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Kerosene and a match

What is KaaM?

KaaM is a video / image-based search technology for mobile devices. Unlike “visual search” tools that simply upload a picture from the phone to the web and return standard search results, KaaM idetifies objects and overlays information on top of the video or image in real time – much like the heads-up display (HUD) systems used fighter jets.

How does KaaM work?

KaaM has 2 parts – a mobile client (an “app”), and a server-based search system. KaaM leverages the powerful CPUs and graphics processor units (GPUs) present (but under-utilized) in the majority of modern smartphones. As video is shot, the KaaM client identifies objects within the image using a variety of techniques (color, size, shape, etc., etc.).

To perform the real time information overlay, rather than streaming the entire video to the server, KaaM merely sends subset of reference data about the objects. This data is captured by the KaaM server, and turned into a complete search, which is then returned to the client and laid on top of the video itself. Because the KaaM reference data is only a tiny fraction the size of the video itself, the overlaid information can be made fully interactive (i.e., “tap for more info”) with a near imperceptible delay.

How can KaaM be used?

Start the KaaM app on your smartphone and point the camera at something. As you sweep the scene, KaaM identifies the location and the objects (buildings, trees, cars, bottles, etc.), overlaying that information on top of the screen in real time. Stop sweeping and focus the camera on a single object, KaaM will highlight the object and produce more details on it.

For example, let’s say you want to know about real estate in a particular city. Simply pan your smartphone’s camera across the area in which you’re interested. KaaM will identify the city and the objects within it as you move the camera. Stop your camera on a building and KaaM will highlight the object and deliver more information – the building (Riverview Condominium High Rise), address & directions, things nearby (schools, retail, restaurants), real estate prices and listings within the building, etc. Tapping the additional information on the video’s KaaM overlay will open your phone’s browser and take you to that information on the Internet.

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Kerosene and a match screenshot
Above: Reverse Image Search Mapping
Uploaded: 9/7/10


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