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Post IPO Valuation

General Information

DescriptionMobile Devices


Keilalahdentie 2-4
P.O. Box 226, FIN-00045 Nokia Group
FIN-00045, FIN


Chairman of the Board
VP, Services; Social Location
VP, Marketing
Senior VP, General Manager, VP, Corporate Treasurer
Board of Directors, Technical Project Manager
Board Member
Board of Directors
Board of Directors
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earthmine, 11/2012
Scalado, 6/2012
Smarterphone, 1/2012
Motally, 8/2010
MetaCarta, 4/2010
Novarra, 3/2010
Dopplr, 9/2009
Plum, 9/2009
Cellity, 7/2009
Bit-side, 1/2009
OZ Communications, 9/2008
Navteq, 7/2008 $8.1B
Symbian Software Ltd., 6/2008 €264M
Plazes, 6/2008
TrollTech, 1/2008 $153M
Enpocket, 10/2007 $100M
Twango, 7/2007 $96.8M
Pixto, 4/2007
gate5, 9/2006
Intellisync, 2/2006
Sega, 9/2003
Eizel Technologies, 4/2003
Amber Networks, 7/2001
Ramp Networks, 12/2000
DiscoveryCom, 8/2000
Network Alchemy, 2/2000
Telekol Corporation, 10/1999
Rooftop Communications, LLC, 9/1999 $57M
inTALK, 2/1999
Diamond Lane Communications, 2/1999
Vienna Systems Corporation, 12/1998
NE-Products, 9/1998
User Interface Design, 8/1998
Ipsilon Networks, 12/1997


Runteq 5/2012
Virtual City 9/2010
obopay 3/2009
Zvents 9/2008
Imergy Power Systems, Inc. 1/2008
Kyte 12/2007
Loudeye 8/2006
Skyhook Wireless 12/2005
Skyhook Wireless 1/2004


Service Providers



NOKIA is a Finnish multinational communications corporation. It is primarily engaged in the manufacturing of mobile devices and in converging Internet and communications industries.

They make a wide range of mobile devices with services and software that enable people to experience music, navigation, video, television, imaging, games, business mobility and more.

Nokia is the owner of Symbian operation system and partially owns MeeGo operating system.

Recent Milestones

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    Nokia — Nokia Shareholders Approve $7.2 Billion Microsoft Acquisition (11/19/13)
    Posted 1/6/14 at 7:05pm via mashable.com
  • Check
    Nokia — Microsoft’s Proposed Acquisition of Nokia’s Cell Phone Business (9/5/13)
    Posted 9/17/13 at 3:22am via profitconfidential.com
  • Check
    Nokia — Nokia to buy out Siemens stake in joint venture for $2.6B: report (7/1/13)
    Posted 6/30/13 at 10:42pm via zdnet.com
  • Check
    Nokia added Ilan Dee as Product Owner - Nokia App Store. (6/3/13)
    Posted 6/5/13 at 4:23pm
  • Handshake
    Nokia acquired earthmine. (11/13/12)
    Posted 11/17/12 at 3:39am via techcrunch.com
  • Handshake
    Nokia acquired Scalado. (6/1/12)
    Posted 2/10/13 at 6:44am via teknoseed.se
  • Dollar
    Nokia invested in Runteq. (5/1/12)
    Posted 9/24/13 at 12:00pm
  • Handshake
    Nokia acquired Smarterphone. (1/7/12)
    Posted 1/8/12 at 7:34pm via in.com
  • Check
    Nokia added Antti-Jussi Suominen as Head of Entrepreneurship Activities, Nokia Americas Bridge Program. (1/1/12)
    Posted 5/6/13 at 3:05am
  • Check
    Nokia added Michael Downs as Director, Corporate Development. (1/1/12)
    Posted 7/29/13 at 9:37pm
  • Check
    Nokia added Chris Schaumann as Director, Expertise and Capability Development, Digital & Social - Innovation & Transformation, Global Marketing. (11/1/11)
    Posted 11/3/11 at 5:00am
  • Check
    Nokia added Jeremy Agulnek as Director, Location Content Products. (7/1/11)
    Posted 8/26/11 at 6:37am
  • Check
    Nokia added Sotiris Makrygiannis as Director of Applications, MeeGo. (6/1/11)
    Posted 7/18/13 at 11:40pm
  • Check
    Nokia — Nokia Siemens Closes $975M Acquisition Of Motorola Solutions’ Wireless Network Assets (4/29/11)
    Posted 4/29/11 at 6:30pm via techcrunch.com
  • Check
    Nokia added Wolfgang Bremer as Design Lead. (4/1/11)
    Posted 9/7/11 at 3:00am
  • Check
    Nokia — Nokia Confirms Microsoft Partnership, New Leadership Team, Organizational Changes (2/10/11)
    Posted 2/11/11 at 2:17am via techcrunch.com



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This video was originally published on Beet.TV

Added: 10/3/08


Nokia screenshot
Above: Nokia Screenshot -- #1
Uploaded: 7/3/12


Nokia Chat
Nokia Conversations
Nokia X range

Stock Price

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  1. Nokia Steps Up Its Mapping-Quest, Buys Earthmine For 3D Street Level Imaging (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  2. Nokia to acquire developers, technologies and intellectual property for imaging from Scalado (teknoseed.se) [edit]
  3. Nokia buys Norwegian startup Smarterphone for low-end push (ibnlive.in.com) [edit]
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  44. Nokia, AT&T Putting Up $10 Million To Encourage Ovi Developers (paidcontent.org) [edit]
    Nokia: 3 Million Apps Downloaded From Ovi Store Every Day, 165 Million Ovi Users (techcrunch.com) [edit]
    Nokia Confirms Microsoft Partnership, New Leadership Team, Organizational Changes (techcrunch.com) [edit]
    Nokia Siemens Closes $975M Acquisition Of Motorola Solutions’ Wireless Network Assets (techcrunch.com) [edit]
    Nokia to buy out Siemens stake in joint venture for $2.6B: report (zdnet.com) [edit]
    Why I Like Microsoft’s Proposed Acquisition of Nokia’s Cell Phone Business (profitconfidential.com) [edit]
    Nokia Shareholders Approve $7.2 Billion Microsoft Acquisition (mashable.com) [edit]
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