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General Information



Charles River Partnership XIV, 3/2009 $320M
Charles River Partnership XIII, 4/2007 $285M
Charles River Partnership XV, 2/2012 $375M


One Broadway
15th Floor
Cambridge, MA, 02142
Menlo Park, USA
2882 Sand Hill Road
Suite 106
Menlo Park, CA, 94025


Partner Emeritus
Partner Emeritus
Partner Emeritus
Venture Capitalist
Venture Capitalist
Venture Capitalist
Venture Capitalist
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Charles River Ventures

Founded in 1970, Charles River Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund that takes a value-added, hands-on approach to support its portfolio companies.

Charles River Ventures is one of the nation’s oldest and most successful early-stage venture capital firms with approximately $1.4 billion under management. CRV is dedicated to helping exceptional entrepreneurs turn their ideas into the next category leaders in high growth technology and media sectors. Since its founding in 1970, CRV funds have been ranked among the industry’s top performers. CRV has offices in Cambridge, MA and Menlo Park, CA. For more information, visit www.crv.com.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Flatiron School 4/2014Series A$5.5M3
Play-i 3/2014Series A$8M2
Cybereason 2/2014Series A$4.6M1
Cotap 1/2014Series B$10M2
SimpliVity 11/2013Series C$58M6
OneCloud Labs 11/2013Series A2
Rethink Robotics 11/2013Series D$11.5M6
Wave Accounting 10/2013Venture Round$6M3
Refresh.io 10/2013Series A$10M3
OneLogin, Inc. 10/2013Series B$13M2
DoorDash 9/2013Angel$2.4M7
Usermind 9/2013Series A$7.6M3
NoRedInk 8/2013Seed$2M5
Patreon 8/2013Seed$2.1M9
Rive Technology 8/2013Series D$20M6
Xamarin 7/2013Series B$16M4
TalentBin 7/2013Series A$2M6
TalentBin 7/2013Seed$1.2M4
Touchbase 7/2013Partial Close$5M1
Jetlore 6/2013Venture Round6
Dailybreak Media 6/2013Series A$2M3
Affirmed Networks 6/2013Series C$51M7
Cotap 5/2013Series A$5.5M2
Pebble 5/2013Series A$15M1
Qubole 4/2013Series A$7M4
Crushpath 3/2013Series A$6M2
Cheers 3/2013Series A$2.5M4
Hangtime 3/2013Venture Round$3.5M13
Vurb 2/2013Seed$1.5M13
DataGravity 1/2013Series B$30M3
TrueLens 12/2012Venture Round$1.2M9
Nantero 11/2012Series D$10M5
Affirmed Networks 11/2012Series B$52M5
HubSpot 11/2012Venture Round$35M5
ToyTalk 11/2012Series A$11.5M5
Udacity 10/2012Series B$15M3
GrabCAD 10/2012Series B$8.15M5
SimpliVity 9/2012Series B$25M3
Zendesk 9/2012Series D$60M8
Breakthrough Behavioral 8/2012Angel$900k8
Xamarin 7/2012Series A$12M3
PokitDok 7/2012Seed$1.3M6
Open Air Publishing 7/2012Angel$800k13
Fiksu 7/2012Series B$10M2
Dailybreak Media 7/2012Series A$5M3
Freshplum 6/2012Seed$1.4M11
DataGravity 6/2012Venture Round$12M2
Crushpath 6/2012Seed$2M2
Rethink Robotics 6/2012Series C$30M5
Magnetic 6/2012Series B$10M6
Wave Accounting 5/2012Series B$12M6
Minbox 5/2012Seed$800k8
SessionM 5/2012Series B$20M1
Ark 4/2012Seed$5M15
SpiderCloud Wireless 4/2012Venture Round$35M4
Disconnect 3/2012Seed$600k8
Yammer 2/2012Series E$85M12
Scan 2/2012Seed$1.7M13
SimpliVity 1/2012Series A$18M3
Blueprint Labs 1/2012Venture Round$1M3
Udacity 1/2012Series A$5M1
Progreso Financiero 1/2012Private Equity$18.4M3
Concept.io 2012Seed$1.8M2
Live Gamer 11/2011Venture Round$8.5M2
Mailbox 11/2011Series A$5M5
Freshplum 11/2011Seed$1.44M5
Sincerely 10/2011Series A$3M4
Viki 10/2011Series B$20M4
Wave Accounting 10/2011Series A$5M2
Game Closure 8/2011Seed7
Mashape 8/2011Seed$1.5M13
One Inc. 7/2011Seed$1M8
drchrono 7/2011Seed$675k6
MotherKnows 7/2011Seed$1.7M6
CloudShare 7/2011Venture Round$10M4
EggCartel 6/2011Seed$1M4
Impermium 6/2011Seed$1M10
iControl Networks 6/2011Series D$50M7
Earbits 6/2011Seed$605k6
Verious 5/2011Seed$800k10
Hipster 5/2011Convertible Note$1M14
COLOURlovers 5/2011Venture Round$1M8
DoubleDutch 4/2011Seed$1.2M12
Adaptly 4/2011Series A$2M8
Dailybreak Media 4/2011Venture Round$3.1M2
Chirply 4/2011Seed$1.1M18
Samplify Systems 3/2011Series B$11.2M4
aDealio 3/2011Angel$500k5
Fundly 2/2011Angel$2M8
InVisage Technologies 2/2011Series C5
Massive Health 2/2011Seed$2.25M7
Wanderfly 2/2011Series A$1M6
Open Mile 2/2011Series B$6M2
Sensr.net 1/2011Venture Round$1.5M9
Scribd 1/2011Series C$13M4
Millennial Media 1/2011Series D$27.5M4
Storenvy 1/2011Seed$1.53M10
Crowdbooster 1/2011Seed11
MightyText 2011Seed$650k10
Rive Technology 12/2010Series C$25M3
Viki 12/2010Series A$4.3M15
Zendesk 12/2010Series C$19M3
Yammer 11/2010Series C$25M4
Rethink Robotics 11/2010Series B$20M4
Fiksu 11/2010Series A$5.5M1
Altius Education 11/2010Series B$18.6M3
AppMakr 10/2010Seed$1M7
Unsubscribe.com 10/2010Series A$2.1M11
Honestly.com 10/2010Venture Round$1.2M6
BNI Video 10/2010Venture Round$16M5
24M Technologies 8/2010Series A$16M3
Rapportive 8/2010Seed$1M16
LearnBoost 7/2010Angel$975k10
EnterpriseDB 7/2010Venture Round$7.5M3
Progreso Financiero 7/2010Series D$28M3
OneLogin, Inc. 6/2010Series A$4.7M1
Affirmed Networks 6/2010Series A$10.9M2
Magnetic 6/2010Series A$4M4
Carrier IQ 6/2010Series D$12M6
NOWBOX 5/2010Angel12
Blippy Social Commerce 4/2010Series A$11.2M2
RethinkDB 4/2010Seed$1.2M11
GupShup 3/2010Series D$12M3
PeerPong 2/2010Venture Round$2.8M4
Yammer 2/2010Series B$10M6
SpiderCloud Wireless 2/2010Series B$25M4
SMS GupShup 1/2010Venture Round$12M3
Performable 1/2010Series A$3M1
Blippy Social Commerce 1/2010Angel$1.73M10
SpiderCloud Wireless 12/2009Series A$15M2
CloudShare 12/2009Series B$10M3
Cedar Point Communications 12/2009Debt$2M8
Millennial Media 11/2009Series C$16M4
Conduit Labs 9/2009Series B$3M2
Rethink Robotics 8/2009Series A$12M2
Zendesk 8/2009Series B$6M2
RPX Corporation 7/2009Series B3
iControl Networks 7/2009Series C$23M5
WonderHill 5/2009Series A$7M2
Zendesk 5/2009Series A1
Home-Account 4/2009Series A$1M9
Reva Systems 4/2009Venture Round$5M2
Aveksa 2/2009Series C$10M3
Twitter 2/2009Series C$35M6
Mochila 2/2009Series C$603k3
SocialMedia.com 1/2009Series B$6M3
One Season 1/2009Series A$3.5M1
Yammer 1/2009Series A$5M2
Geni 1/2009Series C$5M2
Scribd 12/2008Series B$9M3
Staccato Communications 11/2008Venture Round$20M11
iSkoot 11/2008Series C$19M5
Pocket Communications Northeast 11/2008Private Equity$100M3
Metaplace 10/2008Series B$6.7M4
GupShup 10/2008Series C$11M2
RPX Corporation 9/2008Series A2
Vanu 9/2008Venture Round$32M3
Jambool 8/2008Series A$1M3
GreatCall 6/2008Series B$38M5
Parascale 6/2008Series A$11.4M2
Rive Technology 6/2008Series C$14M3
Optaros 6/2008Series C$12M4
Rosum 4/2008Series B$15M5
Gridstone Research 4/2008Series B$10M3
iControl Networks 4/2008Series B$15.5M3
Vlingo 4/2008Series B$20M3
EnterpriseDB 3/2008Series C$16M4
Skyrider 3/2008Series C$5M3
Dizzywood 2/2008Series A$1M2
Lookery 2/2008Seed$900k21
Aveksa 1/2008Series B$12M3
Live Gamer 12/2007Series A$24M3
Silicon Clocks 11/2007Venture Round$8M4
Millennial Media 11/2007Series B$15M3
Staccato Communications 10/2007Venture Round$17.5M6
WangYou 10/2007Series B$6.12M4
SocialMedia.com 10/2007Series A$3.5M4
ACTIVE Network 9/2007Private Equity$65M8
SocialMedia.com 9/2007Seed$500k1
Rive Technology 8/2007Series A$8.37M2
Qlusters 8/2007Series C$10.4M5
Compete 8/2007Series C$10M4
Conduit Labs 8/2007Series A$5.5M2
GreatCall 8/2007Series A$36.6M3
Vanu 7/2007Venture Round$8M1
Twitter 7/2007Series A$5M10
Crossbeam Systems 5/2007Series F$21M8
Handipoints 5/2007Seed$250k1
BuddyTV 5/2007Angel$250k1
Samplify Systems 4/2007Series A$6.5M2
Eons 3/2007Series B$22M5
Geni 3/2007Series B$10M1
iSkoot 2/2007Series B$7M4
Mochila 1/2007Series B$8M4
Glyde 1/2007Series A$6M1
Vlingo 12/2006Series A$6.5M2
Skyrider 10/2006Venture Round$12M3
Reva Systems 10/2006Series B$23.5M4
Liquid Engines 9/2006Series C$5.5M4
EnterpriseDB 8/2006Series B$20M3
Picolight 7/2006Venture Round$12M4
Acopia Networks 6/2006Venture Round$20M6
Aveksa 6/2006Series A$6M2
Silicon Clocks 6/2006Series B$11M3
Avvenu 6/2006Venture Round$1.5M3
Cswitch 5/2006Series B$30M8
iControl Networks 4/2006Series A$5M3
WangYou 4/2006Series A$5M1
M2Z Networks 3/2006Series A$4M2
Staccato Communications 1/2006Series C$18M5
Samplify Systems 1/2006Venture Round$300k1
mValent 12/2005Series C$6M3
EnterpriseDB 9/2005Series A$7M2
Broadbus Technologies 8/2005Series C$20M5
Odeo 8/2005Series A17
Cedar Point Communications 8/2005Series D$15M8
EXFO 3/2005Series E$6.5M7
GoTV Networks 3/2005Series A$15M2
Nantero 3/2005Series C$15M4
Secure Software 2/2005Series B$9.25M3
Revivio 1/2005Series C$25M7
Equallogic 7/2004Series C$20M4
Nantero 9/2003Series B$10.5M3
Rosum 5/2003Series A$16M4
Equallogic 3/2003Series B$15M2
BroadSoft 9/2002Series C$32.5M6
ACTIVE Network 12/2001Series D$11.2M8
ITI Tech 3/2001Series A$100k2



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  140. Index Ventures Joins Kleiner Perkins and Charles River in RPX Series B [edit]
  141. iControl Gets $23M for Home Security, Home Energy Management (greentechmedia.com) [edit]
  142. No Mob Wars Here: WonderHill Nabs $7 Million To Build Wholesome Casual Games (techcrunch.com) [edit]
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