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DescriptionVenture Capital Incubator



Board of Director
Board of Director
Board of Director
Board of Director
Board of Director


Kunerango 3/2014
Bauzaar 1/2014
Klappo Limited 11/2013
Fubles 10/2013
legalPAD 10/2013
ZenSuite 10/2013
Makoo 9/2013
Sellf 8/2013
Pathflow 8/2013
Zing 7/2013
PubCoder 4/2013
Wote 2013
XYZE 2013
Kunerango 2013
Eyeonplay 2013
Stylenda 2013
Moku 2013
20lines 11/2012
MiSiedo 10/2012
Henable 9/2012
Nonabox 8/2012
Timbuktu Labs 7/2012
Depop 11/2011
Desall 6/2011
Grow the Planet 4/2011
Tiltap 4/2011
Corso12 4/2011
StyleJam 3/2011
Responsa 3/2011
1Ring 2/2011
JobSlot 2/2011
Getbazza 12/2010
UannaBe 3/2010
Logopro 3/2010
Thounds 3/2010 3/2010
Takeacoder 1/2010 12/2009
SplitGigs 9/2009
Shicon 2/2009
Brandpotion 2009 4/2008
Domains Income 10/2007
LOG607 6/2007
SHADO 5/2007
BigRock - Institute of Magic Technologies 4/2007
Zooppa 2/2007
Wishpot 1/2007
H-umus 7/2006
H-care 4/2005
H-art (WPP) 4/2005


TOTAL $1.93M
Venture Round, 2/2013
Renzo Rosso
Buongiorno S.p.A.
Venture Round, 3/2014
Veneto Sviluppo


H-FARM Ventures

H-FARM, founded in 2005 in Italy, is a Venture Incubator; its mission is to accelerate the development of Internet startups via a combination of seed investment and incubation services.

The Venture Incubator is a hybrid model that reflects the dual soul of H-FARM: that of Venture Capitalist and that of Incubator. As a VC H-FARM invest seed capital, granting the finance necessary for the early stage activities; as an incubator it provides a series of services to speed up the business development: an inspiring workplace, centralized general administration, press office, human resources, legal and financial consultancy; H-FARM partners support the portfolio startups throughout their incubation assisting them defining commercial strategies, business plans, partnerships and exit strategies.

H-FARM is present at international level with offices in four countries: Ca’ Tron (Italy), Seattle (USA), London (UK) and Mumbai (India).

In the first eight years, H-FARM has invested €15.2 million in 52 startups, creating over 350 workplaces and achieving some important exits. Around €9 million of investments are expected for the next three years.

H-CAMP selections are open! New technologies meet the tradition and experience of the “Made in Italy”. H-FARM Ventures, the leading italian accelerator, is looking for teams and ideas able to leverage the potential of the new media to exploit and scale the key selling points of Italy: food, fashion, design, tourism and home automation. The program will start in February 2014: 3 months, € 50k in services and € 15k in cash for every team. What are you waiting for? Apply now!

Recent Milestones



H-FARM Venture Incubator

Added: 12/4/13


H-FARM Ventures screenshot
Above: Seed Village
Uploaded: 4/15/13
H-FARM Ventures screenshot
Above: H-FARM
Uploaded: 12/10/13
H-FARM Ventures screenshot
Above: H-FARM
Uploaded: 12/10/13

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  1. Kunerango Raises €100K ( [edit]
  2. Bauzaar Raises Seed Funding ( [edit]
  3. Klappo Raises $650K in Seed Funding ( [edit]
  4. Fubles receives equity investment ( [edit]
  5. legalPAD hits the States ( [edit]
  6. Citation Needed [add]
  7. Citation Needed [add]
  8. Sellf raises seed funding ( [edit]
  9. Pathflow Raises €105K in Seed Funding ( [edit]
  10. H-Farm Source [edit]
  11. PubCoder Raises Initial Funding ( [edit]
  12. H-Farm Source [edit]
  13. H-Farm Source [edit]
  14. H-Farm Source [edit]
  15. H-Farm Source [edit]
  16. H-Farm Source [edit]
  17. H-Farm Source [edit]
  18. Citation Needed [add]
  19. H-Farm Source [edit]
  20. MiSiedo Raises €375K in Equity Funding ( [edit]
  21. H-Farm Source [edit]
  22. Nonabox Receives Funding from BDMI ( [edit]
  23. H-Farm Source [edit]
  24. Citation Needed [add]
  25. H-Farm Source [edit]
  26. Citation Needed [add]
  27. Citation Needed [add]
  28. H-Farm invests in Tiltap ( [edit]
  29. Citation Needed [add]
  30. Citation Needed [add]
  31. Citation Needed [add]
  32. 1ring Receives Investment from H-Farm ( [edit]
  33. H-Farm invests in JobSlot ( [edit]
  34. Getbazza Launches and Raises Start Up Financing ( [edit]
  35. H-Farm Source [edit]
  36. H-Farm Source [edit]
  37. H-Farm Source [edit]
  38. H-Farm Source [edit]
  39. H-Farm Source [edit]
  40. H-Farm Source [edit]
  41. H-Farm Source [edit]
  42. H-Farm Source [edit]
  43. Citation Needed [add]
  44. H-Farm Source [edit]
  45. H-Farm Source [edit]
  46. Marsilio (RCS) acquires the majority of LOG607 ( [edit]
  47. H-Farm Source [edit]
  48. H-Farm Source [edit]
  49. H-Farm Source [edit]
  50. H-Farm Source [edit]
  51. H-Farm Source [edit]
  52. H-Farm Source [edit]
  53. H-Farm Source [edit]
  54. H-Farm Receives Equity Investment from Buongiorno Spa ( [edit]
  55. Veneto Sviluppo Invests €1.5M in H-FARM ( [edit]
  56. H-Farm Raises €4M to Invest in Start Ups ( [edit]
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