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TOTAL $1.75M
Seed, 3/2013


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IP Legal Counsel
Advisor & General Counsel



Sqeeqee lets users monetize profiles, socially interact, reach niche markets, and increase networth using the concept of social networthing™.

Sqeeqee is a social commerce platform that gives its users the ability to monetize and generate ad revenues from their individual and professional profiles. For many, social networking has morphed from a way to interact and reconnect with friends into an essential component of their online experience. Sqeeqee differentiates itself by creating a new action oriented online platform that unites worldwide users through a single hub. The site’s innovative system allows users to make money doing what they already do online; building a network of associates, post status updates, share pictures, host videos and browse pages in line with their interests. In this way Sqeeqee is the first platform to integrate the best features of numerous world-renowned websites and allow its users to monetize their daily social networking.

Enabling users to access all of their favorite internet activities from the comfort of one platform is something no other site has attempted. Sqeeqee provides users with the opportunity to utilize a patent pending internal search feature to seek out information, locate e-commerce pages to list and sell new or used items on an open network, share revenue through user sponsored ads, compete in a virtual stock market, crowdfund projects, start a fundraising campaign, donate to charities, create and offer deals or coupons, develop and sell mobile apps, and more. With more than 555 million global websites users appreciate the ability to market their Sqeeqee e-commerce profiles on an integrated platform, which cuts down on the “noise” of the marketplace and allows low cost differentiation as well as brand recognition and loyalty.

The company’s unique and innovative business model provides unparalleled benefits in an advanced social commerce networking environment. Through the utilization of Sqeeqee’s revolutionary open network small businesses would no longer have to maintain expensive websites and domains to achieve a web presence. These features position Sqeeqee to effectively distinguish itself from the extensive lineup of competitors and capture a targeted niche that will continue to expand as the site becomes used on a regular basis. As a result, Sqeeqee will be able to meritoriously outperform its competitors and quickly become one of the world’s largest industries as a revolutionary social networking platform cultivating a greater sense of worth among its users through social networthing™.

Sqeeqee, Inc. is registered as a C Corporation in the state of Delaware, but currently headquartered in Orange County, California. Sqeeqee plans to relocate to Palo Alto, California upon locking in a Series A financing.

Recent Milestones

  • Dollar
    Sqeeqee received $1.75M in Seed funding. (3/22/13)
    Posted 3/21/13 at 11:24pm
  • Check
    Sqeeqee added Bruce Methven as Advisor & General Counsel. (7/20/12)
    Posted 3/21/13 at 11:24pm
  • Check
    Sqeeqee added James Italia as IP Legal Counsel. (1/1/12)
    Posted 3/21/13 at 11:24pm
  • Check
    Sqeeqee added Jenny Ta as Founder & CEO. (1/1/10)
    Posted 3/21/13 at 11:24pm



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