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General Information



Menlo Park, USA
2180 Sand Hill Road
Suite 345
Menlo Park, CA, 94025


General Partner


Bay Partners

Bay Partners is a venture capital firm based in Menlo Park, California. Founded by John Freidenrich in 1976, it has funded over 200 information technology and healthcare businesses.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
MuleSoft 3/2014Private Equity$50M9
Apigee 7/2013Series F$35M7
Covestor 6/2013Series B$12.8M4
MuleSoft 4/2013Private Equity$37M7
Apigee 7/2012Series E$20M5
Sonatype 7/2012Series C$25M5
Dropcam 6/2012Series B$12M3
Ensenda 1/2012Venture Round$1.8M3
Zenprise 10/2011Series E$30M6
Salesforce Buddy Media 8/2011Series D$54M4
ParAccel 7/2011Venture Round7
Envia Systems 1/2011Series C$17M5
dynaTrace software 1/2011Venture Round$4M2
Plastic Jungle 11/2010Series C$10M5
Salesforce Buddy Media 10/2010Series C$23M4
Veebeam 10/2010Series B$6M7
Sonatype 9/2010Series B$11.6M4
Xactly Corp 7/2010Series E$7.5M6
Zenprise 6/2010Venture Round$9M5
MuleSoft 3/2010Series C$12M5
Enphase Energy 3/2010Venture Round$40M5
Plastic Jungle 3/2010Series B$7.4M4
HipLogic 12/2009Series B$7M4
Engine Yard 10/2009Series C$19M6
Jambool 8/2009Series B$5M2
ParAccel 6/2009Series C$22M5
Yapta 6/2009Series C$2M5
Enphase Energy 5/2009Venture Round$22.5M5
Cornerstone OnDemand 3/2009Series E$12.7M3
Zenprise 3/2009Venture Round$10M4
M-Factor 2/2009Series D$10.1M4
Plastic Jungle 1/2009Series A$6M5
Staccato Communications 11/2008Venture Round$20M11
Interact Public Safety 11/2008Venture Round$28M3
OncoMed Pharmaceuticals 11/2008Series B$154M8
Envia Systems 10/2008Series A$3.2M2
AMEC 10/2008Series C$58M5
Apigee 10/2008Series C$10M4
Eventful 10/2008Series C$10M3
Applied Identity 10/2008Series C$10M5
Daptiv 8/2008Series B$6M4
dynaTrace software 8/2008Series B$12.9M2
Elastra 8/2008Series B$12M3 8/2008Series C$32M5
Jambool 8/2008Series A$1M3
Corefino 7/2008Series A$13.6M2
SpringSource 6/2008Series B$27.3M3
PurePlay 5/2008Series C$15M3
Xactly Corp 4/2008Series D$30M7
Advanced Power Projects 3/2008Series A$13M3
TrueDemand Software 2/2008Series C$2.7M3
Ensenda 1/2008Venture Round$10.3M3
NanoGram 1/2008Series C$32M14
ParAccel 12/2007Series B$22M4
SocialPicks 12/2007Series A$500k1 11/2007Venture Round$3M3
Staccato Communications 10/2007Venture Round$17.5M6
Eloqua 10/2007Series C$23M3
PicksPal 10/2007Series C$3M2
Cornerstone OnDemand 9/2007Series D$32M2
g2One 8/2007Venture Round2
FantasyBook 7/2007Seed1
Triggit 7/2007Angel$500k1
M-Factor 6/2007Series C$10.1M2
SpringSource 6/2007Series A$10M2
Daptiv 5/2007Series A$12M2
Zenprise 5/2007Series C$4.5M3
Sana Security 4/2007Series E$12M2
Akros Silicon 3/2007Series B$10.1M4
Apigee 11/2006Series B$16M4
Wallop 9/2006Series B$10M2
Exeros 9/2006Series B$12M3
BoardVantage 9/2006Series D$5.5M2
Eloqua 9/2006Series B$12.8M2
Eventful 9/2006Series B$7.5M3
TrueDemand Software 8/2006Series B$8M3
PWRF 6/2006Series C$30M4
Cswitch 5/2006Series B$30M8
Applied Identity 5/2006Series B$12M4
Xactly Corp 3/2006Series B$8M5
Montalvo Systems 3/2006Series B$26.3M4
PicksPal 2/2006Series B$4M2
NanoGram 1/2006Venture Round$18.7M8
Zingdom Communications 1/2006Series C$13M3 1/2006Series B$15M3
SilverStorm Technologies 1/2006Venture Round$13M4
Code Green Networks 1/2006Series C$15M3
Staccato Communications 1/2006Series C$18M5 1/2006Series B$12M4
PWRF 10/2005Series B$8M3
Capella Photonics 9/2005Series D$10M3
TrueDemand Software 8/2005Series A$6M2
Akros Silicon 7/2005Series A$9M2
Zenprise 6/2005Series B$11M3 5/2005Series A$3.3M5
Apigee 4/2005Series A$12M2
NeoScale Systems 3/2005Series D$12M4
WhereNet 1/2005Venture Round$5M5
Applied Identity 1/2005Series A$11M3
Code Green Networks 1/2005Series B$15M1
Tealeaf 9/2002Series C$12M3



  1. Enterprise SaaS Integration Platform MuleSoft Raises $50M At A $800M Valuation ( [edit]
  2. Apigee Raises $35M For Its API Management Platform ( [edit]
  3. Covestor Raises $12.75M In Serise B Funding ( [edit]
  4. MuleSoft Raises $37 Million to Connect the New Enterprise ( [edit]
  5. Apigee Adds $20 Million to Warchest, Looks to Extend Lead in Enterprise API Management ( [edit]
  6. Sonatype Raises $25M in Funding ( [edit]
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  10. Buddy Media Raises $54M For Brand-Focused Social Media Management Platform ( [edit]
  11. ParAccel Receives Additional Investment from ( [edit]
  12. GM Ventures Makes Strategic Investment in Envia Systems ( [edit]
  13. DynaTrace Software dealt a new $4M funding hand ( [edit]
  14. Plastic Jungle Raises $10 million For Gift Card Marketplace ( [edit]
  15. Buddy Media Announces $23 Million Series C Funding ( [edit]
  16. Veebeam Raising $6 Million For Wireless Video Sending ( [edit]
  17. Sonatype Raises $11.6M in Funding ( [edit]
  18. Sales compensation manager Xactly raises $7.5M more ( [edit]
  19. Zenprise raises $9M to manage company smartphones ( [edit]
  20. Open Source Enterprise Company MuleSoft Raises $12 Million From SAP And Others ( [edit]
  21. AltAssets ( [edit]
  22. Plastic Jungle Raises $7.4 Million for Gift Card Marketplace ( [edit]
  23. HipLogic Raises $7 Million To Bring Smartphone Intelligence to Mass Market Phones ( [edit]
  24. Engine Yard Website ( [edit]
  25. Jambool Raises $5 Million For Its Social Gold Micropayments Platform ( [edit]
  26. ParAccel brings in $22M for analytical databases ( [edit]
  27. Yapta lands $2M to track airfare and hotel prices ( [edit]
  28. Enphase Energy Secures $22.5 Million in Financing ( [edit]
  29. Cornerstone OnDemand Raises $12.7M ( [edit]
  30. Zenprise nabs $10M for automated mobile troubleshooting ( [edit]
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  35. OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Completes $154 Million Series B Financing ( [edit]
  36. Envia raises $3.2M for lithium ion batteries ( [edit]
  37. AMEC attracts US$58m for its expansion plans ( [edit]
  38. Sonoa Systems Raises $10 Million Series C Financing ( [edit]
  39. Eventful nabs a strategic investment and Ticketmaster partnership ( [edit]
  40. VentureBeat ( [edit]
  41. Daptiv Raises $6M More ( [edit]
  42. DynaTrace seals $12.9M in Series B funding ( [edit]
  43. ELASTRA Closes $12 Million In Series B Financing ( [edit]
  44. Closes $32 Million Third Round; Got In Before The Bust ( [edit]
  45. Jambool Focused on Payments Platform for Virtual Goods, Launches Payments Widget for Facebook Applications ( [edit]
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  48. PurePlay Raises Series C Round, Bringing Funding to $15 Million ( [edit]
  49. Sales management company Xactly raises $30M ( [edit]
  50. Advanced Power Projects, for power plant efficiency, takes first funding ( [edit]
  51. EDGAR [edit]
  52. Ensenda, a provider of last-mile logistics, raises $10.3M ( [edit]
  53. NanoGram Corporation Raises $32M to Extend Solar Technology and Advanced Materials Solutions to Commercial Scale ( [edit]
  54. ParAccel Secures $20 Million in Venture Financing and Opens Cupertino Office ( [edit]
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  57. Staccato Achieves WiMedia Platform Certification and Secures Additional Funding ( [edit]
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  59. PicksPal Takes $3 Million Series C ( [edit]
  60. On-Demand Leader Redefines the Talent Management Landscape ( [edit]
  61. Bay Partners invested in G2One ( [edit]
  62. Bay Partners invested in FantasyBook ( [edit]
  63. Blogging Tool Triggit Gets $500k ( [edit]
  64. M-Factor raises $10.1M for marketing analysis software ( [edit]
  65. Why Did We Raise $10mln ( [edit]
  66. EProject raises $12M for Web-based collaboration product ( [edit]
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  69. Akros Silicon Secures $10.1 Million in Series B Financing Led by Levensohn Venture Partners ( [edit]
  70. Sonoa Systems Gets Series B ( [edit]
  71. Wallop Shows Up to the Party ( [edit]
  72. Exeros Secures $12M in B-Round Financing. ( [edit]
  73. BoardVantage, a provider of secure portals for corporate boards, raises $5.5M ( [edit]
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  76. TrueDemand Software Secures $8 Million in B-Round Funding, Capping Successful First Year Dedicated to Product and Partnership Development. ( [edit]
  77. PulseWave RF Secures $30 Million in Series C Funding ( [edit]
  78. Cswitch Closes $30 Million Second Round Investment ( [edit]
  79. Applied Identity Raises $12M ( [edit]
  80. Xactly Corporation Secures $8 Million Series B Funding Led by Outlook Ventures and Spinner Asset Management, LLC ( [edit]
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  86. SilverStorm Technologies Closes $13 Million in Funding ( [edit]
  87. Code Green Networks raises $15M ( [edit]
  88. Staccato Communications Closes $18 Million In Third Round Venture Capital Financing ( [edit]
  89. Citation Needed [add]
  90. PropheSi Technologies Picks Up $8 Million in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  91. Capella Photonics Raises $10 Million From Bay Partners, BCE (Bell Canada Enterprises) Capital, and Vanguard Ventures ( [edit]
  92. RFID start-up attracts software talent ( [edit]
  93. Akros Silicon secures $9 million financing ( [edit]
  94. Zenprise Receives $11 Million in Second Round Funding; Shasta Ventures Leads B-Round Investment in Enterprise Service Management Provider ( [edit]
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  101. TeaLeaf Technology Raises $12 Million in Series C Financing; Bay Partners Leads Over-Subscribed Round, Takes Board Seat. ( [edit]
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