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Phone+49 871 92325-0
DescriptionVenture Capital



Ländgasse 135 a
Landshut, 84028, DEU


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Bayern Kapital

Bayern Kapital GmbH is a Bavarian venture capital company and was founded as part of the “Bavarian Future Initiative” as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the LfA Foerderbank Bayern (Bavaria’s development bank) at the end of 1995.

The objective of Bayern Kapital is to finance research and development and market launch of new products. In this effort Bayern Kapital usually acts as co-investor in cooperation with a lead investor. The “Bayern Kapital model” is unique in Germany. Bayern Kapital has now developed into an essential location factor and driver of private financing in Bavaria.

To ensure continued implementation of innovation and growth in future, Bayern Kapital joined forces with the LfA Foerderbank and tbg-Technologie-Beteiligungs-Gesellschaft mbH (now KfW – a bank sponsored by the German government), to create Seedfonds Bayern in 2003 with a volume of 22 million Euro for financing startups in the medical technology, environmental technology and information / communication / software sectors. The investments are up to 250k Euro per company or in cooperation model with the federal HTGF (High Tech Gründerfonds) up to 600k Euro, usually in form of a combination of equity and subordinated loan or a silent partnership.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
microDimensions 3/2014Seed2
FAZUA 2/2014Seed2
PreisAnalytics 2/2014Venture Round3
riskmethods 1/2014Venture Round€900k2
Whiteout Networks 1/2014Seed2
Photonics Healthcare 10/2013Venture Round2
fos4X 8/2013Series B3
Vasopharm 6/2013Series F$6.5M3
GME Medical Engineering 4/2013Venture Round€1M3
Altruja 4/2013Venture Round5
crealytics 2/2013Venture Round5
SimScale 2/2013Venture Round2
Advanova 1/2013Series A2
SIRION BIOTECH 2013Venture Round5
FTAPI Software 2/2012Venture Round2
Seiratherm 2/2012Venture Round2
numares GmbH 2/2012Series B$9.5M2
GME Medical Engineering 12/2011Venture Round€750k2
CargoGuard 12/2011Venture Round€3.1M5
numares GmbH 10/2011Venture Round€7M3
commercetools 10/2011Series A5
baimos technologies 8/2011Venture Round2
Lophius Biosciences 7/2011Venture Round€1.4M2
crealytics 7/2011Venture Round3
famPlus 7/2011Series A2
SIRION BIOTECH 6/2011Venture Round4
Lumatix 5/2011Venture Round€600k2
SuppreMol 12/2010Series C€15.5M6
Altruja 10/2010Seed2
Curefab 10/2010Venture Round2
SemiLev 9/2010Venture Round2
TM3 Software 8/2010Venture Round$660k2
ChromoTek 7/2010Series A$510k2
Lophius Biosciences 5/2010Series B$1.97M3
Nanda Technologies 4/2010Venture Round$4M5
crealytics 1/2010Venture Round2
United Maps 7/2009Series A2
United Maps 11/2008Seed3
baimos technologies 4/2008Venture Round$1.02M2
Diaferon 7/2007Seed$927k3
Corimmun 1/2007Seed€680k2
Nanda Technologies 12/2006Venture Round$2.4M3
numares GmbH 10/2006Venture Round$2.51M2
commercetools 9/2006Seed$834k3
R&L 8/2006Venture Round$2.58M2
Art of Defence 7/2006Series A$2.88M3
Vanatec 6/2006Venture Round$754k2
SuppreMol 5/2006Series A$5.15M3
Vasopharm 1/2006Series B$11.8M3
Hyglos 8/2005Series C$8.99M5
Art of Defence 7/2005Venture Round$359k2



    Chromotek Raises €400,000 ( [edit]
    TM3 Software Raises €500K ( [edit]
  1. microDimensions Closes Seed Funding ( [edit]
  2. Fazua Raises Seed Funding ( [edit]
  3. PreisAnalytics Raises Funding ( [edit]
  4. RiskMethods Raises €900K ( [edit]
  5. Whiteout Networks Raises Seed Funding ( [edit]
  6. Photonics Healthcare Closes First VC Round ( [edit]
  7. fos4X Closes Second Financing Round ( [edit]
  8. vasopharm Closes Series F Financing Round ( [edit]
  9. German GME Medical Engineering Closes €1M Financing Round ( [edit]
  10. Altruja Raised Second Funding Round ( [edit]
  11. crealytics receives 7-figure growth capital ( [edit]
  12. SimScale Closes Funding ( [edit]
  13. Advanova Closes First Financing Round ( [edit]
  14. [edit]
  15. FTAPI Software Raises High 6-Figure Funding ( [edit]
  16. Seiratherm Raises Funding from HTGF and Bayern Kapital ( [edit]
  17. LipoFIT Analytic, GmbH: Series B $9.5M ( [edit]
  18. GME Medical Engineering Raises €750K in Funding ( [edit]
  19. CargoGuard Closes €3.1M Financing Round ( [edit]
  20. LipoFIT Analytic Raises €7M ( [edit]
  21. commercetools receives financing in the mid-million range for its cloud-based eCommerce solutions ( [edit]
  22. baimos technologies Raises Funding ( [edit]
  23. Lophius Biosciences Raises €1.4M from Existing Investors ( [edit]
  24. crealytics Receives Growth Financing ( [edit]
  25. famPlus Completes First Round of Financing ( [edit]
  26. SIRION BIOTECH Raises Further Funding ( [edit]
  27. Lumatix Raises €600K ( [edit]
  28. SuppreMol Closes €15.5M Series C Financing Round ( [edit]
  29. Receives Seed Funding ( [edit]
  30. Curefab Receives Investment from High-Tech Gründerfonds and Bayern Kapital ( [edit]
  31. SemiLev Raises Capital from High-Tech Gründerfonds and Bayern Kapital ( [edit]
  32. TM3 Software raises $0.66 million in venture funding round ( [edit]
  33. High-Tech Gründerfonds und Bayernkapital ( [edit]
  34. Closing of a 2nd financing round and appointment of a new CEO ( [edit]
  35. Nanda Technologies raises 4m USD in a financing round led by Capital-E and KfW ( [edit]
  36. Germany, crealytics Receives Funding ( [edit]
  37. United Maps announced 7 digits Series-A funding ( [edit]
  38. High-Tech Gründerfonds, Bayern Kapital and SpaceTec Capital Partners to invest in United Maps GmbH ( [edit]
  39. EDGAR [edit]
  40. EDGAR [edit]
  41. CORIMMUN GmbH announced today that it has completed a seed funding round with the High-Tech Gründerfonds, Bayern Kapital (Seedfonds) and BioM AG. ( [edit]
  42. EDGAR [edit]
  43. EDGAR [edit]
  44. EDGAR [edit]
  45. EDGAR [edit]
  46. EDGAR [edit]
  47. EDGAR [edit]
  48. EDGAR [edit]
  49. vasopharm BIOTECH Closes € 9.7 Million Series B Investment ( [edit]
  50. EDGAR [edit]
  51. EDGAR [edit]
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