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General Information
DescriptionSeed and Series Tech and Biotech VC


Fund VIII, 1/2009 $283M
Fund IX, 5/2013 $265M


Cambridge, USA
25 First Street, Suite 303
Cambridge, MA, 02141


Venture Partner, Technology Group
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Atlas Venture

Founded in 1980, Atlas Venture is a venture capital firm with offices in Boston, London, Munich and Paris. Atlas currently manages over $2.5 billion in capital and invests in the technology and life sciences industries.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
The Currency Cloud 4/2014Series B$10M5
JenaValve Technology 4/2014Series C$10M10
Ataxion 3/2014Series A$17M2
DataXu 2/2014Series D$10M4
PillPack 2/2014Venture Round$4M10
Flashnotes 2/2014Series A$3.6M4
ZappRx 1/2014Seed$1M6
Rocketmiles 1/2014Series A$6.5M6
Drizly 1/2014Seed$2.25M19
Integral Ad Science 1/2014Series D$30M3
Security Scorecard 1/2014Seed$1M3
Crew 12/2013Seed2
Lagoa 12/2013Series A$5.3M3
DraftKings 11/2013Series B$24M4
Colingo 11/2013Seed$2.4M6
clypd 11/2013Series A$7.2M5
f-star Biotech 10/2013Series A$9.4M6
Nutonian 10/2013Series A$4M1
Threat Stack 10/2013Seed$1.2M2
Sqrrl 10/2013Series A$5.2M2
Fancred 10/2013Seed$1.5M9
Par8o 10/2013Seed3
AngelList 9/2013Venture Round$24M19
Snapguide 9/2013Series A$3M5
ZappRx 9/2013Seed$1M1
Sqwiggle 8/2013Seed$1.1M6
Patreon 8/2013Seed$2.1M9
Signal Data 7/2013Series A$2M1
Harbour Antibodies 7/2013Series A€2.5M1
JenaValve Technology 7/2013Series C$62.5M8
Objective Logistics 7/2013Series A$5.3M3
Privy 7/2013Seed$1.7M7
Rodin Therapeutics 6/2013Seed2
Keas 6/2013Series B$8M2
Mnemosyne Pharmaceuticals 6/2013Series A$6M2
Skillz 6/2013Series A$5.5M1
CustomMade 6/2013Series B$18M6
InsightSquared 6/2013Series B$8M2
Boatbound 6/2013Seed$1M6
DraftKings 5/2013Series A$7M2
Rocketmiles 4/2013Seed$2M3
Gizmox 4/2013Series B$7.5M4
Bluetrain Mobile 4/2013Seed$1.53M4
Fashion Project 4/2013Seed$1.8M4
Lagoa 4/2013Seed$1.6M4
Discoverly 3/2013Seed$750k5
clypd 3/2013Series A$3.2M6
Preact 3/2013Seed3
3V Transaction Services 3/2013Series A$25.5M2
PLASTIQ 2/2013Series A$6M4
Vurb 2/2013Seed$1.5M13
HStreaming 2/2013Seed$1M1
DataXu 2/2013Series C$27M4
Timbre 2/2013Seed$360k3
EnglishCentral 1/2013Venture Round$2M2
Grockit 12/2012Venture Round$20M5
Plizy 12/2012Series A$4M1
Bicycle Therapeutics 12/2012Venture Round£3.75M5
Zafgen 12/2012Series D$21M3
Gocella 12/2012Seed$625k3
PowerInbox 11/2012Series A$10M3
Fancred 11/2012Debt$500k1
Spindle 11/2012Venture Round$2.3M6
Skillz 11/2012Seed$1.3M3
GrabCAD 10/2012Series B$8.15M5
Secret Escapes 10/2012Venture Round£8M3
docTrackr 10/2012Seed$2M10
The Tap Lab 10/2012Seed$1M6
Ubersense 9/2012Seed$1.1M3
Lilliputian Systems 9/2012Venture Round$40M7
DisplayLink 9/2012Venture Round$10.4M6
Annovation BioPharma 9/2012Series A$8M2
Sqrrl 8/2012Seed$2M2
Ubiquisys 8/2012Venture Round$19M6
Hopper 8/2012Series B$12M3
Bit9 7/2012Series D$34.5M5
Annovation BioPharma 7/2012Venture Round$2M1
DraftKings 7/2012Seed$1.4M2
Objective Logistics 7/2012Debt$1.4M3
Kinvey 7/2012Series A$5M2
Psykosoft 6/2012Seed$500k2
Snapguide 6/2012Series A$5M3
LuckyLabs 5/2012Series A$3.5M3
InsightSquared 5/2012Series A$4.5M4
Mojo Motors 5/2012Series A$3M3
Egalet 5/2012Series B$14.3M5
BuysideFX 5/2012Seed4
Ark 4/2012Seed$5M15
Miragen Therapeutics 4/2012Series B$20M5
Integral Ad Science 4/2012Series C$10M2
Veracode 4/2012Series E$30M4
The Currency Cloud 3/2012Series A$4M5
On-Q-ity 2/2012Series B$5M3
RaNA Therapeutics 1/2012Series A$20.7M3
Brainient 1/2012Series A$1.8M6
VideoIQ 1/2012Series C$3.5M3
GrabCAD 1/2012Series A$4M2
Recorded Future 1/2012Series C$12M5
Keas 12/2011Series A$6.5M3
Unbounce 12/2011Venture Round$850k6
Objective Logistics 11/2011Venture Round$1.5M4
Arteaus Therapeutics 10/2011Venture Round$18M2
Secret Escapes 10/2011Series A2
Grockit 10/2011Series D$7M5
DisplayLink 9/2011Series D$15M5
VideoIQ 9/2011Series C$7.5M4 9/2011Angel$1.5M5
PowerInbox 8/2011Seed$1.1M13
Kinvey 8/2011Seed$2M2 8/2011Seed$1.2M2
Hopper 8/2011Series A$8M2
Abine 7/2011Series A$6.47M2
Zafgen 7/2011Series C$33M2
Nimbus Discovery 6/2011Series A$24M3
GrabCAD 6/2011Seed$1.1M7
COLOURlovers 5/2011Venture Round$1M8
f-star Biotech 4/2011Venture Round€15M7
Nimbus Discovery 3/2011Seed$1.5M3
InsightSquared 2/2011Seed$1M6 2/2011Seed$500k1
MileWise 1/2011Seed$1.5M18
Zoopla 12/2010Venture Round£3.25M3
Ubiquisys 9/2010Venture Round$5M6
Marginize 8/2010Seed$650k11
LearnBoost 7/2010Angel$975k10
Ubiquisys 7/2010Venture Round$9M5
Integral Ad Science 7/2010Series B$7.25M3
picoChip 6/2010Venture Round$20M7
Recorded Future 6/2010Series B$6.7M4
Icera 5/2010Private Equity$45M5
Grockit 5/2010Series C$7M3
Aureon Laboratories 4/2010Series D$7M4
Zafgen 3/2010Series B$28M3
DataXu 3/2010Series B$11M3
Veracode 2/2010Series D$12.3M6
Molecular Biometrics 1/2010Series B$12.5M3
Pixtronix 12/2009Venture Round$19M4
On-Q-ity 12/2009Series A$26M5
DisplayLink 12/2009Series C$8M4
OwnerIQ 12/2009Series C$5.8M5
picoChip 11/2009Series E$20M8
Dailymotion 10/2009Series C$25M5
EnglishCentral 10/2009Seed$1.38M2
Advanced Electron Beams 8/2009Series C$14.2M6
CloudSwitch 6/2009Series B$8M3
Keas 6/2009Series A$11M2
Seatwave 6/2009Series D$17M5
Kalido 5/2009Series E$5.1M2
DataXu 4/2009Series A$7.8M2
Lilliputian Systems 4/2009Venture Round$28M6
Veracode 3/2009Series C$5M5
CloudSwitch 1/2009Series A$7.4M2
Zoopla 1/2009Series B$5.44M2
SimpleTuition 1/2009Series C$6M3
Icera 12/2008Private Equity$60M4
Extend Media 12/2008Series C$10M3
Inspirational Stores 10/2008Series B$10M2
Xelerated 8/2008Series E$13M5
VideoIQ 7/2008Series B$10M3
MiaSolé 7/2008Series D$220M5
OwnerIQ 6/2008Series B$6M4
NTRglobal 6/2008Series C$34M4
Miragen Therapeutics 5/2008Series A$8M2
Stromedix 4/2008Series B$25M5
Seatwave 2/2008Series C$25M5
Liquid Machines 2/2008Series D$10M6
Shozu 1/2008Series C$12M4
Kalido 11/2007Series D$10M3
DisplayLink 11/2007Series C$24M4
Bluespec 10/2007Series C$4.25M2
OwnerIQ 10/2007Series A$2M4
Bit9 10/2007Series C$10M4
f-star Biotech 9/2007Series A€6M2
Icera 9/2007Series D$40M6
Shozu 8/2007Series A$12M3
Adnexus 8/2007Series C$15.5M5
Ubiquisys 7/2007Series B$25M4
VirtualLogix 7/2007Series B$16M4
Pixtronix 7/2007Venture Round$22M3
picoChip 6/2007Series D$27M8
Seatwave 6/2007Series B$8M2
Xelerated 5/2007Series D$23M5
VideoIQ 4/2007Series A$8M2
Extend Media 4/2007Series B$12M3
Marathon Technologies 3/2007Series B$12M3
Stromedix 3/2007Series A$1M2
Veracode 1/2007Series B$19.5M5
f-star Biotech 1/2007Seed€1.5M1
SimpleTuition 12/2006Series B$7.5M3
Songbird 12/2006Series A$8M2
Neurotech 11/2006Series B$35M12
Mascoma 11/2006Venture Round$30M7
Scali 11/2006Venture Round$3.5M2
datango 11/2006Series B$2.65M3
Songbird 10/2006Series A$1M2
Liquid Machines 9/2006Series C$7.5M4
Zafgen 9/2006Series A$5.18M2
Ubiquisys 9/2006Series A$12M3
Dailymotion 8/2006Series A$9.5M2
DisplayLink 7/2006Series B$13.3M3
BlueShift Technologies 7/2006Series B$12M3
Adnexus 6/2006Series B$27M4
Bit9 6/2006Series B$9.8M3
Starbak 6/2006Venture Round$2.5M2
Seatwave 5/2006Series A$3M1
SimpleTuition 4/2006Series A$4.4M2
MOO.COM 4/2006Series A$5M3
Extend Media 3/2006Venture Round$11.2M2
Veracode 3/2006Venture Round$7.5M2
Xytis 1/2006Series B$24.5M4
Active Endpoints 11/2005Series B$6M2
KDS 10/2005Venture Round$13M2
Klee Data System 10/2005Series B$13.3M2
Kalido 10/2005Series C$13.5M3
Bit9 9/2005Series A$6M2
Realeyes 3D 9/2005Series B$9.3M4
Tribotek 8/2005Venture Round$13M2
Collax 8/2005Series A$8.4M3
Zinwave 8/2005Series A$7.64M2
Apogee Photonics 7/2005Venture Round$9.7M6
Ellacoya Networks 7/2005Venture Round$13.5M5
DisplayLink 7/2005Series B$8M3
Shozu 7/2005Series B$12M4
picoChip 6/2005Series C$20.5M5
Pixtronix 6/2005Series A$3M2
Xelerated 4/2005Series C$17M4
SAFE ID Solutions 2/2005Series A$9.1M2
CLK Design Automation 1/2005Series A$5M2
Gotuit 12/2004Series B$10M1
Active Endpoints 8/2004Series A$6.5M2
VirtualLogix 1/2004Series A$12M3
E Ink 5/1998Series B$15.8M4



  1. Atlas Closes A Leaner But Meaner $283 Million Fund ( [edit]
  2. Reorganized Atlas Venture Closes $265M Ninth Fund ( [edit]
  3. The Currency Cloud, An API-Based Money Mover, Raises Another $10M ( [edit]
  4. JenaValve Technology Raises Additional $10M in Series C Ventur funing ( [edit]
  5. Ataxion Secures $17M in Series A Financing ( [edit]
  6. DataXu adds $10M in funding ( [edit]
  7. PillPack Raises $4M ( [edit]
  8. Flashnotes, A Peer-To-Peer Marketplace For College Study Materials, Picks Up Another $3.6M ( [edit]
  9. ZappRx Raises $1M in Seed Funding ( [edit]
  10. Rocketmiles, A Service That Lets You Earn Airline Miles For Hotel Stays, Raises $6.5M Series A ( [edit]
  11. Drizly Raises $2.25M in Seed Funding ( [edit]
  12. Integral Ad Science Raises $30M, August Capital-Led Round To Find High Quality Ad Impressions ( [edit]
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  15. Lagoa Closes $5.3M Series A Financing ( [edit]
  16. Fantasy Sports Startup DraftKings Raises $24 Million From RedPoint And Others ( [edit]
  17. With $2.4M From Atlas, 500 Startups & More, Colingo’s Live Online School Aspires To Teach The World English ( [edit]
  18. Clypd Raises $7.2M In Series A-1 To Help Sell Short TV Commercials ( [edit]
  19. F-star Alpha Raises €9.4M in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  20. Nutonian Raises $4M Series A Funding ( [edit]
  21. Threat Stack Raises $1.2M to Help Companies Stay Protected in the Cloud ( [edit]
  22. Sqrrl Raises $5.2M To Provide Deeper Granularity For NSA-Born Database Technology ( [edit]
  23. Fancred Raises $1.5M in Seed Funding ( [edit]
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  26. Snapguide Picks Up Another $3M, Redesigns Its How-To iPhone App ( [edit]
  27. ZappRx Lands $1M To Rethink Prescription Processing With A Pharmacy-Agnostic Mobile Checkout Platform ( [edit]
  28. Remote Work Collaboration Startup Sqwiggle Closes On $1.1M In AngelList’s First Syndicate Round ( [edit]
  29. Patreon Raises $2.1M ( [edit]
  30. Signal Data Secures $2M In Series A Funding ( [edit]
  31. Harbour Antibodies Raises €2.5M In Financing ( [edit]
  32. JenaValve Technology Raises $62.5M In Series C Venture Round ( [edit]
  33. Objective Logistics Raises $5.3M in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  34. Boston-Based Local Marketing Startup Privy Raises $1.7 Million Seed Round From 500 Startups, Atlas, And Others ( [edit]
  35. Atlas Venture, Johnson & Johnson Development Seed Rodin Therapeutics ( [edit]
  36. Keas Raises $8M In Funding ( [edit]
  37. Mnemosyne closes on additional $6M in Series A funding ( [edit]
  38. Real-money gaming platform Skillz files $4M funding round ( [edit]
  39. CustomMade Raises $18M for Commissioned Crafts Market ( [edit]
  40. InsightSquared raises $8m to grow its SaaS sales and marketing analytics service for small businesses ( [edit]
  41. Boatbound Launches ‘Pier-To-Pier’ Boat Rental Marketplace ( [edit]
  42. DraftKings Closes $7M Series A Funding ( [edit]
  43. Skift: Rocketmiles raises $2 million to turn hotel stays into airline miles ( [edit]
  44. Gizmox Raises $7.5M, Appoints New CEO To Help Enterprises Port IT Apps To Mobile Via HTML5 ( [edit]
  45. Bluetrain Mobile Raises $1.53M in Seed Funding ( [edit]
  46. Fashion Project, The Site Making Online Shopping A Charitable Act, Raises $1.8 Million In Seed Funding ( [edit]
  47. Lagoa Raises $1.6M in Seed Funding ( [edit]
  48. Discoverly Nabs $750K From Salesforce, Bessemer, And Others For Stealthy Social Enterprise App ( [edit]
  49. clypd Closes 3.2 Million in Series A Financing ( [edit]
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  52. Payments Company Plastiq Raises $6 Million Series A, Makes It Easier For Merchants To Accept Credit Cards Online ( [edit]
  53. Contextual Content Engine Vurb Raises More Than $1.5M From Max Levchin And Others ( [edit]
  54. HStreaming Funded to Turn Big Data Intelligence into Action ( [edit]
  55. DataXu Raises $27M For Real-Time, Data-Driven Ad Buying ( [edit]
  56. With $360K From Fred Destin At Atlas And More, Timbre Takes Its Local Music Discovery App Global ( [edit]
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  58. Grockit Lands $20M From Discovery, Benchmark & Others To Bring Its New “Pinterest For Education” To The Masses ( [edit]
  59. Video Discovery Startup Plizy Raises $4M Series A From Atlas Venture To Expand Audience, Build Android, iPhone Apps ( [edit]
  60. Bicycle Therapeutics Raises £3.75M in Funding ( [edit]
  61. Obesity drug developer Zafgen raises $21M ( [edit]
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  63. Interactive Email Platform Providers PowerInbox And ActivePath Join Forces, Raise $10 Million Series A For New, Combined Company ( [edit]
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  65. Spindle Labs Raises $2.3M in Funding ( [edit]
  66. Lookout Gaming Takes $1.3M Seed Round To Accelerate Indie Game Revenues ( [edit]
  67. GrabCAD Raises $8.15M From Charles River Ventures, Yammer Co-Founder & Others For Its ‘GitHub For Mechanical Engineers’ ( [edit]
  68. Luxury Travel Online Members’ Club, Secret Escapes, Raises £8 Million Led By Index Ventures; Plans For U.S. Launch ( [edit]
  69. DocTrackr Secures $2M From Atlas, Polaris, To Help Secure Your Documents Via The Cloud ( [edit]
  70. The Tap Lab seeks to blend mobile games with the real world ( [edit]
  71. Sports Analysis Startup Ubersense Raises $1.1M, Releases Updated Version Of Its iPad App ( [edit]
  72. Lilliputian Systems Raises $40M ( [edit]
  73. DisplayLink Closes $10.4M Financing ( [edit]
  74. Annovation Biopharma, Inc. Raises $8M to Develop Novel Anesthetics ( [edit]
  75. Sqrrl Raises $2 Million For Secure, Scalable Big Data Technology Originally Developed At NSA ( [edit]
  76. Ubiquisys Raises $19M Investment to Meet Demand for 3G/LTE/WiFi Public Small Cell Hotspots ( [edit]
  77. Founded By Former Expedia Engineers, Stealthy Travel Startup Hopper Closes $12 Million Series B ( [edit]
  78. Cybersecurity: Bit9 Gets $34.5M From Sequoia, Others For Its Whitelist Approach To Fighting Attacks ( [edit]
  79. Annovation raises $2M from Atlas ( [edit]
  80. DraftKings nets $1.4M in seed capital ( [edit]
  81. Google-backed Objective Logistics gets $900K fundraise ( [edit]
  82. Kinvey Raises $5 Million for Mobile and Web App Backend As A Service ( [edit]
  83. Psykosoft Secures $500k Seed Capital To Build Out Psykopaint’s Zynga-Like Art Sites ( [edit]
  84. Snapguide Raises $5M From CrunchFund, Atlas And Index To Reinvent ‘How To’ Guides ( [edit]
  85. LuckyLabs stops fooling around to accept $3.5M ( [edit]
  86. Fast-growing InsightSquared raises $4.5M to expand its BI for small biz ( [edit]
  87. Mojo Motors Fuels Up With $3M From Atlas, RPM For Better Used Car Shopping ( [edit]
  88. Denmark's Egalet Grabs $14.3M, New CEO For Abuse-Resistant Drugs ( [edit]
  89. AngelList ( [edit]
  90. Ark Raised $4.2 Million Seed Round Instead Of Series A To "Keep Complete Control" Of Its People Search Engine ( [edit]
  91. MiRagen Therapeutics Completes $20M Series B Financing ( [edit]
  92. AdSafe raises $10M to ensure that ads go on “safe” web pages ( [edit]
  93. Veracode Secures $30M in Additional Funding and Expands Executive Team ( [edit]
  94. The Currency Cloud Secures $4M To Disrupt The Trillion Dollar Foreign Exchange Market ( [edit]
  95. On-Q-ity raises $5M in Series B round ( [edit]
  96. RaNA Therapeutics emerges from stealth with $20.7M Series A round ( [edit]
  97. Brainient raises $1.8 million to scale its video ad performance platform ( [edit]
  98. VideoIQ boosts Series C round to $11M ( [edit]
  99. Mechanical Engineering Community GrabCAD Grabs $4 Million ( [edit]
  100. [edit]
  101. Keas Scores $6.5 Million Series B Financing From Atlas Venture, Ignition Partners ( [edit]
  102. Unbounce Raises $850K in Funding ( [edit]
  103. Objective Logistics Raises $1.5M in Funding ( [edit]
  104. Arteaus Therapeutics Raises $18M in Funding ( [edit]
  105. Secret Escapes reaches £10m valuation thanks to fresh funding ( [edit]
  106. Grockit Gets A $7 Million Venture Infusion And Launches Video Q&A Site Grockit Answers ( [edit]
  107. DisplayLink Closes $15M Series D Funding Round ( [edit]
  108. VideoIQ Raises $7.5M in Series C Funding ( [edit]
  109. Chill Raises $1.5M From Kleiner Perkins And Others To Make Online Video Social ( [edit]
  110. PowerInbox Raises $1.1M ( [edit]
  111. Kinvey Closes $2M Seed Round For Its "Backend As A Service" Product ( [edit]
  112. to Raise 1.2M ( [edit]
  113. Former Expedia Employees Raise $8 Million For Travel Search Startup Hopper ( [edit]
  114. SEC ( [edit]
  115. Zafgen Secures $33 Million Series C Financing ( [edit]
  116. Nimbus, Seeded by Bill Gates, Raises $24 Million For Computer-Aided Drug Discovery ( [edit]
  117. Mechanical Engineering Marketplace GrabCAD Raises $1.1M ( [edit]
  118. COLOURlovers Raises $1 Million To Make Everyone An Artist ( [edit]
  119. f-star raises €15M in a New Financing led by SR One ( [edit]
  120. SEC ( [edit]
  121. InsightSquared Announces $1M Seed Funding From All-Star Cast ( [edit]
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  123. Stealth Milewise Raises $1.5 Million To Help People Cash In On Reward Programs ( [edit]
  124. Raised £3.25m in New Funding ( [edit]
  125. Ubiquisys secures $5M funding from Asian investors ( [edit]
  126. [edit]
  127. LearnBoost raises a VC and angel round ( [edit]
  128. Ubiquisys Meets Key Milestones and Secures $9M Growth Investment ( [edit]
  129. AdSafe Media Raises $7.25 Million For Brand Verification Platform ( [edit]
  130. picoChip passes million chip milestone and secures $20M equity funding ( [edit]
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  135. ZafGen, Inc.: Series B $8.1M ( [edit]
  136. TC50 Finalist DataXu Scores $11 Million More For Online Ad Bidding Platform ( [edit]
  137. EDGAR [edit]
  138. Molecular Biometrics Closes $12.5M Series B Equity Funding ( [edit]
  139. Pixtronix pulls in $19M in new funding ( [edit]
  140. On-Q-ity rounds out $26M Series A financing ( [edit]
  141. DisplayLink Receives $8M in Series C Financing ( [edit]
  142. Mass High Tech ( [edit]
  143. cellular-news ( [edit]
  144. DailyMotion raises €17 million, with French government help ( [edit]
  145. Google Ventures Invests In English Language Learning Startup EnglishCentral ( [edit]
  146. ( [edit]
  147. Capital Report Index [edit]
  148. PrivCo ( [edit]
  149. Seatwave Scores $17 Million In Fourth Funding Round ( [edit]
  150. Kalido Collects $5.1 Million for Data Warehouse Management ( [edit]
  151. Online Ad Optimization's Dataxu Raises $6M In Stealth Mode ( [edit]
  152. Lilliputian Systems Adds $28 Million ( [edit]
  153. Security software firm Veracode grabs $5M ( [edit]
  154. CloudSwitch secures $7.4M for stealthy cloud software ( [edit]
  155. What Recession? Property-Tracking Site Zoopla Raises £3.75 Million VC Funding ( [edit]
  156. $6M for SimpleTuition ( [edit]
  157. Icera Secures $70M Financing Package ( [edit]
  158. ExtendMedia Raises $10M for Video Platforms ( [edit]
  159. French Inspirational Stores inspires VCs for 10m Euros series B funding ( [edit]
  160. Xelerated Closes $13 Million Funding Round ( [edit]
  161. VideoIQ® Secures $10 Million in Series B Funding from Lehman Brothers Venture Partners, Matrix Partners and Atlas Venture ( [edit]
  162. Solar co. Solyndra shines with $220M ( [edit]
  163. OwnerIQ Secures $6 Million in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  164. NTRGlobal raises $34M for remote support and collaboration ( [edit]
  165. Capital Funding Report [edit]
  166. Capital Funding Report [edit]
  167. [edit]
  168. Liquid Machines locks up $10M in fourth funding ( [edit]
  169. Shozu Raises 6 Million Pounds in Series C Funding ( [edit]
  170. Kalido Raises $10M Series D - Burlington, MA ( [edit]
  171. DisplayLink, raises $24M for chips to connect displays via USB ( [edit]
  173. OwnerIQ Secures $2 Million in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  174. Bit9 Raises $10 Million in Third Round of Venture Funding. ( [edit]
  175. Antibody Engineering Company F-Star Raises EUR 6.0 million in Series A Financing from Aescap Venture and Atlas Venture ( [edit]
  176. Funding Icera ( [edit]
  177. [edit]
  178. Adnexus Therapeutics Raises $15.5 Million in Series C Funding ( [edit]
  179. Ubiquisys Secures B Round Funding for Breakthrough Femtocell Technology ( [edit]
  181. SEC D Amended ( [edit]
  182. picoChip closes growth round funding of $27 million ( [edit]
  183. [edit]
  184. Carrier Ethernet's Xelerated Ventures Forth With $23M ( [edit]
  185. VideoIQ(R), Inc. Closes $8 Million in Series A Funding from Atlas Venture and Matrix Partners. ( [edit]
  186. ExtendMedia Nets $12M ( [edit]
  187. Marathon Technologies Continues Momentum with $12 Million in Funding from Leading Industry Investors ( [edit]
  188. EDGAR [edit]
  189. Veracode Launches Application Security Company; Secures $19.5 million in Funding ( [edit]
  190. Antibody-Company F-Star Raises EUR1.5 million in Seed Financing Round From Atlas Venture ( [edit]
  191. SimpleTuition takes in $7.5M in second round ( [edit]
  192. Songbird, a browser-integrated media player, received $8M last year ( [edit]
  193. Neurotechâ„¢, Inc. Completes $35 Million Private Equity Financing ( [edit]
  194. Mascoma gets $30M for cellulosic ethanol — in bid to replace gasoline ( [edit]
  195. EDGAR [edit]
  196. EDGAR [edit]
  197. Music player Songbird gets $1M, releases cross-platform version ( [edit]
  198. Liquid Machines Announces Goldman, Sachs & Co. To Lead $7.5 Million Investment ( [edit]
  199. EDGAR [edit]
  200. Ubiquisys Secures $12M Funding to Drive Commercialisation of Low-cost, Residential 3G Access Point ( [edit]
  201. Citation Needed [add]
  203. BlueShift Technologies Secures Series B Investment from Intel Capital ( [edit]
  205. Bit9 Raises $9.8 Million in Second Round of Venture Funding ( [edit]
  206. EDGAR [edit]
  207. [edit]
  208. SimpleTuition Raises $4.4 Million in Financing; Atlas Venture and IDG Ventures Lead Series A Round. ( [edit]
  209. TechCrunch ( [edit]
  210. EDGAR [edit]
  211. EDGAR [edit]
  212. Xytis Inc. Raises $24.5 Million in Series B Financing ( [edit]
  213. SEC D [edit]
  214. Online business travel management solutions provider KDS has attracted US$13 million in venture financing from Accel Par ( [edit]
  215. EDGAR [edit]
  216. Kalido Raises $13.5 Million to Fund Continued Growth. ( [edit]
  217. Bit9, Inc. Officially Launches Parity Application Control Solution; Announces Funding, Executive Team, and Board of Directors ( [edit]
  218. Realeyes3D raises �7.5 Million ($9.3M) in Venture Funding - Accelerates leadership in camera phone applications and services ( [edit]
  219. Socket science: Tribotek lands $13M ( [edit]
  220. Intel Invests In European Linux Server Vendor, Collax GmbH ( [edit]
  221. EDGAR [edit]
  222. T-Networks and ASIP Merge to Form Apogee Photonics and Raise $9.7M in Additional Financing ( [edit]
  223. Funding Round Nets $13.5M for Ellacoya ( [edit]
  224. DisplayLink secures $8m Series B financing ( [edit]
  225. Cognima closes $12M funding round to pursue a global leadership position within the Mobile Imaging market ( [edit]
  226. picoChip Secures $20.5 Million in Third Round Funding ( [edit]
  227. EDGAR [edit]
  228. Xelerated Lands $17 Million in New Funding ( [edit]
  229. Atlas Venture and Wellington invest EUR 7 million in SAFE ID Solutions AG ( [edit]
  230. CLK Design buys California design tools firm ( [edit]
  231. Citation Needed [add]
  232. SEC D/A ( [edit]
  233. VirtualLogix: Virtualization for Smart Devices ( [edit]
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