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DCM Fund VI, 7/2010 $400M
DCM Fund VII, 3/2014 $330M


U.S. Office
2420 Sand Hill Road
Suite 200
Menlo Park, CA, 94025
Beijing, CHN
Unit 1, Level 10, Tower W2, Oriental Plaza
No.1 East Chang An Ave. Dong Cheng District
Beijing, 100738, CHN
Tokyo, JPN
NBF Hibiya Building 5F
1-1-7 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo, 100-0011, JPN


Co-founder, General Partner
General Partner
General Partner
General Partner
General Partner
General Partner
General Partner
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DCM assists entrepreneurs building world-class companies that will ultimately change how institutions and people use and live with technology.

DCM focuses the size of their team, the money they raise, and the investments they make – all so that they can focus on the business of helping portfolio companies succeed. Collectively, the DCM investing partners have over a century of investing and operational experience, and each DCM partner has experience building hyper-growth startups into billion-dollar businesses.

DCM manages seven funds totaling greater than $2 billion, and have made investments in more than 200 technology companies across the United States and Asia. With offices in the Silicon Valley, Beijing and Tokyo, DCM provides hands-on operational guidance and a vast network of global business and financial resources to its portfolio companies.

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Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
SoFi 4/2014Series C$80M6
DerbySoft 4/2014Series D$9M1
Meiaoju 3/2014Series A$8.13M1
Augmedix 3/2014Venture Round$3.2M8
Huodongxing 3/2014Series B3
Wandoujia 1/2014Series B$120M4
YongChe 12/2013Private Equity$60M2
Crowdtilt 12/2013Series B$23M12
Zenverge 12/2013Series E$11M5
51Talk 12/2013Series B$10M2
UCloud Information Technology 11/2013Series A$10M2
Trusper 11/2013Series A$6.17M10 11/2013Series E$38M12
Arrayent 11/2013Series B$11.9M3
Nok Nok Labs 11/2013Series A$15M2
Basis Science 10/2013Series B$23M8
Tuniu 9/2013Series D$60M1
RealScout 8/2013Seed$1.1M3
Slice 8/2013Series B$23M6
Apsalar 8/2013Series B$9M4
Freee 7/2013Series A¥270M2
FreedomPop 7/2013Series A$5M2
Zenverge 7/2013Debt$5.76M2
Life360 7/2013Series B$10M7
SigFig 7/2013Series B$15M3
Cognitive Networks 6/2013Venture Round$1.5M1
Whistle 6/2013Series A$6M3
SavingStar 4/2013Series D$9.1M5
Youxinpai 4/2013Series A$30M4
Crowdtilt 3/2013Series A$12M8
Basis Science 3/2013Series B$11.5M3
Cmune 2/2013Series A1
FreedomPop 2/2013Series A$4.3M2
Freee 12/2012Seed¥50M1
Exablox 12/2012Venture Round$22M3
DXY 12/2012Series B$10M3
RockYou 10/2012Venture Round$1.21M3
Zenverge 9/2012Series D$26.2M8
Tely Labs 9/2012Venture Round$13M2
CENX 9/2012Venture Round3
SoFi 9/2012Series B$77.2M3
PayPerks 9/2012Series A4
Little Black Bag 8/2012Series B$8M3
FiveStars Loyalty 8/2012Series A$14.5M6
Green Throttle Games 8/2012Series A$6M2
FreedomPop 7/2012Series A$7.5M2
CENX 6/2012Venture Round$9.5M3
Crowdtilt 5/2012Seed$2.1M14 4/2012Series B$10.1M3
Amalfi Semiconductor 4/2012Venture Round$20M3
ENOVIX 3/2012Series C$15M2
Little Black Bag 2/2012Series A$2.75M3 12/2011Series D$15.5M6
Kanbox 10/2011Series B$20M1
BridgeLux 10/2011Venture Round$15M6
Appia 10/2011Venture Round1
WePow 10/2011Venture Round3
KakaoTalk 8/2011Series A3
BridgeLux 7/2011Series E$60M3 7/2011Series A$6M2
Jaspersoft 7/2011Venture Round$11M8
Buck 6/2011Venture Round3
UYA100 6/2011Series A$4M2
Slice 5/2011Series A$9.4M6
Revel Systems 5/2011Series A$3.7M1
Buck 5/2011Series B$6.6M2
NoiseToys 5/2011Seed$1.2M7
PapayaMobile 4/2011Series B$18M2
FiveStars Loyalty 4/2011Seed$2M6
Tuniu 4/2011Series C$50M4 4/2011Series B$41.2M2
Basis Science 3/2011Series A$9M2 3/2011Series C$15M3
AdKeeper 1/2011Series B$35M5
Huodongxing 2011Series A2
Wanxue Education 1/2011Series B$16M3
Wandoujia 2011Series A$8M2
Keep Holdings 1/2011Series B$35M5
Abound Solar 12/2010Private Equity$110M4
Qianrui Clothes 12/2010Venture Round2
mig33 11/2010Series C$8.9M3
Vipshop 11/2010Venture Round$20M2
Vindicia 11/2010Series E$20M4 11/2010Angel$20M2
TransLattice 11/2010Series A$9.5M1
PlayFirst 10/2010Venture Round$9.2M5
Tonchidot 9/2010Series B$12M4
SandForce 9/2010Series D$25M5
ApaceWave Technologies 6/2010Venture Round$7.8M3 6/2010Series C$8.5M4
Pokelabo 6/2010Series A$12M2
Zenverge 4/2010Series C$30M4 4/2010Venture Round$15M2
DXY 3/2010Angel$2M1
PeerPong 2/2010Venture Round$2.8M4
PapayaMobile 1/2010Series A$4M1
Tuniu 1/2010Series B$10M1
Tonchidot 12/2009Series A$4M2 12/2009Venture Round$5M4 11/2009Series B$10M3
SandForce 11/2009Series C$21M6
Ecast 10/2009Venture Round$17M4
Smith & Tinker 8/2009Venture Round$29M5
Analogix Semiconductor 8/2009Series B$10M5
Amalfi Semiconductor 8/2009Series C$24M4 8/2009Series B$8.5M2
Vindicia 7/2009Series D$7.5M4
Ventiva 7/2009Venture Round$8M2
SignaCert 4/2009Series B$8.8M4
OneChip Photonics 3/2009Series A$19.5M4
Jaspersoft 12/2008Venture Round$12.5M5
Goodmail Systems 11/2008Series C$20M4
Trion Worlds 9/2008Series C$70M6
BitTorrent 9/2008Series C$7M3
AVA Solar 8/2008Series B$104M5
MIOX 8/2008Venture Round$19M3
RockYou 6/2008Series C$35M1 6/2008Series B$2.6M2
Ecast 5/2008Series D$12.3M5
SandForce 4/2008Series B2
Ustream 4/2008Series A$11.8M1
BridgeLux 4/2008Series D$30M6
Vindicia 3/2008Series C$5.6M2
mig33 1/2008Series B$13.5M4
Outspark 1/2008Series B$11M3
Bitauto Holdings 12/2007Series C$15M3
PlayFirst 12/2007Series C$16.5M4
Zenverge 10/2007Series B$15M3
Catalyst Mobile 10/2007Series B$10M2
Wikinvest 10/2007Series A$2.5M1 9/2007Series A$6M2
Analogix Semiconductor 8/2007Venture Round$14M4
Jaspersoft 8/2007Series D$12M5
BridgeLux 8/2007Series C$23M5
CareParent 7/2007Series A$6M2
Trion Worlds 7/2007Series B$30M6
PGP Corporation 6/2007Series C$27.3M4
Outspark 4/2007Series A$4M2
Pandora.TV 4/2007Series B$10M4
AudioPixels 3/2007Venture Round$4M2
Picsel Technologies 2/2007Series C$46.5M5
Zenverge 2/2007Series A$5.05M2 1/2007Series A$2.1M1
BitTorrent 12/2006Series B$25M2
Colubris Networks 10/2006Venture Round$14M4
Cortina Systems 9/2006Series D$132M7
OpVista 6/2006Series C$28M1
Encover 5/2006Series C$8M3
VanceInfo Technologies 5/2006Series B3
NeoPath Networks 5/2006Series C$11M4
99Bill 4/2006Series B$15.1M3
BridgeLux 4/2006Venture Round$8.5M3
Renren Inc. 3/2006Venture Round$48M5
ApaceWave Technologies 2/2006Series A$12.1M2
Amalfi Semiconductor 2/2006Series B$20M3
Pandora.TV 2/2006Series A$6M2
SignaCert 12/2005Series A$10M4
PGP Corporation 12/2005Venture Round$10M3
Autonomic Networks 10/2005Series E$26M7
Goodmail Systems 10/2005Series A$8M2
Roamware 10/2005Series C$14M2
Vendavo 9/2005Series E$15M5
BitTorrent 9/2005Series A$8.75M1
Coradiant 8/2005Series D$12.7M4
Jaspersoft 7/2005Series C$8M3
Sling Media 7/2005Series A$4M3
Analogix Semiconductor 6/2005Series B$15.4M4
Fastmobile 5/2005Series B$12M3
Velox Semiconductor 5/2005Series A$6M3
Colubris Networks 3/2005Series D$15M6
Arroyo Video Solutions 3/2005Series C$12M5
Sling Media 11/2004Series A$10.5M3
Spoke 11/2003Series C$11.7M4
Vernier Networks 6/2002Series D13
qianchengwuyou 1/2002Series B$9.38M1
qianchengwuyou 10/2001Series A$3.13M1



  1. Venture firm DCM raises $400M fund, enlists Slingbox creator ( [edit]
  2. DCM raises $330 mln for new fund ( [edit]
  3. Investors Start Taking Android Seriously, Set Up A $100 Million Fund For Apps ( [edit]
    DCM’s Android-Focused, $100M A-Fund Invests In Appia, PapayaMobile And Five Others ( [edit]
  4. SoFi Closes On $80 Million To Expand Its Lending Business ( [edit]
  5. DerbySoft Closes $9M Series D Funding ( [edit]
  6. New startup joins China’s overseas property gold rush, nabs series A funding just weeks after launch ( [edit]
  7. Augmedix Raises $3.2M To Make Google Glass Standard Kit For Future Doctors ( [edit]
  8. SAIF Leads Series A Round For Social Ticketing Platform Huodongxing ( [edit]
  9. Wandoujia, One Of China’s Leading App Stores, Lands $120M In New Funding Led By SoftBank ( [edit]
  10. Chinese Car Rental Service Yongche Announces $60 million Funding Led by Ctrip and DCM ( [edit]
  11. Crowdtilt Raises Another $23 Million From Andreessen Horowitz & Others For International Expansion, Enterprise Tools ( [edit]
  12. Zenverge Closes $11M Financing ( [edit]
  13. English-learning Service 51Talk Raises $12 Million Series B Financing from Funds backed by Xiaomi’s Founder ( [edit]
  14. IaaS Startup Ucloud Secured $10 Million Series A Financing from DCM and Bertelsman ( [edit]
  15. Trusper Raises $6.17M For Tips Based Social Networking App ( [edit]
  16. Raises $38M As Banks Look To Leverage Digital Payment Adoption In The Business World ( [edit]
  17. Arrayent Raises $11.9M in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  18. Nok Nok Labs Raises $15M in Funding ( [edit]
  19. Basis Science Raises $11.75M in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  20. Completes $60M Series D Funding ( [edit]
  21. Salesforce + Zillow? RealScout Lands $1.1M From DCM, Formation 8 For More Personal, Collaborative Real Estate Search ( [edit]
  22. Slice, The Shopping Companion Powered By Email Inbox Data, Raises $23M From Rakuten & Others ( [edit]
  23. Mobile Ad Startup Apsalar Raises $9M For International Growth ( [edit]
  24. Japanese Cloud-Based Accounting Software Startup Freee Raises $2.7M In Series A Funding From DCM And Infinity Capital Partners ( [edit]
  25. FreedomPop Raises Another $5 Million To Help Launch Its Freemium Mobile Phone Service ( [edit]
  26. SEC ( [edit]
  27. Life360, The Family Locator With More Users Than Foursquare, Raises A $10 Million Series B ( [edit]
  28. Tech-Powered Financial Planning Platform SigFig Gets $15M In Series B Funding ( [edit]
  29. Cognitive Networks Secures $3.5 Million in Additional Financing from DCM Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank ( [edit]
  30. Whistle Raises $6M for Dog Health Monitor ( [edit]
  31. SavingStar Raises $9.1M ( [edit]
  32. Citation Needed [add]
  33. Crowdfunding Platform Crowdtilt Lands $12M From Sean Parker, Andreessen & More; Now Acquiring To Expand Into Mobile ( [edit]
  34. Basis Lands $11.5M, Adds Esther Dyson & Deepak Chopra As Advisors As It Beefs Up Production Of Its Wearable Health Tracker ( [edit]
  35. Cmune Takes DCM Funding To Build A Billion Dollar First-Person-Shooter Franchise on Mobile ( [edit]
  36. FreedomPop Raises Another $4.3 Million In Funding, Finally Lets Users Share Their Data ( [edit]
  37. Citation Needed [add]
  38. Exablox Raises $22M From Norwest And Others To Disrupt The Enterprise Storage Market ( [edit]
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  40. VC Funding: Q4 2012 [edit]
  41. SEC ( [edit]
  42. Tely Labs nabs $13M from Comcast, DCM for Skype calling on your TV ( [edit]
  43. CENX Receives Equity Investment from Ericsson ( [edit]
  44. Social Finance Lands $77M From Baseline, Renren To Help Solve The Student Debt Crisis ( [edit]
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  46. Little Black Bag Raises $8M in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  47. FiveStars Raises $13.9M in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  48. Green Throttle Games™ Secures $6 Million To Reinvent TV Gaming On Mobile Devices ( [edit]
  49. FreedomPop raises $7.5M to free you from your carrier shackles (exclusive) ( [edit]
  50. CENX Raises $9.5M in Funding ( [edit]
  51. Group-Funding Service Crowdtilt Collects $2.1M In New Financing ( [edit]
  52. AHAlife Raises $10.1M To Curate And Sell Hard-To-Find, Luxury Products From Around The World ( [edit]
  53. Amalfi Semiconductor Closes $20 Million in Funding ( [edit]
  54. Enovix raises $15M ( [edit]
  55. Little Black Bag Raises $2.75M From GRP, Chamath P., David Tisch And Others ( [edit]
  56. Lands $15.5 Million In Funding For Finance Management Service ( [edit]
  57. Kanbox, China’s Dropbox, Raises $20 Million ( [edit]
  58. Bridgelux Raises $15M in Funding ( [edit]
  59. Appia Raises Funding from DCM ( [edit]
  60. OVIA Closes First Funding ( [edit]
  61. CyberAgent Invests In Korean KakaoTalk /ITmedia ( [edit]
  62. $60M Brightens Up BridgeLux ( [edit]
  63. Luxury Shopping Destination Raises $6M ( [edit]
  64. Jaspersoft Raises $11m in Equity Financing ( [edit]
  65. Billing Revolution Receives Strategic Investment from Citi Ventures ( [edit]
  66. Citation Needed [add]
  67. Online Shopping Startup ProjectSlice Raises $9.4 Million From Eric Schmidt, Michael Birch And Others ( [edit]
  68. DCM Leads $3.7 Million Series A Round in Revel Systems ( [edit]
  69. TechCrunch ( [edit]
  70. Social App Maker NoiseToys Raises $1.2M ( [edit]
  71. PapayaMobile Raises $18 Million For Mobile Social Gaming Network ( [edit]
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  73. Citation Needed [add]
  74. Citation Needed [add]
  75. Heart Rate Watch Device Company Basis Raises $9 Million ( [edit]
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  77. AdKeeper Inc. Secures $35 Million in Series B Funding Led by Oak Investment Partners ( [edit]
  78. SAIF Leads Series A Round For Social Ticketing Platform Huodongxing ( [edit]
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  80. Chinese Android App Distributor Wandoujia Announces $120 million Funding Led by SoftBank ( [edit]
  81. AdKeeper Inc. Secures $35 Million in Series B Funding Led by Oak Investment Partners ( [edit]
  82. Abound Solar, Maker Of Thin Film Modules For Utilities, Raises $110 Million And Secures Huge Loan ( [edit]
  83. Citation Needed [add]
  84. mig33 Raises $8.9M in Series C Funding ( []
  85. Vipshop Closes $20m Round of Funding ( [edit]
  86. Vindicia Secures $20 Million in Series E Financing ( [edit]
  87. Citation Needed [add]
  88. Translattice Raises $9.5M Series A For Distributed Database ( [edit]
  89. PlayFirst Completes $9.2M Debt and Equity Financing ( [edit]
  90. Tonchidot Raises $12 Million Round B, Expands Augmented Reality/Social Gaming Platform SoLAR Globally ( [edit]
  91. SandForce Closes $25 Million Series D Funding ( [edit]
  92. ApaceWave gets $7.8M for WiMAX hardware ( [edit]
  93. grabs $8.5M more to help businesses manage their bills ( [edit]
  94. Pokelabo gets 12 million dollar ( [edit]
  95. Zenverge Closes $30 Million Series C Financing Led by Battery Ventures ( [edit]
  96. Chinese Classifieds Site Raises $15 Million ( [edit]
  97. Citation Needed [add]
  98. PeerPong Raises $2.8M for an Aardvark for Twitter ( [edit]
  99. PapayaMobile gets $4M for Android gaming ( [edit]
  100. Citation Needed [add]
  101. TC50 Star Tonchidot Raises $4 Million Series A ( [edit]
  102. Scores Another $5 Million In Venture Capital ( [edit]
  103. EarthTimes ( [edit]
  104. SandForce Closes $21 Million Series C Funding ( [edit]
  105. Ecast Raises $17 Million For Its Digital Jukebox Ad Network ( [edit]
  106. Smith & Tinker Secures $29 Million in Venture Funding ( [edit]
  107. Analogix Semiconductor Closes $10 Million Series B-3 Funding ( [edit]
  108. Chip maker Amalfi gets $24M funding for cellphone guts ( [edit]
  109. racks up $8.5M to simplify payments ( [edit]
  110. Vindicia Bags Another $7.5 Million In Funding ( [edit]
  111. Capital Report Index [edit]
  112. Capital Report Index [edit]
  113. OneChip Photonics Secures $19.5 Million in Venture Capital Financing from Leading Canadian and U.S. Investors ( [edit]
  114. Jaspersoft Secures $12.5 Million in Venture Funding ( [edit]
  115. Goodmail secures $20M for certified email ( [edit]
  116. Trion Closes A Whopping $70 Million In Series C Funding ( [edit]
  117. BitTorrent returns Funds and closes Round with $7M ( [edit]
  118. Green VC ( [edit]
  119. Miox raises $19M for water treatment ( [edit]
  120. Slide Got Theirs, Now RockYou Gets Some Too ( [edit]
  121. Citation Needed [add]
  122. Capital Funding Report [edit]
  123. Silicontap ( [edit]
  124. Ustream broadcasts $11.1 M in funding led by DCM ( [edit]
  125. Bridgelux SECURES $40 MILLION IN FINANCING ( [edit]
  126. Vindicia Takes $5.6M In Third Round ( [edit]
  127. Mig33 Raises Another $13.5 Million for Mobile Social Network ( []
  128. Outspark Raises $11M in Round Led by Tencent ( [edit]
  129. Successful Closing of Series C Private Placement for BitAuto Holdings Limited, the leading car media group in China ( [edit]
  130. [edit]
  131. SEC ( [edit]
  132. EDGAR [edit]
  133. [edit]
  134. [edit]
  135. EDGAR [edit]
  136. JasperSoft, open source biz intelligence co., raises $12M more ( [edit]
  137. $23M Series C Round Positions Bridgelux for Dynamic Expansion ( [edit]
  138. Senior Citizen Health Portal CareParent Secures $6 Million In First Round ( [edit]
  140. Encryption Co. PGP Raises $27M For M&A. ( [edit]
  141. VentureBeat ( [edit]
  142. VentureBeat ( [edit]
  143. Alarm:clock ( [edit]
  144. Scotland's Picsel Funds Up With $46.5M For Mobile Browser ( [edit]
  145. SEC ( [edit]
  146. [edit]
  147. Citation Needed [add]
  148. Colubris raises $14 million ( [edit]
  149. Cortina Systems raises $132M funding ( [edit]
  150. DCM Puts $28M Into Optical Transport's OpVista ( [edit]
  151. Encover, Inc. Raises $8M in Series C Financing to Fuel Additional Growth; Baird Venture Partners Leads Round with Participation from Existing Investors Sigma Partners and DCM — Doll Capital Management ( [edit]
  152. China-based VanceInfo Technologies Inc. Secures Venture Capital Funding Led by Sequoia Capital ( [edit]
  153. Article: NeoPath Networks Closes $11 Million Financing With Investment From Cisco Systems, Inc. and Previous Investors. ( [edit]
  154. EDGAR [edit]
  155. eLite Optoelectronics Raises $8.5 Million in Venture Capital Funding, Changes Name to BridgeLux, Inc. ( [edit]
  156. Oak Pacific raises US$48m for growth. ( [edit]
  157. WiMax chip maker raises $12.1M in first round ( [edit]
  158. Amalfi Semiconductor Secures $20 Million in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  159. Citation Needed [add]
  160. SignaCert Inc. Secures $10 Million in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  161. PGP Corporation Announces Addition of $10 Million Growth Capital ( [edit]
  162. EDGAR [edit]
  163. Goodmail Systems Secures $8 Million in Strategic Funding and Expands Management Team and Board of Directors ( [edit]
  164. Roamware raises $14m ( [edit]
  165. Vendavo Raises $15 Million. ( [edit]
  166. Citation Needed [add]
  167. Coradiant Closes $12.7 Million Funding Round Led By Existing Investor DCM - Doll Capital Management ( [edit]
  168. JasperSoft Wins $8M Funding ( [edit]
  169. Citation Needed [add]
  170. Analogix Semiconductor Secures $15.4 Million Serier B Funding ( [edit]
  171. Fastmobile Pushes With $12M ( [edit]
  172. EDGAR [edit]
  174. Video on Demand - Arroyo Closes $12 Million to Accelerate its Growth in Advanced Video Services ( [edit]
  175. Sling Media gets $10.5M in funding ( [edit]
  176. Spoke Software Lands $11.7 Million in New Funding; DCM - Doll Capital Management Led Round Brings Spoke''s Financing Over $20M Mark. ( [edit]
  177. Citation Needed [add]
  178. Citation Needed [add]
  179. Citation Needed [add]
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