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9 Avenue Hauts Fourneaux
Esch-sur-Alzette, 4221, LUX


User Experience Advisor


TOTAL $368k
Seed, 12/2011
Samual Dralet
Rollinger Venture Capital
Seed, 10/2012
Seed, 6/2013




TaDaweb is the Pinterest of Small Data.

Extract any information from any website on the Internet. Mash it up all together. Add a little sugar and you have TaDaweb! Letting users obtain the web data that is really relevant, in one place, where it can be refreshed when they need it. Users can create custom alerts to let them know as soon as info has changed. They can create Journals made up of what matters and share them either publicly or privately. Essentially users can create their very own mini Internet.

Here’s an example: every morning you go into your competitors pricing pages (because they don’t have an RSS feed or API), you take a look at the numbers and you check for any changes. With TaDaweb you can extract the competitors pricing sections, place them all together in one Journal, then create an alert that refreshes the information at the frequency you request, then sends an email anytime the information changes!

A first of it’s kind technology in the world, and already being used by thousands of competitor, economic and business intelligence professionals, TaDaweb is the ultimate mix of Yahoo!Pipes, Pinterest and Google Alerts! Everything is achieved using 100% visual drag and drop technology, enabling any user type.

Based on a freemium model, TaDaweb will be releasing a Premium offer this September!

Recent Milestones

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    TaDaweb — TaDaweb was covered by TechCrunch. (9/10/13)
    Posted 10/22/13 at 12:21am via
  • Check
    TaDaweb — TaDaweb implements the Crunchbase API into the Creator (8/1/13)
    Posted 8/13/13 at 12:03am
  • Dollar
    TaDaweb received (€220k) in Seed funding. (6/28/13)
    Posted 8/7/13 at 11:40pm
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    TaDaweb — The TaDaweb Web Clipper bookmarklet was released! (6/7/13)
    Posted 7/22/13 at 8:00am via
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    TaDaweb added Ben Sykes as User Experience Advisor. (5/1/13)
    Posted 7/22/13 at 8:05am
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    TaDaweb added Jean-Marc Soustre as Investment Advisor. (12/1/12)
    Posted 8/13/13 at 12:00am
  • Dollar
    TaDaweb received $193k (€150k) in Seed funding. (10/10/12)
    Posted 10/18/12 at 10:32pm
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    TaDaweb — TaDaweb gets selected as Top 50 start for Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria. (9/16/12)
    Posted 9/25/12 at 5:19am via
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    TaDaweb — TaDaweb hires first forward deployed engineer (8/3/12)
    Posted 9/25/12 at 5:17am via
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    TaDaweb — First television appearance (7/2/12)
    Posted 7/3/12 at 7:24am via
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    TaDaweb — TaDaweb hired first full time web developer (7/1/12)
    Posted 9/25/12 at 5:16am via
  • Check
    TaDaweb — Hired first web developer (7/1/12)
    Posted 7/3/12 at 7:23am
  • Check
    TaDaweb — Hired a second QT Developer (6/16/12)
    Posted 7/3/12 at 7:23am
  • Check
    TaDaweb — TaDaweb receives for seed round investment (6/3/12)
    Posted 9/25/12 at 5:17am
  • Dollar
    TaDaweb received $175k (€134k) in Seed funding. (12/17/11)
    Posted 4/2/12 at 6:36am via
  • Check
    TaDaweb added Alex Papanastassiou as Business Development Advisor. (12/11/11)
    Posted 8/13/13 at 12:00am



TaDaweb = Yahoo!Pipes + Pinterest + Google Alerts

Added: 7/23/13


TaDaweb screenshot
Above: TaDaweb Journals
Uploaded: 7/22/13
TaDaweb screenshot
Above: TaDaweb in TechCrunch
Uploaded: 10/22/13


Launch DateSeptember 13, 2012

TaDaweb is a web mashup platform comprised of, the TaDaweb Creator (client) and the Web Clipper (bookmarklet).

TaDaweb addresses the problems associated with finding relevant information on the Internet quickly and easily. The TaDaweb Creator enables users to create automated web processes, using visual representations. In addition to enabling users to extract information, the Creator let’s users transform, filter and format their data, which essentially enables the complete customization of web data.

The Web Clipper provides users with a quick and easy way of extracting the information they need they need from the websites they wish to monitor. The Web Clipper does not require download, and can be installed in the toolbar. Similar to that of the Clipboard web clipper, information can be sent directly to a centralized profile page on is an online space consisting of user profiles, and a public TaDa gallery, from where users can share and collect each other’s TaDa. Once a TaDa has been created and sent to a profile, it can then be refreshed, placed in a Journal or have customized alerts to let them know as soon as information has changed. Journals can be created and shared either across social media, via RSS, links or email both publicly and privately.


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    TaDaweb Lets You Create ‘Small Data’ Mashups Without Writing A Single Line Of Code ( [edit]
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