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Phone(650) 543-8180


DAG Ventures IV-QP, 2/2010 $452M
DAG Ventures IV, 2/2010 $47.8M
DAG Ventures V-QP, 6/2011 $500M


Palo Alto, USA
251 Lytton Avenue, Suite 200
Palo Alto, CA, 94301


Founder & Managing Director
Venture Partner
Venture Partner
Managing Director
Managing Director
Managing Director
Managing Director
Chief Financial Officer
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DAG Ventures

The DAG (Duff Ackerman & Goodrich) Ventures partnership began with investments in the cable TV, infrastructure, media, and wireless industries in the 1980’s. The firm now invests in a variety of IT, energy, and life sciences companies.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Avvo 4/2014Series D$37.5M4
Wealthfront 4/2014Series C$35M12
ClearStory Data 3/2014Series B$21M5
Oorja Protonics 2/2014Series E2
SuVolta 1/2014Series F$10.6M5
Atara Biotherapeutics 1/2014Series B$13.5M7
Atara Biotherapeutics 12/2013Series B$38.5M6
Glassdoor 12/2013Series F$50M6
ARMO BioSciences 11/2013Series A$20M3
Yub 11/2013Venture Round$12M9
Mustbin 11/2013Series A$4.5M6
AdorStyle 10/2013Series D$9M2
DogVacay 10/2013Series B$15M5
Gigya 9/2013Series E$25M5
Belly 8/2013Series B$12.1M6
Taulia 8/2013Series C$18M5
Birst 8/2013Series E$38M4
Solexel 6/2013Private Equity$54.7M6
OptiMedica 5/2013Series E$35M4
Booyah 3/2013Series C$30M3
1Life Healthcare 3/2013Series E$30M5
Nextdoor 2/2013Series B$21.6M8
Convertro 1/2013Series B$5M2
Kovio 1/2013Debt$5M2
Glassdoor 10/2012Series D$20M4
Pentaho 10/2012Series C$23M4
ADOR 10/2012Venture Round$7.5M4
AdorStyle 10/2012Debt$7.5M4
Agrivida 9/2012Series C$15M9
DisplayLink 9/2012Venture Round$10.4M6
CardioDx 8/2012Private Equity$58M11
AOptix Technologies 8/2012Series E$42M6
Visible Measures 8/2012Venture Round$21.5M6
Picarro 7/2012Series D$7M3
Gigya 6/2012Venture Round$15.3M4
Bloom Energy 6/2012Private Equity$150M4
Clarizen 6/2012Series E$12M5
Inspirato 6/2012Series B$15.5M2
Huddle 5/2012Series C$24M4
Birst 5/2012Series D$26M3
Quantenna Communications 4/2012Private Equity$79M8
Harvest Power 4/2012Series C$110M4
Marin Software 2/2012Series F$30M6
Polyvore 1/2012Series C$14M5
TRUSTe 1/2012Series C$15M4
SuVolta 1/2012Series E$17.6M6
New Relic 11/2011Venture Round$15M6
DisplayLink 9/2011Series D$15M5
Visible Measures 9/2011Series D$13M5
GrubHub 9/2011Series E$50M5
Bloom Energy 9/2011Private Equity$150M9
RingCentral 9/2011Series D$10M6
One Medical Group 9/2011Series E$20M4
ADOR 8/2011Series C$36M4
Vringo 7/2011Venture Round$2.5M2
Taulia 7/2011Series B$8.5M3
Kovio 6/2011Venture Round$15M7
Harvest Power 5/2011Series B$6.3M9
CardioDx 5/2011Private Equity$60M14
Clarizen 4/2011Venture Round$12M3
Marin Software 4/2011Series E$16M5
Tabula 3/2011Series D$108M7
Wix 3/2011Series D$40M5
StumbleUpon 3/2011Series B$17M6
GrubHub 3/2011Series D$20M2
Alta Devices 3/2011Private Equity$72M8
Clickatell 2/2011Series B$12M2
Cooliris 2/2011Series C$9.6M4
Raptr 2/2011Series B$15M3
Stoke 1/2011Series E$17M9
TokBox 11/2010Series C$12M3
Eventbrite 10/2010Series D$20M3
Quantenna Communications 9/2010Series E$21M5
RightScale 9/2010Series C$25M5
Pacific Biosciences 7/2010Series F$109M11
Progreso Financiero 7/2010Series D$28M3
Metacafe 6/2010Debt$5M4
Marin Software 6/2010Series D$11.2M5
TRUSTe 6/2010Series B$12M4
Breathe Technologies 5/2010Series C$23M4
CardioDx 5/2010Series D$34.5M9
Booyah 5/2010Series C$20M3
Xoom Corporation 3/2010Series F$33M6
Avvo 3/2010Series C$10M3
Altor Networks 3/2010Series B$10M4
YuMe 2/2010Venture Round$25M5
Prosper 2/2010Venture Round$2M6
Avnera 1/2010Series D$10M9
Oorja Protonics 1/2010Debt$450k6
Aggregate Knowledge 1/2010Series C$9M3
Pixtronix 12/2009Venture Round$19M4
Wealthfront 12/2009Series A$7.5M1
Clarizen 12/2009Series C$8M3
DisplayLink 12/2009Series C$8M4
Lithium Technologies 12/2009Series C$27.3M5
Seeking Alpha 12/2009Series B$7M3
Engine Yard 10/2009Series C$19M6
XDx 10/2009Venture Round$14.4M7
Visible Measures 10/2009Series C1
Pacific Biosciences 10/2009Series E$68M14
Adamas Pharmaceuticals 10/2009Series D$40M4
YuMe 9/2009Series C$5M5 8/2009Series C$14M6
Kovio 7/2009Series E$20M11
High Gear Media 6/2009Series B$5.5M3
GreenRoad Technologies 5/2009Series D$15M5
OpenX 5/2009Series C$10M6
Marin Software 4/2009Series C$13M3
Cooliris 4/2009Series B$15.5M3
D2S 4/2009Series B$9M2
AOptix Technologies 3/2009Series D$12.9M6
ConSentry Networks 1/2009Venture Round$9.4M5
One True Media 1/2009Series B$9M3
One Medical Group 1/2009Series D$15M3
Kosmix 12/2008Series D$20M5
Gigya 10/2008Series C$11M4
BitTorrent 9/2008Series C$7M3
Terracotta 9/2008Venture Round$10M4
Amyris Biotechnologies 8/2008Series B$21M4
PopularMedia 7/2008Series C$8M3
Mevio 7/2008Series C$15M5
oDesk 6/2008Series C$15M4
Pelago 5/2008Series B$15M6
Mu Dynamics 5/2008Series C$10M4
Wetpaint 5/2008Series C$25M4
FireEye 5/2008Series C$14.5M6
SearchMe 5/2008Series E$12.6M8
SpikeSource 4/2008Series C$20M5
OptiMedica 3/2008Series C$16M3
maniaTV 3/2008Series C$5.5M4
Proofpoint 2/2008Venture Round$28M8
Yelp 2/2008Series D$15M1
Dash 2/2008Series C$30M10
RingCentral 2/2008Series B$12M3
Glam Media 2/2008Series D$65M7
Meraki 1/2008Series B$20M3
One Medical Group 1/2008Series C$8M2
Kosmix 12/2007Series C$10M3
agámi Systems 11/2007Series C$50M8
DisplayLink 11/2007Series C$24M4
YuMe 10/2007Series B$9M4
SearchMe 10/2007Series D$15M3
Amyris Biotechnologies 9/2007Series B$70M4
SuVolta 9/2007Venture Round$354k1
Kovio 9/2007Series D$19.5M9
Avnera 9/2007Series C$14.7M9
Xoom Corporation 9/2007Series E$20M7
Clearwell Systems 8/2007Series C$17M3
Metacafe 8/2007Series C$30M4
Pixtronix 7/2007Venture Round$22M3
Xoomsys 6/2007Series B$8M3
Prosper 6/2007Series C$20M5
SearchMe 6/2007Series C$12M2
AOptix Technologies 5/2007Series C$15M4
StrongView 4/2007Series C$13M4
Aggregate Knowledge 4/2007Series B$20M2
Gaia Interactive 3/2007Series B$12M3
Lango 2/2007Venture Round$22M3
Plaxo 2/2007Series D$9M1
Ketera 1/2007Venture Round$14M7
Stoke 1/2007Series C$20M1
Cleartrip 12/2006Venture Round$8M1
Glam Media 12/2006Series C$18.5M5
Pinger 12/2006Series B$8M2
Newport Media 11/2006Series C$30M6
uShip 10/2006Series B$5M2
3VR 9/2006Series C$9M3
Mevio 9/2006Series B$15M1
Trapeze Networks 8/2006Series D$30M7
Friendster 8/2006Series C$10M4
Mu Dynamics 6/2006Series B$10M3
RMI Corporation 4/2006Venture Round$20M5
Zimbra 4/2006Series C$14.5M9
Crackle 12/2005Series A$1.75M2
mBlox 7/2004Series B$10M6



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  43. Birst Lands $26M From Sequoia, Hummer Winblad To Bring Big Data Analytics To The Masses ( [edit]
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  45. Harvest Power Raises $110M in Series C Financing ( [edit]
  46. Ad startup Marin Software takes a late-stage $30M ( [edit]
  47. Virtual Styling And Fashion Community Polyvore Raises $14M From DAG Ventures, Goldman Sachs And Others ( [edit]
  48. Baseline, Accel Put $15M In Online Privacy Certification Company TRUSTe ( [edit]
  49. Semiconductor Startup SuVolta Collects $17.6M In Second Funding Round ( [edit]
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  67. Recommendation Engine StumbleUpon Stumbles Onto $17M From Accel, August Capital And Others ( [edit]
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  143. DisplayLink, raises $24M for chips to connect displays via USB ( [edit]
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  146. Amyris Announces $70 Million Series B Round ( [edit]
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