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>>Solution at a Glance

MeeMix services enable businesses to personalize their music and media portals, stores or applications in order to optimize conversion and customer retention and significantly boost long-tail sales.

The MeeMix solutions are based on a smart back-end engine that can be easily integrated into any existing content channel or application (itTV, IPTV, web and mobile) via a comprehensive API web service.

>>Customer Challenges

Today, content providers use the one-to-all offer format, presenting and selling large quantities of relatively few popular catalog items, and as a result they miss out on the significant sales potential of the long tail of music consumption, the 90%+ less famous artists.

In order for a business to utilize the full potential of its entire catalog, provide appealing offers to customers and gain additional sales and higher conversion rates, it must be able to offer personalized recommendations. MeeMix solutions provide businesses with the technological ability to make accurate personal recommendations that are based on their existing services and encompass their entire catalog.

>>MeeMix Offering

MeeMix offers a comprehensive personalization solution for any existing service, which includes:

  1. Automatic classification of music content for cost-effective indexing and content updates.
  2. A fully functional API for a simple and cost-effective implementation.
  3. A range of services, namely: Mee Recommendations, Simeelarity and MeePlaylist.

>>Unique Differentiators

MeeMix advantages are expressed most clearly in 2 main areas:

> Taste prediction accuracy: MeeMix hybrid technology incorporates a number of methodologies in order to achieve the most accurate analysis of customer taste in the shortest time frame. Some of the methodologies used are song and artist musical DNA analysis, collaborative filtering, mood and behavior analysis, and music experts R&D. Accurate taste prediction translates directly into increased revenues and customer satisfaction.

> Automatic audio file classification: MeeMix developed the ability to automatically classify media items, analyzing a wide range of musical parameters, including genre and mood. The system is compatible with media in any language or style, and is implemented in a short period of time and with minimal cost.

Recent Milestones



MeeMix screenshot
Above: Sample application of MeeMix services: My Personal Page
Uploaded: 8/5/09
MeeMix screenshot
Above: MeeMix personalization solutions
Uploaded: 10/5/09


Launch DateJune 1, 2009
Tags playlist, music, recommendation, discovery, automatic-playlist, personalized-playlist, mp3, personalized-music

Let your customers create dynamic and personalized playlists and provide an innovative, smooth and customized music experience.

The basics of creating a personalized playlist involve acquiring the right ingredients for each listener, and mixing them together in the right order. With MeePlaylist, MeeMix goes a few steps further. We offer the only personalized playlist solution to additionally incorporate the customer’s current mood, user behavior, and collective taste preferences. The result is a dynamic and smooth music experience your customers would not want to part from!

Launch DateJune 1, 2009
Tags recommendation, music-recommendations, personalized-recommendations, music, media, discovery, mobile, web, tv, ringtone, video, mp3, merchandise, tickets, albums, artists, personalized-music, similar-artists, similar-songs

MeeMix technology enables you to generate a wide variety of effective, personalized recommendations in real-time. MeeRecommendations analyzes the customer’s musical taste, purchase history and additional parameters, and accordingly generates accurate recommendations for any number of music items or media items (songs, albums, videos, ringtones, tickets, merchandise, etc) that the customer is most likely to enjoy. MeeRecommendations can also identify and suggest other users with similar musical taste.

MeeRecommendations is available for mobile, web and TV platforms.

MeeMix screenshot
Above: MeeRecommendations sample application
Uploaded: 8/4/09
MeeMix screenshot
Above: MeeRecommendations sample application: My Personal Page
Uploaded: 8/5/09

Launch DateJune 1, 2009
Tags similar-artists, similar-songs, music, media, discovery, recommendation, music-recommendations, personalized-recommendations, mobile, web, tv, ringtone, video, mp3, merchandise, tickets, albums, artists, songs, personalized-music

Understand which artists/songs/albums mesh together, and translate this knowledge into optimized search results and cross-sell effectiveness.

Simeelarity provides relevant and accurate similar content items based on a single request, such as a song or an artist. Use Simeelarity to provide discovery and enhance user experience on your mobile app, website or application.

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