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Phone+44 (0)20 7928 3131


Jamestown CLO III, 12/2013 $516M
Harvest CLO VIII, 3/2014 €425M


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Managing Partner, operating capabilities , MD France
Managing Partner/Chief Investment Officer
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3i Group

3i is a British private equity group that has billions under management. For over 65 years we’ve invested in supporting people who start, grow, change and buy businesses; delivering significant power to the people we work with through our knowledge, experience and global network of relationships. Ultimately, we’re driven by our strong sense of values. We form close partnerships with the companies we invest in and we build strong relationships based on integrity, trust and mutual respect.

3i’s ability to create value in its portfolio companies has always been underpinned by the differentiated scale of its international resources, knowledge and networks.

However, we also recognise the role of specialist resource in driving superior performance. With a track record in delivering innovative value creation solutions, we have developed a highly-effective approach. Working collaboratively, our aim is simple: to give management the tools they need to build lasting capabilities and competitive advantage.

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Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Basic-Fit 11/2013Private Equity€110M1
Scandlines 11/2013Private Equity€165M1
Blue Interactive Group 12/2011Venture Round$55M1
TouchTunes Interactive Networks 8/2011Venture Round$45M2
Action 7/2011Venture Round1
Loxam Holding 7/2011Private Equity€60M2
World Freight Company International 5/2011Venture Round€33M3
GO Outdoors 4/2011Venture Round£28M1
TransMedics 3/2010Series E$36M11
CamSemi 9/2009Series D$8.19M3
Light Blue Optics 7/2009Series A$15M5
Polatis 6/2009Venture Round$8M7
Small Bone Innovations 4/2009Series D$108M5
Garlik 4/2009Series C$2.34M2
BuyVIP 4/2009Series C$20M4
Taptu 12/2008Series B£6.45M1
Konarka Technologies 10/2008Venture Round$45M10
Nujira 9/2008Series C$18M6
Carbonite 9/2008Series C$21.2M5
EnOcean 8/2008Series D€4.5M5
SLR Consulting 6/2008Series C$64.4M1
Garlik 6/2008Venture Round$5M3
OmniGuide 5/2008Series E$25M7
Coremetrics 4/2008Series E$60M2
Sotera Wireless 3/2008Series B$20.3M4
Nanostellar 2/2008Series E$7.05M3
Velocix 2/2008Series D$25M3
Zonare Medical Systems 2/2008Venture Round$30M8
CacheLogic 1/2008Series D$25M3
Ulthera 1/2008Series B$22.5M2
Small Bone Innovations 1/2008Series C$36M4
Twenga 12/2007Seed€2.6M1
CamSemi 10/2007Series C$26M5
FastBooking 10/2007Series B€35M2
Light Blue Optics 10/2007Series A$26M4
Icera 9/2007Series D$40M6
Metastorm 8/2007Series C$30M4
DiBcom 7/2007Series E$27.3M10
SiGe Semiconductor 5/2007Venture Round$20M7
AOptix Technologies 5/2007Series C$15M4
Telisma 5/2007Venture Round$1.62M5
Intelliden 5/2007Series E$10M4
Carbonite 5/2007Series B$15M3
fabrik 5/2007Series D$24.9M2
Garlik 4/2007Series B$12M2
TransMedics 4/2007Series D$25.5M9
Discera 3/2007Series C$17.5M6
immatics biotechnologies 2/2007Series B€40M6
Nallatech 1/2007Series C$3.93M2
Forte Design Systems 12/2006Series D$5.4M3
Datanomic 12/2006Venture Round$6.3M2
Carbonite 12/2006Series A$3.5M2
Netronome Systems 11/2006Series C$20M4
Fotolog 10/2006Series C$4M2
DeepStream Technologies 9/2006Series B£8M2
Sonim Technologies 9/2006Venture Round$8M5
Crystal IS 8/2006Series B$10.6M5
Light Blue Optics 7/2006Venture Round$3.5M3
AmberWave 7/2006Series E$25M5
CacheLogic 7/2006Series C$20M4
ClearApp 6/2006Series B$14.2M3
Chronicle Solutions 6/2006Series A$5.52M3
Meridea Financial Software 5/2006Venture Round$5.15M2
Onyvax 5/2006Series C£8M5
Combinature Biopharm 5/2006Series C$5.11M3
Screen Tonic 4/2006Venture Round€5.5M2
Garlik 4/2006Series A$5.4M2
Carbonite 3/2006Series A$2.5M3
Telisma 1/2006Series D$3.64M4
FIRSTGATE Holding 1/2006Series D$24M1
ClickandBuy 1/2006Series B€20M1
Intelliden 12/2005Series D$11M4
Trovix 12/2005Series A$5.25M3
Peerflix 10/2005Series B$8M3
Visto 9/2005Private Equity$70M7
Discera 9/2005Venture Round$7M4
DiBcom 8/2005Series D€24.5M5
Fios 8/2005Venture Round$6.5M5
White Rock Networks 8/2005Venture Round$15.5M5
Nujira 8/2005Series A$7.75M5
Intercytex Group 8/2005Venture Round£12M5
Mimix Broadband 6/2005Venture Round$8.5M3
Elixent 4/2005Series C$15M5
Udex 3/2005Venture Round$5M3
EnOcean 3/2005Series C€10M4
Peerflix 3/2005Series A$2M2
BlueLithium 2/2005Series A$11.5M2
Aventeon 2/2005Series B$5M3
Rockwell Collins 1/2005Venture Round$6.7M3
SiGe Semiconductor 1/2005Venture Round$8.5M9
Intalio 7/2004Series B$11M6
Nanostellar 6/2004Series A$3M5
EnOcean 1/2004Series B€4.4M4
TransMedics 1/2004Series B$27.6M8
Photonic Materials 1/2004Series C£3.75M3
Nallatech 1/2004Venture Round£2M2
NeoGuide Systems 11/2003Series B9
MicroEmissive Displays Group 7/2003Venture Round£4.7M3
Aspects Software 12/2002Seed£5M3
Photonic Materials 6/2002Series B£8M4
Photonic Materials 7/2001Series A£2.5M4
OpenAir 1/2000Venture Round$16M3



  1. 3i closes US$515.9 million CLO, Jamestown III ( [edit]
  2. 3i closes second European CLO, Harvest VIII ( [edit]
  3. 3i Reaches Deal with CapMan to Acquire OneMed ( [edit]
    3i to Acquire a Majority Stake in Etanco from IK Investment Partners ( [edit]
    3i Acquires Majority Stake in GEKA ( [edit]
    3i Group acquired Oticas Carol for R$108 million ( [edit]
    3i agrees to buy majority stake in JMJ Associates for $175 mln ( [edit]
    3i agrees to buy out Scandlines co-owner Allianz Capital in €165m deal ( [edit]
  4. Basic-Fit Receives €110M Investment from 3i Group ( [edit]
  5. 3i Group plc : 3i Takes Control of Scandlines ( [edit]
  6. 3i Makes US$55M Investment in Blue Interactive Group ( [edit]
  7. TouchTunes Interactive Networks Receives $45M Investment ( [edit]
  8. Action Receives Majority Investment from 3i ( [edit]
  9. Loxam Receives €60M Private Equity Investment from 3i and Pragma Capital ( [edit]
  10. World Freight Company International Raises €33M in Private Equity ( [edit]
  11. Go Outdoors Receives £28M Equity Investment from 3i Group ( [edit]
  12. TransMedics, Inc.: Series E $36M ( [edit]
  13. EDGAR [edit]
  14. Light Blue Optics Raises US$15 Million in Series A Extension ( [edit]
  15. Polatis Raises $8M ( [edit]
  16. Raises Series D round of $108mm - one of the largest private equity capital financings for an orthopedic company ( [edit]
  17. EDGAR [edit]
  18. European Private Buying Club BuyVIP Lands $20 Million ( [edit]
  19. Taptu closes £6.45m Series B round ( [edit]
  20. Polymer photovoltaic company Konarka raises $45 million ( [edit]
  21. Nujira secures $18 million in Series C funding ( [edit]
  22. Mass High Tech ( [edit]
  23. EnOcean gets funding for expansion ( [edit]
  24. £32.5 million investment ( [edit]
  25. EDGAR [edit]
  26. OmniGuide raises $25 million for non-invasive laser surgery ( [edit]
  27. Online Data Provider Coremetrics Completes $60M Fifth Round Funding; Total Raised: Over $111M ( [edit]
  29. Thomson [edit]
  30. Velocix Announces new capital injection to fuel the company's ambitious growth plans ( [edit]
  31. Compact-ultrasound maker Zonare Medical raises $30M ( [edit]
  32. ( [edit]
  34. Raises Series C round of $36mm ( [edit]
  35. Twenga gets €2.6M for yet another shopping search engine ( [edit]
  36. Carbon Trust joins as new investor as CamSemi secures $26 million funding ( [edit]
  37. [edit]
  38. [edit]
  39. Funding Icera ( [edit]
  40. ABS Capital General Partner Laura Witt Joins Metastorm Board ( [edit]
  41. EDGAR [edit]
  42. SiGe Semiconductor Announces Expansion Round of Financing ( [edit]
  43. AOptix raises $15M more for iris recognition ( [edit]
  44. EDGAR [edit]
  45. Intelliden raises $10M more for corporate network configuration ( [edit]
  46. Carbonite, online backup company, raises $15M ( [edit]
  47. Fabrik Lands $24.9 Million in Series D Funding ( [edit]
  48. EDGAR [edit]
  49. TransMedics ( [edit]
  50. Discera lands timing chip partner; VC funding ( [edit]
  51. immatics receives €40 million in second round of funding ( [edit]
  52. EDGAR [edit]
  53. Forte Closes Financing Round for ESL Synthesis Business Expansion ( [edit]
  54. Datanomic secures $6.3 Million in New Funding ( [edit]
  55. [edit]
  56. Netronome Secures $20 Million Series C Funding ( [edit]
  57. [edit]
  58. 3i invests in DeepStream Technologies ( [edit]
  59. Sonim raises $8M for push-to-talk in Europe, Asia ( [edit]
  60. Crystal IS, Inc. Raises $10.6 Million in Second Round Financing. ( [edit]
  61. EDGAR [edit]
  62. AmberWave raises $25 million in funds ( [edit]
  63. ( [edit]
  64. EDGAR [edit]
  65. EDGAR [edit]
  66. EDGAR [edit]
  67. Onyvax Raises £8 Million to Advance Development of Prostate Cancer Vaccine ( [edit]
  68. EDGAR [edit]
  69. ScreenTonic raises 5.5 million euros to invest in Europe ( [edit]
  70. EDGAR [edit]
  71. [edit]
  72. EDGAR [edit]
  73. EDGAR [edit]
  74. 3i invests €20 million in Internet payment service ClickandBuy aiding expansion ( [edit]
  75. Intelliden Corporation Raises $11 Million in Latest Financing Round ( [edit]
  77. [edit]
  78. EDGAR [edit]
  79. EDGAR [edit]
  80. DiBcom Raises EUR 24.5M Round to Extend Mobile TV Leadership. ( [edit]
  81. EDGAR [edit]
  82. White Rock Networks closed a “top up” funding round in which it raised $15.5 million from inside investors ( [edit]
  83. 3i backed Nujira Secures $7.75 Million in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  84. Intercytex raises £12M in new venture round ( [edit]
  85. EDGAR [edit]
  86. Toshiba, Matsushita Push Elixent to Land $15M Investment (Electronic News) ( [edit]
  87. UDEX Secures $5 Million in Financing for U.S. Expansion; 3i, Montagu Private Equity and Northbridge Ventures Support Leader in Product Data Quality Management. ( [edit]
  88. EnOcean GmbH ( [edit]
  89. [edit]
  90. Citation Needed [add]
  91. EDGAR [edit]
  92. EDGAR [edit]
  93. EDGAR [edit]
  95. Nanostellar Secures $3 Million Funding ( [edit]
  96. EnOcean closes second round of funding totaling EUR 4.4 million ( [edit]
  97. TransMedics ( [edit]
  98. Investors put Scottish technology sector back in focus Photonic Materials and Lab901 secure £ 4.75m in funding deals ( [edit]
  99. Nallatech adds chairman and gains £2million funding ( [edit]
  100. Citation Needed [add]
  101. MicroEmissive Displays wins GBP 4.7m funding for its tiny screens ( [edit]
  102. Aspects Software seals 5m pound investment ( [edit]
  103. [edit]
  104. Citation Needed [add]
  105. OpenAir is a private company that has raised over $16 million in venture funding from top-tier venture capital firms and angel investors ( [edit]
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