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Strayform is a Texas startup that, like SellaBand, Snocap and Amie Street , is giving unsigned artists a way to promote and sell their music.

Strayform is a community of artists and fans alike who are exposing the long tail of music through a reverse process. Flipping the traditional model where music is made and then sold piece by piece, artists give away music in hopes that fans will support their future efforts. Like SellaBand, artists sign up, upload some of their music and then create proposals for new music they want to create. Fans can listen to and download the music (DRM free), and donate directly to proposals they like. The proposals are all different. One artist, for example, says he will mention the name of person who pledges the most in the song itself.

All music is Creative Commons licensed meaning fans are able to freely share their downloads on P2P networks.

Strayform has had little press, but, inexplicably were covered by Fox News in a 3 minute segment. The video is available on their home page.

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Launch DateAugust 16, 2007
Tags Creative-Commons, music, movies, books, software, games, art, Open-Social, distribution, Strayform, Brandt-Cannici

Strayform is a place to “fund” new digital products. Rather than restrict and sell movies, music, texts, art, and software, authors of creative works get money upfront to create and release works under Creative Commons licenses.

Here you create a proposal for a new digital work. Fans put money on your new works. Strayform escrows funds to protect both consumers and creators. Once the funds reach a threshold you set work begins.

Strayform provides tools for you to communicate with funders and include them in the creative process. You can blog, discuss, send messages, and add pieces of your work as its being created.

When finished you are paid and your work is released under a Creative Commons license. This license lets you keep commercial control while turning your fanbase into a zero-cost distribution and advertising network working on your behalf. As owner of the content you are free to make more money by using existing monetization systems or licensing your work.

Strayform allows you to embed and run these projects on your own site and plugs into major social networks to virally spread your project. Strayform includes a licensing system giving you opportunities to make more money and licensees a simple and fast way to license your content.

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