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General Information
Phone(512) 485-1900
DescriptionVenture Capital


Fund 1, 1/1984 $28M
Fund II, 1/1987 $65M
Fund III, 1/1991 $75M
Fund IV, 1/1994 $115M
Fund V, 1/1997 $170M
Fund VI, 1/1998 $320M
Fund VII, 1/1999 $825M
Fund VIII, 1/2001 $830M
Fund IX, 1/2005 $525M
Fund X, 1/2008 $900M


300 West 6th Street
Suite 2300
Austin, TX, 78701-3902


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Austin Ventures

Austin Ventures (“AV”) has worked with talented entrepreneurs to build valuable companies for over 30 years. With $3.9 billion of capital raised, AV is the most active venture capital firm in Texas and one of the most established in the nation. AV invests in early stage and middle market companies, and its strategy is to partner with talented executives and entrepreneurs to build industry-leading companies predominantly in Texas.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Noesis Energy 3/2014Series C$30M2
Surveying And Mapping (SAM) 3/2014Venture Round$36.7M4
Innography 1/2014Series B$3.5M3
Spredfast 1/2014Series D$32.5M4
Datical 12/2013Series A$3M2
RunTitle 9/2013Series A$4M1
Ambiq Micro 8/2013Series B$10M4
TrueAbility 7/2013Series A$2M6
Veros Systems 7/2013Series A$5M2
Civitas Learning 6/2013Venture Round$8.75M6
Compare Metrics 5/2013Series A$4.2M10
Omni Water Solutions 4/2013Venture Round$4M1
Dachis Group 3/2013Series C$7.5M1
myDocket 3/2013Series A$3.6M6
Bloomfire 3/2013Series A$8M2
Spredfast 2/2013Series C$18M3
Adometry 1/2013Venture Round$8M3
OutboundEngine 11/2012Series A$3M4
Spinal Restoration 10/2012Venture Round$5M4
Calxeda 10/2012Series C$55M6
Flash Valet 9/2012Series A$1.25M2
Noesis Energy 9/2012Series B$8M2
Draker 8/2012Venture Round$8M2
Datical 7/2012Seed$660k6
ESO Solutions 6/2012Series B$4M1
MapMyFitness 6/2012Series B$9M4
Civitas Learning 5/2012Venture Round$4.1M3
Mass Relevance 5/2012Series A$3.3M5
Umbel 4/2012Venture Round$3.65M1
Bloomfire 3/2012Series A$10M2
Omni Water Solutions 2/2012Series A$7.9M1
Black Sand Technologies 2/2012Series C$10M2
MOGL 1/2012Series B$12M3
Onit 1/2012Series B$4.1M2
Donuts 1/2012Series A$100M6
Noesis Energy 11/2011Series A$6.5M1
Spredfast 9/2011Series B$12M2
NewComLink 7/2011Series B$10M2
Mavenir Systems 5/2011Series E$40M6
Explorys 5/2011Series C$11.5M1
Spiceworks 4/2011Series D$25M5 3/2011Series A$10M1
Boundless Network 2/2011Venture Round$4M1
Key Ring 2/2011Series A$1.75M1
Emerus Hospital Partners 1/2011Venture Round$30M1
Lincoln Renewable Energy 1/2011Venture Round$14M1
Dachis Group 1/2011Series B$30M1
Solar Power Technologies 1/2011Series A$6.08M2
MOGL 2011Series A$2.4M2
Mass Relevance 12/2010Series A$2.2M4
Gazzang 12/2010Series A$3.5M1
RetailMeNot, Inc. 12/2010Series B$90M3
Silverback Enterprise Group, Inc. 11/2010Seed$11.5M1
Upland Software 10/2010Venture Round$11.6M1
MapMyFitness 8/2010Series A$5M1
Workstreamer 7/2010Series A$3.5M1
Zilliant 7/2010Venture Round$13.1M4
Adometry 6/2010Series C$6M4
Mavenir Systems 6/2010Series D$13.6M5
Sipera Systems 5/2010Venture Round$10.2M5
Vovici 4/2010Series C$6.3M2
Spredfast 4/2010Series A$1.6M1
FameCast 3/2010Venture Round$2.7M1
MindJolt 3/2010Venture Round$22M1
Innography 2/2010Series B$3M2
Virtual Bridges 1/2010Series A$4M1
Spiceworks 1/2010Series C$16M3
The American Academy 12/2009Series B$5.9M3
Boundless Network 12/2009Venture Round$5M2
Complex Media 12/2009Venture Round$12.8M2
RetailMeNot, Inc. 11/2009Series A$28.5M1
Troux Technologies 10/2009Venture Round$10M3
Black Sand Technologies 8/2009Series B$10M2
CrimeReports 8/2009Series B$7.2M2
Paymetric 8/2009Series B$8M2
Asset International 7/2009Venture Round$20M1
MojoPages 6/2009Series A$5M1
Slacker 5/2009Series D$12.2M5
Pyxis Technology 4/2009Series C$3M4
Copan Systems 2/2009Venture Round$18.5M5
Slacker 1/2009Venture Round$5M5
Workstreamer 1/2009Seed1
Paymetric 1/2009Venture Round$11M1
Mavenir Systems 12/2008Series C$17.5M3
Alereon 11/2008Venture Round$40M7
SailPoint Technologies 8/2008Series C$6.5M4
Draker 8/2008Series A$1M4
Innography 8/2008Series A$6.5M2
Zeno Corporation 7/2008Venture Round$28M3
ATCOR Holdings 6/2008Venture Round$50M1
Bazaarvoice 6/2008Series C$7.1M3
NileGuide 6/2008Series B$8M4
Prenova 4/2008Venture Round$1.65M2
Vovici 3/2008Series B$10M2
Adometry 3/2008Series B$10M3
NetStreams 1/2008Series B$18.2M1
CREDANT Technologies 12/2007Series C$5M5
Troux Technologies 11/2007Series E$7.85M3
LabNow 11/2007Series B$20M2
BreakingPoint Systems 11/2007Series C$15M2
Zilliant 11/2007Series F$4M5
VeriSilicon Holdings 11/2007Series D$20M9
On Networks 11/2007Series B$12M3
FiveRuns 10/2007Series B$6.2M1
Sipera Systems 10/2007Series C$10M4
Peopleclick Authoria 9/2007Series E$22.5M7
Copan Systems 9/2007Series D$32.4M8
Azul Systems 9/2007Venture Round$40M6
Nascentric 9/2007Series C$7.2M4
Bazaarvoice 9/2007Series B$8.8M4
divorce360 9/2007Series A$2.5M1
Spiceworks 8/2007Series B$8M2
Black Sand Technologies 7/2007Series A$8.2M2
FameCast 6/2007Series A$4.5M1
Slacker 6/2007Series A$13.5M3
Thoof 6/2007Seed$1M2
Convio 5/2007Series E$10.2M10
Lombardi Software 5/2007Series D$7.95M3
Mavenir Systems 5/2007Series B$20.5M3
SolarWinds 2/2007Private Equity$7.5M1
SailPoint Technologies 1/2007Series B$10M4
Adometry 1/2007Series A$5M2
Vovici 1/2007Series A1
On Networks 11/2006Series A$4M2
Validity Sensors 10/2006Series A$20M8
Pintail Technologies 9/2006Series C$3M3
LifeSize, a Division of Logitech 9/2006Series D$25M6
NetEffect 7/2006Series B$25M7
Surgient 7/2006Series C$20M6
Mavenir Systems 7/2006Series A$13M2
VeriSilicon Holdings 7/2006Series C$14.8M2
PWRF 6/2006Series C$30M4
Pyxis Technology 6/2006Series B$9.2M4
Stream Processors 6/2006Venture Round$26M3
Spiceworks 6/2006Series A$5M1
Nascentric 6/2006Series B$6.2M2
Process Data Control 6/2006Series A$15.8M1
Bazaarvoice 5/2006Series A$4M3
BBS Technologies 4/2006Series B$8M1
Powered 4/2006Venture Round$6.2M1
Sipera Systems 3/2006Series B$13.2M3
ColdWatt 1/2006Series B$16M4
SailPoint Technologies 1/2006Series A$4.5M4
LifeSize, a Division of Logitech 12/2005Series C$17.5M5
Paragon Wireless 11/2005Series B$7M2
Alereon 10/2005Series B$20M3
Britestream Networks 10/2005Series C$10M9
PWRF 10/2005Series B$8M3
WAY Systems 10/2005Series C$22M4
Azul Systems 10/2005Venture Round$42.2M7
BuildForge 9/2005Series B$6M1
FiveRuns 9/2005Series A$3M1
ePartners 8/2005Venture Round$25M8
Augmentix 8/2005Series B$8.59M2
Navini Networks 8/2005Series E$13.4M6
Innovative Silicon 6/2005Series B$16M4
Worksoft 5/2005Series D$12M2
RLX Technologies 3/2005Series A$9.1M4
Pintail Technologies 3/2005Series B$7M5
Sipera Systems 2/2005Series A$6.3M2
Paymetric 1/2005Series A$7M1
Zilliant 1/2005Series D$12M4
AlterPoint 1/2005Series C$12M3
Troux Technologies 1/2005Series C$16M5
InfiniDB 1/2005Series C$3.27M2
HomeAway 1/2005Series A$49M2
Pluck 10/2004Series B$8.5M2
LabNow 9/2004Series A$14M2
ACTIVE Network 9/2004Series E$20M5
NetStreams 1/2004Series A1
Pluck 1/2004Series A$1.5M1
ACTIVE Network 12/2001Series D$11.2M8
ACTIVE Network 11/2000Series C$19M6
ACTIVE Network 12/1999Series B$15.5M4
ACTIVE Network 9/1999Series A$200k1



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  11. Austin Ventures Acquires Asset International ( [edit]
    Austin Ventures Puts $50M Behind Life Insurance Platform ( [edit]
  12. Noesis Raises $30 Million Finance Fund For Energy Efficiency ( [edit]
  13. One of Austin's fastest-growing companies gets $37M more from investors ( [edit]
  14. Innography Completes $3.5M Funding ( [edit]
  15. Spredfast Raises $32.5M For The “Third Wave” In Social Marketing ( [edit]
  16. Datical Secures $3M in Series A Financing ( [edit]
  17. RunTitle Raises $4M in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  18. Ambiq Micro Closes $10M Series B Funding ( [edit]
  19. VentureBeat ( [edit]
  20. Veros Systems Raises $5M in Capital ( [edit]
  21. Civitas Learning Raises $8.75M In Funding ( [edit]
  22. Compare Metrics Receives $4.2M in First Financing Round ( [edit]
  23. Omni Water Solutions Secures $4M in Equity Financing ( [edit]
  24. Dachis Group Completes $7.5M Series C Funding ( [edit]
  25. Handshakez, Measuring Customer Engagement, Lands $3.6M Series A ( [edit]
  26. Bloomfire Raises $8M From Austin, Redpoint To Bring Better Knowledge Sharing & Social Tools To The Enterprise ( [edit]
  27. Spredfast Raises $18M in Venture Capital ( [edit]
  28. Ad Analytics Firm Adometry Raises $8M Series D, Led By Shasta Ventures, To Beef Up Its Cross-Channel Marketing Tools, Reach ( [edit]
  29. Citation Needed [add]
  30. Spinal Restoration, Inc. Closes $5 Million Equity and Debt Financing Round ( [edit]
  31. Calxeda Raises $55 Million For ARM-Based, Low-Powered Server Chips ( [edit]
  32. Flash Valet Raises $1.25M in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  33. Noesis Energy Closes $8M Series B Funding ( [edit]
  34. Draker and Solar Power Technologies Merge; Raise $8 Million Led by Austin Ventures ( [edit]
  35. SEC Form D ( [edit]
  36. ESO Solutions Calls Up $4M for Emergency Medical Software ( [edit]
  37. MapMyFitness Works Out $9M From Austin, Milestone Ventures For Better Fitness Tracking ( [edit]
  38. Big Data For Higher Ed: With $4.1M From First Round, Floodgate, Former Kaplan Exec Launches Civitas Learning ( [edit]
  39. Social Syndication Startup Mass Relevance Raises $3.3M ( [edit]
  40. SEC ( [edit]
  41. Bloomfire Raises $10M in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  42. Omni Water Solutions Raises $7.9M in Series A Financing ( [edit]
  43. Black Sand Technologies Closes $10M Series C Funding ( [edit]
  44. Game-like restaurant app MOGL raises $10M for a mixed bag of loyalty & charity ( [edit]
  45. Onit Raises $4.1M in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  46. .Choice: With $100M+ Raised, Donuts Launches A Registry For New Top-Level Domain Names ( [edit]
  47. Noesis Energy Raises $6.5 Million ( [edit]
  48. Spredfast Secures $12 Million in Venture Capital ( [edit]
  49. NewComLink Raises $10M in Series B Financing ( [edit]
  50. Mavenir Systems Raises $40 Million in Series E Funding ( [edit]
  51. Austin Ventures part of $11.5 million investment in health care data firm ( [edit]
  52. Spiceworks Raises $25 Million To Be The Facebook For IT Managers ( [edit]
  53. Scores $10 Million For Online Limo And Car Services Marketplace ( [edit]
  54. Boundless Network closes $4M round ( [edit]
  55. Mobestream Media Closes $1.75M Series A ( [edit]
  56. Emerus Hospital Partners Receives $30M Equity Investment from Austin Ventures ( [edit]
  57. Lincoln Renewable Energy Closes $14M Funding Round ( [edit]
  58. Dachis Group Completes $30M Series B Funding Round ( [edit]
  59. Edgar ( [edit]
  60. Citation Needed [add]
  61. Mass Relevance Raises $1.7 Million For Brand-Focused Social Syndication Service ( [edit]
  62. Gazzang Secures $3.5M to Make Cloud Computing "Enterprise Ready". ( [edit]
  63. WhaleShark Media Closes A Whale Of A Financing, Buys RetailMeNot ( [edit]
  64. Silverback Acquisitions Raises $11.5M From Austin Ventures ( [edit]
  65. ABJ ( [edit]
  66. MapMyFitness Works Out $5 Million In Series A Funding ( [edit]
  67. Workstreamer Raises $3.5 Million Series A Round ( [edit]
  68. Zilliant Inc. raises $13.1M ( [edit]
  69. Click Forensics Secures $6 Million in Funding to Expand Online Display Advertising Solutions (press release) ( [edit]
  70. Mavenir raises $13.6M for mobile operator services ( [edit]
  71. Sipera Raises $10M ( [edit]
  72. Vovici Secures $6.3 Million in Series C Funding ( [edit]
  73. Austin's Spredfast raises $1.6 million ( [edit]
  74. FameCast closes acquisition, gets funding ( [edit]
  75. Chris DeWolfe Makes His Move – Raises Big Round, Acquires Gaming Platform MindJolt, SEC ( [edit]
  76. Texas TechPulse ( [edit]
  77. Virtual Bridges Gets New Funding ( [edit]
  78. Spiceworks Gets $16M More ( [edit]
  79. Austin Ventures Invests In Online High School Firm ( [edit]
  80. AustinStartup ( [edit]
  81. SEC ( [edit]
  82. SEC ( [edit]
  83. Troux Secures $10 Million to Extend Growth in New Geographies and Channels ( [edit]
  84. Black Sand Technologies Raises $10M Series B ( [edit]
  85. Raises $7.2 Million from Austin Ventures, vSpring ( [edit]
  86. E-payment startup Paymetric raises $8M in venture capital ( [edit]
  87. Austin-Backed B2B Platform Asset International Buys 2 Cos ( [edit]
  88. Citation Needed [add]
  89. SEC D/A ( [edit]
  90. Pyxis Raises $3 Million ( [edit]
  91. COPAN Systems Announces an Additional $18.5m in Funding-Investment Positions Company to Extend Leadership Position in Persistent Data Storage Market and Increase Customer ROI ( [edit]
  92. Digital Music Service Slacker Gets $5 Million Bridge Round ( [edit]
  93. Capital Report Index [edit]
  94. Paymetric Sells XiBuy App ( [edit]
  95. Mavenir Systems Raises $17.5 Million in Series C Funding ( [edit]
  96. Capital Report Index [edit]
  97. SailPoint Secures $6.5 Million from Existing Investors ( [edit]
  99. Innography(R) Lands $6.5 Million in Series A Funding Led by Austin Ventures with Hunt Ventures ( [edit]
  100. Zeno Corporation ( [edit]
  101. AV: $50 Million For Sherman Atkinson’s ATCOR Holdings; Will Roll Up Digital Media ( [edit]
  102. Bazaarvoice raises $7.1 million to provide brands with consumer-generated content options ( [edit]
  103. TechCrunch ( [edit]
  104. Prenova Closes on New Round of Equity Funding From Existing Company Shareholders; Increased Funding from Frontenac, River Cities Capital Funds and Austin Ventures Demonstrates Continued Confidence in Prenova's Strategy and Solutions ( [edit]
  105. Vovici Closes Series B Financing ( [edit]
  106. Click Forensics Raises $10 Million B Round ( [edit]
  107. ( [edit]
  108. EDGAR [edit]
  109. EDGAR [edit]
  110. LabNow ( [edit]
  111. Press release ( [edit]
  112. Zilliant raises $4M to expand further ( [edit]
  113. VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd. Secures $20 Million in Financing ( [edit]
  114. [edit]
  115. FiveRuns raises $6.2M as Rails development spreads ( [edit]
  116. Sipera secures $10 million ( [edit]
  117. Authoria Secures $22.5 Million in Funding; Grows Bookings by 40 Percent ( [edit]
  119. Azul Systems Closes $40 Million Financing ( [edit]
  120. Nascentric Closes $7.2M Investment Round with Intel Capital and Austin Ventures ( [edit]
  121. Citation Needed [add]
  122. [edit]
  123. Spiceworks Press Release ( [edit]
  124. Black Sand Closes $8.2 Million Series A Financing ( [edit]
  125. EDGAR [edit]
  126. [edit]
  127. [edit]
  128. On Heels Of Acquisition, Convio Gets Fresh Financing ( [edit]
  129. EDGAR [edit]
  130. Alloy Ventures leads Mavenir $20.5m funding ( [edit]
  131. EDGAR [edit]
  132. SailPoint Secures $10 Million in Series B Funding. ( [edit]
  133. press release ( [edit]
  134. Citation Needed [add]
  135. [edit]
  136. Validity Sensors raises $20M more for fingerprint sensors ( [edit]
  137. Pintail Technologies nabs $3M in VC funds ( [edit]
  138. LifeSize® Secures $25 Million in Funding - Investment Led by Lehman Brothers Venture Partners ( [edit]
  139. NetEffect Inc. takes in $25M ( [edit]
  140. Surgient to surge with $20M investment ( [edit]
  141. Mavenir Converges on $13M ( [edit]
  143. PulseWave RF Secures $30 Million in Series C Funding ( [edit]
  144. Santa Clara's Pyxis Technology raises $9.2M ( [edit]
  145. Stream Processors, Inc. Receives $26 Million In Equity Funding ( [edit]
  146. Spiceworks Press Release ( [edit]
  147. EDGAR [edit]
  148. EDGAR [edit]
  149. Bazaarvoice Launches With Nearly $4 Million in Series A Funding from Austin Ventures ( [edit]
  150. EDGAR [edit]
  151. Powered Inc. Secures $6.2 Million in Funding ( [edit]
  152. Sipera Secures $13.2 Million From Sequoia Capital, Austin Ventures And Star Ventures ( [edit]
  153. ColdWatt picks up $16M ( [edit]
  154. EDGAR [edit]
  155. LifeSize Grows $17.5M ( [edit]
  156. Paragon Wireless Secures $7 Million in Series B Funding; Investors Include Austin Ventures and CID Group ( [edit]
  157. Alereon Announces Series B Funding ( [edit]
  158. Britestream Secures $10M ( [edit]
  159. PropheSi Technologies Picks Up $8 Million in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  160. EDGAR [edit]
  161. EDGAR [edit]
  162. BuildForge gets $6M in funding ( [edit]
  163. FiveRuns ~ Austin Startup Profile ( [edit]
  164. ePartners Closes $25 Million Equity Financing ( [edit]
  165. Augmentix heads to Austin on high note ( [edit]
  166. VC: Wireless Networks and Mobile Content ( [edit]
  167. Innovative Silicon Secures $16M in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  168. Worksoft raises $12M in funding round ( [edit]
  169. Nexcom Signs Global OEM Agreement With RLX to Resell RLX Control Tower to Customer Base ( [edit]
  170. Pintail Technologies Secures $7M Funding Semiconductor Test Innovator Closes Series B ( [edit]
  171. Sipera Systems Secures $6.3 Million in Venture Funding ( [edit]
  172. Paymetric Announces $7 Million Funding From Austin Ventures; John Thornton and Mike Rovner of Austin Ventures Named to Board of Directors ( [edit]
  173. Zilliant lands $12M in funding ( [edit]
  174. AlterPoint Raises Additional $12 Million; Expands To European and Asia Pacific Markets ( [edit]
  175. Troux Technologiesâ„¢ Solidifies IT Governance Leadership Through Acquisition of Computas Technology and Award-Winning Metis Products ( [edit]
  176. EDGAR [edit]
  177. [edit]
  178. Pluck Closes $8.5 Million in Series B Funding; Mayfield Leads Investment in Growing Web Companion Application Company ( [edit]
  179. LabNow ( [edit]
  180. Citation Needed [add]
  181. ( [edit]
  182. Pluck - DEMO ( [edit]
  183. ( [edit]
  184. Citation Needed [add]
  185. Citation Needed [add]
  186. Citation Needed [add]
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