrepreneurs looking to relocate their startups to Ireland. Enterprise Ireland also provides assistance for international companies who are searching for world-class Irish suppliers. Enterprise Ireland can help international companies who want to set up food and drink manufacturing operations in Ireland.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
AltraTech 4/2014Venture Round€900k3
PageFair 3/2014Seed$400k3
Good4U 3/2014Venture Round€1M3
ZinMobi 3/2014Seed€560k1
Instacoach 2/2014Seed€50k1
LearnUpon 1/2014Seed€550k1
PR Slides 1/2014Seed€500k6
Metabolomic Diagnostics 1/2014Venture Round€750k2
PropelAd.com 1/2014Convertible Note$550k3
WhatSalon 12/2013Seed€50k1
TCAS Online 11/2013Seed€650k2
Trustev 10/2013Seed$3M7
HeyStaks 10/2013Venture Round€800k3
Kitman Labs 10/2013Angel€475k1
Wattics 10/2013Seed€650k2
Von Bismark 9/2013Seed€350k1
Tapastreet 9/2013Seed€500k2
NewsWhip 9/2013Seed$1.1M6
BlikBook 7/2013Seed$1.3M3
Cubic Telecom 5/2013Series B$5.2M3
FeedHenry 5/2013Series A$9M5
Zinc software 4/2013Venture Round€650k3
Cluey 3/2013Seed$1M3
Guidecentral 3/2013Seed$650k9
Evercam 2/2013Seed€500k1
Amartus 1/2013Venture Round€1.2M2
Digit Game Studios 1/2013Series A$2.5M3
Instant Opinion 1/2013Seed€50k1
wripl 1/2013Grant€200k1
Synference 2013Seed$70k1
farmflo 12/2012Seed€70k1
Skynet Labs 12/2012Seed€283k2
Kitman Labs 11/2012Seed€55k1
Gridstore 10/2012Series A$12.5M4
In Hand Guides 10/2012Venture Round€400k2
Soundwave 10/2012Seed$1M5
PropelAd.com 9/2012Angel$250k4
Popdeem 9/2012Seed$150k2
Keelvar 8/2012Seed€750k3
Copperfasten 5/2012Venture Round€500k2
XINTEC 5/2012Venture Round€900k2
Wavebreak Media 3/2012Venture Round€400k2
swiftQueue 2/2012Seed€50k1
Nomos Software 2/2012Venture Round€500k2
Betapond 1/2012Venture Round€1.15M2
Profitero 12/2011Series A€750k3
EpiSensor 12/2011Venture Round€850k2
RedT 12/2011Venture Round€900k2
Ideal Binary 11/2011Seed$1M2
Ikon Semiconductor 10/2011Venture Round€800k2
neoSurgical 9/2011Venture Round€1.6M2
Swrve 9/2011Seed$2.7M5
CurrencyFair 9/2011Venture Round€250k1
Phorest 8/2011Seed€1.3M4
Brandtone 8/2011Venture Round€10M3
MuteButton 6/2011Venture Round€200k1
Lighthouse BCS 6/2011Venture Round1
Radisens Diagnostics 6/2011Venture Round€1.1M2
ServiceFrame 4/2011Venture Round€950k2
Digital Mines 3/2011Venture Round€750k2
Gridstore 12/2010Seed€1.5M2
Wavebreak Media 9/2010Venture Round€350k2
InishTech 9/2010Venture Round€1.8M3
SolarPrint 6/2010Venture Round$1.93M2
britebill 5/2010Seed€400k1
ChipSensors 4/2010Venture Round$2.7M3
ResourceKraft 4/2010Seed$813k2
Onformonics 2/2010Seed€600k3
Dial2Do 12/2009Series A€1M2
Redmere Technology 12/2009Series B$5.6M4
DecaWave 12/2009Seed€300k1
Beyond Encryption Technologies 10/2009Series B$1.06M1
MPSTOR 10/2009Series A$2.21M3
Saaspoint 10/2009Venture Round$2.01M1
Intune Networks 10/2009Venture Round$32.5M7
BiancaMed 9/2009Series B$8.7M3
WhoseView.ie 7/2009Seed€20k1
Opsona 6/2009Series B$4.6M6
Equiendo 4/2009Series A$1.96M1
Clavis Technology 4/2009Series A€2.1M4
Ticket ABC 3/2009Seed€226k1
DataKraft 1/2009Venture Round€1M3
Firecomms 1/2009Venture Round$5M6
WhatClinic.com 1/2009Angel€1.25M3
Kore Virtual Machines 1/2009Angel€1.6M4
Redmere Technology 11/2008Venture Round$7M4
Async Technologies 10/2008Venture Round$3.16M3
Movidius 10/2008Series A$14M7
Cicero Networks 10/2008Angel€1.4M3
nooked 8/2008Seed€1M2
PutPlace 4/2008Angel€1M3
Biosensia 2/2008Venture Round$2.93M4
Zignals 12/2007Series A€2.5M3
Sentry Wireless 12/2007Seed€750k1
Clavis Technology 12/2007Seed2
Blastbeat 11/2007Venture Round€1.1M2
ChipSensors 8/2007Venture Round$1.44M2
Tunepresto 1/2007Series A€200k2
Edenbee.com 2007Seed€250k3
AdaptiveMobile 4/2006Series A$5.67M2
Lightstorm Networks 2/2006Series A€4.35M4
Cinario 1/2006Venture Round$908k5
Selatra 8/2005Angel€2M2
Arantech 5/2005Series B$10M5
CELtrak 5/2005Venture Round$1.55M2
CAPE Technologies 3/2005Venture Round$1.6M2
Xiam 8/2004Series A€1M2
AMT (Aircraft Management Technologies) 5/2002Series B€5M3



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