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Closed Date1/2013

General Information


Bem rakpart 26. III/2.
Budapest, 1011, HUN



Seed, 9/2007
Series A, 1/2009
Venture Round, 5/2010
Power of the Dream Ventures



iGlue Closed down January, 2013


iGlue is a semantic search and content organizer applications.

iGlue is the revolution of meaning. It not only helps us understand information on the Internet better but it also makes the Net understand us and adapt to us.

Entities, not words

in4, Ltd., based in Budapest, Hungary, has developed iGlue, an integrated online content manager and search engine that goes beyond today’s widespread, language-dependant search mechanisms based on identifying character strings. iGlue identifies and manages entities, not keywords. Whether he is called Alejandro Magno, Büyük Ä°skender or Lissandru lu Granni, these names all refer to the same person: Alexander the Great, and most likely we would like to find information about the person himself. This is the principle iGlue uses to manage entities appearing in web content, and it will find relevant information even if the given element appears in a form that is different from what we used in launching the search.


The most common model for connecting data on the web has been hyperlinking, which takes you not to the content element but to the web page that contains it. A hyperlink is one-directional, it points to one location and only works with net addresses. As an improvement on the hyperlink, iGlue has developed the hyperdata model. In this system, elements of syntactic value are linked with each other and any element of a web page, whether it is a word, image or a piece of data, can become an information-rich junction.

Some of the main features of the hyperdata model include:

•locally displayed information about the entity •identifying entities instead of character strings •directly pointing to entities instead of IP addresses •context sensitivity – working with network-based applications, such as map viewers, calendars, media players •a relation system trackable in either direction •option to choose several destinations from one junction •no need for built-in linking, the application is capable of mapping the entity’s relational structure according to customized preferences •entity-level relevance, handling of homonyms and synonyms, i.e., the application is able to recognize whether the word “smith” is a proper name or an occupation iGlue is capable of mobilizing and interpreting simple character strings thereby entering them into the web’s semantic circulation. Using iGlue, any element of a blog, database or news portal can be turned into an information junction by the click of a mouse!


The heart of the iGlue application is a collaboratively developed, flexibly structured database that contains semantic elements, entities and their relational connections. We believe that the collaboration of motivated, enthusiastic people can create a new, network-based intellectual depository of the information age which may take us to the next level of knowledge management.

The database’s main features include:

•collaborative editing •free usage and accessibility •manages the semantic relations of information •open architecture to cooperate with other systems •duplication and error filtering aided by automated mechanisms •multi-lingual text handling •manages resources and resource hierarchies

Recent Milestones

  • Check
    Closed. (1/1/13)
  • Dollar
    iGlue received $550k in Venture Round funding. (5/25/10)
    Posted 5/25/10 at 11:22pm via
  • Dollar
    iGlue received $300k in Series A funding. (1/1/09)
    Posted 3/30/10 at 6:01am
  • Check
    iGlue added Peter Schonhofen as CTO. (3/1/08)
    Posted 3/30/10 at 6:01am
  • Dollar
    iGlue received $250k in Seed funding. (9/1/07)
    Posted 3/30/10 at 6:01am
  • Check
    iGlue added Peter Vasko as CEO. (9/1/07)
    Posted 3/30/10 at 6:01am



iGlue screenshot
Above: iGlue Main Page
Uploaded: 3/30/10


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  3. iGlue Raises New Funding To Wikify The Web ( [edit]
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