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General Information
Phone(650) 372-3939
DescriptionInvesting in technology


Battery Fund, 7/2007 $750M
Battery Ventures IX, 3/2010 $710M
Battery Ventures X, 2/2013 $650M
Battery Ventures X Side Fund, 2/2013 $250M


Silicon Valley
2884 Sand Hill Rd
Suite 101
Menlo Park, CA, 94025
6 HaChoshlim St.
6th Floor
Herzeliya, 46724, ISR
Waltham, USA
Reservoir Woods
930 Winter Street, Suite 2500
Waltham, MA, 02451


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Battery Ventures

Battery Ventures is a venture capital firm with offices in Boston, Silicon Valley, Israel. They invest in technology driven companies.

We invest in all stages of a company’s life, are flexible in the amount we invest, and are creative when it comes to syndicating, finding alternate sources of money, and designing financing to best match your business.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
KeyMe 4/2014Series A$7.8M5
Sprig 4/2014Series A$11.7M3
FTBpro 3/2014Venture Round$18M3
Coupa Software 3/2014Series F$40M7
Platfora 3/2014Series C$38M8
Lotame 3/2014Series D$15M4
Smarter Remarketer 2/2014Venture Round$7M1
Intacct 2/2014Series G$30M6
Polar 2/2014Seed$1.68M5
Avalara 2/2014Private Equity$30M2
Data Physics Corporation 2/2014Venture Round1
Mendix 1/2014Series B$25M2
Elastifile 1/2014Series A$8M2
Nutanix 1/2014Series D$101M7
Koru 12/2013Series A$4.35M4
FirstFuel Software 12/2013Series B$8.5M4
Catchpoint Systems 12/2013Series B$6M1
Chef 12/2013Series D$32M6
Glassdoor 12/2013Series F$50M6
SumAll 12/2013Series A$4M3
Xenex Disinfection Services 11/2013Venture Round$11.3M3
Yub 11/2013Venture Round$12M9
Yesware 11/2013Series B$1.2M5
Gainsight 11/2013Series B$20M3
Sprig 11/2013Seed$1.2M13
Sprinklr 11/2013Series C$17.5M2
Primary Data 10/2013Series B$50M6
Stratoscale 10/2013Series A$10M2
Dollar Shave Club 10/2013Series B$12M5
Pursway 10/2013Series B$7.2M2
Leo 10/2013Seed$1.5M12
Yesware 9/2013Series B$13.5M5
Blue Jeans Network 9/2013Series D$50M4
Narrative Science 9/2013Series C$11.5M4
HotelTonight 9/2013Series D$45M7
InstaEDU 8/2013Series A$4M8
Cyvera 8/2013Series B$11M3
Sosh 8/2013Series B$10.1M5
VividCortex 8/2013Seed$2M2
Boost Media 8/2013Series B$8M3
Scodix 7/2013Venture Round$5M1
JOOR 7/2013Series C$14.6M7
Entelo 6/2013Series A$3.5M2
RelateIQ 6/2013Series B$20M3
BrightEdge 6/2013Series D$42.8M5
Prizeo 6/2013Seed$2.5M14
FTBpro 5/2013Venture Round$5.8M2
Optimizely 4/2013Series A$28M5
Relay Foods 4/2013Series A$8.25M3
GreenBytes 4/2013Series C$7M2
SiSense 4/2013Venture Round$10M3
Tealium 4/2013Series C$15.6M3
Gainsight 4/2013Series A$9M2
Q2ebanking 3/2013Series C$20M2
Catchpoint Systems 3/2013Series A$3.2M1
GoEuro 3/2013Seed$4M2
Polar 2/2013Seed$1.2M7
Agari Data 2/2013Venture Round$5M4
Sprinklr 2/2013Series B$15M2
KeyMe 1/2013Seed$2.3M4
Panaya 1/2013Series D$16M3
SpotHero 12/2012Venture Round$2M7
Duetto 12/2012Series A$10.1M7
Wayfair 12/2012Venture Round$36M4
Plivo 12/2012Seed$1.75M5
PowerInbox 11/2012Series A$10M3
Fresh Dish 11/2012Venture Round$500k1
SumAll 11/2012Series A$6M2
Modria 11/2012Angel$2.5M4
Continuuity 11/2012Series A$10M4
Platfora 11/2012Series B$20M5
Diablo Technologies 11/2012Venture Round$28M4
Glassdoor 10/2012Series D$20M4
Streak 10/2012Convertible Note$1.9M10
Calxeda 10/2012Series C$55M6
FreeWheel 10/2012Venture Round$8.25M3
Sosh 10/2012Venture Round$1.15M1
World Golf Tour 10/2012Venture Round$1M3
Happy Bits Company 10/2012Venture Round$650k1
JOOR 9/2012Series B$3.25M5
Zenverge 9/2012Series D$26.2M8
Sosh 9/2012Series A$4M1
Nutanix 8/2012Series C$33M4
Cumulus Networks 8/2012Series A$15M6
Vaunte 8/2012Seed$1.12M4
Chute 7/2012Seed$2.7M6
Tealium 7/2012Series B$10.5M1
Entelo 7/2012Venture Round$248k1
Avalara 6/2012Venture Round$20M1
Delphix 6/2012Series C$25M5
Loosecubes 6/2012Series A$7.8M5
HotelTonight 6/2012Series C$23M4
SumAll 6/2012Venture Round$1.5M3
HotelTonight 6/2012Series C$23M4
SolarBridge Technologies 5/2012Series D$25M3
Redwood Systems 5/2012Series C$11.8M3
GreenBytes 5/2012Series B$12M2
Mass Relevance 5/2012Series A$3.3M5
Coupa Software 5/2012Series E$22M5
SingleHop 4/2012Series A$27.5M1
Amalfi Semiconductor 4/2012Venture Round$20M3
Duetto 4/2012Seed$2.1M3
H.BLOOM 4/2012Series B$10M2
Supernova 4/2012Series B$12M4
Chef 3/2012Series C$19.5M4
Tracelytics 3/2012Series A$5.2M4
BrightEdge 3/2012Series C$12.6M4
Sprinklr 3/2012Series A$5M1
Drillinginfo 3/2012Private Equity$165M3
FirstFuel Software 2/2012Series A$10M3
Backplane 2/2012Series A$4M8
Optimizely 2/2012Seed$2M5
TrialPay 1/2012Series C$40M10
Continuuity 1/2012Seed$2.5M3
BlueKai 1/2012Series D$15M4
Neolane 1/2012Venture Round$27M3
Fastly 2012Series A$4M2
Supernova 2012Series A$6M3
HotelTonight 11/2011Series B$9.1M3
Marketo 11/2011Series F$50M5
Kontagent 11/2011Series B$12M3
Gogobot 11/2011Series B$15M3
Tracelytics 11/2011Seed$600k4
Agari Data 11/2011Series A$2.5M5
StellaService 11/2011Series A$5M4
Sociable Labs 10/2011Series B$7M1
HiGear 10/2011Seed$1.3M3
FirstFuel Software 9/2011Venture Round$2.4M2
ActivePath 9/2011Series B$10M3
LiveIntent 9/2011Series B$8M3
Apsalar 9/2011Series A$5M5
H.BLOOM 9/2011Series A$4.7M1
Umami 8/2011Seed$1.65M2
Zerto 8/2011Series B$15M3
Weddington Way 8/2011Seed$2.5M3
JOOR 7/2011Series A$2.25M8
QCoefficient, Inc. 7/2011Series A$7M2
Wayfair 6/2011Series A$165M4
SolarBridge Technologies 6/2011Series C$19M4
J. Hilburn 6/2011Series C$5M2
Wikets 6/2011Venture Round$1.5M2
XtremIO 6/2011Series B$14M3
Leadspace 6/2011Series A$6M2
HotelTonight 5/2011Series A$3.59M8
Send the Trend 5/2011Series A$3M1
ExactTarget 4/2011Private Equity$30M4
Digby 4/2011Series C$7.77M4
StellaService 3/2011Series A$2M6
Coupa Software 2/2011Series D$12M4
Glassdoor 2/2011Series C$12M3
Groupon 1/2011Series D$950M10
Narrative Science 1/2011Series A$6M1
Adku 12/2010Seed$1.5M5
Lotame 12/2010Series C$11M4
H.BLOOM 11/2010Series A$2.2M1
Redwood Systems 10/2010Series B$15M3
GreenBytes 9/2010Series A$3.5M1
VSS Monitoring 8/2010Series A$20M1
Viridity Software 8/2010Series B$8M2
Smooth-Stone 8/2010Venture Round$48M5
Taggle Internet Ventures Private 6/2010Venture Round$8.75M2
Chef 6/2010Series B$11M2
SafetyWeb 6/2010Series A$8M2
Gogobot 6/2010Series A$4M4
Panaya 6/2010Series C$7M1
Blockboard 5/2010Seed$1M8
Zerto 5/2010Venture Round$6M2
Jelli 5/2010Series A$5M2
J. Hilburn 5/2010Series B$3M1
SolarBridge Technologies 4/2010Series B$15M2
Zenverge 4/2010Series C$30M4
Groupon 4/2010Series C$135M4
FreeWheel 4/2010Venture Round$16.8M4
World Golf Tour 3/2010Series C$10M3
BrightEdge 3/2010Series B$6.5M3
Pursway 2/2010Series A$6M1
BlueKai 2/2010Series C$21.4M3
Loosecubes 1/2010Seed$1.23M3
Supernova 2010Seed$2.2M3
LiveIntent 12/2009Series A$4.6M7
Cedar Point Communications 12/2009Debt$2M8
The NewsMarket 10/2009Venture Round$4.3M4
GreenBytes 9/2009Series A$8M1
eduFire 9/2009Series A$1.3M2
Coupa Software 9/2009Series C$7.5M3
SafetyWeb 9/2009Seed$750k1
Amalfi Semiconductor 8/2009Series C$24M4
ExactTarget 5/2009Private Equity$70M2
FreeWheel 5/2009Series C$12M2
Agito Networks 4/2009Series B$13M2
J. Hilburn 4/2009Series A$3.25M1
StreamBase Systems 1/2009Series D$6M5
BlueKai 12/2008Series B$10.5M2
Viridity Software 12/2008Series A$7M2
Qteros 11/2008Series B$25M3
Pocket Communications Northeast 11/2008Private Equity$100M3
Achronix Semiconductor 10/2008Series B$52M5
Redwood Systems 10/2008Series A$4M2
ZeroG Wireless 10/2008Series B$17M4
Adisn 8/2008Series A$1M1
Lotame 8/2008Series B$13M3
J. Hilburn 8/2008Seed$1M1
Neocleus 6/2008Series B$11M2
Bazaarvoice 6/2008Series C$7.1M3
Bright View Technologies 6/2008Series B$15M2
Lattice Engines 5/2008Series A$1.7M1
Cortera 4/2008Series A$8M4
Angie's List 4/2008Venture Round$35M1
Coupa Software 4/2008Series B$6M2
Lotame 2/2008Series A$10M3
TrialPay 2/2008Series B$12.7M4
Panjiva 1/2008Series A$5.2M2
Optichron 10/2007Venture Round$12M4
Stonybrook Purification 10/2007Series A$4.1M4
Agito Networks 10/2007Venture Round$9M1
SolarBridge Technologies 10/2007Series A1
Donnorwood Media 9/2007Venture Round$5M2
Copan Systems 9/2007Series D$32.4M8
Meez 9/2007Series C$5.4M3
Bazaarvoice 9/2007Series B$8.8M4
Zayo Bandwidth 8/2007Private Equity$225M5
Qteros 8/2007Series A3
Anobit Technologies 8/2007Series A$17M2 6/2007Series A$6.1M1
Mformation Technologies 5/2007Series E$20M9
SenSage 4/2007Series D$5M4
TrialPay 2/2007Series A$3.1M8
Veraz Networks 2/2007Venture Round$10M9
Achronix Semiconductor 1/2007Series A$25.4M4
Spot Runner 10/2006Series B$40M10
TradeKing 8/2006Series B$6M3
Neocleus 7/2006Series A$5M2
Luminus Devices 5/2006Series D$38M6
ITA Software 1/2006Private Equity$100M5
Spot Runner 1/2006Series A$10M3
Synaptic Digital 10/2005Series C$5M3
Peerflix 10/2005Series B$8M3
PrimeRevenue 9/2005Series B$10M2
BladeLogic 9/2005Series D$7M5
Broadbus Technologies 8/2005Series C$20M5
Cedar Point Communications 8/2005Series D$15M8
MoreMagic Solutions 6/2005Series D$4.13M3
Blue Flame Data 6/2005Series A$6M1
SenSage 4/2005Series C$10M4
Applimation 4/2005Series C$4M3
Optichron 3/2005Series B$17M4
Vertical Circuits 1/2005Series B$7M2
Tejas Networks India 1/2005Series C$15M4
Ruckus 1/2005Series B$8M2
Meez 1/2005Seed$500k2
Ruckus 6/2004Series A$7.5M2
Friendster 10/2003Series B$13M4
Friendster 12/2002Series A$2.4M3



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  108. Flower Subscription Service H.Bloom Raises $10 Million ( [edit]
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  115. FirstFuel Raises $10 Million in Series A Financing Led by RockPort Capital and Existing Investors Nth Power and Battery Ventures ( [edit]
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  125. Eyeing an IPO in 2012, Sales and Marketing Software develop Marketo raises $50M ( [edit]
  126. Social App Analytics Platform Kontagent Raises $12M From Battery Ventures And Others ( [edit]
  127. With Growth Surging, Gogobot Raises $15 Million For Social Travel ( [edit]
  128. Web App Performance Solution Tracelytics Raises $600K From Google Ventures, Battery & Flybridge ( [edit]
  129. Email Security Startup Agari Raises $2.5M From Alloy, Battery, Greylock And First Round ( [edit]
  130. STELLAService Raises $5 Million To Tell You Which Online Retailers Have The Best Customer Service ( [edit]
  131. Sociable Labs Raises $7 Million To Help Retailers Manage Social Commerce ( [edit]
  132. HiGear raises $1.3M for luxury peer-to-peer car sharing ( [edit]
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  134. ActivePath Raises $10 Million For Interactive Email Solutions ( [edit]
  135. LiveIntent Raises $8M in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  136. Apsalar Raises $5 Million For Mobile Analytics And Behavioral Targeting Platform ( [edit]
  137. Battery Leads $4.7M Round In Floral Delivery Service H.Bloom ( [edit]
  138. Battery Ventures And NEA Back Social TV App Umami ( [edit]
  139. Zerto Completes $15M Series B Funding ( [edit]
  140. Gigaom [edit]
  141. JOOR Raises $2.25 Million For Private Online Fashion Marketplace ( [edit]
  142. Clean Urban Energy Raises $7M in Series A Financing ( [edit]
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  151. Marketing Software Giant ExactTarget Raises $30 Million, Revenue Up 50 Percent ( [edit]
  152. Mobile Commerce Firm Digby Lands $8 Million ( [edit]
  153. STELLAService Raises $2M, Tests Online Customer Services So You Don’t Have To ( [edit]
  154. Coupa Raises $12 Million To Help Companies Spend Smarter ( [edit]
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  156. Groupon Completes $950M Financing Round ( [edit]
  157. [edit]
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  160. Floral Delivery Service H.Bloom Picks Up $2.2 Million In Series A Funding ( [edit]
  161. Redwood Systems Secures $15M in Series B Financing ( [edit]
  162. GreenBytes Nabs $3.5 Million More For Energy-Efficient, Enterprise Data Storage ( [edit]
  163. VSS Monitoring Raises $20 Million For Networking Monitoring Technology ( [edit]
  165. Green chip start-up gets $48 million in funding ( [edit]
  166. EDGAR [edit]
  167. Opscode Closes $11 Million Series B Round ( [edit]
  168. SafetyWeb Secures $8 Million So Parents Can Better Secure Their Kids Online ( [edit]
  169. Gogobot Unveils Plans To Evolve Online Travel, Takes $4 Million From Battery Ventures ( [edit]
  170. Panaya Raises $7M in Series C Funding ( [edit]
  171. TechCrunch ( [edit]
  172. EDGAR [edit]
  173. Jelli Secures $7 Million in Series A Funding for Crowdsourced Radio ( [edit]
  174. TechCrunch ( [edit]
  175. SolarBridge Raises $15M ( [edit]
  176. Zenverge Closes $30 Million Series C Financing Led by Battery Ventures ( [edit]
  177. [edit]
  178. SEC D ( [edit]
  179. World Golf Tour Gets $10 Million More For Online Golf Game ( [edit]
  180. BrightEdge lands $6.5M more for SEO management platform ( [edit]
  181. Pursway Scores $6 Million To Help Companies Leverage The Power Of Social Influencers ( [edit]
  182. BlueKai Raises $21 Million For Online Target-Marketing Data Exchange, SEC ( [edit]
  183. Citation Needed [add]
  184. Citation Needed [add]
  185. WSJ Venture Wire ( [edit]
  186. Cedar Point pulls in $2M in debt funding ( [edit]
  187. The NewsMarket Raises $4.3 Million For Expansion, Medialink Buy ( [edit]
  188. Battery Leads Series A Financing for Data Storage Innovator GreenBytes ( [edit]
  189. EduFire Raises $1.3 Million For Video Education Platform ( [edit]
  190. Coupa Raises $7.5 Million, Helps Companies Spend Smarter ( [edit]
  191. Company Communication [edit]
  192. Chip maker Amalfi gets $24M funding for cellphone guts ( [edit]
  193. ExactTarget ( [edit]
  194. Freewheel nabs $12M for online video advertising ( [edit]
  195. Agito Networks Raises $13M ( [edit]
  196. TechCrunch ( [edit]
  197. StreamBase Closes $6M Series D ( [edit]
  198. ata Provider BlueKai Closes $10.5M Second Round ( [edit]
  199. Viridity Software pulls in $7M Series A funding ( [edit]
  200. Qteros raises $25M for its plant-eating, ethanol-yielding germ ( [edit]
  201. Pocket Communications Northeast Gets $100M ( [edit]
  202. Achronix Completes First Close of $52 Million Series B Preferred Stock Financing ( [edit]
  203. Redwood Systems gets $4M for commercial building LEDs ( [edit]
  204. VentureBeat ( [edit]
  205. ( [edit]
  206. SocNet Ad Network Lotame Raises $13M ( [edit]
  207. TechCrunch ( [edit]
  208. Neocleus Lands $11 Million Series B Funding ( [edit]
  209. Bazaarvoice raises $7.1 million to provide brands with consumer-generated content options ( [edit]
  210. Bright View Technologies raises $15 million for display technologies ( [edit]
  211. Lattice Engines Nets $1.7M in Series A Round ( [edit]
  212. Cortera Raises $8 Million in Funding Round Led By CIBC ( [edit]
  213. Angie’s List Gets $35 Million in New Investment From Battery Ventures ( [edit]
  214. Venturebeat ( [edit]
  215. Lotame Received $10 Million for Social Media Targeting - ( [edit]
  216. [edit]
  217. Battery website ( [edit]
  218. Optichron, a communications distortion removing co., raises $12M. ( [edit]
  219. Stonybrook raises $4.1M for water purification ( [edit]
  220. Agito Networks emerges with $9M for WiFi-cellular convergence ( [edit]
  221. SSES Secures Series A Financing ( [edit]
  222. Donnorwood Media raises $5M for online games ( [edit]
  224. []
  225. Citation Needed [add]
  226. Zayo Bandwidth raises $225M for fiber-based networks ( [edit]
  227. SunEthanol, latest cellulosic ethanol company, raises round ( [edit]
  228. Battery Ventures and Pitango Venture Capital Invest $17 Million in Anobit Technologies ( [edit]
  229. Healthcare Media Company LifeMed Gets $6.2 Million From Battery ( [edit]
  231. SenSage Secures $5 Million Series D Funding ( [edit]
  232. TrialPay Backed By Investors of Skype, Google, and Akamai For Payment Platform ( [edit]
  233. Veraz, a VoIP equipment provider, raises $10M more before IPO ( [edit]
  234. Achronix Completes $25.4 Million Series A Preferred Stock Financing ( [edit]
  235. [edit]
  236. [edit]
  237. Stealthy Neocleus Tracks Down $5M; Prepares For Beta Launch ( [edit]
  238. Luminus Devices Receives $38 Million Investment ( [edit]
  239. ITA Software Announces $100 Million in Equity Financing ( [edit]
  240. [edit]
  241. The NewsMarket Gets $10.65 Million Third Round ( [edit]
  242. [edit]
  243. James D. Robinson III, Former American Express CEO, Joins PrimeRevenue Board; Company Receives $10 Million in Series B Financing. ( [edit]
  244. BladeLogic Closes $7 Million Series D Round of Funding & Appoints Steve Walske, Former PTC CEO, as Chairman of the Board; Proceeds to be Used to Accelerate Growth via Additional Investments in Sales and Research and Development ( [edit]
  245. EDGAR [edit]
  246. Cedar Point adds $15 M to coffers ( [edit]
  247. MoreMagic Raises $4 Million in Funding Round ( [edit]
  248. EDGAR [edit]
  249. EDGAR [edit]
  250. Applimation Secures $4 Million in Series C Funding. ( [edit]
  251. EDGAR [edit]
  253. Tejas Networks Secures $15 Million in Series C Funding ( [edit]
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  257. Banker Books []
  258. Banker Books []
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