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General Information
Phone+972 9 9720 400


Carmel Ventures III, 2/2008 $235M


Herzeliya, ISR
12 Abba Eban Avenue
Ackerstein Towers Bldg. D
Herzeliya, 46120, ISR


General Partner & Co - Founder
General Partner & Founder
General Partner
General Partner
General Partner
Partner & Chief Financial Officer
Venture Partner
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Carmel Ventures

Carmel is among Israel top tier of venture capital firms, with over $600 million currently under management, several successful exits, and a growing portfolio of promising start-ups. Carmel’s investments are focused primarily on early stage companies in the fields of Software, Internet, Digital Media, Communications, Semiconductors, and Consumer Electronics. Founded in 2000 by pioneers and leaders of the Israeli high tech industry, Carmel provides significant capital and active, hands-on support through the growth cycle of its portfolio companies and is recognized as a true company building fund in Israel. Carmel, headquartered in Herzliya, Israel enjoys a worldwide network of industry, strategic and investment resources. Carmel is a member of the Viola Group, the largest technology focused PE group in Israel with over $2B under management.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Payoneer 3/2014Series D$25M4
Tapingo 2/2014Series B$10.5M2
Adapteva 1/2014Series B$3.6M2
Redis Labs 11/2013Series A$9M2
Outbrain 10/2013Series E$35M8
CoolaData 10/2013Series A$7.4M2
Samanage 10/2013Series A$5M2
SundaySky 10/2013Series C$20M6
RealMatch 7/2013Series C$7M2
Personetics Technologies 6/2013Series B$11.5M3
Reduxio 4/2013Series A$12M3
Abe's Market 1/2013Venture Round$5M3
Desti 1/2013Seed$1M3
LiveU 11/2012Venture Round$27M4
Abe's Market 10/2012Series A5
Perfecto Mobile 10/2012Series C$15M4
Samanage 9/2012Series A$3M2
eXelate 9/2012Series C$12M4
Tonara 7/2012Series A$4M3
Tapingo 7/2012Series A$3.5M1
Clarizen 6/2012Series E$12M5
Group Commerce 5/2012Series C$21M5
myThings 3/2012Venture Round$15M4
CellEra 12/2011Venture Round$9.2M3
Outbrain 12/2011Series D$35M3
YCD Multimedia 10/2011Venture Round$6M4
Amadesa 10/2011Series B$7.4M2
Wanova 8/2011Series B$10M3
Personetics Technologies 5/2011Series A$6.5M2
Group Commerce 5/2011Series B$10M4
Clarizen 4/2011Venture Round$12M3
Outbrain 2/2011Series C$11M5
myThings 11/2010Series C$6M5
RealMatch 11/2010Series B$4.7M2
LiveU 11/2010Series C$11M3
Oversi 10/2010Series C$4.9M4
SundaySky 10/2010Series B$9M3
eXelate 8/2010Series B$16M3
Snaptu 6/2010Series B$6M2
Group Commerce 6/2010Series A$8M4
Multiphy Networks 5/2010Venture Round$7.2M4
Imagine Communications 4/2010Venture Round$10M3
Skybox Security 12/2009Series D$2M6
Clarizen 12/2009Series C$8M3
Axxana 11/2009Series B$9M3
C2 Microsystems 10/2009Venture Round$10M3
Perfecto Mobile 9/2009Series B$7M2
Wanova 8/2009Series A$13M3
Kontera 7/2009Series C$15.5M3
SundaySky 1/2009Series A$8M2
Kampyle 1/2009Series A$1M1
OpTier 9/2008Series D$47.5M7
PicApp 9/2008Series A$3.2M1
Payoneer 7/2008Series B$8M2
Delver 7/2008Series A$1.75M1
LiveU 6/2008Series B$9M2
Metis Technologies 5/2008Venture Round$8M2
Red Bend Software 4/2008Series E$10M5
Proficiency 2/2008Venture Round$4.25M3
DesignArt Networks 2/2008Series B3
OptimalTest 12/2007Series B$16M3
Enure Networks 11/2007Venture Round$5M2
Imagine Communications 10/2007Series B$15M3
Octavian 10/2007Series B$10M3
eXelate 10/2007Series A$4M1
Kontera 8/2007Series B$10.3M3
Oversi 6/2007Venture Round$8M4
Mobicious 6/2007Series A$4M2
Delver 6/2007Series A$2.25M1
Mformation Technologies 5/2007Series E$20M9
Perfecto Mobile 3/2007Series A$6.6M2
Proficiency 2/2007Venture Round$5M2
bTendo 1/2007Series A$7M2
C-nario 1/2007Series A$5M2
LiveU 1/2007Series A$3M2
Clarizen 12/2006Series A$7M2
Enure Networks 9/2006Series A$8M2
Ethos Networks 4/2006Series A$12M3
myThings 4/2006Series A$8M2
Imagine Communications 3/2006Series A$9.2M2
Skybox Security 3/2006Series D$8.8M6
OpTier 3/2006Venture Round$7M3
Verix 2/2006Series B$12.7M3
CopperGate Communications 11/2005Series C$14.5M3
Axerra Networks 9/2005Series C$16.3M3
Impress Software Solutions 9/2005Series C$10M5
OptimalTest 7/2005Series A$14M2
Octavian 6/2005Series A$5M2
Whole Optics 5/2005Series B$5M3
Followap 2/2005Series C$16M6
Red Bend Software 2/2005Series D$10M5



  1. Israeli VC firm Carmel Ventures raises $235M for third fund ( [edit]
  2. Payoneer Secures $25 Million Funding Led by New Investor Susquehanna Growth Equity, LLC ( [edit]
  3. Khosla Leads A $10.5M Round For Tapingo To Bring Mobile Food Ordering To A Campus Near You ( [edit]
  4. Adapteva Closes $3.6M Series B Funding ( [edit]
  5. Garantia Data Raises $9M in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  6. Outbrain Closes $35M Funding ( [edit]
  7. CoolaData raises $7.4M for Google-Cloud-based analytic platform ( [edit]
  8. Samanage Raises $5M in Funding ( [edit]
  9. Personalized Video Ad Company SundaySky Raises $20M Round Led By Comcast Ventures ( [edit]
  10. RealMatch Raises $7M In Equity Funding ( [edit]
  11. Personetics Picks Up $11.5M Series B to Predict Banking Customers' Needs ( [edit]
  12. Reduxio, the Scale-out Hybrid Storage Company, Raises $9m in a Round led by Jerusalem Venture Partners and Carmel Ventures ( [edit]
  13. Abe’s Market wins $5 million in new funds ( [edit]
  15. LiveU Raises $27M in Funding ( [edit]
  16. OurCrowd Source [edit]
  17. Mobile app tester Perfecto Mobile raises $15M ( [edit]
  18. SAManage Raises $3M ( [edit]
  19. eXelate Raises $12 Million in Series C Funding ( [edit]
  20. TC Disrupt Finalist Tonara Raises $4M Series A Round, Expands Its Interactive Sheet Music Catalog ( [edit]
  21. Tapingo Secures $3.5 Million Funding From Carmel Ventures ( [edit]
  22. Clarizen Raises Another $12M For Project Management ( [edit]
  23. With new funding, Group Commerce looks beyond daily deals ( [edit]
  24. MyThings picks up $15M to improve display ads ( [edit]
  25. CellEra Raises $9.2M in Funding ( [edit]
  26. Outbrain Raises $35M In Series D Funding For Content Discovery Platform ( [edit]
  27. YCD Multimedia Completes $6M Funding Round; Acquires C-nario ( [edit]
  28. $7.4M Round to Support Aggressive Growth and Expansion ( [edit]
  29. Desktop Virtualization Company Wanova Raises $10M From Greylock And Others ( [edit]
  30. Personetics Completes $6.5M Funding Round ( [edit]
  31. NYC Startup Group Commerce Raises An Additional $10 Million And Says It Could Have Raised More ( [edit]
  32. Clarizen Raises $12 Million For Project Management Software ( [edit]
  33. Outbrain Raises $11 Million in Series C Funding ( [edit]
  34. myThings scores $6 million in funding for personalised retargeting technology ( [edit]
  35. RealMatch Scores $4.7M, New CEO For Online Recruitment Ad Network ( [edit]
  36. LiveU Raises $11 Million For Wireless Video Transmission Technology ( [edit]
  37. Oversi Raises $4.9 Million of Funding ( [edit]
  38. SundaySky Automatically Turns Web Content Into Videos, Raises $9 Million ( [edit]
  39. As Regulatory Scrutiny Intensfies, Ad Targeter eXelate Adds To Second Round ( [edit]
  40. Snaptu Hits 10 Million Users, Raises $6 Million More From Carmel And Sequoia ( [edit]
  41. SEC ( [edit]
  42. EDGAR [edit]
  43. Imagine Communications Closes $10 Million Venture Capital Round to Fuel Growth in Next Generation Video Markets ( [edit]
  44. Skybox closes $2M to produce risk management software ( [edit]
  45. Work Management Software Maker Clarizen Raises $8 Million More ( [edit]
  46. Axxana Secures $9 Milion Series B Funding Led by Carmel Ventures ( [edit]
  47. Carmel Ventures led $10M investment in C2 Microsystems from China ( [edit]
  48. Exclusive: Startup Perfecto Mobile Raises $7M for Device-testing Service ( [edit]
  49. Wanova raises $13 M for a new breed of desktop virtualization software ( [edit]
  50. Kontera Raises $15.5M For Annoying In-Text Advertising Technology ( [edit]
  51. SundaySky Secures First Institutional Round of $8 million from Carmel Ventures and Globespan Capital Partners ( [edit]
  52. Exclusive: Kampyle Raises Round from Carmel Ventures ( [edit]
  53. OpTier Raises $63M in Fourth Round of Funding ( [edit]
  54. Carmel Venture ( [edit]
  55. Payoneer Raises $8 million Series B From Greylock And Carmel ( [edit]
  56. Delver Gains Further Funding For Social Search Engine ( [edit]
  57. LiveU Secures $9 million in Second Round of Financing [edit]
  58. Enterprise software start-up Metiis raises $8m ( [edit]
  59. Red Bend's fifth VC round closes at $10M ( [edit]
  60. Proficiency Closes $4.25 Million Round of Funding ( [edit]
  61. Press Release ( [edit]
  63. Enure Networks Strengthens its Management Team, Raises Additional $5M ( [edit]
  64. Imagine raises $15M more, for yet another video streaming technology ( [edit]
  65. Octavian Secures $10 Million in Series B Funding Led by Vertex Venture Capital. ( [edit]
  66. eXelate takes $4M for twist on targeted advertising ( [edit]
  67. Kontera raises $10.3M more for “in-text” ad technology ( [edit]
  68. Oversi, P2P content delivery co., raises $8M from Cisco, others ( [edit]
  69. Mobicious Secures $4 Million First-Round Funding from North Bridge Venture Partners and Carmel Ventures ( [edit]
  70. [edit]
  72. EDGAR [edit]
  73. EDGAR [edit]
  74. Israel's TeraOp Displays Raises $7M For Personal Projection Devices ( [edit]
  75. C-nario Secures $5 Million Funding in First Round Led by Carmel Ventures ( [edit]
  76. Citation Needed [add]
  77. Clarizen Secures $7 Million in First-Round Funding Co-Led by Benchmark Capital and Carmel Ventures ( [edit]
  78. Enure Networks Closes $8 Million Round A Funding for Home Network Automation Product for Service Providers ( [edit]
  79. EDGAR [edit]
  80. MyThings press release ( [edit]
  81. Imagine Communications Launches the Broadband Industry's Most Advanced PersonalizedTV(TM) Platform - Backed by Carmel Ventures and Columbia Capital. ( [edit]
  82. Skybox Secutrity ( [edit]
  83. Innovative Transaction Workload Management Software Company Secures $7 Million in Additional Financing ( [edit]
  84. EDGAR [edit]
  85. CopperGate Secures $14.5 Million in Third Round Led by Carmel Ventures ( [edit]
  87. Impress Software pulls in $10M in venture cash Read more: Impress Software pulls in $10M in venture cash - Boston Business Journal ( [edit]
  88. EDGAR [edit]
  89. Octavian completes $5 Million First Round of Financing with Gemini Israel Funds and Carmel Ventures ( [edit]
  90. EDGAR [edit]
  91. EDGAR [edit]
  92. Red Bend Software Secures Additional $10M in Funding ( [edit]
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