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Bessemer Venture Partners VIII, 4/2011 $1.6B


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Bessemer Venture Partners

Bessemer Venture Partners has over 100 years of investing experience, with a portfolio ranging from brick and mortar retailer Staples to popular web brands like Skype and LinkedIn. The company operates on a global scale with offices located in Israel, India, and both coasts in the US.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
TaxiForSure.com 4/2014Series B$10M1
Betterment 4/2014Series C$32M6
Smule 4/2014Venture Round$16.6M4
Clio 3/2014Series C$20M4
Nitrous.IO 3/2014Series A$6.65M8
Simply Measured 3/2014Series C$20M3
BrightBytes 3/2014Series B$15M4
NephroPlus 3/2014Series B$10M2
ClearSlide 2/2014Series C$50M7
Snapdeal 2/2014Series F$134M6
Piazza 2/2014Series B$8M2
MINDBODY 2/2014Private Equity$50M5
Intacct 2/2014Series G$30M6
CloudLock 1/2014Series C$16.5M3
Flat World Knowledge 1/2014Venture Round$9.5M4
Intercom 1/2014Series B$23M2
Main Street Hub 1/2014Series B$14M3
Hightower 12/2013Seed$2.12M13
Infinio 12/2013Series B$12M4
Shopify 12/2013Series C$100M6
Estimote 12/2013Seed$3.1M5
Knewton 12/2013Series E$51M8
Mojave Networks 11/2013Venture Round$5M2
OneCloud Labs 11/2013Series A2
Internet Identity 11/2013Series A$8M1
Stratoscale 10/2013Series A$10M2
Pinterest 10/2013Series E$225M5
2U 10/2013Series D$5.1M3
United Capital 10/2013Venture Round$38M3
Anaqua 10/2013Private Equity$25M1
Thinking Phone Networks 10/2013Series C$10M2
Return Path 10/2013Series G$6.8M3
Twitch 9/2013Series C$20M5
DoubleDutch 9/2013Series C$10M4
Xtreme Power 9/2013Debt$3.2M2
NewVoiceMedia 9/2013Series C$35M4
Cloudius Systems 9/2013Venture Round$7M1
ThreatTrack Security 8/2013Seed1
Boxed 8/2013Seed$1.1M4
Blue Apron 8/2013Series B$5M3
Defense.Net 8/2013Series A$9.5M2
Kroll Bond Rating Agency 8/2013Series C$15M2
Health Essentials 8/2013Venture Round$1.01M1
Qwilt 7/2013Series C$16M4
Alcresta 7/2013Series B$10M3
Mind Pirate 7/2013Seed$2.5M2
Life360 7/2013Series B$10M7
Justin.TV 7/2013Venture Round$8.3M3
Altair Semiconductor 7/2013Series E$25M5
Twilio 6/2013Series D$70M3
Affirmed Networks 6/2013Series C$51M7
Instructure 6/2013Series D$30M3
Adaptive Planning 5/2013Series D$45M7
Dekko 5/2013Venture Round$3.2M9
DocuTAP 5/2013Series B$11.9M2
Dynamic Yield 4/2013Series A$2M2
Nitrous.IO 4/2013Seed$1M8
Wandera 4/2013Series A$7M1
Ravello Systems 4/2013Private Equity$11.5M3
Delivery Agent 4/2013Private Equity$10.1M4
Vasona Networks 3/2013Series B$12M2
Endgame 3/2013Series B$27.3M5
Discoverly 3/2013Seed$750k5
Pinterest 2/2013Series D$200M4
Blue Apron 2/2013Series A$3M9
Anunta Technology Management Services 2/2013Series A$3M1
Infinio 2/2013Series A$10M2
Ravello Systems 2/2013Venture Round$26M3
42Floors 1/2013Series B$12M4
Simply Measured 1/2013Series B$8M2
Intigua 1/2013Series A$8.6M2
Convertro 1/2013Series B$5M2
Wikia 11/2012Series C$10.8M3
MyHeritage 11/2012Series E$25M3
42Floors 11/2012Series A$5M8
Xtime 11/2012Venture Round$23M5
MINDBODY 11/2012Venture Round$35M3
Zapier 10/2012Seed$1.2M3
Health Essentials 10/2012Venture Round2
Clever 10/2012Seed$3M14
Intacct 10/2012Venture Round$13.5M6
Expect Labs 10/2012Venture Round$2.4M7
Thinking Phone Networks 10/2012Venture Round$16.5M2
Betterment 10/2012Series B$10M4
Justin.TV 9/2012Partial Close$15.2M3
Twitch 9/2012Series B$15M3
Dekko 9/2012Seed$1.9M12
Grow Mobile 9/2012Seed$1M2
ClearSlide 8/2012Series B$28M3
Procured Health 8/2012Seed$1.1M4
WireOver 8/2012Seed3
Box 7/2012Series E$125M7
Avalanche Technology 7/2012Series D$30M6
Pinterest 5/2012Series C$100M4
InsightSquared 5/2012Series A$4.5M4
Fiverr.com 5/2012Series B$15M2
Liazon 4/2012Series D$18.2M4
Alcresta 4/2012Series A$10M3
Skybox Imaging 4/2012Series C$70M6
2U 4/2012Series D$26M7
Bizo 4/2012Series B$10M3
LifeLock 3/2012Private Equity$100M9
Apperian 3/2012Venture Round$12.4M4
MiaSolé 3/2012Debt$55M5
Avalanche Technology 1/2012Series C$11.5M6
SendGrid 1/2012Series B$21.6M6
Piazza 1/2012Series A$6M3
Cerulean Pharma 12/2011Series D$15M5
Tigo Energy 12/2011Series D$18M1
Twilio 12/2011Series C$17M2
Allena Pharmaceuticals 11/2011Series A$15M3
Verastem 11/2011Series C$20M4
Traffix Systems 11/2011Series A$7M1
Smule 10/2011Venture Round$12M3
Box 10/2011Series D$81M9
Hadapt 10/2011Series A$9.5M2
Shopify 10/2011Series B$15M4
Knewton 10/2011Series D$33M5
Pinterest 10/2011Series B$27M3
BillGuard 10/2011Series B$10M8
SweetLabs 9/2011Series C$13M3
MINDBODY 9/2011Venture Round$9M2
Life360 9/2011Series A$5.5M9
Snapdeal 9/2011Series B$40M3
AccuVein 7/2011Series B$22.5M2
Jasper 7/2011Series B$40M3
Reputation.com 7/2011Series D$41M5
Verastem 7/2011Series B$32M6
Soluto 6/2011Series B$10.2M5
Intacct 6/2011Venture Round$12.3M5
Pinterest 5/2011Series A$10M7
Vasona Networks 5/2011Series A$10M2
KupiVIP 4/2011Series C$55M8
Altair Semiconductor 4/2011Series D$26M5
Pinnacle Engines 3/2011Venture Round$13.5M2
Apperian 3/2011Venture Round$9.5M6
Adap.tv 3/2011Series C$20M4
Wix 3/2011Series D$40M5
CrowdFlower 3/2011Series B$7M4
2U 3/2011Series C$32.5M6
Intucell 1/2011Venture Round$6M1
Cirtas Systems 1/2011Series B$22.5M4
Flat World Knowledge 1/2011Series B$15M6
Tilera 1/2011Series D$45M8
Millennial Media 1/2011Series D$27.5M4
Fiverr.com 1/2011Series A$5M1
NephroPlus 2011Series A$4M1
Shopify 12/2010Series A$7M3
Offermatic 12/2010Seed3
Betterment 12/2010Series A$3M5
Verastem 11/2010Series A$16M4
Cerulean Pharma 11/2010Series C$24M5
Twilio 11/2010Series B$12M5
Endgame 10/2010Series A$29M4
Involver 10/2010Series C$8M3
MINDBODY 9/2010Venture Round$14M1
Xtreme Power 7/2010Series C$29.5M3
LearnBoost 7/2010Angel$975k10
Skybox Imaging 7/2010Series B$18M3
Reputation.com 6/2010Series C$15M5
Playdom 6/2010Series A$33M4
BillGuard 5/2010Series A$3M6
Criteo 5/2010Series C$6.36M1
Quidsi 4/2010Debt$20M6
Knewton 4/2010Series C$12.5M6
SweetLabs 4/2010Series B$5M3
Wix 3/2010Series C$10M3
Hunch 3/2010Series B$12M3
Avalanche Technology 2/2010Series B$7.5M3
Yodle 2/2010Series D$10M3
CrowdFlower 1/2010Series A$5M11
ACTIV Financial Systems 1/2010Venture Round$25M1
Avnera 1/2010Series D$10M9
Siano Mobile Silicon 1/2010Series D$24M5
Supernova 2010Seed$2.2M3
Simply Measured 1/2010Seed$250k3
Twilio 12/2009Series A$3.7M8
Smule 12/2009Series C$8M4
On-Q-ity 12/2009Series A$26M5
Zoosk 11/2009Series D$30M3
Oxagen 11/2009Series C$26.7M9
Bizo 11/2009Venture Round$6M4
Millennial Media 11/2009Series C$16M4
Soluto 11/2009Series A$6.2M3
Quidsi 10/2009Series E$30M4
Delivery Agent 9/2009Series D$37M5
Reputation.com 8/2009Series B$4.65M3
Cerulean Pharma 7/2009Series B$10M4
Kovio 7/2009Series E$20M11
Proteon Therapeutics 5/2009Series B$50M8
OLX 5/2009Series C$5M5
PA Semi 5/2009Series B$36M3
Reputation.com 5/2009Series B$4M1
CPower 4/2009Series B$10.7M6
Knewton 4/2009Series B$6M6
Cornerstone OnDemand 3/2009Series E$12.7M3
Hunch 3/2009Series A$2M3
Quadriserv 3/2009Venture Round$34M4
OMGPOP 3/2009Series B$5M3
Smule 2/2009Series A$3.9M3
Yodle 1/2009Series C$10M4
StreamBase Systems 1/2009Series D$6M5
Twilio 1/2009Seed$1M9
BA Systems 1/2009Venture Round$10M3
Convertro 1/2009Series A3
Orient Green Power 11/2008Private Equity$55M2
Goodmail Systems 11/2008Series C$20M4
Alnara Pharmaceuticals 10/2008Series A$20M3
AccessSportsMedia.com 10/2008Series B$8M2
LinkedIn 10/2008Series E$22.7M4
Onestop Internet 10/2008Series A$13.3M1
BillShrink 10/2008Series B$8M2
Wix 10/2008Series B$3.5M2
SweetLabs 9/2008Series A$3.5M6
Siano Mobile Silicon 8/2008Series C$17.5M7
LinkedIn 6/2008Series D$53M4
Flock 5/2008Series D$15M4
Intacct 4/2008Venture Round$15M3
Stromedix 4/2008Series B$25M5
OLX 4/2008Series B$13.5M4
Storwize 4/2008Series C$19M3
Axis Network Technology 2/2008Venture Round$5.85M1
Cerulean Pharma 1/2008Series B$8.1M5
Enforta 1/2008Series C$40M4
Smule 1/2008Seed$1.6M1
Smilebox 12/2007Series B$7M2
Wix 12/2007Series A$5M2
Quidsi 12/2007Series B$7M2
Millennial Media 11/2007Series B$15M3
DGP Labs 11/2007Series A$4.75M2
Yodle 11/2007Series B$12M2
Eloqua 10/2007Series C$23M3
CPower 9/2007Series A$17M5
Cornerstone OnDemand 9/2007Series D$32M2
kajeet 9/2007Series B$36.8M6
Kovio 9/2007Series D$19.5M9
Avnera 9/2007Series C$14.7M9
OLX 9/2007Series A$10M4
SelectMinds 8/2007Series A$5.5M1
Silversky 7/2007Series B$54M3
StreamBase Systems 7/2007Series C$15M4
BillShrink 7/2007Series A$1M1
Altair Semiconductor 6/2007Series B$18M4
Therative 5/2007Series C$9M4
Delivery Agent 5/2007Series C$18.5M3
Netuitive 4/2007Series D$8M7
Zopa 3/2007Series C$12.9M3
ColorChip 2/2007Venture Round$7.5M6
Vertica Systems 2/2007Series B$16.5M4
Summit Microelectronics 2/2007Venture Round$10M6
LinkedIn 1/2007Series C$12.8M2
Tilera 1/2007Series B$20M3
Millennial Media 1/2007Series A$6.3M2
Britely 1/2007Seed$900k1
Wize 1/2007Series A$4M2
Yodle 11/2006Series A$3M2
LifeLock 10/2006Series A$6M1
Avnera 8/2006Series B$12M4
Mangrove Systems 8/2006Series C$13M3
NextMedium 7/2006Series B$6M3
Berkeley Design Automation 7/2006Series B$6M4
Delivery Agent 5/2006Series B$11M3
Sirtris Pharmaceuticals 4/2006Series C$37M2
Siano Mobile Silicon 4/2006Series B$23M4
PA Semi 4/2006Series C$50M3
Revver 4/2006Series B$8.7M4
Wikia 3/2006Series A$4M10
Zopa 3/2006Series B$15M4
Netli 2/2006Venture Round$18M7
ColorChip 1/2006Venture Round$7.2M6
Pure Networks 1/2006Series B$12.5M3
Summit Microelectronics 1/2006Venture Round$3.2M5
Vertica Systems 1/2006Series A$7M2
Kovio 11/2005Venture Round$10M4
Flock 11/2005Series B$3.3M1
Revver 11/2005Series A$4M3
Hands-On Mobile 10/2005Series C$30M4
WAY Systems 10/2005Series C$22M4
Yelp 10/2005Series B$5M1
Avnera 10/2005Series A$7.6M3
BladeLogic 9/2005Series D$7M5
Elemental Cyber Security 6/2005Series C$11M3
Parallels 6/2005Venture Round$12.4M3
Tilera 6/2005Series A$15M2
Netuitive 5/2005Series C$5M5
Vertica Systems 4/2005Venture Round$7M2
Nominum 3/2005Series D$16M6
Flock 3/2005Series A2
GoTV Networks 3/2005Series A$15M2
StreamBase Systems 1/2005Series B$11M3
Revivio 1/2005Series C$25M7
Flock 1/2005Angel2
Endeca 6/2004Series C$15M6
eEye 6/2004Series D$15M1
Avnera 6/2004Series A$7.7M2
Gracenote 3/2004Series D$13M4
Skype 8/2003Series A1
Taqua 1/2003Series B$20M6
BroadSoft 9/2002Series C$32.5M6
Nominum 5/2002Series B$10M4
Endeca 11/2001Series B$15M3
Blue Nile 7/2001Series C$7M5
ReefEdge 7/2001Series B$15M4
Endeca 1/2001Series A$10M3
Blue Nile 4/2000Series B$42M4



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  90. Former Zynga, Storm8 execs raise $1m for mobile marketing startup Grow Mobile (nextweb.com) [edit]
  91. ClearSlide nets $28M from Bessemer, Greylock to give sales teams better presentation tools (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  92. Procured Health Nabs $1.1M From Bessemer, Athena Health Founder To Help Reduce Health Costs (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  93. Citation Needed [add]
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  97. Fast-growing InsightSquared raises $4.5M to expand its BI for small biz (bizjournals.com) [edit]
  98. Task-Based Marketplace Fiverr Raises $15M From Accel And Bessemer (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  99. Liazon Closes $18.2M in Funding to Expand Private Benefits Exchange (liazon.com) [edit]
  100. Alcresta Raises $10M in Series A Financing (finsmes.com) [edit]
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  108. Bessemer Leads $21M Round In Cloud-Based Email Delivery And Management Service SendGrid (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  109. Bessemer Leads $6M Round In Q&A Platform For Students And Teachers, Piazza (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  110. Cerulean Pharma Closes $15m Series D Financing (finsmes.com) [edit]
  111. TIGO ENERGY® RAISES ADDITIONAL CAPITAL RESOURCES TO ACCELERATE THE GROWTH OF THEIR SOLAR SMARTMODULES $18 Million Investment Round Led by Bessemer Venture Partners (tigoenergy.com) [edit]
  112. Twilio Raises $17 Million Series C From Bessemer and Union Square To Expand Internationally (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  113. Allena Pharmaceuticals Raises $15M in Series A Venture Capital Financing (finsmes.com) [edit]
  114. Verastem, with IPO planned, raises $20M in funding (masshightech.com) [edit]
  115. Traffix Secures $7 Million in Financing Led by Bessemer Venture Partners (traffixsystems.com) [edit]
  116. Confirmed: Music App Developer Smule Raises $12 Million (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  117. Cloud Storage Platform Box.net Raises $81M From Salesforce, SAP At $600M-Plus Valuation (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  118. Hadapt raises $9.5M for Hadoop data warehouse (gigaom.com) [edit]
  119. Shopify Closes $15M Series B Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  120. Founders Fund Leads $33 Million D Round In Learning Startup Knewton (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  121. Confirmed: Pinterest Raises $27 Million Round Led By Andreessen Horowitz (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  122. Khosla, Founders Fund, and Eric Schmidt Put $10 Million Into BillGuard (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  123. SweetLabs Raises $13 Million From Intel, Google And Others For Pokki App Platform (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  124. MindBody Raises Additional $9M in Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  125. Life360′s Family Safety App Grabs $3.5 Million Series A (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  126. Snapdeal raises $40 million in Series B funding from Bessemer, Nexus & IndoUS Venture Partners (yourstory.in) [edit]
  127. AccuVein Secures $22.5M in Series B Financing (finsmes.com) [edit]
  128. Snapdeal, India’s Fast-Growing eCommerce Platform, Raises $40 Million From Bessemer And More (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  129. Reputation.com Raises a New $41 Million Round (blogs.wsj.com) [edit]
  130. Verastem rounds up $32M in second funding (masshightech.com) [edit]
  131. TechCrunch Disrupt Winner Soluto Raises $10.2 Million In B Round (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  132. Intacct Closes $12.3 Million in New Financing to Further Accelerate Growth Split Rock Partners Led the Round and All Existing Investors Participated (pr-inside.com) [edit]
  133. Pinterest Has Already Pinned Down $10M At A $40M Valuation (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  134. Vasona Networks Inks 22m (pehub.com) [edit]
  135. KupiVIP secures $55m funding to become the Amazon of Russia (eu.techcrunch.com) [edit]
  136. Altair Semiconductor Raises $26 Million Round of Financing (technews.tmcnet.com) [edit]
  137. Pinnacle Engines Raises $13.5M in Venture Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  138. Apperian Raises $9.5M For Enterprise Mobile App Deployment Platform (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  139. Citation Needed [add]
  140. Exclusive: Flashy Website Creator Wix Raises $40 Million (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  141. CrowdFlower Raises $7M, Launches E-Commerce Tool For Data Categorization (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  142. 2tor Raises $32.5 Million Series C To Make Online Education Great (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  143. Intucell Gets $6M To Optimize Stressed Mobile Networks (fis.dowjones.com) [edit]
  144. Cirtas Systems Closes $22.5M Series B Funding Round (finsmes.com) [edit]
  145. Flat World Knowledge Secures $15M in Series B Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  146. In a rare chip funding, Tilera raises $45M for multi-core communications chips (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  147. Mobile Ad Network Millennial Media Raises $27.5 Million; Tripled Revenue In 2010 (techcrunch.com) [edit]
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  149. IFC leading $10M Series B investment in NephroPlus (vccircle.com) [edit]
  150. Shopify Announces $7 Million Series A Funding from Bessemer, FirstMark, and Felicis (shopify.com) [edit]
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  152. TechCrunch (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  153. Verastem Closes $16M Series A Financing (finsmes.com) [edit]
  154. Cerulean Pharma Closes $24M Series C Financing (finsmes.com) [edit]
  155. Twilio Raises $12 Million For Powerful Telephony API (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  156. Endgame Systems Raises $29M in Series A Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  157. Social Media Marketer Involver Raises $8 Million Third Round (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  158. SLO-based Mindbody gets $14 million infusion (sanluisobispo.com) [edit]
  159. TechCrunch (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  160. LearnBoost raises a VC and angel round (learnboost.com) [edit]
  161. SKYBOX IMAGING RAISES $18M IN SERIES B FINANCING (skyboximaging.com) [edit]
  162. Online Privacy Startup ReputationDefender Raises $15 Million. (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  163. Playdom Pulls Down $33 Million More In Funding – Disney's Steamboat Ventures Gets In On The Action (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  164. BillGuard Raises $3M To Track Hidden Fees, Billing Errors On Credit Card Bills (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  165. EDGAR [edit]
  166. TechCrunch [edit]
  167. Educational Technology Company Knewton Scores $12.5 Million More. (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  168. OpenCandy Raises $5 Million Series B For Bundled Software You Might Actually Want (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  169. Wix Raises $10 Million For Flash Website And Widget Builder (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  170. Decision engine Hunch raises $10M (report) (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  171. SEC D (sec.gov) [edit]
  172. Local Advertising Booster Yodle Raises Another $10 Million, SEC (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  173. CrowdFlower Closes $5 Million Series A Round (crowdflower.com) [edit]
  174. ACTIV Financial Receives Investment From Bessemer Venture Partners (finsmes.com) [edit]
  175. Avnera Raises $10M in Series D Venture Financing (finsmes.com) [edit]
  176. Siano Gears Up for Steep Growth: Raises $24M in Round D Funding (venturebeat.com) [edit]
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  178. Founders Co-op Source [edit]
  179. TechCrunch (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  180. App Store Champ Smule Raises Another $8 Million. (mobilecrunch.com) [edit]
  181. On-Q-ity rounds out $26M Series A financing (masshightech.com) [edit]
  182. TechCrunch, SEC (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  183. Oxagen rounds up $26.7M in VC (fiercebiotech.com) [edit]
  184. ZoomInfo Spin-Off Bizo Raises $6 Million (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  185. paidContent (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  186. Exclusive: Soluto Raises $6.2M From Bessemer To Make Your PC Run Better (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  187. Diapers.com Cleans Up with $30 Million Round of Funding (ventureloop.com) [edit]
  188. SEC (sec.gov) [edit]
  189. TechCrunch (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  190. Cerulean pockets $10M as it catapults into the clinic (fiercebiotech.com) [edit]
  191. Kovio raises $20 million for chip-printing technology for tiniest radios and sensors (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  192. Proteon Therapeutics Completes Second Closing of Equity Financing (proteontherapeutics.com) [edit]
  193. Craigslist Competitor OLX Scores $5 Million For Online Classifieds (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  194. P.A. Semi Makes Its Debut (redherring.com) [edit]
  195. TechCrunch (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  196. CPower Secures More Than $10 Million in Series B Round of Financing (cpowered.com) [edit]
  197. Knewton Bags $6 Million Series B Round For Adaptive Learning Platform (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  198. Cornerstone OnDemand Raises $12.7M (socaltech.com) [edit]
  199. Hunch Raises Series A (pehub.com) [edit]
  200. Quadriserv Raises $34 Million (pehub.com) [edit]
  201. SAI (businessinsider.com) [edit]
  202. iPhone Developer Smule Raises $3.9 Million First Round (washingtonpost.com) [edit]
  203. Local Advertising Booster Yodle Growing Like A Weed, Raises $10 Million (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  204. StreamBase Closes $6M Series D (xconomy.com) [edit]
  205. TechCrunch (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  206. BA Systems, provider of networking products for large companies, raises $10M (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  207. Citation Needed [add]
  208. Orient Green Power Raises $55 Mn From Olympus, Others (vccircle.com) [edit]
  209. Goodmail secures $20M for certified email (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  210. Alnara Pharmaceuticals Inc Obtains $20,000,000 Series A Round (xconomy.com) [edit]
  211. DOOH's Access360 Media Raises $8M (thealarmclock.com) [edit]
  212. LinkedIn Going For Hydrogen Winter: Raises Another $22.7 Million From McGraw-Hill, Among Others (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  213. Onestop Internet Raises $13.3M (socaltech.com) [edit]
  214. Personalized Savings Advisor BillShrink.com Closes $8 Million in Series B Funding, Led by Trinity Ventures and Bessemer Venture Partners (billshrink.com) [edit]
  215. TechCrunch [edit]
  216. OpenCandy Downloads $3.5 Million From Bessemer Venture Partners and O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures (opencandy.com) [edit]
  217. Siano Raises $17.5M in Round C Funding To Expand its Leadership in Mobile TV Markets (siano-ms.com) [edit]
  218. LinkedIn Closes Its Round; Got That Billion Dollar Valuation (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  219. Social Browser Flock Raises $15 Million Fourth Round (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  220. Intacct Corporate (us.intacct.com) [edit]
  221. Capital Funding Report [edit]
  222. International Classifieds Site OLX Raises $13.5 Million Funding (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  223. Storwize Secures $19M (byteandswitch.com) [edit]
  224. Funding Source [edit]
  225. Tempo Pharmaceuticals Closes $8 Million in Series B Funding (ceruleanrx.com) [edit]
  226. blog.quintura.com [edit]
  227. techcrunch.com [edit]
  228. PRNewswire - Smilebox Secures $7 Million in Series B Funding Led by Bessemer Venture Partners (prnewswire.com) [edit]
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  235. ConsumerPowerline, Leading Provider of Demand Response and Energy Management Solutions, Announces the Completion of $17 Million Series A Financing (cpowered.com) [edit]
  236. On-Demand Leader Redefines the Talent Management Landscape (cornerstoneondemand.com) [edit]
  237. kajeet raises $36.8M in series-B round of funding (kajeet.com) [edit]
  238. Kovio raises $19.4M for printed electronics (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  239. Startups with right stuff secure needed funding (bizjournals.com) [edit]
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  242. EDGAR [edit]
  243. StreamBase Announces Complex Event Processing (CEP) Expansion Strategy (streambase.com) [edit]
  244. BillShrink To Launch Out of Bessemer (thealarmclock.com) [edit]
  245. Bessemer Venture Partners Leads US$18M Altair Semiconductor Series 'B' Funding (altair-semi.com) [edit]
  246. Therative raises $9M for pimple-device ads (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  247. thealarmclock.com [edit]
  248. Netuitive Secures $8 Million in Financing to Accelerate Market Expansion (netuitive.com) [edit]
  249. VentureBeat (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  250. FTTH components co ColorChip raises $7.5m (globes.co.il) [edit]
  251. Vertica Systems Raises $23.5 Million in Financing. (redorbit.com) [edit]
  252. SEC (sec.gov) [edit]
  253. LinkedIn Raises $12.8 Million from Bessemer Venture Partners and European Founders Fund to Accelerate Global Growth (press.linkedin.com) [edit]
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  262. LOS ANGELES--- NextMedium Raises $6 Million in Series B Financing Led by Bessemer Venture Partners (freshnews.com) [edit]
  263. Berkeley Design Automation Secures Strategic Investment by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (berkeley-da.com) [edit]
  264. news.manta.com [edit]
  265. Sirtris pockets $37M in venture funds (fiercebiotech.com) [edit]
  266. Siano Mobile Silicon Secures $23M in Series B Funding (thefreelibrary.com) [edit]
  267. PA Semi heads to 16 cores on back of $50m boost (theregister.co.uk) [edit]
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  269. wikia.com [edit]
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  271. Netli raises $18M funding (sanjose.bizjournals.com) [edit]
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  273. Pure Networks Raises $12.5 Million in Funding (purenetworks.com) [edit]
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  275. Vertica Systems Raises $23.5 Million in Financing (redorbit.com) [edit]
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  282. Dudu Mimran Blog (dudumimran.com) [edit]
  283. BladeLogic Closes $7 Million Series D Round of Funding & Appoints Steve Walske, Former PTC CEO, as Chairman of the Board; Proceeds to be Used to Accelerate Growth via Additional Investments in Sales and Research and Development (findarticles.com) [edit]
  284. Elemental raises $11 million in third funding round (eetimes.com) [edit]
  285. SWsoft Accepts Acceleration Investment and Announces Technology and Marketing Collaboration Agreement with Intel (parallels.com) [edit]
  286. SEC D (sec.gov) [edit]
  287. Netuitive Closes $5 Million in Financing and Adds Former Mercury Executive to Board of Directors (netuitive.com) [edit]
  288. EDGAR [edit]
  289. IP Address Management Leader Nominum Secures $16 Million in Additional Funding (nominum.com) [edit]
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  293. Revivio Secures $25 Million in Series C Funding Round (flagshipventures.com) [edit]
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  296. Security Software Maker eEye Doubles Funding (findarticles.com) [edit]
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  298. Gracenote Closes $13M Round of Funding, Led by Bessemer Venture Partners (findarticles.com) [edit]
  299. vcgate.com [edit]
  300. Taqua Secures in Excess of $20M to Fully Fund Business Plan. (thefreelibrary.com) [edit]
  301. BroadSoft Closes Series C Round With $32.5 Million (broadsoft.com) [edit]
  302. Nominum Completes $10 Million Funding Round (nominum.com) [edit]
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  307. Seattle Post-Intelligencer (seattlepi.nwsource.com) [edit]
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