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VP Engineering
VP Operations
VP of Product
Senior. Director, Services and Support


TOTAL $24.2M
Angel, 1/2008
Grant, 2/2010
Series A, 2/2010
Nauta Capital
Caja Navarra
Series A, 2/2010
CorporacciónCan - Grupo Corporativo Empresarial Caja Navara
Nauta Capital
Series B, 11/2010
Balderton Capital
Nauta Capital
Venture Round, 6/2012
Balderton Capital
Nauta Capital
Venture Round, 4/2013
Oxford Capital Partners
Balderton Capital
Nauta Capital
Debt, 3/2010
Kreos Capital



Abiquo is a leading developer of Cloud management solutions founded in 2006. Abiquo envisions a future where private and public Clouds are fully interoperable and vendor neutral. The company embraces an open-source model where both community users and commercial organizations can fully benefit from the Cloud revolution.

Recent Milestones

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    Abiquo — Announced hire of new CEO, Gilles Samoun (9/1/13)
    Posted 1/29/14 at 3:25am
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    Abiquo added Gilles Samoun as CEO. (9/1/13)
    Posted 1/29/14 at 3:24am
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    Abiquo added Ian Finlay as VP of Product. (6/1/13)
    Posted 1/29/14 at 3:24am
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    Abiquo received $5M in Venture Round funding. (4/10/13)
    Posted 4/11/13 at 4:13am via
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    Abiquo added Jim Darragh as CEO. (9/10/12)
    Posted 10/1/12 at 7:58am
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    Abiquo — Announced hire of new CEO, Jim Darragh. (9/10/12)
    Posted 9/18/12 at 7:40am
  • Dollar
    Abiquo received $3M in Venture Round funding. (6/1/12)
    Posted 10/31/13 at 8:40pm via
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    Abiquo received $10M in Series B funding. (11/30/10)
    Posted 11/30/10 at 5:18am via
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    Abiquo received $1.36M in Debt funding. (3/23/10)
    Posted 3/23/10 at 2:42pm via
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    Abiquo received $2.05M in Series A funding. (2/17/10)
    Posted 3/25/10 at 8:54am via
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    Abiquo received $1.53M in Grant funding. (2/17/10)
    Posted 3/23/10 at 10:22am via
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    Abiquo received $1.82M in Series A funding. (2/17/10)
    Posted 7/22/10 at 3:44am via
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    Abiquo added Pete Malcolm as CEO. (1/1/10)
    Posted 3/23/10 at 2:37pm
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    Abiquo received $800k in Angel funding. (1/1/08)
    Posted 3/23/10 at 10:22am via
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    Abiquo added Diego Parrilla as VP Product Management.
    Posted 11/21/10 at 12:23pm
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    Abiquo added Xavier Fernandez as VP Engineering.
    Posted 10/26/08 at 4:52pm



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Abiquo screenshot Abiquo screenshot Abiquo screenshot


Abiquo Enterprise Edition
Launch DateFebruary 23, 2010

Abiquo Overview

Designed from the ground-up to provide next generation Cloud management, Abiquo is the most complete and advanced solution available on the market today. Abiquo not only provides class-leading features like virtual to virtual conversion, it is easy to implement and operate, liberating your IT organization from the drudgery of managing thousands of virtual machines, without relinquishing control of the physical infrastructure.

Abiquo empowers authorized users and groups, by allowing them to manage their own virtual enterprises within allocated resource limits. New virtual machines or pre-built appliances can be deployed in seconds, dramatically improving efficiency and allowing you to regain business agility.

Hypervisor Independence Abiquo was designed to avoid dependence on any hypervisor. Not only are all major hypervisors fully and simultaneously supported, Abiquo allows conversion of virtual machines from one hypervisor to another in any combination, completely eliminating vendor lock-in with a single drag and drop operation.

Supported hypervisors include:

* WMware ESX and ESXi
* Microsoft Hyper-V
* Virtual Box
* Xen

Multi-tenancy with Delegated Control Hierarchical user management and role based permissions allow delegation of management tasks according to the organizations needs. Since any user’s view is limited to the hierarchy below them, Abiquo provides multi-tenancy with full isolation, whether to internal groups, or to external customers. A single Web-based management console is context sensitive to the role and permissions of the relevant user, reducing complexity and providing unparalleled ease of use.

Resource Limits Define CPU, memory and storage limits for each Virtual Enterprise, including both hard (enforced) and soft (warning) levels for each. Since no Virtual Enterprise can exceed its allocated resource limit, there is no danger of users exceeding the capabilities of the physical infrastructure.

Network and Storage Management Automatically allocate network resources, such as public and private IP addresses from one or more defined pools to Virtual Appliances. Manage storage resources from popular standards and vendors, allocating them to Virtual Enterprises and allowing Enterprise Admins to perform volume management tasks, as well as allocation to specific Virtual Machines.

Workload Management Abiquo automatically allocates Virtual Machines to physical servers according to defined workload policy. This policy completely isolates Virtual Enterprises and users from physical machines, but provides for automatic hypervisor selection, load balancing, security and compliance, according to the needs of the organization or relevant groups.

Multiple Image Libraries Abiquo supports public, shared and private libraries. Where permitted by role, users can capture and store Virtual Machine images, and even combine sets of VM images into a single appliance for easy re-deployment. Shared libraries allow the IT organization to define standard VM images, for example built to company anti-virus, directory and control requirements. Public VM images from reputable vendors can be downloaded for rapid deployment of complex systems, dramatically reducing implementation and evaluation times.

Simplicity of Installation Abiquo can be fully installed on a live running system, irrespective of the hypervisors in use. It performs automatic inventory of both hardware and virtual machines, making deployment a breeze at whatever pace the organization desires.

Enterprise Scalability The Abiquo solution is designed to scale to meet the needs of the largest organizations employing large numbers of globally deployed datacenters and tens (even hundreds) of thousands of physical machines. Yet it is equally at home in a small development lab with only a few machines to manage. Abiquo is built on industry standards to operate in conjunction with other management tools, Web services, databases, storage systems and networking.

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