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HQ - Buenos Aires Office
Malabia 1720 Entrepiso
Buenos Aires, C1414DMJ, ARG
Montevideo Offices
Pedro Berro 1315
Montevideo, 11300, URY


Founder, Director
Founder, Director
Founder, Director
Founder, Director
Founder, Executive Director
Founder, Director
Advisory Board Member


Solidmation 3/2014
Retargetly 3/2014
Koibanx 3/2014
MeroArte 3/2014
Klooff 3/2014
Solapa4 3/2014
MiTurno 3/2014
WinAd 3/2014 3/2014
MonoLibre 3/2014
WePlann 3/2014
TuTanda 3/2014
Cocodrilo Dog 3/2014
Nearway 3/2014
Fundacity, Inc 3/2014
Posto7 3/2014
TusReQRdos 3/2014
Cookapp 3/2014
Qool 3/2014
real trends 3/2014
Auth0 3/2014
Aventones 3/2014
Blink 3/2014
SegundoHogar 3/2014
Gorsh 3/2014
Widow Games 12/2013
BTC Trip 9/2013
MascotaNube 9/2013
LatinCoin 9/2013
PingStamp 9/2013
Kuona 9/2013
Bitpagos 9/2013
Flipter 9/2013
Ecomsual 9/2013
Regalii 9/2013
WeHaus 9/2013
Satellogic 9/2013
Earbits 9/2013
cottonTracks 9/2013
Seahorse 9/2013
Twitt2go 9/2013
compropago 9/2013
Tutum 9/2013
IncreaseCard 9/2013 9/2013
Selo Reserva 9/2013
Ticket Hoy 9/2013
Tiempy 9/2013
MiCursada 8/2013
Zolvers 8/2013
Aentropico 3/2013
Dotspin 3/2013
citibuddies 3/2013
Likeeds 3/2013 3/2013
Properati 3/2013
Oppten 3/2013
Kidbox 3/2013
Properati 3/2013
Sinimanes 3/2013
femeninas 3/2013
Tale Me Stories 3/2013
TheFanLeague 3/2013
Gone! 3/2013
VU Security 3/2013
citibuddies 3/2013
Guía Local 3/2013
MiCarga 3/2013
LegalJump 3/2013
Widow Games 3/2013
Wideo 3/2013
Fligoo 3/2013
VONTRIP 2/2013
Technorides 1/2013
Wideo 1/2013
cottonTracks 11/2012
Flare3d 9/2012
Pixowl 9/2012
Hazel Mail 9/2012
Guidecentral 9/2012 9/2012
Populy Games 9/2012
Everypost 9/2012
CitalDoc 9/2012
Twyxt 9/2012
Good People 9/2012
LastRoom 8/2012
Rock N Roll Game Studio 8/2012
Flared3D 8/2012
Red Guru 8/2012
Attender 8/2012
Logan 8/2012
WoowUp 8/2012
HazelMail 8/2012
Presstler 8/2012
Flipaste 8/2012
Poolami 8/2012 8/2012
The Other Guys 8/2012
OM Latam 8/2012
Socialare 8/2012
Shopperception 7/2012
Mind FactoryAR 4/2012
LookUP 3/2012
t-Art 3/2012
IBillionaire 3/2012
Sontra 3/2012
FormaFina 3/2012
RingCaptcha 3/2012
Urbita 3/2012
Loogares.Com 3/2012
Kwan Mobile 3/2012 3/2012
Ropit 3/2012
Bungolow 3/2012
Workana 3/2012
ViFlux 3/2012
Jampp 3/2012
CitalDoc 1/2012
Shoplins 1/2012
Snippets 1/2012
Yo que Vos 1/2012
The Fan Machine 9/2011
WeHostels 9/2011
Tienda Nube / Nuvem Shop 9/2011
The Social Radio 9/2011
Trendsetters 9/2011
Oony 9/2011 9/2011
Fanwards 9/2011
Intiza 9/2011 9/2011
Afluenta 9/2011
YoQueVos 9/2011
GroovinAds 8/2011
Bungolow 4/2011 1/2011
Trendsetters 1/2011
Afluenta 1/2011
DineroTaxi 1/2011


Service Providers

Online Marketing



We help founders go faster, from concept to reality.

NXTP Labs is Latin America leading seed fund accelerator. We seek to invest and provide hands-on support and community to entrepreneurs with passion for starting up and growing their companies. Actually is part of Global Accelerator Network.

We provide seed funding, mentoring, community and office space to entrepreneurs with great ideas and execution capabilities.

Funding— We invest up to US$ 25,000 as a seed investment in your company (US$ 10,000 per startup, plus US$ 5,000 per founder, up to three founders), in return for small stakes (usually between 5 to 10%).

Hands-on Advice & Mentorship— Our staff has a solid track record in helping, creating, growing and selling companies. We have a hands-on approach to working with startups, that coupled with our impressive cast of mentors adds value, and fast.

Community— We are entrepreneurs ourselves, and have created a thriving entrepreneurial environment in the heart of Palermo. Our office space contributes to cross-fertilization among portfolio companies.

Investment Focus— Consumer internet, mobile, social (fun & simple), new internet services, software and media & entertainment.

NXTP Labs has developed a program which provides young entrepreneurs with seed funding, infrastructure, training, mentoring, and interactive marketing services, based on our recognized agency expertise. We invest value added capital by providing with managerial support to access to a network of service providers, customers and next stage investment capital resources.

By participating in NXTP Labs, entrepreneurs will receive up to $25,000. This is an equity investment.

Selected companies will be housed in our Offices, located in Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires City, a cool place that houses a community of high-impact entrepreneurial companies. The location is ideal — providing many networking and casual mentoring opportunities.

Entrepreneurs will be paired with individual mentors chosen for their specific expertise and industry experience. Mentors will meet with your team on a regular basis to review progress and to provide all-around guidance and coaching. In addition, you will have the opportunity to contact members of the NXTP network of mentors, and business service providers as needed for individual assistance and advice on legal matters, marketing strategies, personnel decisions, etc. At the end of the program, the founders will pitch their company to an audience of qualified investors for additional funding.

NXTP Labs provides entrepreneurs with a structured business growth roadmap based on 3 key value-add elements: The knowledge that is acquired and transferred to entrepreneurs from kick-off day; The synergy that is created in the workplace and the partner networking; A network of industry and investor contacts.

We work in a collaborative environment and we do advise all our companies to collaborate with each other. We also try to generate a strong management system culture by having regular operations review sessions.

During a 4-month cycle each entrepreneur completes our incubator program and receives just enough cash to stay focused. By mitigating initial distractions like fundraising, hiring, workspace, benefits, legal, etc., we allow entrepreneurs to do what they do best: build a great business product or service. Instead of the traditional model of ramping up expenses and de-emphasizing revenue-, entrepreneurs exiting NXTP Labs have minimal recurring expenses, a clear revenue stream, and a marketable product.

Our program provides real world, hands-on learning on what it’s like to actually start an Internet & high-tech company. NXTP Labs is not about how to write a business plan. It’s not an exercise on how smart you are, or how well you use the research tools. The end result is not a PowerPoint slide deck for a VC presentation.

NXTP Labs helps entrepreneurs work in teams learning how to turn a great idea into a great company.

Recent Milestones



“La experiencia de ser incubados, por sus protagonistas” Cupónica - Max Guerra

Added: 3/26/12

“La experiencia de ser incubados, por sus protagonistas” Cupónica - Alberto Aspani

Added: 3/26/12

“La experiencia de ser incubados, por sus protagonistas” Cupónica - Diego Jolodenco

Added: 3/26/12

“La experiencia de ser incubados, por sus protagonistas” Wisibee - Federico Llano

Added: 3/26/12

“La experiencia de ser incubados, por sus protagonistas” Empreware - Agustín Badano

Added: 3/26/12

Nxtp Labs TV First Week

Added: 3/26/12

Nxtp Labs TV Second Week

Added: 3/26/12

Nxtp Labs TV Third Week

Added: 3/26/12

Nxtp Labs TV Fourth Week

Added: 3/26/12

Nxtp Labs TV Fifth Week

Added: 3/26/12

Nxtp Labs TV Sixth Week

Added: 3/26/12

Nxtp Labs - Empreware - Agustín Badano

Added: 3/26/12

Nxtp Labs - TiendaNube - Santiago Sosa

Added: 3/26/12

Nxtp Labs - Bixti - Alexis Caporale

Added: 3/26/12

Nxtp Labs - Trendsetters - Manuela Arnedo

Added: 3/26/12

Nxtp Labs - Comenta.TV - Juan Melano

Added: 3/26/12

Nxtp Labs - Afluenta - Alejandro Cosentino

Added: 3/26/12

Nxtp Labs - YQV - María MacDonald

Added: 3/26/12

Nxtp Labs - Oony - Christian Henstschel

Added: 3/26/12

Nxtp Labs - Fanwards - Tomás Caraccia

Added: 3/26/12

Nxtp Labs - Groovinads - Francis Petty

Added: 11/3/12

Nxtp Labs - - Sebastián Uchitel

Added: 11/3/12

Nxtp Labs TV Seventh Week

Added: 3/26/12

Nxtp Labs - Groovinads - Francis Petty

Added: 11/3/12

Nxtp Labs TV Eight Week

Added: 11/3/12

Nxtp Labs TV Ninth Week

Added: 11/3/12

Nxtp Labs TV Eleventh Week

Added: 11/3/12

Nxtp Labs TV Twelfth Week

Added: 11/3/12

Nxtp Labs TV Thirteenth Week

Added: 11/3/12

Nxtp Labs TV Thirteenth Week bis

Added: 11/3/12

Nxtp Labs TV Fourteenth Week

Added: 11/3/12


NXTP Labs screenshot
Above: Value proposition
Uploaded: 9/5/11
NXTP Labs screenshot NXTP Labs screenshot NXTP Labs screenshot
NXTP Labs screenshot NXTP Labs screenshot NXTP Labs screenshot
NXTP Labs screenshot NXTP Labs screenshot NXTP Labs screenshot



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