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General Information
DescriptionThe first equity crowdfunding platform


Crowdcube Venture Fund, 1/2014 £5M


Exeter, GBR
The Innovation Centre, University of Exeter
Rennes Drive
Exeter, EX4 4RN, GBR


Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & CMO
Investment Manager
Marketing Manager
Non-exec director
Non-Executive Director
Non-Executive Director
Non-Executive Director



Founded in 2010, Crowdcube is the next generation of business investment. It is a new way to fund start-ups and business expansion by giving entrepreneurs a platform to connect with ordinary people and raise venture capital.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Hire Jungle 3/2014Equity Crowdfunding£100k1
Compare And Share 12/2013Equity Crowdfunding£150k1
NewGalexy Services 11/2013Product Crowdfunding£221k1
BandApp 11/2013Product Crowdfunding£250k1
Cell Guidance Systems 10/2013Product Crowdfunding£243k1
silkfred 10/2013Product Crowdfunding£120k1
OVIVO Mobile Communications 8/2013Equity Crowdfunding£425k1
Red Advertising 7/2013Series C£180k1
Flossonic 6/2013Private Equity£127k1
East End Manufacturing 4/2013Venture Round£150k1
GLOBALDRUM 4/2013Venture Round£125k1
OVIVO Mobile Communications 3/2013Equity Crowdfunding£240k1
E-Car Club 3/2013Private Equity£100k1
Crowd Mortgage 3/2013Private Equity£50k1
Green & Pleasant 3/2013Venture Round£123k1
The Thoughtful Bread Company 11/2012Venture Round£55k1
Financial Fairy Tales 10/2012Venture Round£20k1
St. Vibes 9/2012Venture Round£250k1
iNeed 9/2012Equity Crowdfunding£50k1
icomply 9/2012Equity Crowdfunding£50k1
Red Advertising 8/2012Series B£100k1
Front Up 8/2012Venture Round£100k1
Universal Fuels 8/2012Venture Round£50k1
Kinopto 8/2012Venture Round£35k1
Escape the City 6/2012Venture Round£600k1
Southern Dreams 5/2012Venture Round£25k1
7billionideas 4/2012Venture Round£30k1
The London Distillery Company 3/2012Venture Round£250k1
The Sole Trader Business Group 3/2012Venture Round£100k1
Red Advertising 2/2012Venture Round£125k1
BigBarn 12/2011Venture Round£12k1
CivilisedMoney 11/2011Venture Round£100k1
Personal Development Bureau 10/2011Venture Round£25k1
Bubble & Balm 7/2011Venture Round£75k1



  1. Crowdcube Launches £5M Managed Investment Fund ( [edit]
  2. Crowdcube Raises £1.5M via its Equity Crowdfunding Platform ( [edit]
    Start-up finance on Crowdcube accelerates by over 500% ( [edit]
    Crowdcube Raises £2.2million in August ( [edit]
    Crowdcube Raised £12.3 Million in 2013, Grew Over 500% ( [edit]
  3. Brief: HireJungle P2P Rental Marketplace is Raising Capital on Crowdcube ( [edit]
  4. Compare and Share Raises £150K in Equity Crowdfunding ( [edit]
  5. NewGalexy Services Raises £221K in Equity Crowdfunding ( [edit]
  6. BandApp launches a £250k fundraise via Crowdcube ( [edit]
  7. Cell Guidance Systems Raises £242K in Equity Crowdfunding ( [edit]
  8. Silkfred raises £120,000 through crowdfunding ( [edit]
  9. Citation Needed [add]
  10. Red Advertising Raises £180k In Its Third Round Of Equity Crowdfunding ( [edit]
  11. Flossonic Raises £127K in Equity Crowdfunding ( [edit]
  12. East End Manufacturing Raises £150K in Equity Crowdfunding ( [edit]
  13. Globaldrum Raises £125K in Equity Crowdfunding ( [edit]
  14. OVIVO Raises £150K in Equity Crowdfunding ( [edit]
  15. E-Car Club Raises £100K in Equity Crowdfunding ( [edit]
  16. Crowd Mortgage Raises £50K via CrowdCube ( [edit]
  17. Green & Pleasant Raises £123K via CrowdCube ( [edit]
  18. The Thoughtful Bread Raises £55K via CrowdCube ( [edit]
  19. Financial Fairy Tales Raises £20K via CrowdCube ( [edit]
  20. St. Vibes Raises £250K via CrowdCube ( [edit]
  21. iNeed Raises £50k via CrowdCube ( [edit]
  22. icomply Raises £ 50K in Equity Crowdfunding ( [edit]
  23. Red Advertising Raises £100K in Second Round of Equity Crowdfunding ( [edit]
  24. Front Up Raises £100K in Equity Crowdfunding ( [edit]
  25. Universal Fuels Raises £50K in Equity Crowdfunding ( [edit]
  26. Kinopto Raises £35k in Equity Crowdfunding ( [edit]
  27. Escape the City Raises £600K in Equity Crowdfunding ( [edit]
  28. Southern Dreams Raises £ 25K in Equity Crowdfunding ( [edit]
  29. Raises £30K in Equity Crowdfunding through Crowdcube ( [edit]
  30. The London Distillery Company Raises £250K through Crowdcube ( [edit]
  31. Get Site Tracked Raises £100k through Crowdcube ( [edit]
  32. Red Advertising Raises £125K in Equity Crowdfunding through CrowdCube ( [edit]
  33. BigBarn Raises £12k through CrowdCube ( [edit]
  34. Civilisedmoney Raises £100K through Crowdcube ( [edit]
  35. Personal Development Bureau Raises £25K through Crowdcube ( [edit]
  36. Crowdcube enables Bubble & Balm to raise £75,000 of growth capital ( [edit]
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