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General Information


Wappwolf Inc.
50 Fremont Street
San Francisco, CA, 94105


President - COO


TOTAL $500k
Angel, 1/2011
Christian H. Leeb
Debt, 4/2012

Service Providers



Wappwolf is building the next virtual filesystem on top of cloud services and cloud storages… changes the way content is being shared today. Create a beam to a watched folder/album and let your followers choose where to follow your stuff. Share It Your Way | Follow It Their Way

The first product was the Wappwolf Automator for Dropbox followed by other cloud storages.

Wappwolf automates your tasks in the cloud. It connects your Dropbox, G Drive or Box to other web-services, and performs an action automatically each time you add a file to a predefined folder. For example: sync files to Kindle, share photos on social networks, convert files, send emails, and many more.

Developers can submit actions for file processing using the Wappwolf API.

Wappwolf helps you save time and be more productive.

Recent Milestones

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    Wappwolf — Launch of (12/17/12)
    Posted 12/20/12 at 10:20am via
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    Wappwolf added Benjamin Ajfrid as Engineer. (10/1/12)
    Posted 11/9/12 at 1:46am
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    Wappwolf — With the release of the Wappwolf Automator for Box the company starts targeting Small and Medium Sized companies. Wappwolf has 50,000 users. The comany has processed 1.5m files. (5/21/12)
    Posted 6/11/12 at 6:12am via
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    Wappwolf — Wappwolf is part of Microsoft BizSpark Plus programme. The company has doubled its user base and services 30,000 users. (4/7/12)
    Posted 6/11/12 at 6:12am via
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    Wappwolf — With a next major step Wappwolf opens up its functionalities for Google Drive users. The company has processed 1m files. (4/7/12)
    Posted 6/11/12 at 6:12am via
  • Dollar
    Wappwolf received $700k in Debt funding. (4/1/12)
    Posted 6/11/12 at 6:18am
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    Wappwolf — Launch of Wappwolf's first product, the Wappwolf Automator for Dropbox. The worldwide tech press is impressed, almost every major tech blog covers the company. Wappwolf gains 10,000 users in 72 hours. (12/1/11)
    Posted 6/11/12 at 6:12am via
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    Wappwolf — Wappwolf launches Beta version in San Francisco (11/1/11)
    Posted 6/11/12 at 6:12am
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    Wappwolf — Wappwolf moves Headquarters from Austria to USA (8/1/11)
    Posted 10/6/11 at 12:54am via
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    Wappwolf — Founders invest additional 170,000 USD (3/1/11)
    Posted 3/7/11 at 4:23am
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    Wappwolf received $500k in Angel funding. (1/1/11)
    Posted 7/6/11 at 6:00am
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    Wappwolf — Launch of prototype at Demo Conference Fall 2010 in Silicon Valley ( (9/14/10)
    Posted 9/2/10 at 2:18am via
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    Wappwolf — Foundation of Wappwolf GmbH. (7/28/10)
    Posted 7/19/10 at 3:33am
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    Wappwolf added Harald Weiss as President - COO. (5/1/10)
    Posted 6/29/10 at 2:20am
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    Wappwolf added Dieter Dobersberger as CTO. (5/1/10)
    Posted 6/29/10 at 2:20am
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    Wappwolf added Michael Eisler as CEO. (5/1/10)
    Posted 6/29/10 at 2:20am



Launch at Demo Fall 2010 Conference in Silicon Valley (September 14, 2010)

Added: 11/16/12

InLab Ventures interview of Wappwolf at DEMO Spring 2011 #democon

Added: 11/16/12

Wappwolf Intro

Added: 11/16/12
Above: Intro

Added: 2/14/13


Wappwolf screenshot
Above: Wappwolf Screendesign
Uploaded: 11/5/11
Wappwolf screenshot Wappwolf screenshot Wappwolf screenshot
Wappwolf screenshot Wappwolf screenshot


Launch DateOctober, 2011

Wappwolf Automator

Add some content to this product
Launch DateDecember, 2012


Above: Intro


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    Wappwolf Blog ( [edit]
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    From the Alps to Mountain View ( [edit]
    Wappwolf launches Beta [edit]
    Launch of Wappwolf Automator for Dropbox ( [edit]
    Microsoft BizSpark Plus membership ( [edit]
    Wappwolf launches its Wappwolf Automator for Google Drive ( [edit]
    Wappwolf targets SMEs ( [edit]
    Wappwolf, Home To IFTTT-Like Automation Tools, Launches For Sharing Content Across Online Services ( [edit]
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