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Baseline Ventures

Baseline addresses the gap between individual investors and institutional venture capitalists.

Since its inception, Baseline has invested in more than 75 companies and helped more than 25 companies exit profitably for founders and investors alike. Baseline is proud to be a seed investor associated with the following highly promising companies:

  • Instagram and Parakey (both acquired by Facebook)
  • Heroku, ExactTarget, GoInstant and CoTweet (all acquired by
  • Crashlytics and GeoAPI (both acquired by Twitter)
  • IndexTank (acquired by LinkedIn)
  • Rupture (acquired by EA)
  • Sendori (acquired by
  • Versely (acquired by Cisco)
  • Aardvark and DocVerse (both acquired by Google)
  • Yardbarker (acquired by Fox Sports)
  • BookFresh (acquired by Sugar Media)
  • Cake Financial (acquired by E*Trade)
  • ScanScout (acquired by Tremor Media)
  • StaxNetworks (acquired by Cloudbees)
  • Hunch (acquired by eBay)
  • Instructables (acquired by AutoDesk)
  • Flowtown (acquired by DemandForce)
  • OMGPop (acquired by Zynga)
  • Xobni (acquired by Yahoo!)
  • Metaresolver (acquired by Millenial Media)

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
SoFi 4/2014Series C$80M6
Boombotix 1/2014Series A$4M14
nWay 12/2013Series A$5M7
Bloc 12/2013Seed$2M4
Apiary 9/2013Seed$1.63M4
Cluster 8/2013Seed$1.6M5
AltSchool 8/2013Seed7
Librato 7/2013Series A$3.8M3
Soma 7/2013Seed$3.7M10
Pickwick & Weller 4/2013Venture Round$2M9
Piqora 4/2013Venture Round$2.1M4
TastemakerX 3/2013Series B$1.25M4
Stitch Fix 2/2013Series A$4.75M3
Gild 2/2013Series A$8M5
CircleCI 2/2013Seed$1.5M10
Rivet & Sway 2/2013Seed$2M3
PagerDuty 1/2013Series A$10.7M5
Better Finance 1/2013Series C$21M5
Clarity 12/2012Seed$1.6M7
Picturelife 11/2012Series A$4M10
ObjectLabs 10/2012Series B$5M5
nWay 10/2012Seed$4M6
Seesaw 9/2012Seed7
SoFi 9/2012Series B$77.2M3
Mango Health 7/2012Seed$1.45M5
Piqora 7/2012Seed$1.4M2
TaskRabbit 7/2012Series C$13M6
Pocket 7/2012Series B$5M3
Highfive 7/2012Series A$4M5
Threadflip 6/2012Series A$6.5M6
Threadflip 4/2012Seed$1.6M3
Crashlytics 4/2012Series A$5M2
Instagram 4/2012Series B$50M5
Avocado™ 4/2012Seed$1.3M5
Metaresolver 3/2012Seed$1.85M5
WorkSimple 3/2012Series A$250k2
TastemakerX 2/2012Series A$1.8M5
Adara Media 1/2012Venture Round$12.4M4
TRUSTe 1/2012Series C$15M4
TaskRabbit 12/2011Series B$17.8M8 12/2011Seed$1.62M9
UserVoice 11/2011Series B$1M10
Crashlytics 10/2011Seed$1M10
SoFi 9/2011Series A$4M2
GoInstant 9/2011Seed$1.7M9
Good Eggs 8/2011Seed3
Machine Zone, Inc. 8/2011Series A$5.3M2
Pocket 7/2011Series A$2.5M4
Reverb Technologies 7/2011Series C$1.6M7
Rivet & Sway 7/2011Seed$350k1
StackMob 5/2011Series A$7.5M3
TaskRabbit 5/2011Series A$5M7
ObjectLabs 5/2011Series A$3M5
Rivet Games 4/2011Series B4
Giftly 3/2011Seed$2.8M6
Instagram 2/2011Series A$7M5
Formspring 1/2011Venture Round$11.5M2
Pantheon 9/2010Seed$1.3M7
TaskRabbit 8/2010Seed$850k3
Better Finance 7/2010Series A$4.5M7
Versly 7/2010Seed7
OwnLocal 6/2010Seed$1M18
TRUSTe 6/2010Series B$12M4
Heroku 5/2010Series B$10M4
Xobni 4/2010Series C$16.2M7
Formspring 3/2010Series A$2.5M11
Instagram 3/2010Seed$500k2
Vook 2/2010Seed$2.5M7
Datalot 1/2010Series A2
TaskRabbit 10/2009Seed$1M3
BookFresh 7/2009Seed$500k5
CoTweet 7/2009Series A$1.1M6
Yardbarker Network 6/2009Venture Round$634k6
Mixer Labs 6/2009Series A6
UserVoice 5/2009Series A$800k7
Expensify 5/2009Seed$1M4
Xobni 3/2009Series B$3.2M7
OMGPOP 3/2009Series B$5M3
Haute Secure 3/2009Series A$1.6M2
Xobni 1/2009Series B$7M7
Aardvark 10/2008Series A$5.25M6
Sharethrough 8/2008Seed$1M4
DocVerse 7/2008Seed$1.3M4
TRUSTe 7/2008Series A$10M2
OMGPOP 6/2008Series A$1.5M5
Blekko 5/2008Series B$3M7
Yardbarker Network 4/2008Series B$6M6
TrialPay 2/2008Series B$12.7M4
Reverb Technologies 1/2008Series A$1M1
Stax Networks 12/2007Seed1
Sendori 11/2007Series A$800k4
Blekko 9/2007Series A$2M6
Rupture 7/2007Angel$3M6
OMGPOP 5/2007Angel4
SnapLayout 5/2007Series A$650k1
Weebly 5/2007Angel$650k5
Fraudwall Technologies 3/2007Series A$1.1M3
TrialPay 2/2007Series A$3.1M8
Anchor Intelligence 1/2007Series A$2M8
Haute Secure 1/2007Seed$500k1
Cake Financial 1/2006Seed8


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