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General Information


Genieo Headquarter
10 Hasadnaot Street
PO Box 12630
Herzliya Pituach, 46733, ISR


Founder and CEO
Founder and Chairman
VP Product


Angel, 7/2008



Genieo Innovation

Genieo Innovation’s generic personalization framework offers content and application providers a new way for meeting customer needs and preferences. Offering tailor-made services to customers while keeping their privacy secure, Genieo Innovation’s proprietary algorithms extract user behavior, interests and preferences from any platform (PC, mobile device, Internet, TV etc.) to create a unified personal profile.

Recent Milestones

  • Dollar
    Genieo Innovation received $3M in Angel funding. (7/1/08)
    Posted 9/30/09 at 10:16am



Genieo Innovation screenshot
Above: Homepage
Uploaded: 7/19/10
Genieo Innovation screenshot
Above: Genieo iPad Ver
Uploaded: 7/19/10
Genieo Innovation screenshot
Above: Genieo iPhone ver
Uploaded: 7/19/10



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Launch DateMarch 15, 2010
Tags new-aggragation, personalization, rss, atom, filtering, homepage, startpage, relevance, recommendation, twitter-facebook-app, streams, genieo

Genieo is a newspaper styled homepage, designed exclusively for you, and featuring personalized news and information specifically relevant to your interests. Offering a new informational experience for all Internet users, Genieo adapts to your online behavior, saves you time and helps discover items of interest to you, all in a process which requires zero management and in which your information remains completely private.

How does it work? Genieo is a desktop application employing a new technology called Micro-Behavioral-Targeting (MBT), pioneered by Genieo Innovation. MBT continuously studies the user’s individual topics of interest from his browsing activity, follows them as they form and evolve, and accordingly forms connections with sources of information across the web which are most relevant to the user’s interests. For example, a reader who has been recently following the latest news about baseball player Derek Jeter will be updated not with general sports stories, or all articles concerning baseball, or all news about the New York Yankees, but with news specifically relating to Jeter himself, ranging from news sites, blogs, tweets, and more.

Genieo automatically identifies and continuously adapts to any changes of the user’s topics of interest – so that the user doesn’t have to manually predefine his topics or set categories. Additionally, Genieo discovers RSS feeds while the user browses the web, it ranks and then manages these sources, (automatically opting in/out from feeds) based on the individual changing interests.

Unlike other personalization solutions, Genieo does not collect any private information. As a desktop application, Genieo’s entire mapping and profiling process is performed solely on the user’s computer, and for the first time, you can enjoy a personalization engine that does not involve any server side interaction. This way the user’s private information remains always with him/her, and none of it is shared in anyway with any third party, or anywhere on the web. Furthermore, Genieo respects secure content and automatically disables itself once the user navigates into secure sites, such as emails boxes or online calendars.

Genieo Innovation screenshot
Above: Genieo Screenshot -- #1
Uploaded: 11/30/09


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