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Palo Alto, USA
400 Hamilton Avenue
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Alloy Ventures

Alloy Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm with over $1 billion under management that invests in the entrepreneurs creating the next generation of ground-breaking Information Technology, Life Sciences, and Cleantech companies.

For the last 30 years, Alloy has leveraged the operational experience, extensive networks and forward-thinking vision of its partners to help start and build over 200 market-leading companies in fields such as software, semiconductors, mobile, medical devices, diagnostics, and laboratory instrumentation. Some of our successful investments include Amgen, AMCC, Applied Biosystems, Aspect Communications, CV Therapeutics, IDEC Pharmaceuticals, Nuance Communications, Octel, PMC-Sierra, Red Brick Systems, Remedy, and Verity, and our current portfolio includes companies like Barrx, Molecular Imprints, Optimedica, Pacific Biosciences, and Vivotech which are poised to become the next global leaders. Source: Alloy Ventures’ website

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Gigaom 2/2014Series F$8M4
Hightail 11/2013Series E$34M7
Scifiniti 7/2013Series B$10M4
OptiMedica 5/2013Series E$35M4
RainDance Technologies 4/2013Series E$20M5
Agari Data 2/2013Venture Round$5M4
Labcyte 1/2013Series D$5.3M7
Siluria Technologies 7/2012Series C$30M9
Ensenda 1/2012Venture Round$1.8M3
Agari Data 11/2011Series A$2.5M5
Siluria Technologies 9/2011Series B$20M7
Verinata Health 8/2011Series C$48.5M3
Restoration Robotics 8/2011Series C$41M4
Infineta Systems 6/2011Series B$15M3
Mavenir Systems 5/2011Series E$40M6
AEGEA Medical 5/2011Private Equity$13.4M3
Gigaom 5/2011Series E$6M3
Cameron Health 5/2011Private Equity$107M2
RainDance Technologies 1/2011Series D$37.5M4
Gigaom 10/2010Series D$2.5M2
Siluria Technologies 10/2010Venture Round$13.3M6
CiraNova 8/2010Venture Round$8.55M4
Hightail 8/2010Series D$15M4
BARRX Medical 7/2010Series D$15M6
Pacific Biosciences 7/2010Series F$109M11
Xactly Corp 7/2010Series E$7.5M6
Mavenir Systems 6/2010Series D$13.6M5
Apptera 6/2010Venture Round$10M4
Scifiniti 6/2010Series A$10.5M4
Infineta Systems 5/2010Series A$15M2
Genomatica 4/2010Series C$15M4
Fluidigm 11/2009Venture Round$7.5M8
Cambrios Technologies 11/2009Series D$14.5M14
Pacific Biosciences 10/2009Series E$68M14
Ravenflow 4/2009Venture Round$6M3
Teradici 4/2009Series C$17M6
Crux Biomedical 1/2009Series B$8M2
KaloBios Pharmaceuticals 12/2008Series D$12M8
Mavenir Systems 12/2008Series C$17.5M3
Apptera 11/2008Venture Round$10.5M3
Gigaom 10/2008Series C$4.5M2
3Leaf 9/2008Series C$35M4
Hightail 7/2008Series C$14M5
Moxsie 6/2008Series A$1M1
Zannel 6/2008Series B$10M3
NovaSys 5/2008Venture Round$49.5M10
Xactly Corp 4/2008Series D$30M7
OptiMedica 3/2008Series C$16M3
CiraNova 3/2008Venture Round$5.25M5
Retrevo 3/2008Series B$8M2
LightPole 3/2008Series A$1.6M2
Ravenflow 2/2008Venture Round$5M3
Ensenda 1/2008Venture Round$10.3M3
Intelleflex 12/2007Series C$15.5M6
Qwaq 11/2007Venture Round$7M2
AnaptysBio 11/2007Series B$33M6
Xangati 9/2007Series B$10.7M2
Restoration Robotics 8/2007Series B$25M3
Adzilla 8/2007Series A$10.3M2
Apptera 6/2007Series D$9.74M3
Mavenir Systems 5/2007Series B$20.5M3
3Leaf 4/2007Series B$20M4
Hightail 4/2007Series B$10M4
Xactly Corp 4/2007Series C$15M2
Teradici 2/2007Series B$18M5
Pacific Biosciences 1/2007Series D$50M4
Fluidigm 1/2007Series E$17M10
Codon Devices 12/2006Series B$20M5
MontaVista Software 12/2006Venture Round$21M5
Retrevo 12/2006Series A$3.2M2
Hightail 11/2006Venture Round$4.7M2
Attune Systems 11/2006Venture Round$14M4
CiraNova 10/2006Series C$4M3
Cortina Systems 9/2006Series D$132M7
VeriWave 7/2006Series C$8.5M4
Attune Systems 6/2006Series B$4M4
Nitronex 6/2006Venture Round$21.8M6
Avidia 5/2006Series C$43.8M7
Starvine 3/2006Series A$700k1
Retrevo 2/2006Seed$700k1
Seriosity 2006Venture Round$6M1
Ravenflow 12/2005Series A$9.7M3
Integrated Materials 11/2005Series C$8.8M4
OPAL Therapeutics 10/2005Series A$6M4
Hightail 10/2005Venture Round$5M3
Molecular Imprints 9/2005Series C$17M6
Pacific Biosciences 8/2005Series C$7.72M3
Adiana 8/2005Series D$23M9
Codon Devices 5/2005Series A$13M3
IPextreme 5/2005Series A$6M2
netZentry 5/2005Series A$6M2
Cambrios Technologies 2/2005Series B$12M8
3Leaf 2005Series A$10M3
Polimetrix 3/2004Series A$3M1



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  3. July 1, 2013 – Scifiniti Raises $10 Million in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  4. OptiMedica, Corp.: Series E $35M ( [edit]
  5. RainDance Technologies Closes $20M Series E Financing ( [edit]
  6. Agari Data Secures $5M to Keep Business Email Safe ( [edit]
  7. Labcyte Closes $5.3M Series D Financing ( [edit]
  8. Siluria Technologies Raises $30 Million in Series C Funding to Commercialize Its Process Technology for Converting Natural Gas Into Commodity Chemicals and Transportation Fuels ( [edit]
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  12. Verinata Health Closes $46.5M Series C Financing ( [edit]
  13. Restoration Robotics Raises $41M in Series C Financing ( [edit]
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  15. Mavenir Systems Raises $40 Million in Series E Funding ( [edit]
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  20. Looks Like Our Friends Over At GigaOm Just Raised Another $2.5 Million ( [edit]
  21. Kleiner-Backed Siluria Raises Funds for Greener Building Blocks ( [edit]
  22. SEC ( [edit]
  23. YouSendIt Raises $15 Million Series D ( [edit]
  24. BÂRRX Medical, Inc. Completes $15 Million Growth Financing ( [edit]
  25. Pacific Biosciences adds $109M to its venture haul ( [edit]
  26. Sales compensation manager Xactly raises $7.5M more ( [edit]
  27. Mavenir raises $13.6M for mobile operator services ( [edit]
  28. Apptera Raises Another $10 Million For Its Voice & Visual Mobile Advertising Networ ( [edit]
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  30. Infineta raises $15M to help bandwidth-hungry businesses. ( [edit]
  31. Genomatica, Inc.: Series C $15M ( [edit]
  32. Fluidigm raises another $7.5M for stem-cell analysis chips ( [edit]
  33. Cambrios lands $14.5M for electronic display components ( [edit]
  34. Pacific Biosciences, Inc.: Series E $68M ( [edit]
  35. Citation Needed [add]
  36. Teradici Raises $17 Million ( [edit]
  37. Crux pumps in $8M to prevent embolisms ( [edit]
  38. KaloBios Raises Additional $12 Million in Series D Venture Financing for a New Total of $32 Million ( [edit]
  39. Mavenir Systems Raises $17.5 Million in Series C Funding ( [edit]
  40. Apptera Raises $10.5 million for Mobile Advertising ( [edit]
  41. GigaOm Ignores My Advice, Raises Another $4.5 Million ( [edit]
  42. 3Leaf Systems Secures $35 Million in Series C Financing to Fuel Delivery of Virtualization Solutions ( [edit]
  43. YouSendIt Closes Its $14 Million Series C Round ( [edit]
  44. Moxsie Raises $1M+ For Fashion Socnet ( [edit]
  46. Novasys Medical takes $49.5M for women’s medical device ( [edit]
  47. Sales management company Xactly raises $30M ( [edit]
  48. OptiMedica Secures $16 Million in Series C Funding ( [edit]
  50. Retrevo Gets $8 Million Second Round For Electronics Product Search ( [edit]
  51. SEC D ( [edit]
  52. Ravenflow, an app delivery specialist, pulls in $5M ( [edit]
  53. Ensenda, a provider of last-mile logistics, raises $10.3M ( [edit]
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  55. Qwaq Secures $7 Million in Funding From Alloy Ventures and Storm Ventures ( [edit]
  56. AnaptysBio raises over $33 million in Series B financing ( [edit]
  57. Xangati raises $10.7M to identify delivery problems in corporate networks. ( [edit]
  58. Hair-transplant automator Restoration Robotics raises $25M ( [edit]
  59. Adzilla Inc. Secures $10.25 Million in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  60. Apptera raises $9.74M for mobile search advertising ( [edit]
  61. Alloy Ventures leads Mavenir $20.5m funding ( [edit]
  62. 3Leaf, virtualization company, raises $20M more ( [edit]
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  66. DNA health company Pacific Biosciences raises $50M from Kleiner, others ( [edit]
  67. Life science fluid control company, Fluidigm, raises $17M more ( [edit]
  68. Codon Devices Secures $20 Million in Series B Financing ( [edit]
  69. Linux OS software co., MontaVista, raises $21M ( [edit]
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  71. YouSendIt and MyFabrik add to file-sharing options ( [edit]
  72. Attune Systems raises $14M for a network file virtualization product ( [edit]
  73. Ciranova raises $4 million in latest round led by new investor Asiatech Management ( [edit]
  74. Cortina Systems raises $132M funding ( [edit]
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  77. Nitronex Closes $21.8 Million in Expansion Capital ( [edit]
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  92. Cambrios Technology Announces $12 Million Series B Round ( [edit]
  93. 3Leaf Systems Raises 20M More ( [edit]
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