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Actualog solve the problem of the product information management focusing on complex technical products targeting B2B and B2G sectors. Actualog addresses the challenge that key product information is currently scattered across multiple sources and is not available to all interested parties. We help companies around the world to manage and share information about products, materials, and technologies using our cloud social platform.

Actualog is a revolutionary cloud-based Social Product Information Management solution that allows creating and managing high quality product information using the expertise and knowledge of the manufacturers and most competent customers from around the world. It is specially designed to meet the special requirements typical of the B2B sector. Actualog offers services for product information providers and product information users. Information providers are manufacturing companies, large distributors or transnational corporations. Information users are all companies and services buying products or providing related services such as appraisal and insurance companies. The person who knows the most about an item is the person who makes or sells it. Producers/distributors may define product categories’ attributes and describe their products better than anyone else.

Our framework supports effective experts’ collaboration in industry communities and allows the creation of a unified classifier and a single product repository for companies and organization. In fact we offer a crowdsourcing platform. Using Actualog users can automatically generate and update their inventory using information provided by suppliers. We provide a single version of the truth about products. Producers create product profile using category template. Actualog generates a unified product name using product name template for selected category. We ensure data quality in terms or completeness, consistency and accuracy.

«Create once, use many times» is our motto.

Actualog supports corporate and military procurement best practices: • suppliers provide product information using pre-defined product description format and catalog structure; • buyers use catalog to identify items and they can use product characteristics to find an item and possible alternatives; • product catalog is organized using a unified classification approach and product characteristics. The entire product lifecycle is supported from its conception, through R&D, design and manufacture, to service and disposal. The players who supply complex products with lots of attributes and characteristics, and procuring organizations with hundreds of thousands of items of supply detailed technical documentation and visual information will benefit the most from the use of the system. There are three key points in product information management: • item identification that is about unique product record without duplicates, • item management that is about ownership of the product record, • product information quality – complete, actual and comprehensive product information available to interested parties. Actualog provides a system to manage product information (PIM), flexibly create catalogue, and the integration of business data. It also offers an online platform to enable a social network of experts and business partners. More specifically: • Actualog PIM allows to define a list of product characteristics and attributes and supports the creation of a centralized product repository. It also insures product data quality such as manage product duplications. • Actualog Catalog Management allows creating and managing product catalogs, including offers, exhibition catalogs, and procurement catalogs. • Actualog Data Integration provides functionality to share product and catalog information between business partners. • Social PIM. Our solution enables communities of international experts to define products’ metadata, standardize classifications attributes. This result in enabling the most competent experts, representatives of the manufacturing companies, customers, and research institutions to be members of the expert community. Additionally, we provide the complete set of features to support collaboration and engage our experts. Actualog offers Social Network features like the Activity Stream, Expert Ratings, Voting, Discussions, Comments, Messages, Notifications and Following features. Actualog allows anyone to join the expert Community. We allow any user to contribute: create categories and attributes, add translations and upload additional information. All submitted changes come through moderation process. Crowdsourcing platform supports discussions allowing all experts to take part in decision-making process. In addition, the following processes are supported by our platform: • Product Profile 360°. Actualog provides a Product Profile capability, which is conceptually similar to a profile in Social Networks. It ensure 360° degree view of the product and helps suppliers to create and manage product descriptions, images, components references, documentation and media consistent and timely at all stages of the product lifecycle. • Content Distributions. We allow embedding product profiles, company profiles and even catalogs into external websites. • Industry focus. Actualog Communities. Nowadays professionals live and communicate in isolated professional universes. Experts speak the professional jargon, read professional journals, and meet at professional conferences and exhibitions, share ideas on industry specific resources and groups in social networks. Communities in Actualog allow professional to work in the environment designed for particular industry, you will see only categories and products, companies and experts related to your professional community. Actualog has forty professional communities, for example: Energy, Telecom, Medicine, Oil&Gas, and Nanotechnology. • Ecosystem. Actualog provides integration and data exchange with ERP, MDM and other IT systems. It supports exchanging information about products, materials, categories and associated documents and images. It is possible to import and export of individual products and their properties, as well as product catalogs. Suppliers and customers are able to use their own codes for products and categories. • Standards. Actualog supports the leading international, local and industry product classification systems such as UN SPSС and eCl@ss and global standardization frameworks such as ISO and DIN. • Personalization and usability. Actualog is adaptable to the needs of users and their roles. Products and categories available to a user can be adjusted according to his or her industry, position and personal preferences. For every user, the system looks as though it was designed specifically for the industry in which the company operates. • Multiple languages. A major barrier for the development of the world economy through international trade is the problem of the exchange of information because of the use of national languages, of the various systems of measurement, the application of various standards. As a global solution, Actualog helps to overcome barriers in international business interactions. Our solution allows the users to simultaneously create and edit information in multiple languages. We offer a unique solution for collaboration in multi-lingual environment. For example, we support auto-translation for the content to simplify data entry. Users can collaborate using translation for messages and comments in Activity Stream.

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