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General Information


Balderton Capital IV, 1/2009 $430M
Balderton Capital V, 5/2013
Benchmark Capital III, 12/2006 $550M
Benchmark Europe II, 7/2004 $375M
Benchmark Europe I, 5/2000 $500M
5th venture fund, 4/2014 $305M


London, GBR
20 Balderton Street
London, W1K 6TL, GBR


Founder & Partner
Data Scientist


Balderton Capital

Balderton Capital is the leading venture investor in the EU… Balderton has a track record of helping entrepreneurs build substantial businesses – with more $250m+ exits in the past five years than any other European venture firm.

We have backed over 100 entrepreneurs in the last decade, and continue to look for outstanding entrepreneurs who share our passion for disrupting large markets and building long-lasting, great companies.

We invest early stage, but, with nearly $2 billion of committed capital, we have the resources to support companies for the long term.

But we do more than just invest. Our partners have founded and grown companies from one to thousands of employees; and we bring that real-world company-building experience, as well as our extensive network of relationships across multiple industries and continents, to the entrepreneurs we partner with.

Balderton was founded in 2000 by Benchmark Capital, the leading US venture firm. In 2007 Balderton formally became independent, although we maintain close ties with our Silicon Valley sibling.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Citymapper Limited 4/2014Series A$10M4
Banjo 3/2014Series B$16M3
Top10.com 3/2014Series B$8M1
Carwow 2/2014Series A£1.3M3
Tictail 2/2014Series A$8M3
GoCardless 1/2014Series B$7M3
Lyst 1/2014Series B$14M3
Sketchfab 12/2013Venture Round$2M4
Better AG 12/2013Seed$3.5M1
lifecake 11/2013Seed$1.1M5
Ezoic 11/2013Series A$5.6M3
Vestiaire Collective 9/2013Series C$20M4
3D Hubs 8/2013Seed3
Vivino 7/2013Series A$10.3M4
Opbeat 7/2013Series A$2.7M1
Contentful 6/2013Seed2
WorldStores 6/2013Series C$15.2M3
urturn 5/2013Series A$13.4M2
Abiquo 4/2013Venture Round$5M3
Rentify 1/2013Series A£2M1
ACHICA 12/2012Venture Round£8.25M3
Qubit 12/2012Series A$7.5M1
Tictail 10/2012Seed€1.2M5
HouseTrip 10/2012Series C$40M3
DisplayLink 9/2012Venture Round$10.4M6
Contentful 8/2012Venture Round1
Psykosoft 6/2012Seed$500k2
KupiVIP 6/2012Venture Round$38M5
Openet 6/2012Series D$21M5
SCVNGR 6/2012Series D$12M4
Gemvara 6/2012Series D$25M4
Abiquo 6/2012Venture Round$3M2
Bookatable (Livebookings) 5/2012Venture Round$24M3
MedicAnimal.com 5/2012Series C£10M2
archify 5/2012Seed1
Depop 4/2012Seed€200k1
Memrise 2/2012Seed$1.1M4
Recorded Future 1/2012Series C$12M5
Tictail 12/2011Venture Round1
HouseTrip 11/2011Series B$17M2
Vestiaire Collective 10/2011Series B€7.5M2
DisplayLink 9/2011Series D$15M5
eWise 6/2011Venture Round$14M3
WorldStores 6/2011Debt£10M1
Wooga 5/2011Series B$24M4
KupiVIP 4/2011Series C$55M8
Bookatable (Livebookings) 4/2011Venture Round$10M2
Tabula 3/2011Series D$108M7
Gemvara 3/2011Series C$15M1
SCVNGR 1/2011Venture Round$15M3
Justyle 1/2011Venture Round1
Friend.ly 1/2011Series A$5M12
Abiquo 11/2010Series B$10M3
nlyte Software 11/2010Series C$12M3
Talend 11/2010Venture Round$34M2
MBA Polymers 9/2010Venture Round$6.6M5
Socowave 9/2010Series A$3.8M1
Memrise 9/2010Venture Round1
eWise 7/2010Series A$12.1M2
Saatchi Art 7/2010Series A$5M1
Scytl 7/2010Venture Round$9.2M2
My-wardrobe.com 7/2010Series A$9M1
Icera 5/2010Private Equity$45M5
ACHICA 5/2010Venture Round1
Talend 4/2010Series D$8.08M3
The Hut Group 4/2010Series D£14M4
InterResolve 4/2010Venture Round1
MOG 2/2010Series E$9.5M2
DisplayLink 12/2009Series C$8M4
Wooga 11/2009Series A$7.5M2
Bling Nation 10/2009Series B$20M1
Intune Networks 10/2009Venture Round$32.5M7
Bookatable (Livebookings) 9/2009Venture Round$16M2
Metaversum 7/2009Venture Round$6.26M3
WorldStores 7/2009Venture Round1
Wonga 6/2009Series B$22.3M4
GreenRoad Technologies 5/2009Series D$15M5
ScanSafe 3/2009Series C$13.5M3
BridgeCo 2/2009Venture Round$6M8
TVtrip 2/2009Series B$8.97M3
Talend 1/2009Series C$12M2
Icera 12/2008Private Equity$60M4
Big Fish 9/2008Private Equity$83.3M3
GreenRoad Technologies 7/2008Series C$17.5M4
nlyte Software 5/2008Venture Round1
Circle 5/2008Venture Round1
Pageflakes 4/2008Debt$2.8M1
Metaversum 4/2008Angel1
Bookatable (Livebookings) 3/2008Venture Round£6.5M1
Bookatable (Livebookings) 3/2008Series A$6.5M1
Adjug 3/2008Series B$6.5M2
Kobalt Music Group 2/2008Venture Round$16M2
InnerWorkings 2/2008Venture Round$4.16M2
Seedcamp 2/2008Venture Round1
Realtime Technology 1/2008Venture Round€7M1
betNOW 1/2008Series A$5M1
7digital 1/2008Series A$8.5M2
NewBay 12/2007Series B$9.34M2
Kalido 11/2007Series D$10M3
DisplayLink 11/2007Series C$24M4
Oncimmune 10/2007Venture Round1
RawFlow 10/2007Series B$3.07M1
Audium Semiconductor 9/2007Series A$8.5M2
Icera 9/2007Series D$40M6
Intune Networks 8/2007Venture Round$17.8M3
Tabula 8/2007Venture Round1
TVtrip 7/2007Series A$4.8M2
Whisher 6/2007Series A€1M1
Daylife 6/2007Series B$8.3M2
Wonga 6/2007Series A$6M1
MBA Polymers 5/2007Venture Round$20M2
Zubka 2/2007Series A£2M1
BridgeCo 1/2007Venture Round$17M7
Betfair 1/2007Venture Round3
TouchLocal 11/2006Venture Round1
Rebtel 9/2006Series A$20M3
Bebo 5/2006Series A$15M1
Pageflakes 5/2006Series A$1.3M1
NaturalMotion 3/2006Venture Round1
Zopa 3/2006Series B$15M4
Azuro 1/2006Series B$9M4
Yoox Group 9/2005Venture Round1
7digital 9/2005Venture Round1
DisplayLink 7/2005Series B$8M3
InnerWorkings 4/2005Series A$8.8M2
Codemasters 4/2005Venture Round1
WeeWorld 3/2005Venture Round1
Figleaves.com 3/2005Venture Round1
TouchLocal 1/2004Series A1
Yoox Group 9/2003Venture Round$5.8M1
MySQL 6/2003Series B$19.5M3
LOVEFiLM 1/2003Series A2
Globoforce 1/2002Venture Round1
Openet 11/2001Venture Round1



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  26. Rentify Raises £2M in Series A Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
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