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Hamelacha 21
Park Afek
Rosh Ha'ayin, 11695, ISR


Founder and CEO
VP Worldwide Sales
VP Professional Services


Venture Round, 4/2007


Ceedo Technologies

Ceedo Technologies is a virtualization software company headquartered in Israel. Its patent pending approach to virtualizing the Windows desktop environment enables users to carry their PC-based work environment on portable devices such as USB flash drives, pocket hard drives, network drives and even mobile phones.

Ceedo’s flagship product, Ceedo Personal, is currently licensed by retail giants like Lexar and Seagate, to add value to the portable storage devices that they create. Ceedo Personal has already shipped over two million units worldwide. Ceedo has recently we expanded upon its core competence of desktop virtualization by creating two new Ceedo products: Ceedo Mobile and Ceedo Enterprise.

Ceedo works well with the mobile device market. Since it does not virtualize the Operating System, Ceedo loads and operates more quickly and takes less drive space. Using Ceedo Mobile, device manufactures can pre-install their device-centric PC applications to the device itself, creating a more satisfying user experience and reducing support costs. Connecting your favorite mobile device to a PC no longer requires any installation or configuration.

Ceedo Enterprise, a new version of Ceedo that can be easily deployed and managed by the Enterprise. Ceedo is currently rolling out vertical solutions with two large customers in the banking and insurance industries.

Ceedo works with Windows 2000, XP and Vista; it supports standard Windows applications without modification; and it works in user mode, without requiring administrative privileges.

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Ceedo Technologies screenshot
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Uploaded: 3/26/10


Ceedo Enterprise
Launch DateJanuary 1, 2008
Tags virtualization

Ceedo Enterprise is a remotely-managed secure virtual desktop environment that is carried on encrypted hardware. Ceedo Enterprise can be fully customized and pre-configured to the corporate customer’s needs, and pre-bundled with essential business applications. It is deployed and managed using a turn-key management system that provides solutions for deploying client images to users and for remotely managing clients that are in the field and in the hands of users.

Answering emerging needs for affordable portable computing in industries such as banking, insurance and healthcare - and wherever essential business software needs to be mobilized across computers - Ceedo Enterprise solutions are designed for on-the-move users, worldwide access key applications and business logic and data.

Ceedo’s enterprise platform also enables hardware vendors, system integrators and value-added resellers to easily mobilize both device-specific software and standard applications across computers in a secure portable working environment. Ceedo-enabled business solutions require no modification of application code, no pre-installation on host machines and no reconfiguration of storage devices.

Ceedo Technologies screenshot
Above: Ceedo Enterprise Screenshot -- #1
Uploaded: 2/5/08

Ceedo Mobile
Launch DateSeptember 17, 2007
Tags virtualization

Ceedo Mobile is a new application that converges mobile phones and PCs. Rather than having to go back to their PC to access and interact with multimedia content such as music, pictures and video, Ceedo Mobile users can edit, view, playback, upload and download content right from the device. Ceedo Mobile puts the necessary PC software right on the embedded memory of the mobile device, so no special software installation is required. Users can also hook up to any available PC over a USB port, turning the host PC into a platform for viewing and manipulating content, all without having to install any special software.

Ceedo Mobile uses desktop virtualization technology to turn mobile phones and other portable consumer devices that require PC software for media editing, playback, purchase and upload into “self-contained devices”. When the device is connected to a PC over USB, these PC applications are instantly available to the user without requiring installation. In addition, the built-in web browser enables the easy discovery and delivery of mobile content directly to the device over USB.

The applications, appearance, and experience of Ceedo Mobile can be customized to fit the requirements of Ceedo’s customers and partners. For example, a custom video-centric version can be created which includes a PC video player for mobile phone content (3GP format), an uploading tool for sending user-created video clips to a video website (video blogging), and an integrated browser for accessing a pre-defined web portal with video content.

Ceedo Technologies screenshot
Above: Ceedo Mobile Screenshot -- #1
Uploaded: 2/5/08

Ceedo Personal
Launch DateJanuary 1, 2008
Tags virtualization

Ceedo Personal lets you take your desktop environment with you. Users can install Ceedo Personal on any portable storage device, whether it’s a USB stick, an iPod, or a pocket hard drive.

Using virtualization technology, Ceedo Personal enables your applications to run from your portable drive using resources from the host PC (screen, processing power, drives, internet connection, printers, etc.) The platform manages the applications’ launching and operation in a completely virtual and independent environment, allowing them to run regardless of the specific settings of the host computer. Ceedo Personal doesn’t leave a trace of your presence on the host PC, so it’s also very secure.

As computing becomes more ubiquitous, consumers are looking both to simplify their computing experience and to have more and better options for using their valuable applications anytime, anywhere. Ceedo Personal was the first consumer desktop virtualization products in the market, and has enjoyed great success with end-users, and with distribution by major storage vendors such as Seagate, Lexar and Verbatim.

Ceedo Technologies screenshot
Above: Ceedo Personal Screenshot -- #1
Uploaded: 2/5/08

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  1. Ceedo Technologies Secures Funding from Intel Capital. ( [edit]
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