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General Information

Phone(650) 614-4800


Accel Fund, 12/2008 $10B
Accel XI, 6/2011 $475M
Accel Growth Fund II, 6/2011 $875M
Sidecar funds, 10/2011 $94M
Accel India Fund III, 11/2011 $155M
Accel London IV, 3/2013 $475M
Big Data Fund 2, 6/2013 $100M
Early-Stage Fund, 3/2014 $475M
Accel Growth Fund, 3/2014 $1B


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Accel Partners

Accel Partners is a global venture capital firm with offices located in Silicon Valley, New York, London, China, and India. They typically make multi-stage investments in internet technology companies.

Founded in 1983, Accel Partners has a long history of excellence and innovation in the venture capital business and is dedicated to partnering with outstanding entrepreneurs and management teams to build world-class companies. Accel today invests globally using dedicated teams and market-specific strategies for local geographies, with offices in Palo Alto, California; New York, New York; London, UK; and Bangalore, India; as well as in China via the IDG-Accel Partnership.

In 2000, Accel Partners joined with Kohlberg Kravis Roberts to form Accel-KKR, a technology-focused private equity firm.

With over $6 billion under management, Accel has helped entrepreneurs build over 300 successful category-defining companies including: Actuate, Alfresco, AdMob, AMCC, Arrowpoint, Baidu, BBN, Brightcove, ComScore, Etsy, Facebook, Focus Media, Foundry Networks, Gameforge, GlamMedia, Imperva, Infinera, Interwoven, JBoss, Kayak, Knewton, Macromedia, metroPCS, Mu Sigma, Polycom/PictureTel, Portal Software, QlikTech, Rapt, Real Networks, Redback Networks, Riverbed, Sohu.com, UUNet, Veritas, Walmart.com, Webroot, XenSource, and Zimbra.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Birchbox 4/2014Series B$60M5
AdRoll 4/2014Series C$70M7
LearnVest 4/2014Series D$28M3
edupristine 4/2014Series A$1.5M1
Sprig 4/2014Series A$11.7M3
Sookasa 4/2014Series A$5M3
Industrial Toys 3/2014Series A$5M1
NFC Direct 3/2014Series B$17M6
Tactile 3/2014Series A$11.2M4
Teabox 3/2014Seed$1M1
WorldRemit 3/2014Series A$40M1
DocuSign 3/2014Private Equity$85M11
PandoDaily 2/2014Series A$1.2M8
Myntra 1/2014Venture Round$50M4
Vinted 1/2014Series B€20M2
Origami Logic 1/2014Series B$15M3
GoCardless 1/2014Series B$7M3
Lyst 1/2014Series B$14M3
MySmartPrice 1/2014Series A$1M2
MemSQL 1/2014Series B$35M4
Kensho Technologies 1/2014Seed$10M5
Aorato 1/2014Series B$10M5
CommonFloor 1/2014Series D$10.4M2
Amplify.LA 1/2014Series B$8.1M15
Nextbit Systems 1/2014Series A$18M2
Invoca 1/2014Series C$20M3
ChargeBee 1/2014Series A$800k1
Keen Systems 1/2014Series A$1.63M3
SureWaves 1/2014Series B$5.7M2
Capital Access Network 1/2014Venture Round$33M2
Forus Health 1/2014Series B$8.4M3
Amitree 1/2014Venture Round$2.7M8
CAN Capital 1/2014Series C$33M4
WyzAnt.com 12/2013Series A$21.5M1
Trifacta 12/2013Series B$12M2
Trufa 12/2013Series A$4.5M1
Eventifier 12/2013Seed$500k2
Portea Medical 12/2013Private Equity$8M2
Knewton 12/2013Series E$51M8
MobStac 12/2013Series B$2M2
Protea Medical 12/2013Venture Round$8M2
Freshdesk 11/2013Series C$7M1
SimpliVity 11/2013Series C$58M6
Jut Inc 11/2013Series B$20M3
Primary Data 10/2013Series B$50M6
NFC Direct 10/2013Series A$9M3
Paxata 10/2013Series B$8M1
Mitra Biotech 10/2013Series B$4.91M2
Funding Circle 10/2013Series C$37M4
Nomi 10/2013Series A$10M4
Vox Media 10/2013Series D$34M2
Theramyt Novobiologics 10/2013Series A$4.5M4
Lookout 10/2013Series E$55M9
Blue Jeans Network 9/2013Series D$50M4
Calastone 9/2013Series B$18M2
CrowdStrike 9/2013Series B$30M2
HotelTonight 9/2013Series D$45M7
SwiftKey 9/2013Series B$17.5M7
Couchbase 8/2013Series D$25M5
collegefeed 8/2013Venture Round$1.8M8
MyFitnessPal 8/2013Series A$18M2
Sentinel 8/2013Seed$2.5M3
HootSuite 8/2013Series B$165M3
Dropcam 7/2013Series C$30M4
Qwilt 7/2013Series C$16M4
LearnVest 7/2013Series C$16.5M5
MobileSpaces 7/2013Series B$8.6M2
Power2SME 7/2013Series B$6M3
Grovo 7/2013Series A$5.5M4
Collective 7/2013Venture Round$20M3
Flipkart 7/2013Series E$200M4
Pixate 7/2013Series A$3.8M1
Clinkle 6/2013Seed$25M19
TaxiForSure.com 6/2013Series A$4M3
RelateIQ 6/2013Series B$20M3
CommonFloor 6/2013Series C$7.5M2
Myntra 5/2013Venture Round$25M2
Qriously 5/2013Series A$3.5M2
PandoDaily 5/2013Seed$3M18
PandoDaily 5/2013Seed$500k6
HasOffers 5/2013Series A$9.4M2
AirWatch 5/2013Series A$25M1
Joyus 5/2013Series B$11.5M4
GoCardless 4/2013Series A$3.3M2
ForgeRock 4/2013Series B$15M2
Booyah 3/2013Series C$30M3
Ostrovok 3/2013Series B$25M4
Origene Technologies 3/2013Series C$21.3M3
Bonobos 3/2013Venture Round$30M7
Prosper 1/2013Venture Round$20M7
OpenX 1/2013Series E$25M7
Abe's Market 1/2013Venture Round$5M3
lynda.com 1/2013Private Equity$103M3
ScaleArc 1/2013Series C$12.3M3
Kekanto 1/2013Series B$5.5M3
RelateIQ 2013Series A$9M4
Vinted 1/2013Series A€5.2M1
Hailo 12/2012Series B$30.6M9
Nor1 12/2012Series B$9M2
Plex Systems 12/2012Venture Round$30M1
Cloudera 12/2012Series E$65M5
Prismatic 12/2012Series A$15M3
Floored 12/2012Seed$1.1M7
Sumo Logic 11/2012Series C$30M3
MyHeritage 11/2012Series E$25M3
Origami Logic 11/2012Series A$9.3M2
LocBox 10/2012Series A$5.1M4
Abe's Market 10/2012Series A5
HouseTrip 10/2012Series C$40M3
Trifacta 10/2012Series A$4.3M5
Eximo Medical 10/2012Series A1
RAMP Holdings 9/2012Series C$15M8
SimpliVity 9/2012Series B$25M3
MoPub 9/2012Series B$12M4
Braintree 9/2012Series B$35M4
MetraTech 9/2012Series A$30M3
Nimble Storage 9/2012Series E$40.7M5
Tenable Network Security 9/2012Series A$50M1
Flipkart 8/2012Series D$150M4
BookMyShow 8/2012Venture Round$18M1
MobileSpaces 8/2012Series A$3M1
Ubiquisys 8/2012Venture Round$19M6
Educreations 8/2012Series A$2.2M2
OpenGamma 8/2012Series C$15M4
One Jackson 8/2012Seed$2M5
One Jackson 8/2012Seed$2M5
BaubleBar 7/2012Series A$4.5M2
Correlsense 7/2012Series C$3M4
DocuSign 7/2012Series D$55.7M5
Lyst 7/2012Series A$5M3
Hammer & Chisel, Inc. 7/2012Seed$1.1M4
AdRoll 7/2012Series B$15M3
Sonatype 7/2012Series C$25M5
Mind Lab 7/2012Series C3
Blue Jeans Network 6/2012Series C$25M3
KupiVIP 6/2012Venture Round$38M5
Dropcam 6/2012Series B$12M3
LightSpeed Retail 6/2012Series A$30M1
HotelTonight 6/2012Series C$23M4
Loosecubes 6/2012Series A$7.8M5
LocBox Labs 6/2012Venture Round$5.04M6
HotelTonight 6/2012Series C$23M4
TaxiForSure.com 5/2012Seed3
YuMe 5/2012Venture Round$10M6
Sunrun 5/2012Series D$60M4
Airtime 5/2012Seed$25M5
Lenddo 5/2012Series A$8M5
ModCloth 5/2012Series C$25M6
Qualtrics 5/2012Private Equity$70M2
Etsy 5/2012Venture Round$40M4
Fiverr.com 5/2012Series B$15M2
Avito.ru 5/2012Private Equity$75M1
Forus Health 4/2012Series A$5M2
Freshdesk 4/2012Venture Round$5M2
BranchOut 4/2012Series C$25M4
Bonobos 4/2012Venture Round$16.4M5
Hotelogix 4/2012Venture Round$1.2M3
Legendary Entertainment 4/2012Private Equity$275M5
Dragonplay 4/2012Series A$14M3
Jasper Design Automation 4/2012Venture Round$2.13M2
Hailo 3/2012Series A$17M4
Vigilent 3/2012Venture Round$6.7M3
SilverRail Technologies 3/2012Series B$15M5
myThings 3/2012Venture Round$15M4
ForgeRock 3/2012Series A$7M1
Baby.com.br 3/2012Series B$16.7M7
ResearchGate 2/2012Series B6
Gumroad 2/2012Seed$1.1M6
GoCardless 2/2012Venture Round$1.5M6
Stylistpick 2/2012Series B$11M3
flaregames 2/2012Venture Round€6M1
CardSpring 1/2012Series A$10M2
Endorse 1/2012Series A$4.25M2
Bluestone.com 1/2012Series A$5M2
TRUSTe 1/2012Series C$15M4
Fantasy Shopper 1/2012Series A$3.3M4
EntreMed 1/2012Venture Round$10M2
Code42 1/2012Series A$52.5M2
BlaBlaCar 1/2012Venture Round$10M3
BeachMint 1/2012Venture Round$36.2M9
Gudville 1/2012Series A1
CAN Capital 2012Venture Round$30M1
SimpliVity 1/2012Series A$18M3
Shopmium 12/2011Venture Round$2.1M2
BlueSprig 12/2011Series A$10M1
Prezi 12/2011Series B$14M2
Kekanto 12/2011Series A2
Freshdesk 11/2011Venture Round$1M1
HotelTonight 11/2011Series B$9.1M3
Animoca 11/2011Series A3
Schematic Labs 11/2011Series A$4.75M3
Cloudera 11/2011Series D$40M5
Lot18 11/2011Series C$30M3
Causata 11/2011Series B$11M1
Qwilt 10/2011Series B$15M3
Dropbox 10/2011Series B$250M12
Carmine 10/2011Venture Round1
Knewton 10/2011Series D$33M5
Elo7 10/2011Series A2
Lookout 9/2011Venture Round$40M4
Krux 9/2011Series B$11M2
Dropcam 9/2011Series A$5.8M7
Top10.com 9/2011Series A$3.5M4
BountyJobs 9/2011Venture Round$5M3
Shoes4you 9/2011Series A4
Dealer.com 8/2011Venture Round1
Centrify 8/2011Series D$16M5
Birchbox 8/2011Series A$10.5M7
peerTransfer 8/2011Series A$7.5M4
Couchbase 8/2011Series C$14M4
Joyus 8/2011Series A$7.9M5
Venmo 8/2011Series A4
Azumio 7/2011Series A$2.5M3
Nimble Storage 7/2011Series D$25M4
MoPub 7/2011Series A$6.5M2
LearnVest 7/2011Series B$19M5
Rockmelt 6/2011Series B$30M5
Braintree 6/2011Series A$34M3
Impermium 6/2011Seed$1M10
Cloud9 IDE 6/2011Series A$5.55M2
ScaleXtreme 6/2011Series B$11M2
Spotify 6/2011Series D$100M3
YapStone 6/2011Venture Round$50M2
Mind Lab 6/2011Series B2
Exclusively.in 5/2011Series B$16M3
Supercell 5/2011Venture Round$12M5
BranchOut 5/2011Series B$18M4
HotelTonight 5/2011Series A$3.59M8
Ostrovok 5/2011Series A$13.6M15
99designs 4/2011Series A$35M4
Babyoye 4/2011Venture Round$2.5M2
KupiVIP 4/2011Series C$55M8
Stylistpick 4/2011Series A$8M2
Legendary Pictures 4/2011Venture Round$40M1
Fidelis 4/2011Venture Round$2.5M4
Tiny Speck 4/2011Series B$10.7M2
Blue Jeans Network 4/2011Series B$18M3
Summify 3/2011Angel9
Rovio Entertainment 3/2011Series A$42M3
StumbleUpon 3/2011Series B$17M6
Breezy 3/2011Angel$750k8
Qriously 3/2011Venture Round$1.6M2
UberMedia 2/2011Series B$17.5M3
GetJar 2/2011Series C$25M2
Raptr 2/2011Series B$15M3
Capital Access Network 2/2011Venture Round$30M1
Lightbox 2/2011Seed$1.2M11
LetsBuy.com 1/2011Series A$6M3
OpenGamma 1/2011Series B$6M2
Crunched 1/2011Seed$1.4M6
Rock Health 1/2011Grant$500k6
Appcelerator 1/2011Venture Round$1M2
Lookout 12/2010Series C$19.5M3
Bonobos 12/2010Venture Round$18.5M3
Nimble Storage 12/2010Series C$16M3
Cambridge Broadband Networks 12/2010Venture Round$16.5M5
MoPub 12/2010Seed2
Vostu 11/2010Series C$30M4
Opower 11/2010Series C$50M2
myThings 11/2010Series C$6M5
YellowDog Media 11/2010Series A$5M2
Parallocity 11/2010Series A1
Vox Media 11/2010Series C$10.5M3
mig33 11/2010Series C$8.9M3
BaubleBar 11/2010Seed$1.1M6
Exclusively.in 11/2010Series A$2.8M2
Birchbox 10/2010Seed$1.4M8
Cloudera 10/2010Series C$25M3
Ubiquisys 9/2010Venture Round$5M6
BranchOut 9/2010Series A$6M17
ResearchGate 9/2010Series A9
Sonatype 9/2010Series B$11.6M4
Qwilt 9/2010Series A$9.1M2
Showroomprive 8/2010Venture Round€37M1
ScaleXtreme 8/2010Series A$2M1
Telepo 8/2010Series B$12.7M2
Etsy 8/2010Series E$20M4
Nimbula 8/2010Series B$15M2
Atlassian 7/2010Secondary Market Transaction$60M1
Squarespace 7/2010Series A$38.5M2
Ubiquisys 7/2010Venture Round$9M5
3LM 7/2010Seed$1.5M1
Ingenuity Systems 7/2010Venture Round$15.4M3
Versly 7/2010Seed7
ModCloth 6/2010Series B$19.8M6
Sunrun 6/2010Series C$55M3
GetJar 6/2010Series B$11M1
Carrier IQ 6/2010Series D$12M6
Metacafe 6/2010Debt$5M4
TRUSTe 6/2010Series B$12M4
Icera 5/2010Private Equity$45M5
Couchbase 5/2010Series B$10M3
Lookout 5/2010Series B$11M4
Booyah 5/2010Series C$20M3
Fusion-io 4/2010Series C$45M6
Quidsi 4/2010Debt$20M6
Knewton 4/2010Series C$12.5M6
Groupon 4/2010Series C$135M4
Brightcove 4/2010Series D$12M7
LearnVest 4/2010Series A$4.43M3
Tiny Speck 4/2010Series A$5M2
Origene Technologies 3/2010Series B$16M6
Correlsense 3/2010Series B$8M4
Autoquake 3/2010Venture Round£6M3
Autoquake 3/2010Venture Round£6M2
Altor Networks 3/2010Series B$10M4
YuMe 2/2010Venture Round$25M5
Prosper 2/2010Venture Round$2M6
Mitra Biotech 2010Series A$2.2M3
Loosecubes 1/2010Seed$1.23M3
Complex Media 12/2009Venture Round$12.8M2
Seeking Alpha 12/2009Series B$7M3
Groupon 12/2009Series B$30M3
Genius.com 12/2009Series D$6.5M5
Dropbox 11/2009Series A$6M2
Blue Jeans Network 11/2009Series A$5.5M2
Causata 10/2009Series A$4.5M1
Quidsi 10/2009Series E$30M4
XConnect Global Networks 9/2009Series B$10M3
Verivue 9/2009Series C$20M5
YuMe 9/2009Series C$5M5
OpenGamma 8/2009Series A$2.15M1
Sunrun 7/2009Series B$18M2
Vox Media 7/2009Series B$8M4
Aptana 7/2009Venture Round$7.8M2
High Gear Media 6/2009Series B$5.5M3
Tumri 6/2009Venture Round$10M2
Wonga 6/2009Series B$22.3M4
Cloudera 6/2009Series B$6M2
Seatwave 6/2009Series D$17M5
Integral Development Corp. 6/2009Venture Round$11M2
OpenX 5/2009Series C$10M6
RAMP Holdings 5/2009Series C$8.25M5
Collective 4/2009Series B$20M2
StumbleUpon 4/2009Series A6
Knewton 4/2009Series B$6M6
Cloudera 3/2009Series A$5M9
Transera Communications 3/2009Series D$17M4
Spreadshirt 2/2009Series B$12.7M2
Jasper Design Automation 2/2009Series D$7M6
Ludic Labs 2/2009Venture Round$5M2
HealthcareMagic 2/2009Series A$2.5M1
Pontis 2/2009Series B$19.7M4
Cambridge Broadband Networks 2/2009Venture Round$7.5M4
Varonis Systems 1/2009Venture Round$15M4
Vox Media 1/2009Venture Round$5M2
StreamBase Systems 1/2009Series D$6M5
Tiny Speck 1/2009Seed$1.5M5
Chakpak Media 12/2008Venture Round$5M2
Telepo 12/2008Venture Round$6.2M2
Icera 12/2008Private Equity$60M4
Kosmix 12/2008Series D$20M5
Myntra 11/2008Series A$5M4
WiChorus 11/2008Series C$18M4
Playfish 10/2008Series B$17M2
Vox Media 10/2008Venture Round3
AdMob 10/2008Series C$15.7M2
BitTorrent 9/2008Series C$7M3
AdRoll 9/2008Series A$4M9
MyHeritage 9/2008Series D$15M2
Raptr 9/2008Series A$9M2
Terracotta 9/2008Venture Round$10M4
Xelerated 8/2008Series E$13M5
Amobee 8/2008Series C$22M7
Kickfire 7/2008Series B$20M4
TRUSTe 7/2008Series A$10M2
Trulia 7/2008Series D$15M3
Playfish 7/2008Seed$1M1
Verivue 7/2008Series B$40M5
SpringSource 6/2008Series B$27.3M3
Mochi Media 6/2008Series B$10M2
Arcot Systems 6/2008Series B$23M4
Solarflare Communications 6/2008Venture Round$26M4
Yodlee 6/2008Venture Round$35M4
Knewton 5/2008Series A$2.5M10
Wetpaint 5/2008Series C$25M4
Mu Dynamics 5/2008Series C$10M4
Autoquake 5/2008Series B$11.9M2
Parature 5/2008Series B$16M4
Mind Candy 5/2008Venture Round$10M3
Imperva 4/2008Series D$20M5
Xoopit 4/2008Series A$5M2
Altor Networks 4/2008Series A$6M2
RGB Networks 4/2008Series D$20M5
Car Advisory Network 3/2008Series A$6.5M2
Mochi Media 3/2008Series A$4M1
Genius.com 2/2008Series C$19M4
Glam Media 2/2008Series D$65M7
mig33 1/2008Series B$13.5M4
Alfresco 1/2008Series C$9M3
Etsy 1/2008Series D$27M4
Super Derivatives 2008Venture Round1
United Mobile 1/2008Venture Round$15M1
OpenX 1/2008Series B$15.5M5
Quidsi 1/2008Series C$12.5M1
Dapper 12/2007Series A$3M2
KAYAK 12/2007Series D$196M9
Kosmix 12/2007Series C$10M3
Gigle Networks 11/2007Series B$20M3
ForeScout Technologies 11/2007Series E$4.38M4
GetJar 11/2007Series A$6M1
On Networks 11/2007Series B$12M3
High Gear Media 11/2007Series A$6.5M2
YuMe 10/2007Series B$9M4
RayV 10/2007Series B$8M1
WiChorus 9/2007Venture Round$15M3
Azul Systems 9/2007Venture Round$40M6
Icera 9/2007Series D$40M6
OnForce 9/2007Series A$6.75M1
Diligent Technologies 8/2007Series D$10.5M4
Global Grind 8/2007Series B$4.5M1
Metacafe 8/2007Series C$30M4
StreamBase Systems 7/2007Series C$15M4
Ubiquisys 7/2007Series B$25M4
watAgame 7/2007Venture Round$4M1
MyHeritage 7/2007Series C$4M3
Arcot Systems 7/2007Venture Round$8M3
Hyperic 6/2007Series B$6.1M2
Tumri 6/2007Series B$10M3
RAMP Holdings 6/2007Series B$10M3
Cape Clear Software 5/2007Venture Round$4.95M4
Xelerated 5/2007Series D$23M5
mig33 5/2007Series A$10M3
Comeks 5/2007Seed$1M1
Trulia 5/2007Series C$10M3
XConnect Global Networks 4/2007Venture Round$12M4
Centrify 4/2007Series C$15M4
Artimi 3/2007Series B$31.5M6
YuMe 3/2007Series A$7M3
AdMob 3/2007Series B$15M3
Pontis 2/2007Series B$15M3
Lango 2/2007Venture Round$22M3
Discretix 1/2007Series C$20M7
Mendocino Software 1/2007Venture Round$1.7M4
Wetpaint 1/2007Series B$9.5M3
Mippin 1/2007Series A1
Myntra 2007Seed2
Brightcove 1/2007Series C$59.5M11
Glam Media 12/2006Series C$18.5M5
BitTorrent 12/2006Series B$25M2
MyHeritage 11/2006Series B$3M3
Transera Communications 11/2006Series C$10M3
Amobee 11/2006Series A$5M2
Medio 11/2006Series B$30M4
XenSource 10/2006Series C$15M4
Resolute Networks 10/2006Venture Round$10M6
Mobile Cohesion 9/2006Series B$4.8M4
Telepo 9/2006Series A$5.09M1
Sonim Technologies 9/2006Venture Round$8M5
Ubiquisys 9/2006Series A$12M3
Seeking Alpha 9/2006Series A2
Trapeze Networks 8/2006Series D$30M7
Carrier IQ 8/2006Series A$10M3
Netvibes 8/2006Series A$15M2
WiChorus 7/2006Series B$8.5M2
Njini 7/2006Series C$13M3
ConSentry Networks 7/2006Series D$20M4
Spreadshirt 7/2006Series A1
Metacafe 7/2006Series B$15M2
Yodlee 6/2006Venture Round$6M3
Mu Dynamics 6/2006Series B$10M3
RGB Networks 6/2006Series C$20M5
Acopia Networks 6/2006Venture Round$20M6
Imperva 5/2006Series C$17M4
Hyperic 5/2006Series A$3.8M2
Varonis Systems 5/2006Series B$10.1M3
KAYAK 5/2006Series C$11.5M1
Cape Clear Software 4/2006Series D$15M4
Zimbra 4/2006Series C$14.5M9
myThings 4/2006Series A$8M2
Gigle Networks 3/2006Series A$11M2
Renren Inc. 3/2006Venture Round$48M5
Coremetrics 3/2006Series D$31M3
Terracotta 2/2006Series B$13.5M6
Reactivity 2/2006Venture Round$8.55M3
Alfresco 2/2006Series B$8M2
Prosper 2/2006Series B$12.5M4
AdECN 2/2006Series A$3.1M5
Rapt 1/2006Series D$11.2M3
Cambridge Broadband Networks 1/2006Series D$9M3
Double Fusion 1/2006Series C$26M7
WeeWorld 1/2006Series B$15.5M2
Kosmix 1/2006Series B$18M2
Njini 12/2005Series B$5M2
Trulia 12/2005Series B$5.7M3
Double Fusion 11/2005Series B$10M3
ForeScout Technologies 10/2005Series D$10M5
KDS 10/2005Venture Round$13M2
Klee Data System 10/2005Series B$13.3M2
Azul Systems 10/2005Venture Round$42.2M7
Volantis Systems 9/2005Venture Round$7.5M2
Mendocino Software 9/2005Series B$18M4
XenSource 9/2005Series B$17M4
Ubidyne 9/2005Series A$15.5M2
Ceon 9/2005Venture Round$5.04M3
Transera Communications 8/2005Series B$10M3
Centrify 8/2005Series B$14M3
Aceva Technologies 7/2005Series D$5.28M3
ConSentry Networks 7/2005Series C$17M3
Glam Media 7/2005Series B$10M3
Level 5 Networks 6/2005Series B$30M4
Arcot Systems 5/2005Series A$11M5
Entrisphere 5/2005Series C$75M8
Outsmart 5/2005Venture Round$17M3
Facebook 5/2005Series A$12.7M3
Xelerated 4/2005Series C$17M4
check24 4/2005Venture Round1
Trapeze Networks 4/2005Series C$17.5M5
Prosper 4/2005Series A$7.5M2
Noosh 3/2005Venture Round$3.62M3
Brightcove 3/2005Series A$5.5M2
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This video was originally published on Beet.TV

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  237. Exclusive: BranchOut Raises $18M For Facebook-Focused Professional Network (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  238. HotelTonight Raises $3.25M in Series A Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  239. Ostrovok Raises $13.6M in Series A Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  240. Accel Invests $35M. in 99designs…After Years of Trying (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  241. BabyOye Raises $2.5 Million Funding From Accel Partners and Tiger Global (pluggd.in) [edit]
  242. KupiVIP secures $55m funding to become the Amazon of Russia (eu.techcrunch.com) [edit]
  243. StylistPick Secures $8M In Series A To Expand Its Monthly Fashion Offers (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  244. Bruce Wayne, VC?: Accel bets $40M on Dark Knight studio (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  245. EdSurge: Fidelis Inc. (edsurge.com) [edit]
  246. techcrunch.com [edit]
  247. Blue Jeans Network Launches Video-Conferencing Product (blogs.wsj.com) [edit]
  248. Techcrunch (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  249. Angry Birds Maker Rovio Raises $42 Million From Accel, Atomico And Felicis (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  250. Recommendation Engine StumbleUpon Stumbles Onto $17M From Accel, August Capital And Others (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  251. Breezy Gets $750K From Accel And Others, To Advance Its Mobile Printing Platform (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  252. Qriously Raises $1.6M To Let Brands Replace Mobile Ads With Questions (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  253. Bill Gross's UberMedia Raises $17.5 Million From Accel, Index and Steve Case (kara.allthingsd.com) [edit]
  254. GetJar raises another $25M for its mobile app store (invest-iq.com) [edit]
  255. Raptr roars past six million members and secures additional $15M financing (blog.raptr.com) [edit]
  256. Capital Access Network Raises $30M From Accel To Loan Small Businesses Working Capital (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  257. Lightbox wants to be Android's new camera app, raises $1.1 million from Valley players (eu.techcrunch.com) [edit]
  258. Online Retailer LetsBuy.com Raises $6 Million From Helion, Accel & Tiger Global (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  259. OpenGamma Secures $6 million Series B To Power Open Source For Wall Street (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  260. SalesCrunch Gathers $1.4M From First Round, Accel And Angels (fis.dowjones.com) [edit]
  261. RockHealth Opens Incubator to Get the Web 2.0 Generation into Healthcare (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  262. Citation Needed [add]
  263. Lookout Mobile Security Raises $19.5M in Series C Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  264. Bonobos Raises $18.5 Million. Metrosexuals Unite! (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  265. Nimble Storage Closes $16 Million in Over-Subscribed Series C Round of Funding (earthtimes.org) [edit]
  266. Cambridge Broadband Networks Raises $16.5M in Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  267. techcrunch.com [edit]
  268. WSJ (blogs.wsj.com) [edit]
  269. Opower Tallies $50M Amid Smart-Meter Backlash (blogs.wsj.com) [edit]
  270. myThings scores $6 million in funding for personalised retargeting technology (eu.techcrunch.com) [edit]
  271. TechCrunch (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  272. Parallocity secures “A Series” funding from Accel Partners for accelerated growth (prlog.org) [edit]
  273. SB Nation Ups Its Funding To Nearly $24 Million With New Round (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  274. mig33 Raises $8.9M in Series C Funding (finsmes.com) []
  275. TechCrunch (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  276. Flash Sales Site For Indian Fashion Exclusively.in Raises $2.8 Million From Accel (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  277. Makeup Discovery Service BirchBox Raises $1.4 Million Seed Round (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  278. Cloudera Lands $25 Million For Hadoop Distribution To The Enterprise (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  279. Ubiquisys secures $5M funding from Asian investors (ubiquisys.com) [edit]
  280. TechCrunch (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  281. ResearchGATE Closes Series A Funding for Social Media Site for (findarticles.com) [edit]
  282. Sonatype Raises $11.6M in Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  283. SEC (sec.gov) [edit]
  284. Showroomprive secures 37m euros from Accel to expand and acquire (eu.techcrunch.com) [edit]
  285. TechCrunch (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  286. Telepo Accelerates Growth With $12.7M Funding (fis.dowjones.com) [edit]
  287. TechCrunch (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  288. Nimbula raises $15M to expand cloud service (reuters.com) [edit]
  289. TechCrunch (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  290. Squarespace Raises $38.5 Million From Accel, Index Ventures (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  291. Ubiquisys Meets Key Milestones and Secures $9M Growth Investment (ubiquisys.com) [edit]
  292. TechCrunch (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  293. Life science startup Ingenuity Systems brings in $15.4M (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  294. Citation Needed [add]
  295. ModCloth Raises $19.8 Million Series B For Indie Fashion (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  296. Homerun For SunRun: Sequoia Capital Leads $55 Million Financing (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  297. GetJar Secures $11 Million in Series B Funding From Accel Partners (freshnews.com) [edit]
  298. Carrier IQ raises $12M to tell carriers how they’re doing (mobile.venturebeat.com) [edit]
  299. Metacafe lands $5 million for curated movie site (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  300. Funds Invest in Privacy Start-Ups (online.wsj.com) [edit]
  301. socialnews.biz [edit]
  302. NorthScale Raises $10 Million For Memcached Data Management Technology (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  303. Lookout Closes $11 Million in Funding Led by Accel Partners (blog.lookout.com) [edit]
  304. Booyah Raises $20 Million From Accel, Expects 6 Million Users By The End Of This Summer (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  305. Fusion-io (fusionio.com) [edit]
  306. TechCrunch [edit]
  307. Educational Technology Company Knewton Scores $12.5 Million More. (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  308. techcrunch.com [edit]
  309. Brightcove Raises Another $12 Million; Says An IPO May Come Next Year (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  310. The New York Times, SEC D (bits.blogs.nytimes.com) [edit]
  311. Gigaom (gigaom.com) [edit]
  312. onbiovc.com [edit]
  313. Correlsense Receives $8M in Financing Led by Accel Partners to Transform Application Performance Management Market (freshnews.com) [edit]
  314. Autoquake Gets Another £6m Investment From Its Backers (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  315. Autoquake.com secures additional £6m investment (sourcewire.com) [edit]
  316. Altor Secures Series B Funding from New Investors DAG Ventures and Juniper Networks® as Well as Founding Investors Accel Partners and Foundation Capital (businesswire.com) [edit]
  317. Video Ad Start-Up YuMe Raises $25 Million (bits.blogs.nytimes.com) [edit]
  318. Prosper Marketplace Announces $2 Million in Bridge Financing as Bankruptcy Fears Loom (americanbankingnews.com) [edit]
  319. Mitra Biotech raises funding from existing investors Tata Capital, Accel Partners (vccircle.com) [edit]
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  325. Dropbox Raised $6 Million Sequoia-Led Series A In October 2008 (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  326. Blue Jeans Network Launches Video-Conferencing Product (blogs.wsj.com) [edit]
  327. Causata Launches Customer Interaction Platform With $4.5M From Accel Partners (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  328. Diapers.com Cleans Up with $30 Million Round of Funding (ventureloop.com) [edit]
  329. XConnect Raises $10 Million in Series B Funding (xconnect.net) [edit]
  330. Verivue streams $20M straight to coffers in latest round (masshightech.com) [edit]
  331. YuMe takes $2.9M for broadband video ads (sanfrancisco.bizjournals.com) [edit]
  332. Citation Needed [add]
  333. SunRun Snags $18M to Keep Muni Competitors Away (greentechmedia.com) [edit]
  334. Updated: Sports Blog Site SBNation Gets $8 Million More, From Comcast And Others (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  335. Aptana raises $7.8M new funding (bizjournals.com) [edit]
  336. Auto News Aggregator High Gear Media Gets $5.5 Million Second Round (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  337. Tumri Secures Over $15 Million in New Financing (businesswire.com) [edit]
  338. TechCrunch (uk.techcrunch.com) [edit]
  339. Cloudera Raises $6 Million In Second Round (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  340. Seatwave Scores $17 Million In Fourth Funding Round (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  341. INTEGRAL Receives $11m Investment Led by Adams Street Partners (businesswire.com) [edit]
  342. OpenX Keeps On Growing, Raises $10 Million More (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  343. NBC Invests In Video Search Startup EveryZing And Signs Up As Its Biggest Customer (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  344. Collective Media Leads Trio of Online Ad Fundings (thealarmclock.com) [edit]
  345. StumbleUpon's founders buy service back from eBay (google.com) [edit]
  346. Knewton Bags $6 Million Series B Round For Adaptive Learning Platform (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  347. Cloudera Raises $5 Million (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  348. Transera Raises $17 Million (pehub.com) [edit]
  349. Put This On Your T-Shirt: Spreadshirt Scores $10 Million (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  350. Jasper Design Automation Raises $7 Million in Series D Funding (businesswire.com) [edit]
  351. Ludic Labs Raises $5 Million; Launches Activity-Based Social Net ‘Diddit’ (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  352. VentureBeat (vccircle.com) [edit]
  353. Marketing platform start-up Pontis raises nearly $20m (ivc-online.com) [edit]
  354. Cambridge secures $7.5m financing (totaltele.com) [edit]
  355. EMC leads $15m round for Varonis (ivc-online.com) [edit]
  356. SB Nation Got $5 Million In Funding For Sports Blogs (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  357. StreamBase Closes $6M Series D (xconomy.com) [edit]
  358. news.cnet.com [edit]
  359. Citation Needed [add]
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  361. Icera Secures $70M Financing Package (icerasemi.com) [edit]
  362. Kosmix Raises $20 Million More For Its Universal Search Engine (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  363. Myntra Raises $5 Million From NEA-IUV, IDG Ventures and Accel (medianama.com) [edit]
  364. WiChorus Closes Series C As An Up-Round (wichorus.com) [edit]
  365. Facebook Game Developer Playfish Closes $17M Series B Round (alleyinsider.com) [edit]
  366. Tech leaders back sports blog network (sportsbusinessjournal.com) [edit]
  367. Mobile ad network AdMob hits profitability, raises $15.7 million (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  368. BitTorrent returns Funds and closes Round with $7M (startupmeme.com) [edit]
  369. paidcontent (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  370. Family Tree Wars Continue: MyHeritage Raises Big Round, Shows Impressive Growth (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  371. Citation Needed [add]
  372. Terracotta raises $10M for Java tools (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  373. Xelerated Closes $13 Million Funding Round (xelerated.com) [edit]
  374. Mobile Firm Amobee Raises $22 Million For Ad-Supported Cellphone Service (alleyinsider.com) [edit]
  375. VentureBeat (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  376. Privacy Certifier TRUSTe Goes For-Profit; Gets Investment From Accel (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  377. Real estate search company Trulia raises $15M more (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  378. Playfish nabs $1M for social gaming (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  379. VeriVue Picks up $40M For Video On Demand (thealarmclock.com) [edit]
  380. SEC (sec.gov) [edit]
  381. Mochi Media Raises $10 Million For Flash Game Tools (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  382. Arcot Systems pulls down $23 million for digital authentication (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  383. Solarflare Secures $26 Million in Private Funding (vmblog.com) [edit]
  384. YODLEE ANNOUNCES $35 MILLION FINANCING (corporate.yodlee.com) [edit]
  385. Knewton Raises $2.5 Million (pehub.com) [edit]
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  393. Altor Networks gets $6M for virtualization security (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  394. RGB Networks raises $20 milllion for video processing chips (venturebeat.com) [edit]
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  396. Paidcontent article (paidcontent.org) [edit]
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  399. Mig33 Raises Another $13.5 Million for Mobile Social Network (mashable.com) []
  400. Alfresco Gets Another $9M for Open Source Content Management (mashable.com) [edit]
  401. Etsy Raises $27 Million; Accel’s Jim Breyer Joins Board (techcrunch.com) [edit]
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  408. Vertical Search Firm Kosmix Raises $10 Million Third Round (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  409. Gigle Semiconductor gets $20M more for yet another broadband network chip (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  410. ForeScout Technologies, for network access control, raises additional $4.38M (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  411. Accel Partners (crunchbase.com) [edit]
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  416. WiChorus Raises $15 Million in New Funding (wichorus.com) [edit]
  417. Azul Systems Closes $40 Million Financing (azulsystems.com) [edit]
  418. Funding Icera (electronicsweekly.com) [edit]
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  420. Diligent Secures $10.5M (networkcomputing.com) [edit]
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  422. home.businesswire.com [edit]
  423. StreamBase Announces Complex Event Processing (CEP) Expansion Strategy (streambase.com) [edit]
  424. Ubiquisys Secures B Round Funding for Breakthrough Femtocell Technology (ubiquisys.com) [edit]
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  427. EDGAR [edit]
  428. Open source system management software Hyperic raises $6.1M (venturebeat.com) [edit]
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  430. thealarmclock.com [edit]
  431. EDGAR [edit]
  432. Carrier Ethernet's Xelerated Ventures Forth With $23M (thealarmclock.com) [edit]
  433. Mig33 Gets $10M in Funding (mashable.com) []
  434. Comeks Gets Funded (mobilecrunch.com) [edit]
  435. truliablog.com [edit]
  436. XConnect raises $12 Million in Tier 1 VC Equity Funding Enables Global Expansion of its Federated IP Communications Peering Services (xconnect.net) [edit]
  437. Centrify gets $15M in 3rd round (bizjournals.com) [edit]
  438. Artimi Completes $31.5 Million Round With Additional Investment From Khosla Ventures (marketwire.com) [edit]
  439. newteevee.com [edit]
  440. americanventuremagazine.com [edit]
  441. Pontis Secures $15 Million in Equity Financing Led By Sequoia Capital (pontis.com) [edit]
  442. Zlango Update: BenchMark and Accel Invest $12 Million (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  443. Discretix, mobile device and flash memory security co., raises $20M (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  444. EDGAR [edit]
  445. pulse2.com [edit]
  446. Mippin (venturebeatprofiles.com) [edit]
  447. Myntra Raised Around $25M Funding From Existing Investors (medianama.com) [edit]
  448. Brightcove Raises Another $59.5 Million In Third Round; NYTCO Among New Investors (paidcontent.org) [edit]
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  452. Transera raises $10M for outsourced call-center (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  453. moconews.net [edit]
  454. Medio raises $30 million for mobile search — to battle Google, Jumptap, others (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  455. XenSource raises $15 million in Series C funding (virtualization.info) [edit]
  456. Resolute Networks Raises $10 Million (resolutenetworks.com) [edit]
  457. Mobile Cohesion Grows With Mobile Value Added Service Boom (thealarmclock.com) [edit]
  458. Telepo secures funding from Accel partners for expanded growth (telepo.com) [edit]
  459. Sonim raises $8M for push-to-talk in Europe, Asia (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  460. Ubiquisys Secures $12M Funding to Drive Commercialisation of Low-cost, Residential 3G Access Point (ubiquisys.com) [edit]
  461. benchmark.com [edit]
  462. Trapeze Networks Secures $30 Million in Series D Funding (trapezenetworks.com) [edit]
  463. Carrier IQ, which tracks data about a mobile phone user's experience, has raised $10M (siliconbeat.com) [edit]
  464. Netvibes secures a $15 million investment (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  465. EDGAR [edit]
  466. Njini Secures $13 MILLION, Gears Up For Growth In US And Europe (addpartners.com) [edit]
  467. ConSentry Networks Raises $20 Million in Oversubscribed Round (findarticles.com) [edit]
  468. Citation Needed [add]
  469. benchmark.com [edit]
  470. EDGAR [edit]
  471. Mu Security Lands $10M (lightreading.com) [edit]
  472. Video Processing Technology Firm RGB Networks Raises $20 Million (dmwmedia.com) [edit]
  473. Acopia Networks Closes Record Quarter; Secures Additional $20 Million in Venture Funding. (thefreelibrary.com) [edit]
  474. Imperva Raises $17M in Series C Financing (imperva.com) [edit]
  475. http://blogs.the451group.com/opensource/2006/06/27/hyperic-raises-funding-part-2/ (blogs.the451group.com) [edit]
  476. Varonis Systems, Israel; a provider of information usage management solutions; $10.14 million; Series B (sandhill.com) [edit]
  477. americanventuremagazine.com [edit]
  478. Cape Clear Software raises $15M in funds (boston.bizjournals.com) [edit]
  479. zimbra.com [edit]
  480. MyThings press release (mythings.com) [edit]
  481. EDGAR [edit]
  482. Oak Pacific raises US$48m for growth. (accessmylibrary.com) [edit]
  483. Coremetrics Gets Big In Web Analytics (thealarmclock.com) [edit]
  484. EDGAR [edit]
  485. EDGAR [edit]
  486. Alfresco Closes $8 Million Investment Round; Top-Tier Venture Capital Firms Mayfield Fund and Accel Invest in Series B Round (businesswire.com) [edit]
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  489. Rapt Inc., a San Francisco-based developer of price optimization and profitability management software, has raised around $11.23 million in Series D funding (hosting.mansellgroup.net) [edit]
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  497. Forescout Technologies raises $10M (sanjose.bizjournals.com) [edit]
  498. Online business travel management solutions provider KDS has attracted US$13 million in venture financing from Accel Par (eyefortravel.com) [edit]
  499. EDGAR [edit]
  500. EDGAR [edit]
  501. Volantis Closes $7.5 Million Funding to Accelerate Growth (volantis.com) [edit]
  502. Mendocino Software Secures $18M in Series B Funding; Developer of Recovery Management Solutions... (allbusiness.com) [edit]
  503. XenSource gets new CEO, direction (news.cnet.com) [edit]
  504. EDGAR [edit]
  505. EDGAR [edit]
  506. Transera Communications Secures $10 Million in Second Round of Venture Funding and Expands... (allbusiness.com) [edit]
  507. Centrify Raises $14 Million in Series B Financing (centrify.com) [edit]
  508. EDGAR [edit]
  509. ConSentry Networks Raises $17 Million in Oversubscribed Series C Funding Round from Accel Partners, INVESCO and Sequoia Capital (findarticles.com) [edit]
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  511. Level 5 Networks Raises $30 Million in Series B Funding (thefreelibrary.com) [edit]
  512. Arcot Systems Secures $11.0 Million From Investors (arcot.com) [edit]
  513. Entrisphere Scores $75M Round (lightreading.com) [edit]
  514. Outsmart Secures $17 Million in New Round of Funding From Accel Partners, Gemini Israel Funds and Magnum Communications Fund. (thefreelibrary.com) [edit]
  515. Jim Breyer: Extra $500 Million Round For Facebook A "Total Fiction" (techcrunch.com) []
  516. Xelerated Lands $17 Million in New Funding (xelerated.com) [edit]
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  523. VC Action: Webroot Gets $108-Million Series A for Anti-Spyware (redherring.com) [edit]
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  525. Mitsui & Company Venture Partners Co-leads $12 Million Investment in Video Processing Innovator (rgbnetworks.com) [edit]
  526. Mu Security Lands $10M (lightreading.com) [edit]
  527. Series A funding (blogs.zdnet.com) [edit]
  528. Business Wire (businesswire.com) [edit]
  529. BBN’s Grand Re-entrance (telecommagazine.com) [edit]
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  531. Responsys gets a new CEO and more funding for growth (internetretailer.com) [edit]
  532. comScore Networks Secures $20 Million In Series D Financing (comscore.com) [edit]
  533. ForeScout Technologies Raises $12 Million In Series B Funding, Adds Check Point Software Co-Founder Shlomo Kramer To Board (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  534. comScore Networks, Inc. Secures $15 Million In Series C Financing (comscore.com) [edit]
  535. Responsys secures $20 million (news.cnet.com) [edit]
  536. Sylantro Systems Raises $55 Million Series C Round (enronexplorer.com) [edit]
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  538. Responsys.com Receives $22.5 Million in Mezzanine Round Financing (redpoint.com) [edit]
  539. SEC Filing Via Liquid Scenarios Search2Model (liquidscenarios.com) [edit]
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