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Fund IX, 1/2012 $600M


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Canaan Partners

Canaan Partners invests in visionary entrepreneurs and provides them the networks, insights and operational guidance required to build high-performance technology and healthcare companies. Founded in 1987, the firm has raised nine funds and completed more than 95 acquisitions and 55 IPOs. With $3.5 billion under management and a worldwide footprint, the firm is committed to catalyzing the growth of innovative digital media, communications & mobility, enterprise, clean tech, biopharmaceuticals, medical device, diagnostics and healthcare infrastructure companies. Canaan has offices in California, New York, Connecticut, India and Israel.

Among the firm’s successes are Associated Content, the people’s media company acquired by Yahoo; VOIP equipment supplier Acme Packet; Amicus Therapeutics, a pioneer of next-generation oral therapies for the management of human genetic diseases; BiPar Sciences, a biopharmaceutical company pioneering novel tumor-selective therapies to address urgent unmet needs of cancer patients; Calixa Therapeutics, developer of hospital-based antibiotics to treat infections resulting from resistant strains of bacteria; Cerexa Inc., one of the largest biotech acquisitions of 2007; CommerceOne, the company that pioneered B2B ecommerce; DoubleClick, the leading online advertising solution; Match.com, the most popular online dating site in the world; and SuccessFactors, the global leader in on-demand performance and talent management solutions.

Other notable Canaan investments include Active Networks, Advanced BioHealing, Blurb, , Cardlytics, Chimerix, Inc.,ID Analytics, , Lending Club, Liquidia Technologies, ON24, OpenSky, Prime Sense, ReVision Optics, SOASTA, Tremor Media, Virsto, Watercooler and Zoosk.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Beckon, Inc. 4/2014Series A$10M3
SilverRail Technologies 4/2014Series C$40M4
NatureBox 4/2014Series B$18M3
Spinifex Pharmaceuticals 4/2014Series C$45M5
Realty Mogul 3/2014Series A$9M1
CircleUp 3/2014Series B$14M5
UrbanSitter 2/2014Series B$15M5
Rocketrip 2/2014Series A$2.6M2
SureWaves 1/2014Series B$5.7M2
Orchard 12/2013Seed$2.7M3
India Property Online 12/2013Series B$12M3
Research Triangle Park (RTP) 11/2013Series A$25M5
itBit 11/2013Seed$3.25M5
Sample6 10/2013Series B$11M3
Arvinas 9/2013Series A$15M4
Civitas Therapeutics 9/2013Series B$38M6
SOASTA 8/2013Series E$30M5
ReVision Optics 7/2013Private Equity$55M6
JOOR 7/2013Series C$14.6M7
Stayful 7/2013Seed$2.4M1
Metacloud 6/2013Series A$10M3
Minimally invasive devices 6/2013Series B$2.5M3
Dermira 6/2013Series B$35M4
Cuyana 6/2013Seed$1.7M1
India Property Online 5/2013Series A$7M2
WibiData 5/2013Series B$18M3
CompStak 4/2013Series A$4.45M11
AtheroMed 4/2013Private Equity$5.96M4
The RealReal 4/2013Series B$14M8
ALDEA Pharmaceuticals 4/2013Venture Round$2M1
Theraclone Sciences 3/2013Series B$8M8
Minimally invasive devices 3/2013Series B$9M2
Novira Therapeutics 3/2013Series A$25M7
Artspace 2/2013Series B$8.5M1
Marinus Pharmaceuticals 1/2013Series C$21M4
Labrys Biologics 1/2013Series A$31M4
Labrys Biologics 12/2012Partial Close$14.6M3
ShopKeep POS 12/2012Series B$10M3
AdNear 11/2012Series A$6.5M2
LiveU 11/2012Venture Round$27M4
AdverCar 10/2012Seed$2M6
Instacart 10/2012Seed$2.3M3
UrbanSitter 10/2012Series A$6M4
Switchfly 10/2012Series C$2.8M4
Borro 10/2012Venture Round$26M5
Mature Women's Health Solutions 10/2012Venture Round$6M2
Xirrus 9/2012Series E$23.5M5
CytomX Therapeutics 7/2012Series B$11M2
The RealReal 7/2012Series A$7.5M3
MWHS 7/2012Venture Round$1.8M1
XDN/3Crowd Technologies 7/2012Venture Round$669k1
EndoGastric Solutions 6/2012Series F$13M7
onefinestay 6/2012Series B$12.2M3
Gemvara 6/2012Series D$25M4
DICOM Grid 5/2012Series B$5M2
ALDEA Pharmaceuticals 5/2012Debt$4.51M2
Viewbix 5/2012Series A$2M2
Skybox Imaging 4/2012Series C$70M6
Inhale Digital 4/2012Venture Round$200k1
Performance Marketing Brands, Inc. 4/2012Private Equity$48.5M4
NeedFeed 4/2012Venture Round$350k1
EndoGastric Solutions 4/2012Venture Round$2.11M7
Cuyana 4/2012Venture Round$850k1
Relievant Medsystems 3/2012Series D$30M5
SilverRail Technologies 3/2012Series B$15M5
EndoGastric Solutions 3/2012Series G$10.9M4
AtheroMed 3/2012Series D$4.48M4
Switchfly 3/2012Series C$15M3
Altheos 2/2012Series A$12.5M3
Transcend Medical 1/2012Series B$16M9
Elevation Pharmaceuticals 1/2012Series B$30M5
Zoosk 1/2012Series E$21.1M6
Kalidex Pharmaceuticals 1/2012Venture Round$6.5M6
SOASTA 1/2012Venture Round$964k1
SenSage 1/2012Venture Round$179k1
Blip 12/2011Series D$6M2
SOASTA 12/2011Series D$12M4
Happiest Minds 11/2011Series A$45M2
CallmyName 10/2011Series B$6M1
Dermira 10/2011Series A$42M3
Loylty Rewardz Management 10/2011Venture Round$4.4M1
OpenSky 10/2011Series C$30M4
Elevation Pharmaceuticals 9/2011Series A$17M4
Virsto Software 8/2011Series B$5M5
Lending Club 8/2011Series D$25M4
Virsto Software 6/2011Series B$12M3
Kabam 5/2011Series D$85M7
Chimerix 2/2011Series F$45M8
Spine Wave 2/2011Series E$17.5M5
Kabam 1/2011Series C$30M3
Civitas Therapeutics 1/2011Series A$20M2
iYogi 12/2010Series D$30M5
Helix Therapeutics 11/2010Venture Round$2.5M2
DICOM Grid 11/2010Series A$7.5M2
LiveU 11/2010Series C$11M3
Zuberance 10/2010Series B$8M3
SkillSlate 10/2010Seed$1.1M8
Tobira Therapeutics 9/2010Series B$31M5
SenSage 9/2010Venture Round$6.25M5
SandForce 9/2010Series D$25M5
EndoGastric Solutions 8/2010Series F$30M2
naaptol 8/2010Series A1
Inhale Digital 8/2010Seed$1.1M1
ReVision Optics 7/2010Series D$35M4
Liquidia Technologies 7/2010Series C$5M5
Blip 5/2010Series C$10.1M2
Tremor Video 4/2010Series D$40M8
OpenSky 4/2010Series B$6.05M2
Lending Club 4/2010Series C$24.5M4
TweetPhoto 4/2010Series A$2.6M7
XDN/3Crowd Technologies 4/2010Series A$6.62M2
Gemvara 4/2010Series B$5.2M2
Gemvara.com 4/2010Series B$5.2M2
Altheos 4/2010Series A$20M5
Plixi 3/2010Series A$2.6M4
Theraclone Sciences 3/2010Series B$1.5M6
Vivox 2/2010Series C$6.8M4
Elevation Pharmaceuticals 1/2010Series A$30M4
Liquidia Technologies 1/2010Series C$20M5
iYogi 1/2010Series C$15M4
Coapt Systems 12/2009Debt$3.72M8
MotorExchange 12/2009Series A1
SOASTA 12/2009Series C$10M4
Zoosk 11/2009Series D$30M3
Calibra Medical 11/2009Venture Round$1.4M5
GroundWork 10/2009Series D$5M4
Kabam 10/2009Series B$5.5M2
Chimerix 8/2009Series E$16.1M4
Relievant Medsystems 7/2009Series C$20M4
Virsto Software 6/2009Series A$7M2
CoAxia 6/2009Series D$21.5M6
VaxInnate 6/2009Series D$30M7
Zoosk 6/2009Series C$6M2
Apieron 6/2009Series D$5.9M4
Transcend Medical 6/2009Series B$35M6
Peer39 by Sizmek 5/2009Series C$10.5M5
Marinus Pharmaceuticals 5/2009Series B$20M4
OpenSky 5/2009Series A$5M3
Associated Content 4/2009Series C$6M3
Orthocon 4/2009Series B$25M3
Lending Club 3/2009Series B$12M3
Enpirion 3/2009Series E$16M6
Tremor Video 2/2009Series C$18M4
Motionbox 1/2009Series C$6M3
N-Trig 1/2009Series D$24M5
BiPar Sciences 1/2009Series C$20M6
Chakpak Media 12/2008Venture Round$5M2
Blurb 10/2008Series C$5M2
Dexterra 10/2008Venture Round$21.5M6
SOASTA 9/2008Series B$6.4M3
eBillme 9/2008Venture Round$12M2
ACTIVE Network 8/2008Private Equity$80M4
Gemvara.com 7/2008Series A$5.8M2
iYogi 7/2008Series B$9.5M3
Zoosk 6/2008Series B$4.1M2
LiveU 6/2008Series B$9M2
ON24 5/2008Venture Round$8M3
PrimeSense 5/2008Series B$20.4M3
SenSage 4/2008Venture Round$15M5
Aperto Networks 4/2008Series F$20M8
Xirrus 3/2008Series C$26M5
N-Trig 2/2008Series C$28M2
Matrimony.com 2/2008Series B$11.8M3
Bharat Matrimony 2/2008Series B$11.8M3
EnStorage 1/2008Series A$2M3
Tremor Video 1/2008Series B$11M2
Motionbox 12/2007Series B$7M3
Vivox 11/2007Series B$7.8M3
CompanyLoop 11/2007Series A$5M1
PicksPal 10/2007Series C$3M2
ACTIVE Network 9/2007Private Equity$65M8
Peer39 by Sizmek 9/2007Series B$8.2M3
Kabam 9/2007Series A$4M1
Lending Club 8/2007Series A$10.3M2
Switchfly 8/2007Series B$15M5
Associated Content 7/2007Series B$10M1
Apieron 6/2007Series C$17M1
ZManda 5/2007Series B$8M4
ID Analytics 5/2007Series C$20M4
SenSage 4/2007Series D$5M4
Coapt Systems 3/2007Series E$22.6M7
Casabi 3/2007Series B$10M3
Advanced BioHealing 2/2007Series C$25.5M5
Dexterra 2/2007Venture Round$36M6
BiPar Sciences 2/2007Series B$35M6
Dexterra 2/2007Series E$36M6
Chimerix 2/2007Series D$23.1M4
MiNOWireless 2/2007Venture Round$7M1
GroundWork 2/2007Series C$12.5M4
Aperto Networks 1/2007Series E$19M8
SOASTA 1/2007Series B$2M1
Zolo Technologies 1/2007Series D$12.5M5
iYogi 1/2007Series A$3.1M1
LiveU 1/2007Series A$3M2
Lancope 11/2006Venture Round$1.6M4
Echopass Corporation 10/2006Series E$6M4
VaxInnate 10/2006Series C$40M6
Novare Surgical 10/2006Series D$16M6
Blurb 10/2006Series B$12M2
Cortina Systems 9/2006Series D$132M7
Tremor Video 9/2006Series A$8.4M2
Motionbox 9/2006Series A$4.2M2
Matrimony.com 8/2006Series A$8.65M2
Habeas 8/2006Venture Round$6M3
Vue Technology 8/2006Venture Round$5.02M2
Enpirion 7/2006Series C$20M7
Blackfoot 6/2006Series A$2.5M2
Qovia 6/2006Series C$7.16M3
SOASTA 4/2006Series A$2.25M1
Aperto Networks 4/2006Series E$26M7
ID Analytics 2/2006Series B$5.15M3
Dexterra 2/2006Series D$18M5
PicksPal 2/2006Series B$4M2
Adlyfe 1/2006Series A$3.3M2
Advanced BioHealing 11/2005Series B$8M2
Vidient 10/2005Series B$12M4
Visiprise 10/2005Series B$32M7
Everdream 9/2005Series F$20M5
Vivox 9/2005Series A$6M2
Aperto Networks 9/2005Series E$17M7
Dexterra 8/2005Series C$11M5
Cortina Systems 8/2005Series C$30M7
Ellacoya Networks 7/2005Venture Round$13.5M5
Zolo Technologies 7/2005Series C$5M3
PicksPal 6/2005Series A$2M1
Blurb 5/2005Series A$2.05M2
Tacit Networks 5/2005Series C$12M6
SenSage 4/2005Series C$10M4
GroundWork 3/2005Series B$8.5M2
Loyalty Lab 3/2005Series B$4M3
Mobilitec 2/2005Series C$12.1M4
ZManda 1/2005Series A$5M2
Enpirion 12/2004Series B$17M5
BiPar Sciences 12/2004Series A$13M5
ACTIVE Network 9/2004Series E$20M5
Lancope 4/2004Series C$12.5M4
Aperto Networks 3/2004Series D$20M7
Aperto Networks 12/2002Series C$22M5
Tacit Networks 12/2002Series A$7.3M2
Viacor 9/2002Series B$8.2M2
ID Analytics 5/2002Series A$10M2
ACTIVE Network 12/2001Series D$11.2M8
iPrint 3/1999Series B$7.5M2



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  48. Mature Women's Health Solutions (venturedeal.com) [edit]
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  115. Citation Needed [add]
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  137. Transcend Medical pockets $35M in VC (fiercebiotech.com) [edit]
  138. Another $10.5M Unloads on Peer39's Dock (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  139. Marinus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: Series B $20M (onbiovc.com) [edit]
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  143. Lending Club Gets A $12 Million Credibility Boost (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  144. Enpirion Plugs Into $16M Series E (scalevp.com) [edit]
  145. Tremor Media Raises $18 Million in Series C Round (betanews.com) [edit]
  146. Motionbox Raises $6 Million Series C For Its YouTube Alternative (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  147. N-trig Secures $24 Million of New Funding to Fuel Hands-on computing™ (n-trig.com) [edit]
  148. BiPar Sciences Raises $20 Million to Advance Clinical Programs (biparsciences.com) [edit]
  149. Citation Needed [add]
  150. Blurb Raises $5 Million Third Round (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  151. Dexterra Secures $21.5 Million Funding Round Led by New Enterprise Associates (marketwatch.com) [edit]
  152. Cloud Computing Gathers Steam with $6.4M Round for SOASTA (soasta.com) [edit]
  153. Off Credit Card Payment Firm eBillMe Raises $12M (thealarmclock.com) [edit]
  154. TechCrunch [edit]
  155. Paragon Lake Raises $5.8 Million To Help You Make Custom Jewelry (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  156. iYogi raises $9.5 mn from SAP-led VCs in second round funding (economictimes.indiatimes.com) [edit]
  157. Dating site Zoosk raises $4.1M (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  158. LiveU Secures $9 million in Second Round of Financing [edit]
  159. Webcaster ON24 Secures $8 million (techcrunchit.com) [edit]
  160. Gaming Chips: PrimeSense Closes $20M in Round B (vccafe.com) [edit]
  161. SenSage raises $15M for data storage (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  162. Aperto Bags Another $20M (lightreading.com) [edit]
  163. Xirrus (xirrus.com) [edit]
  164. N-trig Secures VC Investment Round of $28 Million (n-trig.com) [edit]
  165. Consim Info Gets $11.75 Series B For Marriage, Other Sites (mayfield.com) [edit]
  166. India Deals: eBay Sells Stake In Indian Ops; Bharatmatrimony Gets $11.75 Million From Yahoo & Others (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  167. EnStorage completes financing round (fuelcelltoday.com) [edit]
  168. Online Video Ad Network Tremor Media Secures $11 Million Second Round (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  169. Citation Needed [add]
  170. Vivox, voice chat for virtual worlds, raises $7.8M (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  171. Bay Area News Group (bayareanewsgroup.com) [edit]
  172. PicksPal Takes $3 Million Series C (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  173. Active Network raises $65M for sports community site (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  174. Natural language advertising coming: Peer39 receives $8.2M (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  175. Sports and TV Apps For Facebook Maker Watercooler Raises $4M (thealarmclock.com) [edit]
  176. Lending Club, Newly Launched P2P Lending Success Story, Secures $10.26 Million in Series A Financing Posted by Lending Club (blog.lendingclub.com) [edit]
  177. EzRez Software Raises $15 Million in Funding (marketwire.com) [edit]
  178. Citation Needed [add]
  179. Apieron inhales funds for asthma monitor (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  180. Zmanda Secures $8M Round B Funding (zmanda.com) [edit]
  181. ID Analytics Secures $20 Million in Series C Financing To Fuel New Product Development and Market Expansion (idanalytics.com) [edit]
  182. SenSage Secures $5 Million Series D Funding (venturedeal.com) [edit]
  183. Coapt Systems, maker of aesthetic surgery implants, raises $22.6M more (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  184. Casabi Funded To Give You Smart Phone Functions On Your Home Line. (thealarmclock.com) [edit]
  185. Advanced BioHealing Raises $25.5 Million in Series C Financing (abh.com) [edit]
  186. Dexterra Closes $36 Million Funding Round Led by New Enterprise Associates (businesswire.com) [edit]
  187. BiPar Sciences Raises $35 Million to Advance Pipeline of Novel PARP Inhibitor Cancer Drug Candidates (biparsciences.com) [edit]
  188. 3rd Big Wireless Field Worker App Funding This Week - Dexterra Raises $35M+ (thealarmclock.com) [edit]
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  194. Zolo Technologies Announces $12.5 Million in Series D Round Co-led by Siemens Venture Capital and El Dorado Investment Company (zolotech.com) [edit]
  195. Canaan Partners to invest $3.1 mn in iYogi (articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com) [edit]
  196. Citation Needed [add]
  197. IT security firm Lancope raising more money (atlanta.bizjournals.com) [edit]
  198. Call center co., EchoPass, raises $6M more (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  199. VaxInnate Secures $40 Million Series C Financing. (thefreelibrary.com) [edit]
  200. Novare raises $16 million for less invasive surgery instruments (venturebeat.com) [edit]
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  202. Cortina Systems raises $132M funding (sanjose.bizjournals.com) [edit]
  203. vator.tv [edit]
  204. mashable.com [edit]
  205. Yahoo! Inc. and venture capital firm Canaan Partners jointly invested $8.65 million in Consim Info Pvt. Ltd (consim.com) [edit]
  206. EDGAR [edit]
  207. EDGAR [edit]
  208. Enpirion Secures $20 Million In Series C Financing Led By BA Venture Partners (enpirion.com) [edit]
  209. BlackFoot Inc., a San Francisco-based provider of a multichannel marketing intelligence platform, has raised $2.5 million in Series A funding (hosting.mansellgroup.net) [edit]
  210. EDGAR [edit]
  211. SOASTAâ„¢ Raises $2.25 Million in Series A Financing (soasta.com) [edit]
  212. Aperto (apertonet.com) [edit]
  213. EDGAR [edit]
  214. Dexterra to Snag Cash and CFO (redherring.com) [edit]
  215. Citation Needed [add]
  216. Adlyfe Inc. Kicks Off 2006 With a $3.3M Series A Round (dc.citybizlist.com) [edit]
  217. Advanced BioHealing, Inc. Closes $8 Million in First Institutional Financing (abh.com) [edit]
  218. Vidient Systems Raises $12 Million Series B Funding (vidient.com) [edit]
  219. Visiprise Merges With Software Firm, Gets $32 Million in Financing (localtechwire.com) [edit]
  220. Everdream Secures $20 Million in Series F Funding (everdream.com) [edit]
  221. Vivox Emerges from Pulver.com; Announces $6 Million in Venture Capital Funding (vivox.com) [edit]
  222. Aperto (apertonet.com) [edit]
  223. Dexterra Acquires Mobile Java Company Octaneware Also Receives $11 Million Funding (ne.sys-con.com) [edit]
  224. Comm IC maker secures $30 million in funding (cortina-systems.com) [edit]
  225. Funding Round Nets $13.5M for Ellacoya (multichannel.com) [edit]
  226. Zolo Technologies Completes $5 Million Series C Financing (zolotech.com) [edit]
  227. Citation Needed [add]
  228. Stealthy Blurb Inc. Gets $2.05 Million Series A Funding (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  229. Phatak founded Tacit Networks bags $12 M (thesmarttechie.com) [edit]
  230. EDGAR [edit]
  231. GroundWork Closes $8.5 Million in Series B Financing Led by Mayfield (groundworkopensource.com) [edit]
  232. InStorecard Raises Additional $4,000,000 Financing Round (loyaltylab.com) [edit]
  233. Mobilitec Completes $12.1 Million Series C Funding, Secures Leadership Position In Mobile Content Delivery Market; Canaan Partners and Duchossois Technology Partners Join Existing Investors AIG Orion and Lucent Venture Partners to Back Global Leader in Mo (encyclopedia.com) [edit]
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