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Closed Date2011

General Information


San Francisco, USA
35 Fieldstone Lane
Falmouth, ME, 04105


President and CTO


TOTAL $2.25M
Angel, 11/2009
Venture Round, 10/2010



Zorap Closed down 2011


Zorap enables real-time participatory events, activities, ad-hoc meetings and calls on the internet.

The company’s media-agnostic multi-point sharing and communication service enables sharing of live media - including photos, music, videos, and other types of files — either from their computer, or from sources on the internet. The services also allow users to share webcams, microphones, and text. Up to 50 people can participate simultaneously.

Zorap integrates with social media sites (iMeem or YouTube as examples), social networks (Ning or Facebook as examples) and user presence info (multiple sources). Additional integrations will facilitate shared game experiences and product “show and tell.”

The company has raised $1M in funding from private investors.

Recent Milestones




Zorap Facebook App
Launch DateSeptember 22, 2009

Zorap for Facebook is a unique, customizable and private “virtual room” that can hold up to 50 people at the same time. The service includes invitation, customization, moderator, communication, and media sharing features, using Facebook authentication, providing both privacy and safety. Zorappers can choose to invite specific people, allow friends, or friends of friends into the Facebook room. People then interact using voice, video, and text, including group playback of music and video files (MP3, WMV, AVI, WMA, M4V, MOV, and M4A).

Users can also share photographs, slide shows, Microsoft Office files or web-based content from YouTube, iMeem and Google. Using Drag, Drop and ShareTM, users can quickly add content from their local computers. Customization features allow users to upload backdrops, or set the colors used in their rooms. Users can control their own rooms using moderator features including ejecting users, assigning privileges, or highlighting specific people or shared media.

Zorap Profile App for Ning
Launch DateFebruary, 2009

Zorap rooms are special web pages where people gather in real-time. The rooms are multipoint; media and presence information is automatically shared from every participant, to every participant.

The Zorap Ning Profile App functions as a doorway to your Zorap room - allowing members of your Ning network to gather in your room in real-time.

The application can be configured to point to an existing Zorap room on, or the app can be configured with a new room.

The application displays a list of current participants, the name of the room, the name of the room owner, and a recent, live snapshot from the room.

The application also includes an ‘Enter’ button - which links directly to the room.

Usernames from Ning are used inside Zorap - so participants do not have to sign up for Zorap to participate.

Zorap screenshot
Above: Embedded on a Ning Profile Page
Uploaded: 6/26/09
Zorap screenshot
Above: Close up
Uploaded: 6/26/09
Launch DateFebruary, 2009
Tags video-conferencing, photos, music, videos, video-chat

The Zorap website allows visitors to create, customize, and search for Zorap rooms.

Zorap rooms are special web pages where people gather in real-time. The rooms are inherently multipoint; media and presence information is automatically shared from every participant, to every participant.

Communication features include audio, video and text chat. Zorap prioritizes audio and video from the most active participants, allowing ‘hands-free’ group participation. Audio and video devices are automatically configured when entering a room. If necessary, the devices can be adjusted or changed without leaving the room.

Participants can play music or videos, or share web content, photographs, slide shows, or Microsoft Office files in real-time.

Shared photos can be JPG, BMP, GIF, or PNG format. Photos are instantly displayed for all participants after they are shared. If more than one photo is shared, Zorap shares a slideshow - allowing the sharer to pause, play, go forward or backward.

Multipoint streaming is used to play MP3, WMA and M4A music formats and WMV, AVI MOV and M4V video formats.

Shared web content includes videos from YouTube, and music and music videos from iMeem. Additional sources of web content - including web-based photos and movie trailers will be added in the near future.

Room owners can moderate their rooms - controlling content, sharing privileges, or ejecting users if needed.

Rooms can be public or private. Public rooms are listed in the directory on the site’s home page. Rooms can also be password protected for an additional level of security.

Participants do not need a Zorap account - pages can be accessed directly by URL. Visitors can browse directly to a room and set their username by using the ‘Introduce Yourself’ link. This allows the freedom to add Zorap links to blogs, websites and social networks.

Zorap screenshot
Above: Home page
Uploaded: 6/26/09
Zorap screenshot
Above: Sign up
Uploaded: 6/26/09
Zorap screenshot
Above: Room view
Uploaded: 6/26/09

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  1. Zorap grabs $1.4M for online video chat room ( [edit]
  2. Zorap lands funding for its Internet video chat tech ( [edit]
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