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General Information


DFJ Fund X, 7/2010 $350M
DFJ Fund IX, 1/2007 $690M
DFJ Fund VIII, 1/2004 $440M
DFJ Fund VII, 1/2000 $660M
DFJ Fund VI, 1/1999 $400M
DFJ Fund V, 1/1998 $196M
DFJ Fund IV, 1/1997 $97M
DFJ Fund XI, 2/2014 $325M


Menlo Park, USA
2882 Sand Hill Road, Suite 150
Menlo Park, CA, 94025
Shanghai, CHN
Bangalore, IND


Founder & Managing Director
Partner & Managing Director
Partner & Managing Director
Venture Partner
Operations Partner
Venture Partner
Managing Director
Managing Director
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Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ)

DFJ is a venture capital firm that was founded in 1985. DFJ has backed more than 400 companies in enterprise, software, mobile, cleantech, energy, health care and other disruptive categories. DFJ’s team operates across the globe and specializes in many industries and geographies. DFJ works with companies in seed, early and growth stages.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Coinplug 4/2014Venture Round$400k2
Human Longevity 3/2014Series A$70M3
D.light Design 2/2014Series C$11M6
Campanja 2/2014Series A$5M5
CircleCI 2/2014Series A$6M1
PubMatic 2/2014Venture Round$13M5
CRATE Technology 2/2014Venture Round1
Zerve 12/2013Series D$1.84M1
Retrofit 12/2013Series B$5M2
Good Technology 12/2013Private Equity$65M8
Telly 12/2013Series B$8M6
Planet Labs 12/2013Series B$52M13
Raydiance 12/2013Venture Round$9.4M2
Highlight 12/2013Venture Round$4M6
Chef 12/2013Series D$32M6
Flurry 12/2013Series E$12.5M1
RichRelevance 11/2013Series F$20M5
Hexagram 49 11/2013Venture Round$8M1
JiWire 11/2013Partial Close$9.17M1
Redfin 11/2013Series F$50M9
Selligy 11/2013Series A$2.8M3
Solicore 11/2013Series A$4M7
Newsle 11/2013Series A$200k6
Rethink Robotics 11/2013Series D$11.5M6
Komli Media 10/2013Private Equity$30M5
SportsPursuit 10/2013Venture Round£2.2M1
Glycos Biotechnologies 10/2013Debt$375k2
icix 9/2013Venture Round$20.3M1
AngelList 9/2013Venture Round$24M19
Kaiima 9/2013Private Equity$65M3
WaterSmart Software 8/2013Series A$4.5M4
eShares 8/2013Seed$1.8M9
EverSpin Technologies 8/2013Series B$15M6
LendKey Technologies, Inc. 8/2013Series B$12.5M4
4INFO 8/2013Series E$8M5
Superfish 7/2013Series D$10M3 7/2013Series A$5.4M5
Ping Identity Corporation 7/2013Series F$44M9
QBotix 7/2013Series A$5M3
Movidius 7/2013Series D$16M5
Planet Labs 6/2013Series A$13.1M7
Twilio 6/2013Series D$70M3
Zillabyte 6/2013Seed4
InsightSquared 6/2013Series B$8M2
SugarSync 5/2013Venture Round$3M3
NanoString Technologies 5/2013Venture Round$150k3
EdeniQ 5/2013Venture Round$6.15M1
Enlighted 4/2013Series C$20M5
Bitbar 4/2013Venture Round$3M5
Varolii 4/2013Venture Round$3M1
4INFO 4/2013Venture Round$4.29M2
Kout 4/2013Venture Round$1.6M2
ShareThis 3/2013Series C$23M7
Spiral Genetics 3/2013Series A$3.22M1
Servio 3/2013Series B$4.26M1
Yodle 2/2013Series E$5M1
Aveillant 2/2013Series B£6.75M4
Pentalum Technologies 2/2013Series C$5.5M2
Virool 2/2013Seed$6.62M22
JIBE 2/2013Series B$10M6
Box 1/2013Series E$25M4
Emu Messenger 1/2013Seed$1.5M4
Prosper 1/2013Venture Round$20M7
Raydiance 1/2013Venture Round$20M1
PulsePoint 1/2013Venture Round$3M5
SCIenergy 12/2012Venture Round$3M1
Space Exploration Technologies 12/2012Venture Round$30M2
Eve Biomedical 12/2012Venture Round$6M1
Redux 12/2012Venture Round$1M1
ACHICA 12/2012Venture Round£8.25M3
NanoString Technologies 12/2012Series E$15.3M7
EverythingMe 11/2012Series C$25M5
Nantero 11/2012Series D$10M5
Xtime 11/2012Venture Round$23M5
Retrofit 11/2012Series A$8M5
icix 11/2012Venture Round$2.2M1
Neul 11/2012Venture Round£645k1
Ambiq Micro 11/2012Series B$3.6M2
Flurry 11/2012Series D$25M7
Zettaset 11/2012Series B$10M4
isocket 11/2012Series A$8M7
Zapier 10/2012Seed$1.2M3
BrightSource Energy 10/2012Private Equity$80M7
Bharat Light and Power Group 10/2012Venture Round$9.25M1
FundersClub 10/2012Seed$6.5M25
D-Wave Systems 10/2012Venture Round$30M10
Thuuz 9/2012Series A$4.2M3
Justin.TV 9/2012Partial Close$15.2M3
Karma Mobility 8/2012Seed$1.2M11
Raydiance 8/2012Venture Round$20M4
Box 7/2012Series E$125M7
Rethink Robotics 6/2012Series C$30M5
Lemon 6/2012Series A$8M5
Komli Media 6/2012Series D$39M5
PubMatic 6/2012Venture Round$45M5
BodyMedia 5/2012Venture Round$12M5
Altobeam 5/2012Series D$6M5
EdeniQ 5/2012Venture Round$32M10
RichRelevance 5/2012Series E$20M5
Chartbeat 4/2012Series B$9.5M2
WaterSmart Software 4/2012Venture Round$950k3
Direct Flow Medical 4/2012Venture Round$284k9
Eve Biomedical 4/2012Venture Round$1.67M1
Altobeam 3/2012Venture Round$6M1
Chef 3/2012Series C$19.5M4
Retail Innovation Group 3/2012Venture Round$7M1
SportsPursuit 3/2012Venture Round$1.2M1
Special Network Services 3/2012Venture Round£2.04M1
Jing-Jin Electric Technologies 3/2012Venture Round$43.8k1
Pentalum Technologies 3/2012Venture Round$500k1
SugarCRM 3/2012Venture Round$100k1
The Clymb 3/2012Series B$7M1
Yammer 2/2012Series E$85M12
SugarSync 2/2012Series D$15M3
Aveillant 2/2012Series A£1M1
RedKite Financial Markets 2/2012Venture Round£725k1
Solar Junction 2/2012Series D$19.2M4
Redux 2/2012Venture Round$960k1
SCIenergy 2/2012Venture Round$8M2
Vital Therapies 2/2012Venture Round$4.35M1
TrialPay 1/2012Series C$40M10
EverSpin Technologies 1/2012Venture Round$1.77M1
Oasys Water 1/2012Venture Round$3M1
Verbling 1/2012Seed$1M8
Agradis 1/2012Venture Round$4M1
Strike New Media Limited 1/2012Venture Round£1.8M1
ooma 1/2012Venture Round$17.3M2
Maidou International 1/2012Venture Round$3.5M1
Shanghai Dajun Technologies 1/2012Venture Round$20M1
SCIenergy 1/2012Venture Round$8M2
BinOptics 12/2011Venture Round$13.3M9
Clipboard 11/2011Seed14
NanoString Technologies 11/2011Series D$20M5
Box 10/2011Series D$81M9
4INFO 10/2011Series D$14M5
Redfin 10/2011Series E$14.8M6
Prudent Energy 10/2011Venture Round$29.5M6
Enlighted 10/2011Venture Round$14M3
Telly 9/2011Series A$6.5M2
Power Assure 9/2011Series B$13.5M4
Gen9 9/2011Venture Round$1.5M1
Retailigence 9/2011Series A$2.6M5
RethinkDB 9/2011Series A$3M9 8/2011Venture Round$15M1
Thumb 8/2011Series A$5.54M4
Jildy 8/2011Seed$650k2
Aegis 8/2011Series B$10M2
Varolii 7/2011Series D$8M4
Tango 7/2011Series B$42M4
Ping Identity Corporation 6/2011Venture Round$21M6
Prosper 6/2011Series E$17.2M2
EverythingMe 5/2011Venture Round$7M3
JIBE 5/2011Series A$6M6
WaterSmart Software 5/2011Seed$900k4
Gilt Groupe 5/2011Series E$138M10
JiWire 5/2011Venture Round$20M5
Signature 5/2011Angel$1.1M5
Kaiima 4/2011Venture Round$18M3
AdXpose 4/2011Series C$3M1
Zettaset 4/2011Series A$3M2
Z2 3/2011Series B$2.5M2
Thumb 3/2011Angel$1.2M8
Box 2/2011Series D$48M7
RentJuice 1/2011Venture Round$6.37M2
Meebo 12/2010Series D$27.5M5
iYogi 12/2010Series D$30M5
Flurry 12/2010Series C$15M5
Retailigence 11/2010Seed$1.5M9
Superfish 11/2010Series C$4M4
MyShape 11/2010Series C$5.5M3
Space Exploration Technologies 11/2010Series C$50M3
icix 10/2010Series B$6M2
Glycos Biotechnologies 10/2010Series B$4.22M5
Redux 9/2010Series B$1M2
Horizon Discovery 9/2010Series C$9.8M4
Canvera Digital Technologies 9/2010Venture Round$873k1
Power Assure 9/2010Venture Round$1.5M4
Intematix 8/2010Venture Round$4M3
ClearCount Medical Solutions 8/2010Series B$5M2
ArrayPower, Inc. 8/2010Venture Round$14M1
JiWire 8/2010Debt$2.1M3
Jing-Jin Electric Technologies 8/2010Venture Round$14.5M1
Servio 8/2010Series A$5.1M2
CloudCrowd 8/2010Series B$5.1M2
Pentalum Technologies 7/2010Series A$9M3
SolarCity 7/2010Private Equity$21.5M3
Komli Media 7/2010Series B$6M3
Power Assure 7/2010Venture Round$11.3M3
Ambiq Micro 7/2010Seed$250k3
Edgar Online 6/2010Venture Round$2M1
Chef 6/2010Series B$11M2
BrightSource Energy 5/2010Series D$150M4
Widetronix 5/2010Venture Round$285k1
EdeniQ 5/2010Series B$12.4M8
Tremor Video 4/2010Series D$40M8
Lumidigm 4/2010Venture Round$2.1M1
PubMatic 4/2010Series C$7.5M3
Genomatica 4/2010Series C$15M4
Box 4/2010Series C$15M3
Solar Junction 3/2010Series C$13.3M3
EveryScape 2/2010Series C$6M3
Yodle 2/2010Series D$10M3
LendKey Technologies, Inc. 1/2010Series A$6.5M3
SolarCity 1/2010Series E$24M1
Draytek Technologies 1/2010Venture Round$350k1
Flurry 1/2010Series B$7M4
iYogi 1/2010Series C$15M4
Solicore 12/2009Series D$1.1M4
5 Minutes 12/2009Series A$3.5M1
Tioga Energy 12/2009Series B$20M4
Mobim 12/2009Series A$3.4M1
Biofuelbox 12/2009Venture Round$5.2M2
PPTV 12/2009Series C$15M2
Panraven 12/2009Debt$2.7M2
Vizu Corporation 12/2009Series A$6.75M4
EoPlex Technologies 11/2009Venture Round$3.8M3
GreatPoint Energy 11/2009Venture Round$5M1
icix 11/2009Venture Round$5.77M1
GoodGuide 11/2009Series B$5.5M4
Redfin 11/2009Series D$10M5
Radar Networks 11/2009Debt$3M3
Renewable Funding 10/2009Series A$12.2M3
Box 10/2009Venture Round$7.1M2
Technorati 10/2009Series D$2M2
Brilliant Telecommunications 10/2009Venture Round$7.6M6
TargetCast Networks 9/2009Series B$6.5M2
Glycos Biotechnologies 9/2009Series A$675k1
Socialtext 9/2009Venture Round$1.7M1
ViVu 9/2009Series A$3M4
Qingdao Crystech Coating 9/2009Series A$8.1M1
Mahindra REVA 9/2009Venture Round$1M1
MyShape 8/2009Venture Round$10.5M1
isocket 8/2009Seed$2.1M16
Shanghai SynaCast Media 8/2009Venture Round$11.7M1
Fotomoto 8/2009Series A$323k4
Reenergy Electric 8/2009Venture Round$8.8M1
Space Exploration Technologies 8/2009Series B$30.4M3
Power Assure 7/2009Series A$2.5M1
Solicore 7/2009Series D$12.2M6
SeaMicro 7/2009Venture Round$15M1
RichRelevance 7/2009Series C$12.5M5
Brightkite 7/2009Venture Round$400k1
NanoString Technologies 6/2009Series C$30M3
Yardbarker Network 6/2009Venture Round$634k6
Apieron 6/2009Series D$5.9M4
Glycos Biotechnologies 5/2009Series A$5M2
Posit Science 4/2009Series C$5.6M3
Chef 4/2009Series A$2.5M2
NearbyNow 4/2009Series C$11.8M3
Socialtext 4/2009Series D$4.5M3
PubMatic 3/2009Series B$3.5M3
Ripple TV 3/2009Series C$4M2
Clixtr 3/2009Seed3
Altobeam 2/2009Venture Round$8M4
AdMob 1/2009Series C$12.5M3
Lumidigm 1/2009Series C$7M9
4INFO 1/2009Venture Round$20M6
GoodGuide 1/2009Series A$3.73M2
SugarSync 1/2009Series B$10M3
Five minutes 1/2009Series A$3.5M1
Yodle 1/2009Series C$10M4
Limbo 1/2009Series C$9M4
Stiki Digital 12/2008Series A$200k1
Fotomoto 12/2008Seed$300k2
Siimpel Corporation 11/2008Venture Round$8.7M3
Planet Metrics 11/2008Series A$2.3M2
D.light Design 11/2008Series A$6M6
SolarCity 10/2008Series D$30M3
Eventful 10/2008Series C$10M3
MyShape 10/2008Series C$12M4
Konarka Technologies 10/2008Venture Round$45M10
ooma 9/2008Series C$16M6
Anagran 9/2008Series D$8.6M3
NeoPhotonics 9/2008Venture Round$30M3
Fonality 9/2008Venture Round$12M3
Microfabrica 9/2008Series B$22.5M6
Pressmart 9/2008Series A$6M2
Attero 8/2008Venture Round$6.3M2
Siano Mobile Silicon 8/2008Series C$17.5M7
iList 8/2008Series A$1.5M3
ContextWeb 7/2008Series D$26M4
Graspr 7/2008Series A$2.5M1
ZON Networks 7/2008Venture Round$7M3
BrightSource Energy 6/2008Series C$115M6
Technorati 6/2008Series D$7.5M3
AdXpose 6/2008Series B$10M2
TopChalks 6/2008Seed$3.8M1
Yield Software 6/2008Series B$6M2
EatLime 6/2008Series A3
Samba Tech 6/2008Series A$3M2
Aniboom 6/2008Series B$10M3
NeuroVigil 5/2008Seed$250k3
Solar Junction 5/2008Series A$18M2
Mahindra REVA 5/2008Series B$24M2
GreenFuel 5/2008Series C$13.9M3
Increo Solutions 5/2008Seed$500k1
Meebo 4/2008Series C$25M5
Wigix 4/2008Series A$5.34M1
Silverpop 4/2008Venture Round$15M2
EverSpin Technologies 4/2008Series A$20M5
EdeniQ 4/2008Series A$33.1M9
Attero 4/2008Series B$2.5M1
Tang Wind Energy 4/2008Series B$6.8M1
Siklu 4/2008Series A$12M4
Jing-Jin Electric Technologies 4/2008Series A$1.8M1
Redux 4/2008Series A$3.5M2
Yardbarker Network 4/2008Series B$6M6
mBeat Media 4/2008Angel$1.5M3
Infoaxe 3/2008Seed$900k5
CafeMom 3/2008Series B$12M2
ShareThis 3/2008Series B$15M1
EveryScape 3/2008Series B$7M4
PopJax 3/2008Series A$4.7M3
Akimbo 2/2008Series D$4M5
Zonare Medical Systems 2/2008Venture Round$30M8
Liquid Machines 2/2008Series D$10M6
Naseeb Networks 2/2008Series B$2M2 2/2008Series A$6M2
Radar Networks 2/2008Series B$13M3
Glam Media 2/2008Series D$65M7
Glycos Biotechnologies 2/2008Venture Round$2.35M2
Tiny Pictures 2/2008Series B$7.2M2
D-Wave Systems 1/2008Series C$17M7
Integrated Media Measurement (IMMI) 1/2008Series C$25M3
Desi Hits 1/2008Series B$5M3
Nottingham Technology 1/2008Series A$1M1
Box 1/2008Series B$6M2
Imergy Power Systems, Inc. 1/2008Series B$15M5
ProQuo 1/2008Series B$8M2
SugarCRM 1/2008Series D$20M3
Jobfox 1/2008Series C$20M4
Komli Media 2008Series A$7M2
PubMatic 1/2008Series A$7M3
RichRelevance 12/2007Series B$4.2M5
Kyte 12/2007Series B$15M5
NanoTune 12/2007Series A$3.12M1
Gingersoft Media 11/2007Venture Round$2M2
Yodle 11/2007Series B$12M2
Socialtext 11/2007Series C$9.5M3
Siimpel Corporation 10/2007Venture Round$21.5M8
TrustedID 10/2007Series B$10M2
Splashtop, Inc 10/2007Series B$10M10
PPTV 9/2007Series B$21M3
kajeet 9/2007Series B$36.8M6
Tioga Energy 9/2007Series A$14M5
Mimeo 9/2007Series A$25M4
CafeMom 8/2007Series A$5M2
Doppelganger 8/2007Series D$11M5
Jaxtr 8/2007Series A$10M5
FFWD 8/2007Series A$1.7M1
MyShape 7/2007Series B4
Edvert 7/2007Series A$1.04M1
Jaxtr 7/2007Angel$1.5M4
Kyte 7/2007Series A$2.25M4
Redfin 7/2007Series C$12M5
Ripple TV 7/2007Series B$10M2
NanoString Technologies 6/2007Series B$8.5M2
Tioga Energy 6/2007Series A$10M5
IZEA 6/2007Series B$7M4
4INFO 6/2007Series D$10M6
Tesla Motors 5/2007Series D$45M8
CTS Media 5/2007Series B$8M3
Limbo 4/2007Series B$8M3
CastTV 4/2007Series A$3.1M3
NearbyNow 4/2007Venture Round$5M2
Flurry 3/2007Series A$3.5M3
UUSEE 3/2007Venture Round$23.5M6
CoalTek 2/2007Series C$33M2
EoPlex Technologies 2/2007Series C$8M4
Vizu Corporation 1/2007Series B$2.9M2
Athena Design Systems 1/2007Series B$4M6
Boxbe 1/2007Series A$1.5M2
Meebo 1/2007Series B$9M1
Ripple TV 1/2007Series A$5M2
Glam Media 12/2006Series C$18.5M5
ooma 12/2006Series B$18M6
Intematix 11/2006Series C$16.5M5
BinOptics 11/2006Series C$6M5
World of Good 11/2006Series B$4M2
Monitor110 11/2006Series C$11M4
Intrusic 10/2006Series B$8M3
Ping Identity Corporation 10/2006Series C$13M5
Box 10/2006Series A$1.5M1
IZEA 10/2006Series A$3M3
Visto 9/2006Private Equity$51M7
ContextWeb 9/2006Series C$15.5M4
Imergy Power Systems, Inc. 9/2006Series A3
Liquid Machines 9/2006Series C$7.5M4
Monitor110 9/2006Series B$5M3
Magnolia Broadband 9/2006Series E$10M8
ProQuo 9/2006Series A$5M1
Eventful 9/2006Series B$7.5M3
Groxis 8/2006Series B$4M2
Microfabrica 8/2006Series C$8M6
YeePay 8/2006Series C$3.35M4
Splashtop, Inc 8/2006Series A$10.5M5
Planitax 7/2006Series C$5M3
Limbo 7/2006Series B$9M2
Snapvine 7/2006Series A$2M4
NearbyNow 6/2006Series A$2.5M2
NanoOpto 6/2006Series D$5M6
NeoPhotonics 6/2006Series C$75M10
Ember 6/2006Venture Round$12M7
SOA Software 6/2006Series D$11M4
Technorati 6/2006Series C$10.5M3
Fangtek 6/2006Series C$12M4
JiWire 5/2006Series A$2.5M4
D-Wave Systems 5/2006Series B$14M5
Abazab 5/2006Venture Round$4.1M5
Luminus Devices 5/2006Series D$38M6
Tesla Motors 5/2006Series C$40M12
Imago Scientific Instruments 4/2006Venture Round$3.4M3
Miartech (Shanghai) 4/2006Series A$6M3
Revver 4/2006Series B$8.7M4
Meetup 3/2006Series C$4.5M3
SugarSync 3/2006Series B$13.5M3
Social Project 3/2006Series A$7.5M1
Podcast Ready 2/2006Series A$2.33M3
Spinal Modulation 1/2006Series A$7M3
OnVantage 1/2006Series B$18M4
MailFrontier 1/2006Venture Round$1.5M3
SkyGrid 1/2006Series A$2.25M4
Limbo 12/2005Series A$1.1M2
Anagran 11/2005Series B$14M4
GreatPoint Energy 11/2005Series A$7M2
Game Trust 11/2005Series B$9M7
Siimpel Corporation 11/2005Series C$20.1M5
Revver 11/2005Series A$4M3
Hands-On Mobile 10/2005Series C$30M4
Ultriva 10/2005Series A$4M4
Lumidigm 10/2005Series B$8.1M7
BlogCN 10/2005Series B$7.34M2
TrustedID 10/2005Series A$10M2
SugarCRM 10/2005Series C$18.8M3
Location Labs 10/2005Series B$4M4
SugarSync 9/2005Series A$3M2
Molecular Imprints 9/2005Series C$17M6
Everdream 9/2005Series F$20M5
Alert Logic 9/2005Series A$2.3M4
Visto 9/2005Private Equity$70M7
Generic Media 8/2005Venture Round$2.5M2
Troika Networks 7/2005Series B$14.4M5
Glam Media 7/2005Series B$10M3
Planitax 6/2005Series B$5M3
ContextWeb 6/2005Series B$9M3
Intrusic 4/2005Series A$8M3
FeedBurner 4/2005Series B$7M4
Socialtext 4/2005Series B$3.1M2
NanoOpto 3/2005Series C$12M5
Eventful 3/2005Series A$2.1M2
4INFO 3/2005Series C$8M6
Nantero 3/2005Series C$15M4
Vizional Technologies 3/2005Series A$3.5M2
BinOptics 2/2005Series B$10M4
Location Labs 2/2005Series B$12M2
SugarCRM 2/2005Series B$5.75M2
Roving Planet 1/2005Series C$6M5
Apieron 2005Series B$16M1
EveryScape 1/2005Series A$4.5M4
ooma 1/2005Series A$8M4
Technorati 9/2004Series B$6.5M1
SugarCRM 8/2004Series A$2M1
Akimbo 7/2004Series B$12M2
Baidu 6/2004Series C$100M6
ContextWeb 6/2004Series A$3M3
Mobile365 (fka InphoMatch) 3/2004Series D$13.5M4
Skype 3/2004Series B$18.8M2
Meetup 11/2003Series B$5.3M2
Nantero 9/2003Series B$10.5M3
Meetup 12/2002Series A$1M1
Epocrates 8/2002Series C5
Nantero 10/2001Series A$6M2
Polaris Wireless 7/2001Venture Round1
Baidu 9/2000Series B$10M4
Epocrates 8/2000Series B$35M5
Xtime 2000Venture Round$5.4M1



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  29. Selligy Raises $2.8M in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  30. Solicore holds first close of $4 mln on financing round ( [edit]
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  32. Rethink Robotics raises $11.5M led by Two Sigma Ventures ( [edit]
  33. Digital Ad Firm Komli Media Raises $30 mn from PE Fund Peepul Capital & Existing Investors ( [edit]
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  38. Kaiima Bio-Agritech Closes Financing Round of More Than $65 Million ( [edit]
  39. WaterSmart Software Closes $4.5M Series A Funding ( [edit]
  40. eShares Raises $1.8 Million In Funding To Replace Paper Stock Certificates With Electronic Shares At Private Companies ( [edit]
  41. Everspin Technologies Raises $15M in Series B Financing ( [edit]
  42. Online Lending Technology Company LendKey Raises $12.5M ( [edit]
  43. 4INFO Raises $8M in Funding ( [edit]
  44. Superfish Raises $10M In series D Funding ( [edit]
  45. Personalized News Radio App Swell Raises $5.4M ( [edit]
  46. Ping Identity Closes $44M Financing ( [edit]
  47. QBotix Inc. Receives $5M in Funding, Releases New SolBot ( [edit]
  48. Movidius Raises $16M In Series D Funding ( [edit]
  49. Planet Labs Raises $13M From OATV, Founders Fund To Build The World’s Largest Fleet Of Earth-Imaging Satellites ( [edit]
  50. Twilio Raises A $70M Series D As They Consider An IPO ( [edit]
  51. Silicon Valley Venture Capital Almanac source [edit]
  52. InsightSquared raises $8m to grow its SaaS sales and marketing analytics service for small businesses ( [edit]
  53. Dropbox competitor SugarSync gets a further $3M ( [edit]
  54. SEC ( [edit]
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  56. Enlighted Raises $20M for Networked Smart Lighting Nodes, Software ( [edit]
  57. Bitbar Raises $3M From Qualcomm, Creathor, DFJ Esprit, And Finnvera For Its Testdroid Mobile App Testing Platform ( [edit]
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  62. Spiral Genetics Closes $3M Series A Financing ( [edit]
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  64. DFJ Report [edit]
  65. Aveillant has £6.75m on its radar to boost new wind power technology ( [edit]
  66. Pentalum Pulls In $5.5M for Remote Wind Measurement ( [edit]
  67. YC-Backed Virool Raises $6.62 Million “Seed” Round To Help Make Videos Go Viral ( [edit]
  68. JIBE Raises $10M Series B To Make Even More Job Applications Mobile-Friendly ( [edit]
  69. SEC ( [edit]
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  71. Peer-To-Peer Lending Marketplace Prosper Raises $20M From Sequoia, Eric Schmidt And Others; Brings On New CEO ( [edit]
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  79. NanoString Technologies Completes $15.3 Million Series E Financing ( [edit]
  80. Announces a $25 Million Strategic Investment From Telefónica, SingTel Innov8, Mozilla and Existing Investors ( [edit]
  81. Nantero gets $10M to move product into commercialization ( [edit]
  82. Xtime Raises $23M in Series 2 Funding ( [edit]
  83. Another Win For Quantified Self And Big Data Startups: Weight Loss Platform Retrofit Gains An $8M Series A Round Led By DFJ ( [edit]
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  85. EDGAR [edit]
  86. Ambiq Micro Inc. receives $3.6M financing ( [edit]
  87. Investors Plug Another $25 Million Into IPO-Bound Flurry ( [edit]
  88. Zettaset Raises $10M To Build Out Hadoop Data Security ( [edit]
  89. isocket Nabs $8M From Foundry, Tim Draper & More To Bring Modern Tech, APIs To Premium Online Advertising ( [edit]
  90. Zapier Raises $1.2M Seed Round From Bessemer Venture Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson & Others ( [edit]
  91. BrightSource Raises $80M More for Concentrating Solar Power ( [edit]
  92. EDGAR [edit]
  93. To Turn The Crowd Into Venture Capitalists, FundersClub Raises $6M Seed Round -- Biggest In YC History ( [edit]
  94. D-Wave Systems Closes $30M Equity Funding ( [edit]
  95. Sports Discovery App Thuuz Raises $4.2M From Major TV Partners To Dominate Your Second Screen ( [edit]
  96. SEC ( [edit]
  97. Draper Fisher Jurvetson invests in social bandwidth MVNO Karma ( [edit]
  98. Big Money For Nano-Innovations: Samsung Leads $20M Round In Raydiance For Laser Precision Manufacturing ( [edit]
  99. Box Raises $125M To Target Global Growth And Large Enterprises, Round Led By General Atlantic ( [edit]
  100. Heartland Robotics changes name, lands $30M ( [edit]
  101. Lemon Raises $8M to Make Physical Wallets a Thing of the Past ( [edit]
  102. Komli Media Raises $39 Million Led by Norwest Venture Partners ( [edit]
  103. PubMatic raises $45M in mezzanine financing led by August Capital; Eyes acquisitions ( [edit]
  104. BodyMedia Raises $12 Million Funding Round Led By Comcast Ventures ( [edit]
  105. AltoBeam Closes $6M Series D Funding ( [edit]
  106. EdeniQ Gets $32 Million to Extract Plant Sugars for Biofuel ( [edit]
  107. RichRelevance Raises $20M From Crosslink, Greylock To Help Manage Personalization For Retailers ( [edit]
  108. Chartbeat Raises $9.5M, Launches Engagement-Focused Redesign ( [edit]
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  122. Cloud-Based File Syncing Platform SugarSync Raises $15M To Add Another Data Center To The Mix ( [edit]
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  125. Solar Junction Closes $19.2M Series D Funding ( [edit]
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  129. TrialPay Raises $40 Million From Visa, Greylock, T.Rowe Price ( [edit]
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  132. Verbling Raises $1M To Link Up Language Learners Through Video Chat ( [edit]
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  135. Ooma Raises $17.3 Million For Its “Free” Home Calling Service ( [edit]
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  139. BinOptics Attracts $13.3 Million in Funding ( [edit]
  140. ‘Web Clipping 2.0′ Startup Clipboard Backed By Andreessen Horowitz, Index, CrunchFund, Others ( [edit]
  141. NanoString Grabs $20M From GE, Former Genzyme CEO to Pursue Molecular Diagnostics ( [edit]
  142. Cloud Storage Platform Raises $81M From Salesforce, SAP At $600M-Plus Valuation ( [edit]
  143. Mobile Advertising Company 4INFO Raises $14M From Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital And Others ( [edit]
  144. Redfin Raises Another $14.8 Million To Reinvent The Real Estate Market ( [edit]
  145. Prudent Energy Raises $29.5M ( [edit]
  146. Enlighted Closes $14M Funding Round ( [edit]
  147. Twitvid Raises $6.5M in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  148. Power Assure Closes $13.5M Series B Funding ( [edit]
  149. Stealthy Gen9 nabs $1.5M in new funding ( [edit]
  150. Motorola Solutions Venture Capital Invests in Retailigence’s $2.6 Million Funding Round ( [edit]
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  152. Hudong Lands $15M Financing ( [edit]
  153. SoftBank's Joe Medved on Board as Opinionaided Raises $5.5M ( [edit]
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  156. Varolii Raises Growth Capital to Expand Smartphone and Inbound Capabilities ( [edit]
  157. Tango Takes $42 Million VC Round To The Bank And Its Mobile Video Calling To The PC ( [edit]
  158. Ping Identity Raises $21M To Provide A Secure, Single Sign-On For Enterprise Applications ( [edit]
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  160. Do@ Raises $7M; Launches ( [edit]
  161. DFJ Leads $6 Million Round For Social Job Board Jibe ( [edit]
  162. WaterSmart Software Taps into Seed Funding ( [edit]
  163. TechCrunch ( [edit]
  164. Location-Based Mobile Advertising Company JiWire Raises $20 Million ( [edit]
  165. Signature Launches ( [edit]
  166. Seed breeding co Kaiima raises $18m ( [edit]
  167. Mpire becomes Adxpose and lands $3M for verifying online ads ( [edit]
  168. GOTO Metrics Closes $3 Million Funding Round from Marquis Investors, Re-Names Company Zettaset ( [edit]
  169. SEC ( [edit]
  170. Opinionaided Raises $1 Million For Mobile Q&A Service ( [edit]
  171. Enterprise Cloud Storage Platform Raises $48M From Andreessen Horowitz And Others ( [edit]
  172. Real Estate Community RentJuice Gets $6.2 Million From Tim Draper And Highland Capital ( [edit]
  173. Meebo closes $27.5M round to socialize the Web ( [edit]
  174. iYogi Raises $30 Million Led by Sequoia Capital ( [edit]
  175. Mobile app analytics firm Flurry closes $15 million Series C round ( [edit]
  176. Retailigence Raises $1.5M in Seed Financing ( [edit]
  177. Superfish reels in $4M to go window shopping in your browser ( [edit]
  178. MyShape Raises $5.5 Million To Help Women Shop For Clothes That Fit Them ( [edit]
  179. Investors Throw Another $50 Million Into SpaceX ( [edit]
  180. ICiX Wraps Up $6M For Supply Chain Risk Management ( [edit]
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  182. Redux gets $1M to help users find and watch online videos ( [edit]
  183. Horizon Discovery Raises $9.8M For Genetic Modeling ( [edit]
  184. EDGAR [edit]
  185. Power Assure Receives $1.5M Investment from ABB ( [edit]
  186. Intematix Secures $3,999,900 New Funding Round ( [edit]
  187. ClearCount Medical Solutions Closes $5M Series B Financing Round ( [edit]
  188. EDGAR [edit]
  189. JiWire raises $2.1M for Wi-Fi ads, reports users prefer location-based coupons ( [edit]
  190. EDGAR [edit]
  191. CloudCrowd Raises $5.1 Million ( [edit]
  192. CloudCrowd gets $5.1M to grow its outsourced labor force ( [edit]
  193. Cleantech co Pentalum raises $9m ( [edit]
  194. SolarCity Bags $21.5M for Solar Rooftops ( [edit]
  195. Komli Media Raises $6 Million in Additional Funding ( [edit]
  196. Power Assure Gets $11.25 million Jolt of Funding ( [edit]
  197. Ambiq Micro Receives Funding From University of Michigan Frankel Commercialization Fund ( [edit]
  198. EDGAR [edit]
  199. Opscode Closes $11 Million Series B Round ( [edit]
  200. BrightSource Energy Lights Up An Additional $150M In VC Funding ( [edit]
  201. Widetronix Wins DFJ Competition, $250K ( [edit]
  202. EdenIQ, Inc.: Series B $12.4M ( [edit]
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  204. SEC D ( [edit]
  205. PubMatic Pulls In $7.5M ( [edit]
  206. Genomatica, Inc.: Series C $15M ( [edit]
  207. Raises $15 Million To Take On Microsoft SharePoint In The Cloud ( [edit]
  208. CPV Semi Startup Solar Junction Gets More Funding ( [edit]
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  210. Local Advertising Booster Yodle Raises Another $10 Million, SEC ( [edit]
  211. Fynanz Steps Up To Fill Student-Loans Gap With $6.5M Series A ( [edit]
  212. SolarCity Uses $24M Recent Round To Expand ( [edit]
  213. Draper Fisher [edit]
  214. Flurry Closes $7M Series B Financing ( [edit]
  215. Remote Tech Support Company iYogi Gets A $15 Million Boost From DFJ, Others ( [edit]
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  217. Chinese Social Game Developer 5 Minutes Raises $3.5M in Series A Financing, Reports Say ( [edit]
  218. MEMC Invests In Another Installer: Tioga Energy ( [edit]
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  220. Biofuelbox secures $5.2M for waste-to-biodiesel tech ( [edit]
  221. PPLive Gets New Funding ( [edit]
  222. Panraven's electronic scrapbooks draw in $2.7M ( [edit]
  223. Silicon Alley Insider ( [edit]
  224. EoPlex bags $3.8M for miniature 3-D structures ( [edit]
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  226. Draper Fisher [edit]
  227. GoodGuide lets you scan barcodes to find the most ethical products ( [edit]
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  230. Renewable Funding let’s you easily finance your solar panel investment ( [edit]
  231. Adds $7.1 Million In Funding For Digital File Storage ( [edit]
  232. Technorati Raises Another $2 Million In Venture Capital ( [edit]
  233. Brilliant Secures $7.6 Million in Funding from ONSET Ventures and NovAtel for Next-Generation Timing and Synchronization ( [edit]
  234. TargetCast Networks Attracts New Venture Capital Round of $6.5 Million From Claremont Creek Ventures and DFJ ( [edit]
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  241. isocket Raises $2M In Funding From Top Investors ( [edit]
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  243. Draper via TC [edit]
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  247. Solicore Raises $13.3 Million in Financing Led by Rogers Corp. ( [edit]
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  252. Yardbarker scores $634K to connect pro athletes with fans ( [edit]
  253. Apieron, Inc.: Series D $5.9M* ( [edit]
  254. Glycos Biotechnologies, Inc. Closes Series A Round of $5 Million ( [edit]
  255. Posit Science raises $5.6M for brain fitness software ( [edit]
  256. DataCenterKnowledge ( [edit]
  257. NearbyNow gets $11.75M in 3rd round ( [edit]
  258. Socialtext Raises Fourth Round ( [edit]
  259. PubMatic Gets Series B ( [edit]
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  262. DTV Chipset Designer AltoBeam Receives $8M Investment ( [edit]
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  265. 4INFO Raises $20 Million For Ad-Supported Texting Campaigns ( [edit]
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  273. Siimpel Corp. Secures $8,700,000 New Funding ( [edit]
  274. San Francisco-Based Planet Metrics Raises $2.3 Million in First Round ( [edit]
  275. Solar Home Lighting's D.light Design Raises $6M ( [edit]
  276. LA Times ( [edit]
  277. Eventful nabs a strategic investment and Ticketmaster partnership ( [edit]
  278. Lehman Bros. backs myShape amid death rattle ( [edit]
  279. Polymer photovoltaic company Konarka raises $45 million ( [edit]
  280. Ooma gets $16M in 3rd round ( [edit]
  282. EDGAR [edit]
  283. Fonality Closes $12M Financing Round to Accelerate Growth in Open Source Communications Market ( [edit]
  284. Microfabrica Secures $22.5 Million Funding to Grow its Medical Device Business ( [edit]
  285. paidContent ( [edit]
  286. Attero recycling raises funding of $6.3 million ( [edit]
  287. Siano Raises $17.5M in Round C Funding To Expand its Leadership in Mobile TV Markets ( [edit]
  288. TechCrunch ( [edit]
  289. Online Ad Firm ContextWeb Gets $26 Million In Fourth Round; More to Come ( [edit]
  290. Graspr Raises $2.5 Million, Shifts Into Syndication Mode ( [edit]
  291. DFJ Invests $7 Million in Stealth Startup Zon networks ( [edit]
  292. Google joins in $115M investment into solar thermal company, BrightSource ( [edit]
  293. Technorati Raises $7.5 Million, Crashes ( [edit]
  294. Widgetbucks Pockets $10 Million in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  295. Catura into education vertical ( [edit]
  296. Yield Software Closes $6M in Financing from DFJ and WPP ( [edit]
  297. Video Sharer EatLime Gets Funding From DFJ ( [edit]
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  300. Draper Fisher Jurvetson, DFJ Frontier, and Zone Ventures Award $250,000 to NeuroVigil in Fourth Annual DFJ Venture Challenge ( [edit]
  301. EDGAR [edit]
  302. Reva Electric Car Gets $20 Million Charge From DFJ And Global Environment Fund ( [edit]
  303. GreenFuel raises $13.9M ( [edit]
  304. Backboard: Easy Feedback For Documents and Images ( [edit]
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  309. EdeniQ quietly raises $33 million for cellulosic ethanol ( [edit]
  310. Attero Recycling Receives Funding for E-Waste Recycling Facility ( [edit]
  311. EDGAR [edit]
  312. Israeli wireless backhaul start-up company, Siklu, receives a first round investment of $12M ( [edit]
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  315. Yardbarker Raises $6 Million Second Round For Sports Community And Ad Network ( [edit]
  316. Mobile music download service mBeat Media raises $1.5M ( [edit]
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  320. Interview: EveryScape Gets $7M in Series B ( [edit]
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  322. Akimbo, failed video distribution company, tries again, raises $8M ( [edit]
  323. Compact-ultrasound maker Zonare Medical raises $30M ( [edit]
  324. Liquid Machines locks up $10M in fourth funding ( [edit]
  325. Naseeb, a Pakistani online recruitment and social network company, raises $2M ( [edit]
  326. [edit]
  327. [edit]
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  329. EDGAR [edit]
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  331. Quantum computing firm bags $17m more in funding ( [edit]
  332. ( [edit]
  333. Desi Hits gets $5M more for South Asia entertainment portal ( [edit]
  334. EDGAR [edit]
  335. PR Web ( [edit]
  336. Clean storage company Deeya gets $15M ( [edit]
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  338. [edit]
  339. Jobfox expanding, raises $20M ( [edit]
  340. Digital Ad Firm Komli Media Raises $30 mn from PE Fund Peepul Capital & Existing Investors ( [edit]
  341. [edit]
  342. [edit]
  343. Kyte announces funding, new features ( [edit]
  344. NanoTune raises $3.12M for smart materials ( [edit]
  345. mGinger gets $2 million VC funding ( [edit]
  346. [edit]
  347. [edit]
  348. Siimpel raises $21.5M for imaging technology for cellphones ( [edit]
  349. TrustedID raises $10M for credit fraud protection, though unclear how popular it is. ( [edit]
  350. DeviceVM Announces Series B Funding of $10M ( [edit]
  351. Chinese Video Biz PPLive Raises $21M ( [edit]
  352. kajeet raises $36.8M in series-B round of funding ( [edit]
  353. Tioga Energy Completes $14 Million A-Round ( [edit]
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  359. myShapeâ„¢ Announces Closing of Series B Round of Funding Led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson ( [edit]
  360. Stealth Ad Matchmaker Edvert Intros Advertisers and Publishers ( [edit]
  361. [edit]
  362. takes self expression to the next level ( [edit]
  363. [edit]
  364. Ripple Secures Series B Funding ( [edit]
  365. NanoString wraps up $8.5M for molecular bar codes ( [edit]
  366. Tioga Energy gets $10M to offer more solar power ( [edit]
  367. IZEA Blog ( [edit]
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  371. NEA Invests $6 Million in Limbo 41414 ( [edit]
  372. Web Video Search Service CastTV Gets Funding ( [edit]
  373. VentureBeat ( [edit]
  374. Flurry, offering free email for your phone, raises $3.5M ( [edit]
  375. UUSee – the YouTube Killer – gets more funding – $23 million worth ( [edit]
  376. Clean Coal Maker CoalTek Raises $33M ( [edit]
  377. EoPlex Increases C-Round by Fifty Percent to Finance Expansion and to Manufacture New Types of Cell Phone Antennas ( [edit]
  378. [edit]
  379. Athena Design Completes Series B Funding, Two New Investors Join EDA Start-up ( [edit]
  380. [edit]
  381. Meebo Announces $9 Million Series B Round ( [edit]
  382. [edit]
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  385. Intematix raises $16.5M for solid-state lighting and other material discovery ( [edit]
  386. BinOptics to Expand its Laser Product Line and Accelerate Blue Laser Development Effort Following Series C Funding ( [edit]
  387. World of Good raises $4M for “fair trade” goods ( [edit]
  388. Monitor110 raises $11M more to track Internet for investors ( [edit]
  389. Intrusic takes in $8M second VC round ( [edit]
  390. Ping Identity Completes $13 Million Financing ( [edit]
  391. [edit]
  392. PayPerPost Blog ( [edit]
  393. Visto raises $51 million, as expected — now what? ( [edit]
  394. ContextWeb Closes $15.5 Million Series C of Funding ( [edit]
  395. Deeya Energy, A Clean Energy Technology Company, Raises Its First Round; BlueRun Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and DFJ Element Share the Round ( [edit]
  396. Liquid Machines Announces Goldman, Sachs & Co. To Lead $7.5 Million Investment ( [edit]
  397. Monitor110 Announces $5 Million in Series B Funding; Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Draper Fisher Jurvetson Gotham Ventures, and Acadia Woods Partners Join Existing Investors in Oversubscribed Series B Round ( [edit]
  399. [edit]
  400. [edit]
  401. Groxis raises $4M in second round ( [edit]
  402. Microfabrica Secures $8 Million Funding to Expand Fabrication Facility in Van Nuys, California ( [edit]
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  405. Planitax Announces $5 Million Funding Led By Mobius Venture Capital; Funding Demonstrates Continued Investor Confidence in Planitax Vision, Technology, and Market Momentum. ( [edit]
  406. Limbo 41414 Secures $9 Million to Accelerate Growth of Its Mobile Entertainment Community ( [edit]
  407. Venture Capital: Snapvine turns up the volume a notch ( [edit]
  408. EDGAR [edit]
  409. NanoOpto raises $5m in series D funding ( [edit]
  410. EDGAR [edit]
  411. Ember receives $12 million in new financing ( [edit]
  412. SOA Software Closes $11 Million Venture Round ( [edit]
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  416. Quantum Computer Pioneer D-Wave Systems Secures Funding ( [edit]
  417. EDGAR [edit]
  418. Luminus Devices Receives $38 Million Investment ( [edit]
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  420. Imago Scientific Instruments Secures $3.4m in Equity Funding ( [edit]
  421. Miartech Closes $6 Million in First Round of Institutional Funding ( [edit]
  422. [edit]
  423. eBay's Affinity for ( [edit]
  424. Sharpcast Secures $13.5 Million in Series B Funding Led by Sigma Partners. ( [edit]
  425. [edit]
  426. EDGAR [edit]
  427. EDGAR [edit]
  428. OnVantage Secures $18M in Series B Financing to Accelerate Growth; Norwest Venture Partners, Texas Pacific Group Ventures Lead Round; Validate Company's Vision, Dominance in Global Meetings and Events Market.(Industry Overview) ( [edit]
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  434. Game Trust Closes $9 Million Series B Financing ( [edit]
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  437. EDGAR [edit]
  438. eBots, Inc. Raises $4 Million in Series A Financing ( [edit]
  439. Lumidigm secures US$8.1 Million funding ( [edit]
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  446. Everdream Secures $20 Million in Series F Funding ( [edit]
  447. Alert Logic Secures $2.3M for Internal Network Defense Product. ( [edit]
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  449. EDGAR [edit]
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  452. Planitax Announces $5 Million Series B Funding; Mobius Venture Capital, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Access Venture Partners Endorse the Company's Corporate Tax Solution Vision ( [edit]
  453. ContextWeb Raises $9 Million Second Round ( [edit]
  454. EDGAR [edit]
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  456. Socialtext Raised $3.1 Million In Series B Funding ( [edit]
  457. NanoOpto Announces Closing on $12M of C-Round Venture Financing ( [edit]
  458. [edit]
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  460. Nantero Announces $15mm in Funding ( [edit]
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  463. WaveMarket Secures $9.4 Million Series B Funding Led By Draper Fisher Jurvertson ( [edit]
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  465. Roving Planet Secures $6 Million in New Financing ( [edit]
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  481. Polaris Wireless raises $10 million to pay back first investor ( [edit]
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